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15:57   |   today at 10:21


  • you have morals you're scammers what's
  • left DIY faves so today I am at the
  • Museum of neon art oh there's a whole
  • wall of boobies right here our wait wait
  • neon boobs real mature real mature
  • but it's just like a whole room of
  • really cool neon stuff and the exhibit
  • they have right now is all done by like
  • one girl her name but everything's
  • really really cool and I'm so excited
  • and the king of neon himself is here too
  • photographer it it's so good I know it
  • walking I was like this is Brandon
  • waffle and Brett this is Brandon Wolfe
  • owns brands in a singular room for days
  • I voted for IG and I'm actually shooting
  • with Andre this weekend as well so IG
  • both upbeat oh my gosh honestly this is
  • like my ideal museum size who just like
  • fuzzy seams are very large numbers
  • roaming this is like one nice compact
  • room with lots of cool stuff also cool
  • kit this is my favorite one over here
  • it's like so glittery and says oh my
  • gosh that is my aesthetic eyelash
  • popping off what's happening over here
  • no we're good okay and then this one's
  • super cute and says love oh well
  • that's big old neon blob okay wait love
  • don't pay I feel like I had a t-shirt of
  • that like in high school forever ago
  • this is also my aesthetic right here
  • this fan with ribbon on it there is a be
  • majorly killing the vibe of our shoot
  • right now he found like the cutest hint
  • of spring tree and there's a bee just
  • like doing his thang pollinating and I
  • know bees are like not going extinct but
  • like we need to support bees but if you
  • just like maybe go you know pollinate at
  • one of the higher ones there I won't get
  • stung that would be awesome
  • mr. bee I don't know where he is oh good
  • oh no it was just a tweak to touch me
  • BTS have Brandon pulling out literally
  • 45 different rainbow reflective things
  • oh my god wait these are amazing
  • hey ready guys ready you're about to see
  • a Brandon's world right now
  • it looks like I'm sorry it's like anyone
  • is dying at home right now wait let me
  • go look at some other things
  • wait wait this actually looks pretty
  • cool
  • Oh Tripp what is it 14 of you oh my god
  • like so extra paparazzo my reading crab
  • so forever 21 has like a new daughter
  • store like I think it's the same people
  • that own it but it's called rally rose
  • and it is the freakin best toward my
  • life if I could describe myself in store
  • this is it like okay look at this
  • freakin photo well they have here like
  • people take notes this is how you do it
  • this is how you get that free promo if
  • your lotus-like taking so many photos
  • it's so cute and everything's pink I'm
  • dying
  • pushing is here it's like cute makeup
  • brushes and I sound like a big wok
  • advertisement but I'm freaking out
  • everything is so cute I'm gonna spend
  • like a bajillion dollars also as soon as
  • I get my house coming back here and
  • buying everything in this store oh my
  • gosh guys stand by for a Riley Ross ha I
  • got sold my stuff and I'm so excited we
  • are back at my apartment and I actually
  • picked up a bunch of new shirts from
  • Topshop just so I had some more options
  • for photos because now is just kills the
  • vibe and you take a whole bunch of good
  • photos and the same shirt and you can't
  • post it my feet oh they're just like a
  • it's a whole thing but honestly like
  • this is the reality of insta photos when
  • you're shooting like waist up is that
  • you've got like good situation happening
  • up here and then down here is just like
  • a blanket a blanket sausage happening
  • down here yeah that's the secret to
  • staying warm during a photo shoot Louis
  • we have so many friends over you want to
  • blow some confetti and holds of neon
  • things
  • they're too heavy yeah yeah well this
  • looks so cool on camera - that Britain
  • brings the photo suits like your blanket
  • like a mermaid this is like my favorite
  • thing in the entire world we're about to
  • take like a super glitter photo
  • oh no flushing battery okay gonna save
  • it for the photo as promised I have a
  • Riley Rose haul for you guys really
  • quickly because my battery is logic
  • right so hope I can get it all done
  • before the camera dies so I ended up
  • getting two of these super cute little
  • trays because I just like couldn't
  • decided when I wanted so I got both and
  • I was literally wearing a shirt today
  • that said boss babe so I was like it's a
  • sign I'm needed camera dad but we back
  • because I got this teeth whitening blend
  • which is like way more chill than doing
  • like the black charcoal thing which
  • freaks me out so gonna try this I don't
  • love the Crest Whitestrips so gonna try
  • something new and then oh my gosh I
  • don't even know if it's good or not but
  • like who's this little Pandi I couldn't
  • not get it and then oh my gosh this is
  • probably the best thing okay no
  • styrofoam you are ruining the vibe this
  • is hands-down the best thing that I got
  • look at this freaking unicorn mug oh my
  • gosh so I got that and they also had a
  • narwhal and might have to go back to the
  • narwhal and then I got a bubble mask
  • which I've seen a whole bunch of stuff
  • on and really wanted to try so might do
  • that tomorrow night with like the
  • holographic also please ignore my
  • ratchet nails that's gonna get fixed
  • tomorrow immediately and then I got four
  • of these like party decor holographic
