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Video We’ve All Got A Screw Loose - Ultimate Expedition: Tocllaraju
30:25   |   today at 13:27


  • (dramatic music)
  • - [Voiceover] Deep in the Peruvian Andes,
  • eight novice climbers will set out
  • to conquer a 20,000 foot mountain.
  • Known for fighting,
  • comedy,
  • dancing,
  • competitive eating,
  • the Olympics,
  • or just being a jackass,
  • (shouting)
  • none of them are known for climbing mountains,
  • and they all have something different
  • to prove to themselves.
  • - I'm doing this to push my people and my culture forward.
  • - [Voiceover] Legendary thrill-seeker
  • Jukka Hilden will lead the way.
  • (excitedly shouting)
  • They must master the skills,
  • (shouting)
  • conquer their fears,
  • - Afraid of heights? - I am.
  • - [Voiceover] and survive the elements.
  • (chattering)
  • or they will be cut from the expedition.
  • - Send him down.
  • - [Voiceover] Only those who persevere
  • can make it to the top.
  • (dramatic music)
  • - Alright guys, we are on a bus.
  • It's gonna be a ten hour ride.
  • I spend most of my time gaming and online
  • just making videos for YouTube,
  • and I've had to overcome people judging me
  • and always thinking that my gameplay is not real.
  • Just because I'm a girl, they're like,
  • "No way, there's no way she could be good at games."
  • I'm here to kick ass like I do in gaming.
  • I wanna prove that I can climb the mountain,
  • that I am physically able to do things
  • that I never thought I could do.
  • - We are in Peru.
  • We've just been in the car for about nine hours,
  • and we're about half an hour away from where we're going.
  • Hola.
  • Nope.
  • (dramatic music)
  • I was the first athlete to come out in any action sport,
  • which was a scary step to take,
  • but in sports and in life you have to
  • really be able to conquer your own fears
  • before you're able to conquer any sort
  • of challenge that's in front of you.
  • I'm gonna be a complete novice
  • at this whole mountaineering thing.
  • I think I've had a pretty good experience overcoming fears,
  • so it makes me feel good,
  • it definitely gives me a little bit of confidence
  • going up into the mountains with these guys.
  • - [Voiceover] The Andes Mountains
  • run the length of South America.
  • Some of its highest peaks are located
  • deep in the heart of Peru.
  • They surround the remote city of Huaraz,
  • the jumping-off point for the team.
  • From everywhere in the city you can see
  • the deadly peaks looming above.
  • - We're about to go up 20,000 feet,
  • and it's the real thing.
  • People die on this mountain.
  • People die in mountain climbing.
  • But we're going there, we're tackling this beast,
  • we're taking it by the balls,
  • and we're gonna summit that son of a bitch.
  • I've already been there two years ago,
  • and I did not summit that mountain because of a storm.
  • And now that's my dragon to slay,
  • to summit Mount Tocllaraju.
  • - [Voiceover] Summiting a mountain the size of Tocllaraju
  • takes a team of people with one shared goal.
  • Every climber also has an important
  • personal reason for coming here.
  • - It's been seven years since I retired,
  • and kind of felt a little lost.
  • - Chuck.
  • You ready to take on one of those?
  • - Oh yeah, for sure.
  • I have a wife and three kids at home.
  • I would love for them to see me
  • at the top of that 20,000 foot mountain
  • with my hands in the air.
  • - Hey! - What up!
  • - I'm so excited to be here!
  • - Hey.
  • - Hi.
  • Finally here.
  • - What's up man.
  • - How you doing?
  • - [Voiceover] No one on the team
  • has any climbing experience,
  • but they all bring something unique to this expedition.
  • - Yeah, dude.
  • Want some pee?
  • - (laughing) Is that all pee?
  • - I'm known for doing dumb stuff,
  • like putting things up my butt.
  • I think what drives me in virtually everything
  • that I've ever done is that I'm an attention whore.
  • - All right.
  • Are you guys feeling any altitude,
  • out of breath, anybody?
  • - A little bit. - Little bit.
  • - [Voiceover] The biggest threat in mountain climbing
  • is altitude sickness.
  • The team will acclimate in
  • Huaraz for the next three days
  • before they leave for base camp.
  • At 10,000 feet, every breath has
  • a third less oxygen than at sea level,
  • and the higher they climb, the bigger the threat.
  • - I'm so glad to have you here.
