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Video Ursula Burns On Distinguishing Herself To Become First Black Woman To Run Fortune 500 Company | TIME
02:11   |   47K+ views   |   06/22/2018 at 18:41


  • there are a couple of things in your
  • life that you will never change and one
  • of the things that I would never give up
  • was my hair in the early part of my
  • career I was definitely one of very very
  • few women and I was the only black woman
  • if you work in a business environment
  • the thing that makes the place rock and
  • roll is actually getting all those
  • differences to your benefit of everybody
  • else
  • [Music]
  • I grew up in the Lower East Side of
  • Manhattan there was a fairly consistent
  • lifestyle that we all lived we were poor
  • from a tenement ghetto to a little
  • apartment in the projects to a bigger
  • apartment projects was all signs of
  • progress for us it was actually fun my
  • mother struggled a lot to make it okay
  • for us I ended up becoming an engineer
  • by accident I knew that I liked math and
  • I kind of thought I was okay at it but I
  • took this psi T and the guidance
  • counselor came to me and said my god you
  • did a phenomenal job I went to an
  • engineering school and it was very
  • normal to be the only I say this to
  • women all the time particularly women
  • trying to get into STEM I guarantee you
  • you will be the minority in the room and
  • instead of that being a burden it should
  • be an opportunity for you to distinguish
  • yourself all of us now are pioneers
  • every one of us a lot of what pioneers
  • do they do not benefit from themselves I
  • started here and by any view on vision I
  • ended up at the top of some mountains I
  • have more money more than my mother
  • would have ever imagined and I still
  • don't judge my success by that not
  • everybody's gonna end up to be the CEO
  • of a fortune 500 company but if I would
  • have stopped my progression for jobs
  • alone I would still have a great life
  • the story would be great and that's why
  • you don't give up
  • [Music]

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Ursula Burns is the FIRST black woman to have run a Fortune 500 company. "For women and women of color, if you walk into a STEM environment, you will be the minority in the room. Everybody has their eye on your work. Instead of your differences becoming a burden, it should be an opportunity for you to distinguish yourself."
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Ursula Burns On Distinguishing Herself To Become First Black Woman To Run Fortune 500 Company | TIME


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