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31:30   |   views   |   01/09/2019


  • good evenin tubers madam ROI back once
  • again say I got the two candles burning
  • in the background their room smells very
  • nice right now also it's very calming
  • smell I said we have some comments here
  • already but I didn't want to say that
  • I'm gonna keep this to the subject at
  • hand that's at knotek tonight this is
  • all about the lifestyle change and
  • hopefully helping you guys out there
  • achieve the same level of success that I
  • have over these this last year well
  • almost year and a half now um I want to
  • get started by saying that what I've
  • been through has definitely changed me
  • not just physically but mentally a lot
  • of people don't realize that overeating
  • is a disease almost naen addiction just
  • as somebody who is a chain smoker
  • has to smoke pack after pack after pack
  • of cigarettes a day or somebody who's an
  • alcoholic it has to have that last sip
  • they're like oh no just one more drink I
  • need one more drink to get me through
  • the day it's the same thing with Eden
  • it's just a drug it's something we use
  • to cope with stress Copland things we
  • don't want to deal with in our case it's
  • usually feelings and I was no exception
  • you know my drug of choice was food and
  • to a to a point it still kind of is but
  • I've learned to control the urge now are
  • there times that I want to overeat do I
  • want to go out to McDonald's and get
  • that quarter pounder with cheese cuz I
  • don't like the Big Mac but I'm not gonna
  • go ahead and ring a bell on about that
  • or do I want to go to sonic and get
  • there double cheeseburger or their
  • extra-long chili cheese Coney and have
  • the big extra large chili-cheese fries
  • absolutely a matter of fact I've been
  • fighting that urge for the last week
  • but what keeps me going is thinking
  • about where I've been and how far I've
  • come
  • it's like you're sober say you're sober
  • for a year and just gonna use myself as
  • an example I have pretty much licked the
  • overeating
  • this past year and I don't want to go
  • back and lose ground that I've already
  • made now when I get to what I actually
  • weigh right now you'll probably be
  • surprised honestly I never thought I
  • would get to this point I started this
  • whole journey and I was about every bit
  • of 350 pounds and that was a year and
  • about three months ago
  • now have I was a heavier before yes
  • there was a time in my life that I was
  • over 400 pounds a matter of fact my
  • heaviest was about 412 pounds and but
  • that wasn't for very long that was for
  • maybe a couple of months at most but
  • generally my weight will fluctuate
  • anywhere between 350 to 380 so right now
  • my last weigh-in I am at 235 pounds
  • you're probably saying Matt that's what
  • you were a month ago yes I know I've
  • kind of plateaued and that's due to a
  • few different things you know it's been
  • the holidays you don't never eat great
  • around the holidays honestly I'm just
  • happy that I haven't I haven't gained
  • any weight so I look at it that way I am
  • down a hundred and fifteen pounds from
  • where I was for most of my life honestly
  • but I'm gonna get back to how I've
  • actually done this and a lot of you may
  • have heard this but it does bear
  • reiterating a lot of it has to do with
  • willpower and the intermittent fasting
  • on the intermittent fast and quite a few
  • of you have asked me about that and
  • asked me how do I do it well
  • intermittent fasting is basically not
  • eating for a certain period of time each
  • day most people do it the way I do I
  • my first meal around nine in the morning
  • which is breakfast then I have lunch
  • right at noon then I have dinner around
  • three or four at night it fluctuates and
  • then I don't mean anything from 4:00
  • p.m. until the next morning around 9:00
  • so let's see that's 12 13 14 17 hours
  • some people do 18 hours I usually do 17
  • hours basically what that does that
  • gives your body time to process
  • metabolize all of food that you took in
  • that previous day on top of that I'm
  • also making much better food choices now
  • can you go out and have the occasional
  • double cheeseburger or go out and have
  • your occasional extra-large chili cheese
  • fry absolutely as a matter of fact you
  • need to be able to treat yourself if you
  • don't treat yourself you're gonna fail
  • but you need to restrict that to one
  • maybe two days per week the rest of the
  • time you need to be eating healthier