  • Anybody have a headache?
  • - Me, starting to get one.
  • - [Woman] Little light-headed.
  • - Feels like I already drank a beer, but I haven't.
  • (laughing)
  • - Just take it easy.
  • Get comfortable, get to your room,
  • drink a lot of water, and I'll see you guys tomorrow.
  • When we'll get ready to tackle this beast of a thing.
  • Alright, let's do this.
  • (subdued cheering)
  • - [Voiceover] But even with the added time to acclimate,
  • everyone will struggle with altitude sickness in some form.
  • - They don't have an elevator?
  • - Hey, you're gonna go climb a mountain. (laughs)
  • - (panting) I'm so winded.
  • I wanna prove to myself how strong I am.
  • I wanna set a good example for my daughter.
  • I want her to watch this and say,
  • "Wow, my mom climbed a mountain, she did it."
  • - Oh yeah, I like this.
  • It is nice and rustic, beauty.
  • This past year I was diagnosed with testicular cancer.
  • I had my left testicle removed.
  • It was definitely the most difficult battle of my life,
  • going through chemotherapy.
  • And to simply be here right now,
  • damn, that's a good feeling.
  • - [Steve-O] We're in Peru, right?
  • - [Jukka] We're in Peru, we're in Huaraz.
  • - Yeah, we're in Huaraz.
  • What does Huaraz mean?
  • - Huaraz, it's a small town in the middle of Peru.
  • It's like a mountain climbing capital,
  • but it's a small, dirty town.
  • - Yeah, it's a small, dirty town.
  • And I promised the guy in charge of production
  • that I would not drink tap water.
  • (laughing)
  • (gargles and swallows)
  • (laughing)
  • (gargles and swallows)
  • - Alright.
  • - Are we screwed now?
  • - Maybe. (laughing)
  • But we did not drink tap water.
  • (laughing)
  • (peaceful music)
  • - Google Maps tells me I'm in Peru,
  • but the location and the setting in this room
  • tells me I'm in India.
  • But then you step outside here, right,
  • and you're like, "Oh yeah, no, I'm in Peru."
  • We landed last night.
  • It is the first day here, straight to like
  • orientations and all sort of nonsense.
  • What are you doing in Peru?
  • I'm climbing a mountain.
  • - I actually didn't Vlog at all
  • when we got into Huaraz yesterday.
  • I was really pooped, I was really tired,
  • and the altitude was kind of making me feel
  • really wonky, and I didn't know what it was,
  • and I walked up the stairs, and I was like (gasps).
  • We have orientation this morning,
  • and I am so excited, because I'm finally
  • gonna get the information I've been
  • trying to pry from everybody.
  • I'm gonna eat some breakfast, 'cause your girl gotta eat.
  • - I would like a little more sleep,
  • but I could actually run up the stairs
  • without feeling like someone hit me in the stomach.
  • So I thought that was nice.
  • - I have not felt hungry once since we've been here,
  • and I've just been like, forcing myself to eat.
  • They say it's a side effect of altitude thing,
  • like loss of appetite.
  • - I think it made me hungrier.
  • I started dancing when I was six, ballet,
  • and then got into hip hop when I was nine.
  • I was really, really shy.
  • I would hide behind my mom, I would cry.
  • I cried my very first hip hop class,
  • but I wanted to do it.
  • So that was always my thing.
  • I wanted to do things that scared me.
  • So I'm used to challenging myself,
  • and as an athlete, I obviously have
  • the mindset of nothing's gonna stop me.
  • So who am I to sit here, and turn this
  • opportunity down because I'm scared?
  • - It's real.
  • We're gonna try to climb a 20,000 foot mountain
  • that is called Tocllaraju.
  • Here are the rules you're gonna live by on this expedition.
  • 'Cause you gotta learn every single thing
  • to be able to go up on that mountain
  • and come down safely.
  • Or if you're not healthy enough,
  • or if you don't have the physical capability,
  • you will be eliminated.
  • It's a matter of safety, and safety is number one.
  • I don't wanna scare you too much,
  • but eight people died summiting the past few months.
  • And they're the people that make stupid mistakes.
  • (dramatic music)
  • How is everybody feeling at this moment,
  • like about the altitude 'cause we just came here,
  • we're in what, 10,000 feet right now,
  • and for most of you guys it's the first time.
  • - Last night I was starting to get
  • a little bit freaked out that I couldn't breathe,
  • and the doctor came and looked at me.
