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Video What Happens When You PORT-A-FORT At *MAX* HEIGHT In Fortnite Battle Royale
16:30   |   views   |   04/12/2018


  • what there's a pinata in the lake I
  • think these can sometimes have the port
  • affords I'd never seen one out of one
  • but I would assume it would it does
  • boogie bombs and stuff please no oh wait
  • a second that shields there oh wait
  • there's a port a port oh okay I'll get
  • rid of this oh and we got the materials
  • from the llama
  • oh we're perfectly set all right let's
  • get this happening Oh
  • cheeky little cheeky little bags you
  • know I'm saying we made it this far all
  • right welcome back everybody to a brand
  • new at 49 battery out video now
  • yesterday we saw the addition of the
  • abortive for Kurt all right ladies and
  • gentleman welcome back to the fortnight
  • battery on video now as you guys know
  • yesterday we saw the addition of the
  • porta for grenade in fortnight and for
  • today's video I wanted to test out and
  • see what would happen if you were to
  • build to the top of max high in
  • fortnight and put one of these bad boys
  • down the results might shock you so be
  • careful this in the background is me
  • spending probably the last 11 10 when
  • the server's come back home then they
  • were off most of today okay I'd say
  • easily 5 plus hours and I definitely
  • think there's some other things more
  • than 5 hours 7 hours so the main
  • ingredients for today's meme of a video
  • is number one getting ourselves a portal
  • for grenade two getting max materials or
  • near max materials so we can build to
  • build height and three just not getting
  • killed hot or hotter than you think
  • I had four build up and then five door
  • gets shot in 6 don't fall off and seven
  • throw it on the ground and what happens
  • find out next
  • do you want to try and oh my god
  • all right that's it that's it that's it
  • that's the one that's the one that's the
  • one that's the one dude dude I know it's
  • like bad luck now though that's like
  • actual yeah back massage back massage
  • back massage alright so let's try is I
  • need to get enough materials so I can
  • get this to work alright so to get up in
  • the map I'm gonna need like do I need a
  • pinata right now like give the boy a
  • pinata oh he's gonna be inside now there
  • oh I thought it was over I just scream
  • glitched up as well
  • English Duff why did I fight that I
  • don't need to fight you had materials
  • though yeah oh no but like even less its
  • materials which doesn't sell it just
  • gets prettier materials but I could use
  • that campfire but it's not gonna happen
  • do you know during good nap too I could
  • like used one to get down then use
  • another one but it's fine oh we need
  • bandages though
  • Oh what are they gonna do to my bandages
  • yeah I'm training house bandages please
  • sir medic kit or bandages dude imagine a
  • trap oh oh oh God's plan God's plan
  • stop playing goes behind just took you a
  • while but we got it God's plan Boy
  • Scouts plan that's an opportunity a
  • cowboy come on come on metal and bricks
  • please
  • melon brick yes metal okay we're out of
  • eggs aren't perfect this is perfect this
  • is God's plan this is God's plan hey
  • someone here he's in here
  • just popping up out of my game duty had
  • the sniper let's go let's go let's go
  • let's go
  • dripping all right okay what's so
  • perfect
  • okay I'm gonna build it with that circle
  • so all right here we go
  • please daren't see me I'm gonna wait a
  • little bit actually before I fully
  • ascend it's the next Super Saiyan that I
  • am yeah no you're right
  • yeah oh no actually I build in with the
  • zone so the whole goal is that I build
  • in with the zone do some strong supports
  • shell for a bit
  • I'm running out running the zone you
  • want to be like building in with it take
  • a little bit of damage it's fine they're
  • shooting it nor
  • like you don't play God's plan oh I got
  • a feeling about this positive mental
  • attitude I'm gonna go to tomorrow town
  • he's gonna get the shield yep I knew it
  • why are you running
  • yeah he thought it was gonna get it
  • sorry buddy I hate to disappoint you all
  • it's an epic one here what's in it RPG
  • metal and wood all ok off to Ellen woods
  • altar wedding Woods off to wailing woods
  • that's how we got her some out of town I
  • feel bad for that guy he had it's like
  • he had he had the wrong thing out that
  • didn't feel good all right take that
  • give me that
  • get rid of that get rid of that and do
  • that okay we're ready to me
  • and you're doing
  • damn I nearly threw that what's up
  • what's going on you really throwing
  • these engagements and what were you
  • doing out here anyway this is about
  • where we want to be try to have our
  • things start over this make sure we go
  • like two or three down from build height
  • so I'll get to build hot remove from
  • there should be chill
  • let's go well I gotta get past these
  • trees all right and we're past the trees
  • all right I'm sure to go from there
  • that's pretty good holy crap is this
  • gonna exhaust my meds oh no it's
  • actually fine because we found the
  • decent height but damn the resources are
  • getting melted with the diagonal builds
  • oh that's not good
  • the next circle has to be kind to us
  • please sir that's all I bagged damn I
  • didn't get enough resources I think if
  • we get one of the other side of this I'm
  • in trouble
  • and I'm in trouble so let's there and
  • all around me are familiar faces worn
  • out places don't alright this is the one
  • I've decided I've already decided this
  • is gonna be another one alright it salty
  • springs be nice to me I want to see
  • porta forts straight away I want to see
  • a llama right off to that in fact a