  • every morning for breakfast except for
  • Saturday mornings I have a bowl of
  • oatmeal usually still cut but it really
  • doesn't matter you can have any any any
  • type of oatmeal is pretty much good for
  • you and I choose to get a plain oatmeal
  • and I put some real maple syrup on it
  • now we're talking
  • 100% pure maple syrup not the sugar
  • filled high fructose corn syrup fake
  • syrup that you usually get in the
  • grocery stores you need to find the jug
  • it looks like it's round it looks like a
  • mini water bottle like an old-school
  • moonshine jug if you will and it'll
  • actually say 100% pure maple syrup if
  • you want to do what I'm doing there are
  • other good options as well staying away
  • from the carbs is important when you
  • first start your weight loss sure and
  • you may not even want to do what really
  • you wanted maybe you want to do
  • something like a breakfast bowl Jimmy
  • Dean has these breakfast bowls that
  • include egg turkey sausage and a little
  • cheese and that's a great option true it
  • is higher in fat than a lot of other
  • breakfasts but there are very few carbs
  • in that and that is really important to
  • us
  • start your metabolism when you first
  • start your lifestyle change chances are
  • your metabolism is going to be very slow
  • that's probably why you're overweight
  • and you need to lose weight so it's a
  • great option to start low carb and then
  • as you increase your metabolism after a
  • few months then maybe we can add some
  • more carbs into the mix now for lunch
  • I'll usually have whatever I want
  • usually it's a sandwich and some soup
  • chicken salad maybe a ham sandwich
  • though I tried get the leaner cuts of
  • him in our area it's called off the bone
  • ham you want to stay away from the
  • cheaper stuff like the cooked ham or
  • even the Virginia ham I know right Matt
  • lives in Virginia he's talking smack
  • about Virginia ham well that's because
  • not only doesn't have a lot of salt it
  • also has a lot of fat because they don't
  • use the leaner cuts of the pig so be
  • really careful about that and then for
  • dinner pretty much have what you want
  • try to stay away from a lot of the fried
  • foods if you have to have fried foods
  • may be limited to once or twice a week
  • instead of having fried chicken do baked
  • chicken I have a great recipe and I've
  • showed this on my channel before where
  • we marinate chicken breasts in Italian
  • dressing and basically cook them up on
  • the grill and we pair that with maybe
  • some Knorr rice sized Knorr pasta sides
  • or maybe like a Mahatma saffron rice and
  • some zucchini or summer squash and
  • that's a great option that's a healthy
  • meal it's not going to pack the pounds
  • on it so I think I've rambled on enough
  • let me see what we have a quite a few
  • comments here yes John Doe I've seen
  • your comments several times about seven
  • straight live streams I don't know about
  • this week but that will be coming in the
  • future so somebody said something about
  • Wawa ti3 86ed Wawa tea question tea is
  • okay but you want to get the sugar free
  • tea so the unsweetened tea anything with
  • sugar in there you're you're going to
  • drink too much of it
  • sugar is calories and calories are going
  • to pack the pounds on so tea is okay
  • just the unsweetened tea and if you
  • really need to have sweetness in it
  • bring yourself some Splenda packets or
  • bring some stevia packets and put them
  • in there and just you know put it in put
  • two or three packets in stir it up be a
  • great drink to have hired gun says my
  • granddaughter that still in Mei is
  • keeping me straight and narrow giving up
  • a red meat that's good that's excellent
  • eating a lot more salads eating a ton
  • less and drop eight pounds in January
  • first Wow awesome congratulations higher
  • gun I know I've said in the past I've
  • given up a red meat not totally I found
  • that my body did crave it but what I do
  • in my case is I limit that to once or
  • twice a week and usually it's something
  • very small like maybe live meatloaf once
  • a week and then maybe I'll have some
  • vegetable beef soup one of my favorite
  • soups at NYX I know you guys have heard
  • me talk about this restaurant a lot and
  • still one of my favorites local
  • restaurants and he makes the best
  • vegetable beef soup but I've given it up
  • a little bit let's say I mainly stick to
  • chicken some pork but also a lot of
  • vegetables and another great thing to
  • have for lunch I found is peanut butter
  • and jelly sandwiches now you have to be