  • room decor these like little strands the
  • garlands I have no idea how many are in
  • each pack and it like doesn't say on the
  • packaging so I got four cuz they're only
  • six dollars each and I literally bought
  • every single one of them they had in
  • stock so stay tuned for this in the new
  • house I really need to stop buying stuff
  • for the house since I haven't even moved
  • in yet but they were just like too cute
  • to not freaking bye good morning guys so
  • I have found myself at the make up room
  • I've ever seen this dog is not real
  • literally she's 3.6 pounds nigga is
  • literally the weight of a piece of air
  • she's a cloud literally she's so cute so
  • anyways mini is gonna glam you today and
  • I actually have plans today for once so
  • I'm like not mad that this is happening
  • also I'm like a little blown out so I
  • got my weave in your girl is
  • girl oh the hair looks not bad today
  • interests wash it's got the weave and
  • I'm ready to get clean yes many MUA got
  • dusted up oh my gosh like literally what
  • hi
  • wait wait I'm trying to figure out where
  • I look to have myself here okay I
  • there's just so much happening also this
  • is more makeup brushes and I have ever
  • seen in my entire life
  • if this one what what do you do with
  • this is it what is this is for my
  • deodorant like what do I do but this is
  • a gigantic this besides my face don't
  • know anything about makeup okay but like
  • groaning halfway done I feel like I look
  • so much new like makeup lingo the words
  • that are flowing from your mouth right
  • now it's a different language yeah
  • honestly is the gay and oh look at me
  • freaking hightlight oh my gosh we have
  • even done eyes I was like good looks
  • good I'm so gonna actually a plan I was
  • gonna be like that go get me sure I
  • wanna see yeah you various film that
  • reaction well honestly he's probably not
  • gonna notice I look any different
  • honestly yeah he's like you have makeup
  • on I can't tell I'm like okay a neat
  • peek of the merch coming
  • [Music]
  • there may or may not be a matching
  • bottom oh my god you showed my face ok
  • ready 3 2 I am freakin snatched I have
  • never looked this good in my entire life
  • it's crazy house nasty and my end of my
  • only means like is good I feel like
  • really big they just won't like stare
  • myself all day but like we're gonna hold
  • a video from my channel as well and I
  • think I'm gonna try and recreate one of
  • manias looks which we all I can hardly
  • wait also we did you know what the eyes
  • just need to zoom and in these lashes
  • they need their own woman I agree
  • holy crap yeah literally every tiberg
  • from the Caramon I'm like I'm gonna be
  • so sad to take my makeup off I think
  • you'll this holds all the entertainment
  • for your Wednesday but also your double
  • eye makeup happening right now
  • video going up on Wednesday we've got
  • the trying to recruit minis look video
  • going up so that'll be live already when
  • this goes live ok 3 you really do you
  • really do dang I did that we both yeah
  • so anyway I only did what ever one of
  • minis eyeballs because it was it was
  • about workout I'm literally sweating but
  • at the same time I'm just like oh my
  • body is over well I'm still not over the
  • freaking a pretty little lower bra top I
  • didn't even know it really didn't even
  • talk about it so this is gonna be
  • launched and I think mid-february
  • but everything else could get launched
  • at the end of January and then this is
  • gonna come the whole set
  • you can buy them separately obviously
  • but that's coming in morning guys oh so
  • tragic and I have my regular makeup back
  • and not the man EMU
  • so then literally I've never looked so
  • cute in my entire freakin life so a lot
  • of exciting things happening today so
  • number one are you guys ready to see the
  • second t-shirt of the Lord di one I
  • actually wore it over here and got a
  • compliment from a stranger who probably
  • definitely didn't subscribe so if you
  • liked up like a good size three - oh oh
  • sorry I've got a kid copy I'm sorry I'm
  • sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry forgive me
  • forgive me newbie - three two one
  • obviously in the style of a supreme
  • t-shirt so I've just got it tied up like
  • this but it's like a regular full-size
  • t-shirt it's more of like a unisex fit
  • so like not a crop top or anything just
  • a regular good old t-shirt cuz I know
  • that's what you guys asked for so you'll
  • get in it an exciting thing number two
  • is that we have possibly the most famous
  • pop coming over besides gonna bake so
  • does the Pug is on its way over and we
  • were so excited moose and guppy are
  • ready they've got their cute little
  • sweaters on and we are ready for a
  • playdate
  • Cuffy do you wanna show them your
  • sweater so moose the Pug who lives in
  • Toronto sent us these sweaters for
  • goobie and little smiles the glue bees
  • got his plaid one on and moose has and
  • it's actually like a zip up Hoodie and
  • they're so cute oh my gosh oh my gosh
  • stop stop I die I die
  • is that a dog the Pug oh my gosh mood is
  • like you're not copies you look like
  • guppy it's just with some more roll oh
  • my god oh my god I'm dying I'm dying I'm
  • dying I'm dying by I'm diseased this is
  • the cutest thing that's ever happened in
  • my entire life don't go oh my gosh you
  • don't have a snake oh honey you're not
  • invited to this Neagle photo I'm instead
  • Oh
  • Oh what's up guys so I am back at the
  • house the painting has commenced I'm in