  • llama would just be perfect cause you
  • can get bored of for its problems that
  • would be the God's plan of our
  • generation
  • all right where's that guy at I hear ya
  • oh campfire oh yeah buddy get a gun oh
  • you got across first I was like darn him
  • I just can't be bothered with taking 75
  • damage and just really would ruin my day
  • missed those first couple of shots like
  • what the actual hell okay not quite any
  • port of forts just yet but that's fine
  • because you gotta work card form if you
  • want your porter porch this guy's
  • definitely got it look at him he's
  • running away a dream there okay he's
  • down get that reload fresh bullets yeah
  • she didn't have much
  • let's Trotter it away why are you
  • running
  • geez water for it no trap
  • no trap just checking no trap okay no
  • trap we've got a porta four I repeat no
  • drill this is a what how does this game
  • even happened and that was the other guy
  • as well that was running away it's
  • happening it's happening it's happening
  • calm down Laughlin it is happening porta
  • for inbound whoa but there could be
  • ashes I really shouldn't go for it well
  • I'm gonna go for it anyway I'm gonna go
  • for it anyway I'm not even concerned
  • zero concerns right now I've got full
  • shield I'm a beast game player of the
  • video game and my bro I want a sniper
  • riffle please end it with some tsums
  • tsums
  • come on sniper rifle RPG and a chug chug
  • old baby a triple all right we're taking
  • the chug
  • all right looking good we got a decent
  • amount of mats 500 wood foreigner brick
  • I'm gonna head to like the outside of
  • the zone just I can build in I'm not
  • gonna build on this one we're bid on the
  • next one there's only 24 players up
  • those this is like good less players
  • less all it's getting shut down which I
  • really don't need right now
  • okay he looks like a new player but
  • someone else is shooting me
  • this guy doesn't concern me he looks
  • pretty new doesn't me shield but some
  • other shots were coming in that's what
  • concerns me all right
  • it's just Duncan with the RPG that we
  • got where do you go
  • yo what the hell dude he turned up okay
  • and then we got this guy here as well
  • okay could you guys leave me alone
  • please
  • it's a cyber bullying will not be
  • tolerated nor can I might take the
  • impulse turn a just to do a bit of a
  • meme but the other guy we've got max
  • resources all right we're definitely
  • building up on this next one but I need
  • to go where the zone is further
  • stretched out I might grab the mean
  • should maybe grab a med kit now I'll be
  • fine
  • this is perfect there are 2,000
  • resources that's tons to work with we're
  • gonna go all the way over here do we
  • have mountains in the zone we do have
  • like a few but nothing crazy we've got
  • that one big one all right sir if it's
  • coming here we got 12 seconds left I'm
  • gonna get this lost treat to spend a bit
  • of wood and I think it's time we go up
  • so I'm even gonna build towards it kind
  • of because I want to be in line with
  • design and then I do these slow builds
  • just chill with it I just don't have a
  • snob up here that's the only thing I
  • could ask for is a sniper up here we've
  • reached it
  • and in we go catch up and we are on okay
  • cheeky little cheeky little dance you
  • know say we made it this spa
  • yeah it's their home and above to see
  • mean pads I got so many of them makes my
  • profile a little bigger but we should be
  • fine sorry the thing that concerns me is
  • that that mountain is still in that's
  • bad that's that's very bad we don't want
  • that you are the first the damage
  • drop-off for Mom here the damage
  • drop-off from up here would be actually
  • unreal something we're gonna bother with
  • it nine people left eight other
  • remaining players I think this view
  • strats gonna work
  • yeah you can expect it wait wait no so
  • it's RPG so it's RPG no white okay he
  • didn't make it he didn't make it but now
  • he's gonna try and kill me he hasn't
  • taken it down yet I'm sweating too
  • because you're right I should have
  • bounced he's coming
  • it's not gonna make it it's gonna make
  • it no no I have you done this I can't
  • believe you've done this I hate you
  • all right we're going over here and
  • we're gonna try this again no body shoot
  • me down please
  • that's the guy out there you ran away
  • this guy didn't he's still looking for
  • he's building a base oh he's getting
  • shot now by a guy over here oh please
  • don't look up
  • I begged that guy does not look up ah
  • here we go
  • all that was spilled hi
  • I was that bill diet let's find a panic
  • don't panic we got a camp fire all right
  • we're good or in this still we're in
  • this who's in this I'm in this I can't
  • believe I actually built a perfect build
  • hi little baby's exact but it zigzags
  • never heard anybody except me
  • open the door what's the wear the tires
  • no there's their tires tires
  • there was no tires what so I think this
  • interaction had something to do because
  • we were at build high like literally on
  • build height I think it cancels the end
  • of the build because I can't actually go
  • that high up which then I think stopped
  • the tire so we're gonna have to do a
  • redo on this in a couple days I'll be
  • sure to hit subscribe make sure you
  • don't miss that video where I attempt it
  • again of course if you guys are going to
  • enjoy today's video hit that like button
  • down below
  • cool subscribe if you're new come back
  • tomorrow where we will be doing gonna
  • win hopefully 50 50 see you guys Oh

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Today we test out the PORT-A-FORT at MAX build height in Fortnite!
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