Video Asmongold Reacts To MOST Upvoted Reddit WOW Post - Almost Cries

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Asmongold Reacts To MOST Upvoted Reddit WOW Post - Almost Cries
Asmongold Reacts To MOST Upvoted Reddit WOW Post - Almost Cries thumb Asmongold Reacts To MOST Upvoted Reddit WOW Post - Almost Cries thumb Asmongold Reacts To MOST Upvoted Reddit WOW Post - Almost Cries thumb


  • Wow Wow holy shit
  • 31,000 up boys holy shit that's a lot dear
  • Blizzard Entertainment gameplay first those are your words your founding words
  • and you have abandoned them I am a grumpy 41 year old male I'm cynical and
  • skeptical I work in marketing and I hate that business
  • it's full of bollocks and bullshit at the core of that is the ridiculous idea
  • that customers want to engage with companies and have conversations and
  • relationships and others such nonsense I don't care I think for the companies
  • whose products I buy I don't want a relationship with coke I don't want to
  • visit fan forums for tide and I will never pay any amount of money to watch
  • or attend to Levis convention I just want good products at reasonable prices
  • true very fucking true nobody gets the fuck all these companies that are like
  • they think that making clever fucking remarks on social media is gonna get
  • them to get people to like buy their stuff because the fuck I'm not a fan of
  • corporations the way that I'm a fan of the Denver Broncos
  • I don't yell at the TV whenever I see a stupid McDonald's commercial like I do
  • whenever case Newman throws another interception I'm not emotionally
  • invested in Nike or Google I don't want whoever runs those
  • companies to be fired when things go poorly the same way I think Vance Joseph
  • should be fired from the Broncos we've got an agenda Andy here okay I have a
  • pretty good feeling this guy's not happy with the current state of the Denver
  • Broncos not happy at all why is that because I'm emotionally attached the
  • Broncos I love that team I cried wherever they won Super Bowl 50 it's
  • irrational I know the when lost record of a sports team has no
  • effect in my personal life and yet I cheer and jeer thankfully I don't invest
  • myself into commodity corporations the same way except did I do for more than
  • 20 years Blizzard you have made games that I love to play even the games I was
  • terrible at I still played I know that feeling I'm terrible at all of them
  • I knew that they'd be the best that the genre had to offer I wasn't any good at
  • the Starcraft games but I played them anyway
  • I can only just scrape through the story campaigns in the Warcraft series but I
  • played it anyway I love Diablo but I never played in hardcore mode or pushed
  • I to your rifts why did I play those games
  • because they were fun I also made some good friends along the way friends that
  • I still play Blizzard games with but I didn't truly love Blizzard until 2004
  • when I stepped foot in the dunmore oh I'll never forget traps trap trap easing
  • through the snow and climbing the hill to see iron-forged for the first time I
  • loved World of Warcraft and new Blizzard ever since a canvas poster of the
  • original World of Warcraft box hangs on my wall a little figure of Arthas guards
  • my desk in my closet Blizzard branded t-shirts hang next to my Broncos gear
  • I'm not just a guy who buys boys words products like I buy other stuff I'm a
  • blizzard fan I pay him watch boys con I root for the company to succeed like I
  • do with the Broncos but now when I see that poster or where one of my boys are
  • shirts I feel a bit like I do whenever I watch a Broncos game I'm cheering for a
  • team that used to be great but just isn't anymore I keep watching though
  • because that's what loyal fans do and I keep hoping for better days
  • in the boyhood retrospective documentary published in 2011 wah Mark Davidson said
  • it wasn't hard to let boys er do its thing as long as it was working Blizzard
  • the things you were doing now are not working maybe you know this maybe it's
  • causing internal power struggles at the office and maybe you are too deep in to
  • see that you are no longer the company that presided itself on gameplay first
  • the only reason boys are gamers exist at all is because of great gameplay but
  • great gameplay is hard it takes years of testing and iteration to get it right
  • it's expensive you were always known for taking your
  • sweet development time soon we were told it'll be done soon and we
  • knew that you were creating something beautiful and amazing that was despite
  • any flaws that may exist going to be fun soon was almost always worth the wait
  • but you don't make those kinds of games anymore and I wonder if you ever will
  • again do you know why I logged into world of warcraft day after day for
  • those first few years it wasn't because of the 15 minute corpse runs that were
  • fun it wasn't so I could wait for the warlock to farm soul shards or the
  • hunter to travel all the way back to the village to buy arrows before we could
  • finally spend the next five hours being lost in dire Maul it wasn't to craft
  • copper bars or gather rune quartz so I could buy a cross-racial mount though I
  • did all of those things and many many more it wasn't logging on to earn or buy
  • loot boxes I didn't finish a dungeon and hope that
  • whatever the final boss dropped would not only be the thing I wanted but also
  • a Titan for it into a super-powered version of the thing that I wanted I
  • didn't log on so I could fill a bar although there are plenty of bars to
  • fill I didn't play so I could gather some random source of
  • power that would inevitably fade into irrelevance as soon as some goblin miner