  • Sometimes I just need that reassurance.
  • I don't like feeling out of control.
  • - I was really nauseous when I woke up,
  • like I threw up a little bit before breakfast.
  • - Not a lot of people have the courage
  • to take the bull by the horns
  • and go out of their comfort zone.
  • I mean, you've never even been camping, right?
  • - No.
  • - And you're here, you're in Peru.
  • - Yeah.
  • - I think that's a pretty epic first time camping.
  • - Yeah.
  • (laughing)
  • - To go and try to summit a 20,000 foot mountain.
  • - I got my name SSSniperWolf from a video game.
  • It was one of the very first games I played.
  • It's called Metal Gear.
  • Sniper Wolf was my favorite character and my inspiration,
  • she's like a really badass character,
  • and I always wanted to be like her.
  • And I kinda like to think that I am.
  • - JusReign, coming in hot, right?
  • - I'm like, for some reason I'm not nervous,
  • but I'm really excited.
  • I think the biggest interesting thing I'll learn
  • is just learning to listen to my body.
  • If you Google Image Search mountaineer,
  • mountain climber, like if I do that right now,
  • all you get is like pictures of like four or five white dudes
  • standing on top with like, grizzly beards,
  • and they're like, "Hey!" that's it.
  • You'll never see a brown guy climb a mountain,
  • it's like a black dude playing hockey.
  • I told my parents this, and they were so mad at me.
  • They're like, why would you go do (speaks Punjabi),
  • in Punjabi means "shit white people do."
  • Why would you go do shit white people do?
  • That's how revolutionary and monumental it is.
  • - I wanna introduce you the expedition leader,
  • Mikko Vermas, he calls the shots.
  • He's summited Mount Everest.
  • He's been climbing here for 20 years.
  • His word is the rule, and he's gonna keep us safe.
  • - [Voiceover] Climbing Mount Tocllaraju is treacherous.
  • The team will have to cross glaciers
  • and navigate crevasses.
  • The last stretch is a near-vertical ice wall
  • with a half-mile drop on either side.
  • For their own safety, the climbers
  • will be constantly evaluated by the expedition leader
  • and the team doctor.
  • - We got one of the world's top high-altitude doctors
  • with us, Heikki Karinen, and he's also been to Everest.
  • We can count on them with our lives.
  • That's why they're here.
  • - Sorry, but last year I had ankle surgery,
  • it's called an open reduction, where my ankle
  • is held together with lots of screws and a plate.
  • Is that a problem?
  • - No, but I think one screw might be a little loose.
  • (laughing)
  • - Enjoy your time in Huaraz while you can,
  • because tomorrow we start the first test.
  • (dramatic music)
  • - [Voiceover] The team still needs time
  • to acclimate to the lower oxygen levels.
  • They'll have the rest of the afternoon
  • to stock up on supplies and explore
  • the vibrant streets of Huaraz.
  • - I love dogs, so I pay attention
  • to street dogs everywhere I go.
  • And we've seen all kinds of dogs here in Peru.
  • Next thing you know, Gus and I are trying to feed dogs.
  • - Finding a dog that wants to eat this dog food
  • is turning out to be more difficult than expected.
  • - Hey, come here, pooper.
  • Oh, it's okay, buddy.
  • - [Gus] Oh my god, you are so cute.
  • - [Steve-O] Oh, it's okay.
  • - [Gus] The dogs don't like us.
  • Oh, oh sorry.
  • - Alrighty.
  • Hello, hola.
  • (speaking Spanish)
  • Yeah we need some coca leaves.
  • (speaking Spanish)
  • I think we need the premium stuff.
  • - We definitely need the premium.
  • (speaking Spanish)
  • - Oh, this is good, this is good stuff?
  • Yeah, yeah, okay.
  • Can we get, I think we need a whole bag.
  • - I have to hold my breath.
  • Oh my gosh, smells so bad in here.
  • Hola.
  • It smells really bad here, like I can barely breathe.
  • - I'm cool, I'm chilling.
  • Let's look at some more carcasses, why not?
  • It's culture.
  • Honestly, I feel like I'm in Punjab.
  • It looks no different than Punjab.
  • People look the same, the streets, the smells.
  • There's rickshaws going around.
  • The only thing different is the signs,
  • the signs are written in Spanish,
  • and that's it.
  • - [Chuck] A little bit.