  • careful with that too you want to get
  • the natural peanut butter because
  • regular peanut butter like Jif or Skippy
  • has a usually high fructose corn syrup
  • and a lot of saturated fats but you can
  • get a lot of off-brands Walmart has one
  • that's natural peanut butter and yes you
  • will have to stir it there's an easy way
  • to do it though because the oil kind of
  • goes to the top on those you do have to
  • stir but once you spend the time to stir
  • it together
  • I put it in the refrigerator for about a
  • half an hour and then stir it one more
  • time and then I just keep it in the
  • cabinet and
  • usually won't separate again so that'll
  • make it a little bit easier for the next
  • time you use it and you also have to be
  • a little careful about the jelly or Jam
  • you use I buy the tray fair trade I
  • think it's called raspberry preserves at
  • Dollar Tree I'll look it up later and
  • tell you I don't remember the exact name
  • of it but it's raspberry preserves
  • they're actually imported get them for a
  • dollar they come in a pretty big jar I
  • said say it's got to be at least five or
  • six ounces and you got a look at the
  • ingredients you got to make sure they
  • don't have any high-fructose corn syrup
  • or any xanthan gum and I don't believe
  • this has either of those you want to
  • make sure that has just regular cane
  • sugar or you know plain sugars okay but
  • cane sugar would be better so that's
  • just another option for you arapaima
  • said I had a co-worker trying to be
  • smart trying to rub in my face that she
  • was drinking a llama t every day she was
  • shocked when I wasn't interested there
  • are people out there that will
  • definitely try and sabotage your diet
  • your diet lifestyle change that's
  • because they're jealous I mean they see
  • what you have they see how well you're
  • doing and maybe they don't have the
  • nerve to try it don't let it bother you
  • you know what there are so many trolls
  • out there right now if you guys watched
  • my last few videos I've had a lot of
  • trolls especially on the vlogs I don't
  • want to bother me because at the end of
  • the day I know you guys my audience
  • enjoys the content and that's all that
  • matters and I enjoy making it so don't
  • want to bother you that much class of
  • mobile home says v8 juice even with v8
  • juice you have to be careful and mainly
  • that's if you have high blood pressure
  • because v8 juice believe it or not has a
  • lot of salt now you can get the low salt
  • version but just just in moderation
  • anything that's processed like that you
  • wanted
  • or drink in moderation because a lot of
  • that stuff still has the word process
  • preservatives and that stuff just isn't
  • that great for your body
  • you're better off making things from
  • scratch like tomorrow I'm gonna go and
  • make myself some of the 15 bean soup
  • that I absolutely loved during pretty
  • much any time the herb especially during
  • the winter it's such an easy recipe and
  • you guys can actually see the video I
  • did on that it's just the 15 beans I
  • soaked my own beans its mirepoix so
  • celery carrots onions tomato paste diced
  • tomatoes Lipton onion soup mix and
  • that's about it and then just some
  • Italian seasoning and some spike
  • seasoning and of course I do put pepper
  • in there and some have some hot sauce of
  • my choice but you can leave that out and
  • you know it doesn't really matter but
  • the whole point of it is it's a lightly
  • processed meal pretty much all fresh and
  • that your body will thank you for that
  • in the long run our primer says it's
  • weird or maybe it isn't weird since
  • giving up the tea I am NOT able to
  • handle the portions that I used to maybe
  • because of the sugar yet remember sugar
  • actually increases your appetite so the
  • fact that you're not drinking all that
  • tea and ingesting all that sugar means
  • that your body isn't craving as much
  • food in general and that actually
  • happened to me too when I started this
  • lifestyle change the first thing I
  • noticed giving up a lot of the sweets I
  • just wasn't hungry that's another bonus
  • right there
  • I 386 says me back and just back off the
  • sugar on the tea a lot of people may
  • have to do that here's an idea if you
  • got it if you have to have a little bit
  • sugar in your tea buy two jugs one with
  • sugar one without or one sweet and one
  • unsweetened take it home get a bigger
  • jug and mix them together in other words
  • cut the sweet tea with the unsweet tea
  • slowly maybe you like an ad 80/20 split
  • to start with and then when you can