  • the backyard the grass is not put down
  • right now just because la had a crazy
  • rain storms there's a little postponed
  • on the outdoor stuff but I see the turf
  • it's here I'm super excited the inside
  • looks so freakin good it's half done
  • like everything's got white on it but
  • some rooms are only half painted the
  • others are fully done and it looks so
  • good this was a hundred cents the right
  • decision and I'm so Samia is also here
  • getting a tour I'm so excited
  • Mia giving the tub a test run but it's
  • good I feel like it needs one of those
  • like tumbler thingies that like go
  • across here so I can put like candles
  • and a backbone and maybe a snack on it
  • guys I don't know if you're ready for
  • this oh it looks so much better
  • holy crap so obviously they've got like
  • all the painting tarps and protection
  • stuff still laid down on the ground but
  • the whole upstairs is done and it looks
  • so good like I'm not over it I walked in
  • and I died I straight dude upside down
  • ketchup chips straight from Canadia for
  • years
  • oh my gosh honestly like why haven't
  • ketchup chips made it to the States I
  • don't understand I don't understand
  • they're so good yeah honestly I just
  • like wasn't looking and I happened
  • upside down and no we're here
  • hey guys so I am back at Alex's now me
  • and I I just signed up for the whole day
  • and caught up and watch Twilight and it
  • was so you guys follow me on Twitter you
  • saw that I watched Twilight think it was
  • like the third one just on TV other day
  • and most at the part with the Wolves
  • went psychotic I have never seen him go
  • so crazy my entire life don't needless
  • to say I had to watch the craziest part
  • of the movie on mute for my dog but
  • today I made up for it because what's
  • the whole thing it was so good so
  • anyways I just wanted to hop on and the
  • vlog okay what are you doing there's
  • there's a moose in here that's a moose
  • head right here oh okay sorry I took you
  • back in I talked to you about it does
  • anyone else's dog do that like it was
  • just like loves to be buried in the
  • blanket okay so quickly before I end the
  • vlog I just wanted to talk to you guys
  • about fake knock about merch I feel like
  • this is low-key like kind of a good
  • thing because obviously that means that
  • I'm successful enough that people want
  • to make knockoff the MA stuff but like
  • can you just like I can't
  • I just cannot like the audacity of these
  • people so I just want to reiterate to
  • make sure that you are buying it
  • straight from the source
  • aka any link that I have shared or my
  • online store lore I think the
  • biggest problem currently that I'm
  • dealing with and disputing with these
  • fake companies the scammers are the
  • plushies that are being sold on Amazon
  • by a fake seller and they're literally
  • fulfilling orders answering reviews and
  • I can't I'm gonna be like due tomorrow
  • so plushies are currently not on the
  • market not being sold so if you see any
  • kind of laurdiy plushie available it's
  • not coming from me and I want to make
  • sure that you guys aren't getting crappy
  • product that you think is home for me
  • that's not made by me because the
  • quality checks that go in place for
  • everything like laurdiy merch related is
  • to the highest standards and I don't
  • know what you guys are getting when
  • these fake people scam you guys into
  • buying fake merch I'm like heated I'm
  • real salty about this I just have no
  • control over what they're selling them
  • taking your money sometimes you're not
  • even getting product and it makes me so
  • upset because I can't do anything about
  • it it was
  • made it really really really difficult
  • for us to take fake stuff down but we're
  • working on it
  • that's my team's number-one priority
  • it's making sure that there are no fakes
  • on Amazon which is honestly nearly
  • impossible but we're gonna try and
  • monitor it as best as possible but these
  • people are flat-out stealing and I am
  • NOT here for it so please please please
  • please please be careful guys it's not
  • even about money I just want to make
  • sure that you guys are getting the best
  • quality products because I just can't
  • guarantee anything from these fake
  • scammers and I don't want you guys to be
  • disappointed like I don't want you to
  • get a laurdiy product and it be crappy
  • because that's just not the type of
  • thing that I make I don't make crappy
  • stuff so anyways please be careful make
  • sure you're buying only from the source
  • from the links that I'm tweeting out 1z
  • sold out plushies sold out pop socket
  • sold out and regular merch coming
  • January 31st so that's gonna be a thing
  • that's happening and that will be real
  • from my website but all the other past
  • products right now are currently not
  • being manufactured so please please
  • please please please be careful alright
  • that is it for today's vlog if you
  • haven't seen me many collab that went up
  • yesterday make sure go watch that I
  • decided to just save this for a Thursday
  • instead of uploading two videos in one
  • day because many posts on Wednesday so
  • I'll have the link to collab in the down
  • bar below and I will see you guys on
  • Sunday for a some DIY I'm gonna get on
  • with a per I'm not a week okay do you
  • have anything you'd like to add don't
  • blanket worm
  • elbow elbow oh god you're so cute
  • [Music]
  • yeah you know what

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