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Video Why Johnny Manziel May Never Play a Meaningful Down in the CFL
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  • I'm an so I've been covering the Johnny
  • Manziel comeback season for quite a
  • while now we did the spring league then
  • we did to see a fit now when Johnny
  • joined the Hamilton tiger-cats
  • it was already pretty well established
  • that Jeremiah Masoli was the starting
  • quarterback cool not a big deal I along
  • with many others assumed that maybe a
  • couple games into the season Johnny
  • would have an opportunity to get onto
  • the field in a live game and show what
  • he still got I mean that is his goal in
  • this whole thing but due to recent
  • developments it's a possibility that
  • that could never happen and unlike his
  • NFL career this isn't due to anything
  • that Johnny himself actually did but at
  • this point it's a real possibility that
  • Johnny may never play a meaningful down
  • in the CFL cute away now the CFL is in
  • full swing but in a failed season and a
  • college football season
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  • thought of Johnny Manziel never taken a
  • meaningful snap in the CFL never really
  • crossed my mind before the season
  • started I entertained the idea of him
  • not playing much or not playing well
  • because of course that's always a
  • possibility when you're going into the
  • season as the backup but I did not
  • anticipate his opportunity being blocked
  • by the unbelievable play of X organ
  • quarterback Jeremiah Masoli now Jeremiah
  • was always a talented quarterback but
  • just like Johnny he ran into some of the
  • few issues
  • railroaded his career he moves on to the
  • CFL but he has not been seen as an elite
  • quarterback over there at least not
  • before this season although June Jones
  • had been singing his praises I guess the
  • rest of the league just hadn't taken
  • notice now if you want to know more
  • about jeremiah be sure to check out my
  • what happened in Jeremiah Masoli video
  • it's a really good one dude was very
  • slept on a tour now Jeremiah through the
  • first four games of the season has
  • already thrown for nearly 1,400 yards
  • that's the most in the CFL the most in
  • the entire league bro he's won CFL top
  • performer of the week twice already
  • after his last game he's now thrown for
  • over 300 yards in 10 straight games
  • obviously going back through last season
  • that is a CFL record he's thrown for
  • more consecutive 300 yard games than any
  • quarterback in CFL history where my
  • solely playing at this level is gonna be
  • hard for Johnny to give any meaningful
  • playing time in the CFL based on reports
  • I've seen Johnny's contract is a
  • two-year deal well Jeremiah also signed
  • a two-year deal in January of this year
  • so yeah he's not going anywhere Eve now
  • there was a time when CFL teams might
  • just release a player to allow him to
  • pursue NFL deals but the CFL
  • Commissioner has come down pretty hard
  • on this in an interview earlier this
  • year he's what the Commissioner of the
  • CFL had the same our rules and
  • procedures are clear players are
  • required to honor their contracts as
  • they are registered with the lead now
  • that was a statement he made after
  • running back James Walker jr. and
  • defensive lineman Victor Butler show
  • frustration that two-run toe wouldn't
  • allow them out of their CFL deals so
  • that they could pursue in a fair
  • opportunity but see it felt like now bro
  • Wheatley playing like that both players
  • got one year left on their contract and
  • it's one of them situation because in a
  • year those NFL situations may no longer
  • be available but at the same time hey I
  • mean they did sign a contract to play in
  • this league so as one of those were
  • super easy to see both sides of it now
  • the Commissioner praised Toronto for
  • following the rule so it seems like
  • Johnny will have the honor his two-year
  • deal with the tie cat so yeah this could
  • get even more interesting some are
  • beginning to call Jeremiah Masoli an
  • elite CFL quarterback and that is needle
  • has thing you wanted here as the backup
  • none of these things go well for Johnny
  • but there is one slither of hope that
  • doesn't involve an injury now Jeremiah
  • leads the CFL in yardage but he doesn't
  • lead in touchdowns there are only four
  • TDs on those 1,400 yards
  • he's also tied for the most
  • interceptions in the league with four so
  • he's got four touchdowns and four
  • interceptions so although he's picking
  • up a ton of yardage the touch now
  • conversion rate isn't very high now just
  • FYI just to give you an idea the league
  • leader in touchdown it only has six so
  • it's not like Jeremiah's that far off of
  • that pace it's just the fourth touch now
  • four picks thing that really stands out
  • so you look at that and then you look at
  • the fact that the Ticats are only two
  • and two right and we all know turnovers
  • are a big part of losing game so you can
  • look at Jeremiah's touchdown an
  • interception ratio as a pretty big issue
  • that definitely would have contributed
  • to the two lawsuits now we'll have to
  • see how this develops and I'm honestly
  • very happy for Jeremiah he's found
  • success after being cast out of you know
  • the American football system but due to
  • the fact that he and Johnny have such
  • similar situations I'm not sure they can
  • both have a storybook ending here it's
  • also gonna be interesting to see can
  • johnny maintain his new attitude
  • if you've been the starter your whole
  • life it can be frustrating to get to a
  • point where you're put on the bench and
  • forced to watch
  • let's hope Johnny doesn't get outwardly
  • frustrated with this and do something
  • stupid now of course there's the
  • possibility that Johnny could just be
  • traded by having a really good backup
  • quarterback can be hard to come by so
  • we'll have to wait to see if the Ticats
  • wanna part with them depending on what
  • type of deals they're offered I'm not so
  • sure that they want to move at this
  • point that might be the best look for
  • Johnny but at this point the Ticats are
  • looking for you know what's best for the
  • team anyway bro I like both quarterbacks
  • I hope there's some way this could work
  • out for both guys hit me up in the
  • comments section and let me know what
  • you think also if you enjoyed the video
  • click thumbs up button subscribe here
  • view brand-new my name is Flynn lo raps
  • and mileage on next time bro
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]

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johnny manziel may never play in the cfl due to jerimiah masoli.
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Johnny CFL highlights: /watch?v=GZ9ojZfRdPU

jermiah masoli highlights:


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