  • handle that go down to the 6040 and then
  • the you know to the forty sixty in other
  • words keep cutting it down and to the
  • point that maybe you won't need to have
  • the sugar at all that's what I would do
  • and it's slow and steady wins the race
  • this is not this is not the Indy 500
  • this is something that you want to do
  • for your life this is not one of those
  • fad diets that you're gonna do for a
  • month lose a whole bunch of weight and
  • get off it go back to the way you're
  • eating and you're just gonna gain that
  • weight and then even more you need to do
  • a full lifestyle change and that's what
  • I've done you guys saw that thumbnail I
  • mean it amazes me how much weight I've
  • lost over the year just just over a year
  • you know a year and three months and I'm
  • not doing I am doing this for my benefit
  • honestly partly because I enjoy it and I
  • enjoy giving the information showing
  • people how much I've lost there's a
  • little bit of pride involved there but
  • that's not the whole picture the bigger
  • picture is I want to help everybody out
  • there on YouTube who may be struggling
  • with weight like I did get to a point
  • where they're happy with themselves and
  • yes there are people out there like my
  • big fat fabulous life and a few other
  • shows that say oh no you're fat embrace
  • it be happy with all your curves and all
  • your fat folds I don't buy into that
  • because if you can get healthy then why
  • not being morbidly obese or obese is not
  • healthy it just isn't and I was in
  • denial for so many years you can ask my
  • parents there are so many years I said
  • it myself and you know what I can't do
  • anything about it I'm too far gone I
  • might as well just sit on my bed twiddle
  • my twitter-like fidget spinner and play
  • video games because it's gonna get to
  • the point where I'm at the point where I
  • just can't do anything about it anymore
  • and boy was I wrong I mean there was
  • just that light bulb that shed in my
  • head mmm
  • so I've met you can do something about
  • it it's never too late and it is never
  • too late for you guys either to get
  • started that's exactly right I 3d6 just
  • what I said before the sugar is probably
  • what's making you hungry and you got to
  • give it up slowly take a little bit of
  • sugar out of your diet each day or each
  • week you know start by removing the
  • sugar from your tea
  • maybe having one less Twinkie or one
  • less ho-ho whatever your sugar fixes as
  • you lessen your sugar intake your
  • appetite is also going to go down I can
  • almost guarantee it
  • thank you very much hired gun it is
  • definitely paying off and it'll pay off
  • for you guys too in the long run
  • I thought he sick says that sounds good
  • mixing the sweet nun sweet but I make my
  • own that's that's great that's actually
  • even better in your case then all you'll
  • have to do is just keep putting a little
  • less sugar in that batch and then I
  • cannot believe how much sugar is in
  • sweet tea I might I'm gonna tell you
  • right now and I've said this before but
  • a lot of you guys may not have heard it
  • when I used to work at Sonic we used to
  • have to brew our own tea and we would
  • brew you've probably seen it before in
  • restaurants those big metal jugs of tea
  • may be fine I guess it's probably about
  • a gallon in there maybe a little bit
  • more do you know that for each batch of
  • tea we put a five-pound bag of sugar in
  • the sweet tea I am not kidding this this
  • is a true story and used to make me
  • vomit as a matter of fact there were
  • times that it made me sick to my stomach
  • to the point where I only put half a bag
  • in but when I did that I used to get
  • written up by my boss anyway it's just
  • so much sugar in our diets we get enough
  • sugar from all the processed foods that
  • we eat on a daily basis we don't need to
  • be adding extra sugar into our diets yes
  • I 386 is talking about the unboxing
  • video I did in the Dell yes no you know
  • one offend me there I was really big
  • there that we'll see that was 2014 I
  • think that was probably when I was 350
  • 360 so that was when I was about 120
  • pounds more than I am right now
  • and the first place I saw it was in my
  • face if you remember in those videos my
  • face actually came out to here it was
  • only when I started losing weight I
  • realized man I got some big years
  • because before it was all hidden by the
  • the fat my face our gun says it has been
  • a journey that started when
  • quitting smoking three years ago now