  • - I'm getting a ton of nuts.
  • I'm really excited because--
  • - Make your own trail mix.
  • - Yeah, Whole Foods, but in Peru.
  • - My tongue is so numb right now.
  • - (laughing) Mine too.
  • - I can't feel anything.
  • - Little curious how the white powder makes your mouth numb.
  • (laughing)
  • - I hope this is benefiting me in some way.
  • - Well it's supposed to be great for the hikes,
  • that's what they said. - I don't know.
  • - Elevation on the hikes-- - Okay, I feel like maybe
  • we shouldn't have done it right now
  • 'cause we don't even need it right now.
  • (laughing)
  • She's laughing, oh yeah.
  • (whistles)
  • - [Steve-O] Come here pretty girl.
  • - [Gus] (speaking Spanish)
  • - [Steve-O] Come here pretty girl.
  • - [Gus] Come on.
  • - [Steve-O] Hello.
  • - [Gus] Who's the sweetest girl?
  • - [Steve-O] You think she's the one for the tent?
  • - [Gus] She could definitely come stay at my hotel.
  • - She loved the food, and she's followed me around,
  • and I named her Wendy.
  • It's time for Wendy to have a spa day at the vet.
  • Flea bath, get rid of her critters,
  • clean her up, get her vaccinations,
  • just treat her right.
  • We get to the hotel, trying to sneak her through the lobby.
  • Go, go, go.
  • The first person that sees me
  • is the guy that runs the whole hotel.
  • Just a bust.
  • I said, okay, give me a sleeping bag.
  • I'm sleeping outside with the dog.
  • We're sleeping out here, girl, yeah, yeah.
  • They're pitching a tent for me and Wendy.
  • Alright dude, we'll see you in the morning.
  • - Alright, today's the day.
  • We're gonna do the first test hike.
  • We're gonna do a four hour hike,
  • and we're gonna go up to 12,000 feet.
  • This is the day I've been waiting for, you know,
  • it's to go up there and start doing something.
  • Get a backpack on and go out there and hike,
  • and actually look at the nature and see the mountains.
  • - Alright guys, we're on our way to the hike.
  • This is the first hike we're doing.
  • And yeah, it's like an hour away,
  • and it's getting really hot in here, there's no A/C.
  • Guys, we roll this, it's over, we're dead.
  • (laughing)
  • We're gonna try to tip the bus.
  • - Why would we do that? - What's the song?
  • - Row, row your boat. - Rock, rock, rock your boat.
  • - [Man] It's kinda hard.
  • It's hard to stay in rhythm.
  • - [Voiceover] This five mile hike
  • is the team's first real test.
  • If they show major symptoms of altitude sickness,
  • they will not be allowed to hike to base camp tomorrow,
  • and they could be cut from the expedition
  • before it even begins.
  • Jukka and the finish team will be
  • evaluating them every step of the way.
  • - So our trip is going from there,
  • and we are continuing up there.
  • You can see the highest point.
  • Don't go too fast.
  • If you're feeling that you start to breathe
  • really heavily, then you're going too fast.
  • (dramatic music)
  • - Just wanted to tell you to take it easy
  • and really pay attention how you're feeling
  • 'cause you know how you suffered,
  • you had some symptoms down in Huaraz,
  • and now we're going 2,000 feet higher up.
  • - I was already having problems yesterday.
  • I just hope that I can do the hike.
  • - The doctor also said that you're not fully acclimated yet,
  • so just pay attention 'cause I want you on that mountain.
  • - I wanna go too.
  • - I'm watching Nikki because she's
  • been having a hard time acclimating.
  • Her heart rate's been 140, and that's just over the top.
  • And it's not looking good.
  • Hey Chuck, please take it easy.
  • We're gonna go all the way that way.
  • We're gonna gain altitude, and it's a tough trek physically,
  • even though you don't feel it.
  • - I realize it's a marathon not a sprint.
  • We got lotta days ahead of us,
  • and we're in no hurry to get anywhere.
  • So my heart starts going up, I'll slow it down.
  • - Cool. - I'll take it easy.
  • I'm gonna try to keep it slow
  • and just kinda follow the rules,
  • kinda stay with everybody.
  • - Let's go. - Move it.
  • (upbeat music)
  • - Hey guys, by the way, I'll let you in on a little secret.
  • This dung...
  • - Is actually really good. - Oh my god, you get away from me
  • - This has so much vitamins in it. - With that, Jukka.