  • discovered a new random source of power I didn't show up to race through done
  • to replace pieces of gear every other day with gear that was marginally better
  • or worse than what I was wearing in fact I think I wore the same robe for two
  • years during classic well I only replaced it after Burning Crusade
  • released my mom did the same thing it was called the feather moon headdress I
  • remember it when she does - I didn't log on so I could tab out to third-party
  • websites because they were the only way I could find out that I had the right
  • talents right gear and simulating numbers at the right gear that I did
  • have I didn't pay $15 a month to earn a score from a third-party website so I
  • could participate in the game with other people who valued my random score over
  • my experience playing the game then this is a little bit of a weak point because
  • the random score is derived from your experience playing the game but okay I
  • played World of Warcraft because just being in Azeroth with a few friends
  • who's good to know I wasn't worried about leveling up quickly so I could
  • play the real game like people are today if I set out to do some quests but got
  • distracted by PvP or a dungeon corpse runs and corpse runs or exploring a zone
  • that was full of monsters just a bit too powerful for my level more corpse runs
  • that was all right because exploring as Ron an enormous world full of amazing
  • creatures and hidden things was a lot of fun you're deluding yourself if you
  • think that classic World of Warcraft will bring that all back it won't it
  • can't that experience can't be replicated any more than returning to
  • Disneyland as an adult can recreate the first time I visited whenever I was 10
  • years old those days and those games are gone the game that we play today is not
  • a game at all instead world of warcraft is a data gathering index of daily user
  • actions and patterns it's a research tool to help scummy
  • marketing people decide what to put on sale go big how much to charge for a fox
  • mount or which adverts to fill the game launcher with you no longer see me as a
  • player but instead as a payer this is this is a lot new features and Wow are
  • gated behind reputation bars time or just not in the game at all yet the
  • Zandalari trolls were among the first features a battle for Azeroth that were
  • introduced to us zandalari trolls aren't even in the game but they will be soon
  • they tried to hide that exclusion behind storytelling but it's a thin mask patch
  • 8.1 launched on December 11th the battle for d'asaro wore a cumbersome name won't
  • launch until January 22nd conveniently just a little more than 30 days after
  • someone who might have read up for 8.1 started paying for your game again
  • arguably there's more stuff to do in WoW than ever before and yet I don't log on
  • as often as I used to and worse yet I don't look forward to playing like I
  • used to mostly I log on to see if any of my
  • friends are playing and if maybe just maybe we can get a few of us together to
  • go earn a loot box or race through a dungeon and pretend that we're having
  • fun again you stop making an MMORPG years ago instead you turned Wow into an
  • elaborate fantasy seem casino replicator it's a third-person looter shooter
  • designed to string players out like drug addicts looking for a fix your other
  • titles are just animated shopping carts that feature minigames people can play
  • between opening loot boxes and that's really sad because all blizzards games
  • were beautiful your artists are still the best in the industry it's a shame
  • that their work is being ruined by Shady business practices and shoddy gameplay
  • design why is Ian as a Costa still the World of Warcraft game director he
  • bumbles through QA saying words but nothing else under his and Jo and Brax
  • direction the game has become progressively worse
  • Ian's sidekick Josh lore Alan the man you hired to be the public face of World
  • of Warcraft called us dickbags and is far more interested in building his
  • personal brand than he is with doing the job that you pay him to do I don't want
  • to personally comment on them I feel like that would be a just reading what
  • he's saying I can't tell if these men are being held hostage by a company that
  • has broken their spirits where if they are burned out or if they have the true
  • contempt for both Lao and its players are the creative passionate people that
  • you so that you are so well known for allowed to work on the design direction
  • of World of Warcraft or is the game being designed by algorithms and
  • data-driven stat padding horseshit people can't tell if something is fun
  • computers can't
  • we are not your enemy Blizzard we are your loyal supporters the lukewarm
  • Fairweather fans are gone and they are not coming back we are all you have left
  • and frankly whenever it comes to MMORPGs you are all that we have
  • please stop ruining World of Warcraft please stop designing at abound kpi's ma
  • use another marketing bullshit i'll play the game if it's fun and right now it's
  • not fun people designing and developing a game look tired maybe it's time for
  • them to move to either unannounced products or maybe it's just time to let
  • them remember what gameplay first means I don't know what's happening at
  • Blizzard I don't know if Activision is flexing its management muscles I don't
  • know why Mike Morhaime left and I don't know why company morale is so low I
  • don't know why you think it's a good idea to put talented developers to work
  • on mobile products games that your audience doesn't bother playing because