  • it's on to getting fit and back in shape
  • yeah so many people I know quit smoking
  • a lot of times after you quit smoking
  • you tend to gain weight because you go
  • from one vice to another so there's
  • definitely a sweet spot there when it
  • comes to figuring out what you need to
  • do and I remember when I started losing
  • first started losing the weight one
  • thing that I did I would go through a
  • pack of those excitements I'm trying to
  • think what they call them icebreakers a
  • day because I needed something to pop in
  • my mouth I had that same oral fixation
  • that smokers have and I just needed
  • something to have to do and so lean by
  • surely I ween myself off of that now I
  • may have three or four of those a day as
  • a matter of fact I'll probably have one
  • or two once I finish this live stream
  • before anybody asks yes I got the
  • journal water right here yeah exactly
  • hired gun that's why you got to pace
  • everything because we try to do too much
  • too quickly you're definitely gonna fail
  • 14 watches I was actually hoping we get
  • a few more people here but that's okay
  • I'm sure a lot of you guys will probably
  • see it in post-production excuse me
  • biologies have actually been doing a
  • little bit better but this time of year
  • they really tend to act up Aaron ever
  • said like I said I can't believe that I
  • was drinking 7.2 pounds of sugar a week
  • that's three hundred and seventy four
  • point four pounds per year I'd like to
  • see that piled up on a table if you
  • piled that up on my fold-out table back
  • there
  • you would probably crush it it's just
  • amazing and that's again on top of the
  • sugar that you get every day by eating
  • just the normal foods I mean look look
  • believe it or not look at oak meal
  • instant oatmeal has tons of sugar in it
  • even things like processed meats like
  • Bologna
  • ham turkey that stuff even as sugar in
  • it so that's why you have to be so
  • careful with the added sugars that you
  • that you put into your diet
  • I 36 I'll answer that I'll answer that
  • one question but this is good most this
  • is only gonna be about diet and
  • lifestyle change he goes I'm about to
  • reinstall my desktop I made a boo-boo I
  • quote my drive to another but it failed
  • but I do have a backup that's good that
  • that's really good I've had clone drives
  • failed too I've used a Cronus disk
  • imager partitionmagic carted magic
  • doesn't matter cloning drives is never a
  • hundred percent guarantee there are
  • times that they will fail Erik Brann
  • hammer said that is seven of the 50
  • pound bags of sugar I used to work with
  • at my old job boggles the mind
  • it really does Triple A says hey man
  • just got here met you're an inspiration
  • and so are so many people in this chat
  • group it's a good point and I really
  • appreciate that you know I want to think
  • that what I'm doing is making a
  • difference in quite a few lives you know
  • it's hard when you're when you have a
  • youtube channel and you don't
  • necessarily see the fruits of your labor
  • but I know it's there
  • I mean I know that you guys at least
  • some of you are taking what I'm saying
  • to heart and at the end of the day that
  • helps me sleep really good at night and
  • I sleep like a baby especially this time
  • here another simple water I will tell
  • you one thing about this lifestyle
  • change in space in my in my experience
  • constipation can be a real issue and
  • milk of magnesia is gonna be your best
  • friend so when you start this if you're
  • just starting have a few bottles on him
  • and I'm not kidding
  • because once when you reduce the amount
  • of fat
  • and yet a lot of the fiber-filled foods
  • believe it or not that can bind you up I
  • know they say fiber generally is a
  • what's the word a laxative it actually
  • keeps you regular not always so keep a
  • few bottles of milk of magnesia on hand
  • and it'll help you out in the long run
  • Robert Jones says my lifestyle is going
  • good but I do have my ups and downs we
  • all do there are days that I'm not as
  • good as other days but you got to
  • remember tomorrow's just around the
  • corner as well Disney used to say and or
  • there's a great big beautiful tomorrow
  • that was another quote and you can just
  • Val to do better the next day and prayer
  • those you out there that are Christians
  • and that they go to church prayer is one
  • of the most powerful tools that we have
  • there are times that nothing I can do
  • physically in myself can prevent me from
  • going down stairs and having that