  • - What do you have there?
  • - It's donkey poo.
  • But it's really good for climbing.
  • Chachi, you want some of this? - Wanna try it?
  • Look, there's flies everywhere.
  • - Ohhh, did you just throw it at me?
  • (laughing)
  • (dramatic music)
  • - You know, today was the first day
  • I could run up and down the stairs
  • without getting shortness of breath at 10,000 feet,
  • so now I'm gonna see how it works going up 13,000.
  • My approach to obstacles is always try harder, work harder.
  • I think the hard part is I have a tendency
  • to go fast, especially uphill.
  • I don't have a slow button,
  • so I'm gonna have to learn to pull back,
  • and I don't know if I'll notice the symptoms
  • of feeling like, okay, you gotta slow down for the altitude.
  • (panting)
  • - Okay.
  • So, sounds like we already lost someone.
  • We're like 15 minutes in.
  • - Well, I'm not naming names,
  • but Nikki was falling far behind.
  • (laughing)
  • (panting)
  • - I feel short of oxygen,
  • and my heart rate gets really high.
  • I just need to concentrate.
  • I'm telling myself I need to calm down.
  • - [Voiceover] As the team climbs to 13,000 feet,
  • they're getting their first real taste
  • of the upcoming hike to base camp.
  • (panting)
  • - I'm just trying to keep up with my girl.
  • Whew.
  • - [Voiceover] Breathing is difficult,
  • as oxygen levels decrease with every step.
  • The lower the oxygen, the faster fatigue sets in.
  • Under these conditions, even the
  • smallest mistakes get magnified.
  • - I've got bad news.
  • I didn't know I was supposed to try on my shoes.
  • They don't even [bleep] come close to fitting me,
  • and so because I've been wearing these stupid [bleep] shoes,
  • now my pinky toe is telling me,
  • "Congratulations on your blister.
  • "You [bleep] asshole."
  • I can't believe I'm such a dipshit!
  • - [Jukka] See how professional the best altitude doctor
  • in all of the world, see how he is taping it?
  • - [Steve-O] It's like duct tape.
  • - [Heikki] It's duct tape.
  • - I'm an idiot.
  • - [Voiceover] The team approaches the halfway point.
  • Now it's more important than ever
  • to focus on how their bodies are reacting
  • to the lower levels of oxygen in the air.
  • (dramatic music)
  • - I've been telling myself this entire trip,
  • "Don't be overconfident."
  • I think I'm just kinda training my mind
  • to remain focused, you know?
  • I think it's a good little test hike
  • to get your shit in order and figure out
  • where your strengths lie, where your weaknesses lie.
  • Gotta do whatever it takes.
  • - So, 15 minutes break.
  • Drink it.
  • At lunch is the highest point after like maybe 40 minutes, 45 minutes.
  • - The walk to base camp is obviously a longer hike,
  • or at least I'm told, but yeah,
  • I think if we get through this no problem,
  • then we'll be able to get to base camp.
  • We'll be able to get to base camp.
  • I'll just leave it at that.
  • - Hey guys, let's go.
  • It's not really a competition,
  • and how I look at it, the person who comes in last
  • is the most likely person to actually be doing good.
  • You're keeping your pace.
  • Good.
  • - (whispers) No talking.
  • - No talking, so you don't get outta breath.
  • But you're listening, that's good.
  • - Watch me come out on top.
  • I'll get there.
  • (dramatic music)
  • - We made it.
  • Woo!
  • - We climbed all the way to the top.
  • And when that's the practice hike,
  • you know you're in for some gnarly shit.
  • - So we made it to the highest point of our trek,
  • and it's all downhill from here, so I did it.
  • Once we reached the top, the doctor came back around
  • and tested everyone's saturation levels,
  • and my heart rate was at 115,
  • so it went down a lot from 140.
  • I don't have to make it to the top
  • of the mountain very fast.
  • I just have to make it to the top of the mountain.
  • (cheering)
  • - Alright, cool.
  • - I'm not gonna lie, I was in the back.
  • I wasn't up front, but I mean,
  • I'm going at my own pace, I'm taking my time.
  • Both of us.
  • - A lot of the group was really fast,
  • and Lia and I were taking it pretty slow,
  • and I think that's the best way to go, especially for us.
  • (dramatic music)
  • - Heart rate's 130, saturation 81.
