Video Ballzy Podcast: How did Trysten Hill look at rookie camp

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Ballzy Podcast: How did Trysten Hill look at rookie camp
Ballzy Podcast: How did Trysten Hill look at rookie camp thumb Ballzy Podcast: How did Trysten Hill look at rookie camp thumb Ballzy Podcast: How did Trysten Hill look at rookie camp thumb


  • showed up and so we we saw things about
  • the second round pick Tristan Hill we
  • saw things that was that's the one that
  • stands out to me and obviously that was
  • the big question sure you know Tristan
  • Hill going with the with the 58th pick
  • in the second round was he was that too
  • high to take him he certainly has had
  • the talent to justify that did he have
  • the makeup to justify it kate Harappa
  • listed a story about that and talked to
  • former coaches and what they said about
  • him after all that what's your take on
  • the pic well again our limited
  • interactions with him they're engaging
  • very personable
  • that's what's supposed to be
  • acknowledged that didn't put it all off
  • on like well these coaches just just
  • didn't understand me he went no I I was
  • at fault and how I responded to what
  • they were doing after the change so he's
  • saying the right things but like
  • anything you have to actually get in and
  • work and see someone day-to-day and
  • really in any setting in any industry to
  • really understand whether or not those
  • were legitimate concern or you know if
  • it was just a young player who didn't
  • handle a situation and and the
  • frustration of feeling like you were
  • national champions and not recognized a
  • year before and then losing the coach
  • who recruited you and having maybe not
  • getting along personally with with the
  • staff that was in that you overreacted
  • to that and took maybe a sense of
  • entitlement attitude they supposed to be
  • very raw you know there are things he
  • needs to work out no one questions the
  • effort on the field everyone talks about
  • how hard he plays all the time through
  • the snap I mean that that there is no
  • question about desire and as you hear so
  • often with Rod Marinelli motor yeah and
  • and you know a lot of coaches and I
  • think Marinelli is one of them would
  • argue that tells you more about
  • someone's character then sometimes what
  • he says or if he's difficult to get
  • along with
  • I'm not saying it was the the wrong pick
  • to make at that point you know I make
  • the argument that I think he's gonna
  • have to be pretty good because there are
  • some good safety their worship you're
  • gonna see some good from Thornhill and
  • and or rap was still there from these
  • guys sure you're still gas early
  • especially those three let's see what
  • those three guys do over the next two to
  • three years I think Hills going to have
  • to be pretty good to justify and they're
  • going with him

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The Dallas Morning News SportsDay writers talk about the Cowboys second-round draft pick Trysten Hill and how he looked at rookie camp.


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