  • Twinkie or having that pudding pot and
  • if I know I really don't need it I'll
  • just sit there and pray hard gun says
  • see with me it's all it's the opposite
  • the veggies are like milk of magnesia to
  • me lol yeah some people are like that
  • unfortunately it doesn't work that way
  • for me and I usually do get my
  • vegetables in each day generally I'll
  • have soup whether it be my 15 bean soup
  • or the vegetable beef soup that my dad
  • makes I'll have that for lunch and
  • that's got tons of vegetables in it and
  • I'll usually have a vegetable for dinner
  • usually something like summer squash or
  • Brussels sprouts so I get my vegetables
  • in but you gotta remember something
  • everybody's digestive systems work
  • differently this was just a word to the
  • wise let's say
  • classic mobile home I drank v8 all day
  • long seven days a week and I lost ten
  • pounds yeah there's no doubt about it
  • you know v8 juice can be a powerful tool
  • as well vegetables are not only good for
  • you but they can also have that lacks of
  • effect on some people but you do have to
  • be careful because if you are if you
  • have high blood pressure like I do
  • that's the one thing that I still do
  • have this high blood pressure you have
  • to watch the salt intake so if you do
  • want to do something like v8 juice and
  • you have the high blood pressure make
  • sure you go with the low-sodium version
  • Eric branmer says I'm down about seven
  • pounds yes I did see that Eric I know I
  • don't always comment on your videos but
  • I do try to watch them as much as
  • possible but I won't be able to weigh
  • myself until I get around to buying more
  • cr2032 battery is yes III got that
  • message from you earlier you're asking
  • me where to get really good ones I just
  • get mine from Dollar Tree honestly
  • I buy the Sunbeam ones to come to a pack
  • you can see them right there lithium two
  • for a dollar and these seem to work just
  • fine I use these in a lot of
  • applications I use these these are the
  • CMOS batteries I use in my desktop PCs I
  • use these in the remote key fobs for my
  • car and they seem to work just fine they
  • may not last quite as long as something
  • like a Duracell or an energizer but for
  • the price can't go wrong two for a buck
  • they used to give you is funny a Dollar
  • Tree this is the way it works they used
  • to give you four for a dollar then they
  • went down to three and now they're down
  • to two for a dollar so I'm just waiting
  • to the time we're only gonna get one for
  • a dollar but I hope that's not the case
  • I really hope that they become wise and
  • just keep it at two for a dollar I'm
  • going to turn that off because for some
  • reason that striving this live stream
  • crazy my fluorescent light
  • yes er 30 20 30 two batteries and my it
  • depends on the application the only time
  • you're gonna get 10 years out of those
  • is something like if using it as a CMOS
  • battery but if using it in like a scale
  • or a 'new your key fob probably gonna
  • get about a year out of it at most I
  • mean that's pretty much what I've
  • noticed our tubers I'm gonna end the
  • live stream here I hope you guys really
  • enjoyed it I'm trying to get this
  • information out there mainly to the
  • people that haven't seen it yet one
  • thing I did want to let you guys know I
  • am considering starting up a patreon
  • page to try to draw and generate some
  • more revenue to the channel let me go
  • let me know what you guys think about
  • that
  • the Super chats are always open if you
  • are so inclined to give a dollar or two
  • I would really appreciate it again
  • that'll all go to two basically
  • improving the channel and I can't
  • remember who it was last time that gave
  • the $10 but I just want to let you know
  • whoever it is that I did buy my my boys
  • some of the Greenies treats because
  • that's what you told me you wanted me to
  • use it for and believe it or not it did
  • cost $10 um yes flips I'm sorry I know a
  • lot of you guys couldn't make it here
  • everybody saying take care one more
  • thing before you go class problem says I
  • gave up sweets likes Nick cakes I've
  • given up for 30 days that is awesome I'm
  • so glad you guys are doing well please
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  • have a blessed day everybody

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It has been a while since I gave you guys an update on my lifestyle change/diet. It's amazing how making small changes can have a positive impact on your life.


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