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Video The iPhone XR Is Depressing...
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  • would you look at that hot new piece of
  • technology on the table right there
  • that's that that's the latest iPhone
  • right that's the iPhone 10 are okay fine
  • no it's the iPhone 4 but it does have
  • something in common with the brand new
  • iPhone 10 are some of you probably
  • already know what that is for those of
  • you that don't it has the same number of
  • pixels per inch as the eventual upcoming
  • iPhone 10 are the 2018 iPhone 10 are and
  • as you can tell I'm a little bit upset
  • about it because the iPhone 10 ours is
  • seven hundred and fifty dollar device in
  • 2018 and I'm sitting here looking at
  • some screen resolution that's identical
  • on a device that came out many years ago
  • when well when did the iPhone 4 come out
  • June 24 2010 that's when Apple was
  • capable of putting a 326 PPI display
  • into a smartphone all the way back then
  • and they're still doing it to this day
  • and I can't figure out the reason I know
  • some of you out there in the audience
  • are gonna say but Lou on a smart phone
  • can you really see the difference can
  • you tell the difference so what about
  • this PPI well here's the thing in an
  • environment where we have plenty of
  • choices and plenty of options especially
  • at low price points all kinds of
  • applications have started to take screen
  • resolution into consideration like
  • YouTube Netflix and so on where you may
  • want to trigger that HD functionality to
  • be able to watch a full resolution video
  • on your smartphone now not a lot of
  • people are talking about this but if you
  • picked up this brand new iPhone 10 are
  • at 750 dollars you're not gonna be able
  • to watch 1080p YouTube you can't toggle
  • that setting because the device is not
  • capable of it
  • now I'm gonna bring another phone into
  • the mix here this is the Samsung Galaxy
  • s4 when did this come out well 2013 this
  • device came out it's got a 5-inch 1080p
  • display for a PPI of 441 that's still
  • four years ago and of course every
  • single galaxy s device since then has
  • maintained at least that
  • resolution at least 1080p of course
  • there's ones now with even higher
  • resolution and you can toggle it to your
  • own taste now there is a debate
  • regarding what the human eye can
  • actually see and at which distance so at
  • this distance here I shouldn't be able
  • to discern pixels possibly here I start
  • to pick them up on this display on the
  • iPhone 4 if I look closely at a close
  • range yes I can see individual pixels is
  • it horrendous does it completely ruin
  • the experience no I'm not suggesting
  • that the phone is completely ruined by
  • the fact that it doesn't have at least a
  • 1080p display the reason I'm angry about
  • this is because there's not much reason
  • for it except to distance the premium
  • product from the discounted one in my
  • opinion to try to convince people to
  • step up and spend more money on the more
  • premium 10s and 10's max but the reason
  • it's irritating is because the material
  • cost of stepping up to a few extra
  • pixels when the scale is there when so
  • many other smartphone manufacturers are
  • already using those 1080p displays some
  • even with a notch like on the polka
  • phone right here there's an example
  • there's a 1080p display on a device that
  • costs $300 how are these aggressive
  • Android price points being serviced by
  • 1080p resolution because the material
  • cost on those displays is not that much
  • that part is ubiquitous it's everywhere
  • so Apple probably could have given it to
  • you they just didn't want to they didn't
  • think they had to and so they did it and
  • now they're trying to compel people much
  • like with the the charge brick that's
  • not in the box for super charge they're
  • trying to compel people to spend a
  • little more while still stating hey at
  • least we have a budget option now to be
  • completely fair I think a lot of people
  • are gonna walk into the Apple Store look
  • at the 10r and be like hey that's fine
  • for me
  • for me that's non-negotiable that's just
  • kind of a jerk move now I know there's
  • gonna be Apple fans out there you're
  • gonna disagree with me you're gonna sit
  • there and say loo Apple knows best Apple
  • knows how much resolution we need you're
  • gonna say 326 PPI is the perfect
  • resolution it's fine but if
  • was the case then why does Apple sell
  • premium devices with more resolution why
  • does the 10s and ten xmax have a higher
  • PPI for what reason well because it's
  • not true if you hold those two displays
  • next to each other you should be able to
  • discern the difference if you know what
  • you're looking for now at this point I
  • sound like an aggravated nerd and
  • possibly I am and many people out there
  • gonna be like but I can get the bright
  • colors on the 10r
  • for 750 and that's really what I'm in
  • this for and look if you're one of those
  • people more power to you these are your
  • dollars but in my opinion in an era with
  • polka phones and 1080 screens everywhere
  • on devices under 500 under 400 under 300
  • this one for me is the biggest mess up
  • on this particular device otherwise the
  • spec list looks pretty good but see the
  • problem with this as a tech fan is that
  • we count on the market leaders to push
  • the better technology forward we count
  • on them to show us sort of what's
  • happening and what's important and
  • what's possible and when you have a
  • leader like Apple intentionally holding
  • products back to create these price
  • discrepancies so they can play in these
  • different marketplaces without
  • cannibalizing their premium stuff you
  • have confusion in the consumer
  • marketplace or at least a lack of
  • understanding yes the PPI of this guy
  • this ancient-looking iPhone 4 is
  • equivalent to the PPI of the new iPhone
  • 10 arm there are way more pixel dense
  • displays out there for less money and
  • you should know about it

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