  • Okay, heart rate is 127, saturation is 83.
  • Heart rate at rest 115, oxygen saturation 86, which is good.
  • We are still 800 meters higher than Huaraz.
  • - Right.
  • - So this is good.
  • - [Voiceover] Despite some mild symptoms
  • of altitude sickness, the team has been cleared
  • for the hike to base camp tomorrow.
  • - [Jukka] It's behind the clouds.
  • Looks like it's calling my name.
  • - [Voiceover] On that first push,
  • they'll be going twice as far, 4,000 feet higher,
  • with triple the weight on their backs.
  • For most of the team, that's when the real test will begin.
  • - Nothing matters except for the last peak,
  • so the fight is that last summit.
  • Everything up until then is just training.
  • I look at it as it's like the tortoise and the hare.
  • I'm gonna be the tortoise.
  • I'm trying to be one of the last guys
  • standing on the top of that mountain.
  • (laughing)
  • (sighs)
  • - I am gassed.
  • Like honestly, it's kinda stupid that they made us
  • do a hike today to figure out if we were acclimated.
  • They could've brought us here,
  • and we could've jumped for five minutes,
  • and you woulda seen who's acclimated, and clearly I'm not.
  • - I'm not.
  • - Oh my god, everything hurts so bad,
  • and to top it all off, I have the worst sunburn.
  • I feel like I've really struggled in the beginning part
  • and nobody else is struggling except me.
  • And it was just very hard for me to breathe.
  • - I live by a motto:
  • "If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."
  • And this real expedition that starts tomorrow
  • could be considered pretty dumb, but I'm ready.
  • Bring it on. Woo!
  • - We're about to go to base camp,
  • and I'm gonna be off the grid for a little while.
  • My family sent me a great video
  • to inspire me and keep me happy.
  • - We all believe in you, and we can't wait
  • for you to summit the mountain.
  • Don't quit, you know that--
  • - You can do it!
  • - Liddells never give up, Dad.
  • I love you, bye.
  • - Oh yeah, and remember you're an example
  • to all these kids. - Are you waving a fart?
  • (laughing)
  • - And never quit, ever.
  • Never quit!
  • - The only advice to give myself at a breaking point
  • is my cubs are watching, I can't let them down.
  • My wife's watching, can't let her down.
  • Liddells don't quit.
  • So I'm gonna prove it to 'em and make 'em proud.
  • - Four months ago to this day I finished chemotherapy,
  • and it was a big struggle.
  • I never thought four months ago
  • that I'd be in this position where I'm healthy enough
  • or brave enough right now really--'cause I'm not
  • 100% right now--to do something like this.
  • And I'm just so happy with myself
  • with how far I've come right now since chemo,
  • and to be able to go and attempt
  • to climb a 20,000 foot mountain.
  • I know this is not supposed to be easy.
  • You should not expect everyone to make it to the top,
  • but I'm gonna give it my all, and we're gonna conquer.
  • We're gonna conquer this mountain.
  • - [Voiceover] This season on Ultimate Expedition.
  • - The hike is officially beginning.
  • - Are you ready for today?
  • - No. (laughing)
  • - Too much blood has rushed to my head.
  • - It's a surreal moment for me.
  • - Afraid of heights?
  • - I am.
  • - Do you feel nervous?
  • - Oh my god, Nikki, your rope!
  • (excited shouting)
  • - Every time we go on a mission,
  • it's the most intense mission I've ever been on.
  • (dramatic music)
  • - We have to climb up that?
  • - There's no room for error.
  • - Gus is like a spider monkey.
  • - Ha! - Ha!
  • - Ha!
  • - It's infected, right?
  • - Yeah.
  • - So I don't know, I'll try to keep up.
  • - Send him down.
  • - It's a bubble. Ew!
  • (hacking cough)
  • - I'm exhausted.
  • - Night time is right time.
  • - One, two, three.
  • - [Group] Summit!
  • - This is the most batshit crazy thing I've ever agreed to.
  • - Think I cried the whole way.
  • (grunting)
  • - I wanna quit.
  • I wanna quit every time.
  • - I just realized this is pure madness
  • to bring these people here.
  • (chattering)
  • (dance music)

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Nine strangers travel to Huaraz, Peru to face the biggest challenge of their lives, the 20,000-foot Mt. Tocllaraju; But first they must acclimate to high elevation or the expedition will be over before it can even begin.

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