  • we're a middle-aged adults you just like your founders were raised on PC games I
  • don't know anything about the inner workings of this company that I have
  • supported for almost half my life but I do know Blizzard games and I know that
  • whatever it is that you're producing recently are not boys or games I hope
  • that whatever it is that's wrong with you Blizzard can be fixed soon and fixed
  • soon / Ezra Whitecap the patient from Illidan us this post here makes the most
  • sense that I've seen in a long long time this is what we've been waiting for it
  • he still plays the game wouldn't you
  • point the game for 15 years you're not just gonna quit your Opie this sums up
  • what's happening to Blizzard what is this like with John's
  • yeah there it is I remember we watched that before it's true it's so obvious
  • now that blizzard devs sit down and say out loud at meetings
  • what can we invent that will make sure people keep logging in I think that's it
  • play it all right I'll play it Scully John came from PepsiCo and they
  • they at most would change their product you know once every 10 years I mean to
  • them a new product was like a new size bottle right so if you were then they
  • introduced Pepsi Zero and it tasted like shit they introduced Pepsi Max nobody
  • give a fuck they introduced vanilla Pepsi just make Pepsi like I I mean you
  • know what I mean drink a soda it's fine doesn't matter listen to this guy okay
  • Steve Jobs for being a colossal dick bag that he was huge asshole etc he's a
  • smart fucking guy he's really fucking smart guy so I mean I'm not gonna say
  • anything just listen to this fucking clip like luckily John came from PepsiCo
  • and they they at most would change their product you know once every 10 years I
  • mean to them a new product was like a new size bottle right so if you were a
  • product person you couldn't change the course of that company very much so who
  • influenced the success of PepsiCo the sales and marketing people therefore
  • they were the ones that got promoted and therefore they were the ones that ran
  • the company well for PepsiCo that might have been okay but it turns out the same
  • thing can happen in technology companies that get it get monopolies like Oh
  • IBM and Xerox if you are a product person at IBM or Xerox so you make a
  • better copy or a better computer so what when you have a monopoly market share
  • the company's not anymore so the people that can make the company
  • more successful our sales and marketing people and they end up running the
  • companies and the product people get driven out of the decision making forums
  • and the companies forget what it means to make great products it's sort of the
  • product sensibility and the product genius that brought them to those to
  • that monopolistic position gets rotted out by people running these companies
  • who have no conception of a good product versus a bad product they have no
  • conception of the craftsmanship that's required to take a good idea and turn it
  • into a good product and they really have no feeling in their hearts usually about
  • wanting to really help the customers so that's what happened at Xerox that the
  • people in Xerox PARC used to call the people that ran Xerox toner heads jeff
  • kaplan got hired by blizzard because he hated ever quest he hated EverQuest so
  • much he made posts on the EverQuest forums telling the developers that they
  • were fucking stupid there were idiots they had no idea what they were doing
  • Blizzard saw that and they hired him his name was TIG ol bitties
  • nobody would have hired him this day they would have called him a sexist and
  • blocked him from the forums and banned him Jeff Kaplan went on to developing
  • World of Warcraft he eventually left a while and at this point I believe he's
  • the game director for overwatch overwatch for all its faults and
  • failures is probably by far the most successful game in its genre a lot of
  • people play overwatch overwatch overall I would say is a good game I know it's
  • very popular to dislike overwatch because of what they did with xqc I get
  • that that was a mistake I agree it's still a great game and it's it's
  • literally a dead game it's not a dead game dude like that the thousands make
  • millions who'll play overwatch like I understand I ever want to pretend like
  • it's bad but like it's actually a good game like well boys art here's what
  • happened is boys uhrin took their contemporary new ideals and they
  • employed them in an industry that was pre-existing the MOBA industry for one I
  • think that making a game a MOBA at that point was a mistake for Blizzard I think
  • they shouldn't have done that but on top of that they didn't create heroes to be
  • the good types of games that wow was and the Diablo was for example Diablo came
  • out that was the a RPG period everybody played Diablo if you wanted to play in a
  • RPG you played Diablo you didn't play anything else besides that that's what
  • you fucking did Diablo 3 came out you played it but you know like I got
  • fucking damn it I got hit by an invisible fucking wasp again through the
  • wall he didn't do he fucking beta-testing through the other axe
  • except for act 1 and everything was fucking broken and then I get to inferno
  • and I get killed in three hits yeah and path of exile came out everybody
  • moved over to that they made Wow people don't play MMORPGs anymore people play
  • well that's it who the fuck plays Team Fortress 2 no
  • one everybody plays overwatch

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Asmongold Reads A Letter To Blizzard Entertainment Reddit Post And watches a video that sums it up perfectly.

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