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Video Seeding Technology Academy Documentary 29 September 2017


  • good morning mr. Shanahan many men are
  • you fine we are very keen to know how
  • you came up with the name sitting
  • Technology Academy okay for me to come
  • up with the name City Technology Academy
  • it's took the projection into the future
  • it was in 2010 when I had a plan to come
  • up with a teaching Center and during
  • those days computers with very few or
  • can I say technology wasn't much known
  • people and it was an advantage to me
  • that I had much information in life with
  • technology and for that matter I had a
  • plan to introduce technology into people
  • that is why ice age the name of a school
  • shall be sitting technology Academy in
  • the sense that will be teaching
  • academics will be teaching computers but
  • much emphasizing on the introduction of
  • technology which is not worn only to
  • people but during these days and when
  • all things are changing in line with
  • technology the director what is your
  • destination in line with your vision
  • okay I've got a very great vision I want
  • to come up with a very big school a
  • school we shall be known on the map of
  • the back way I want to come up with a a
  • very big school we shall be delivering
  • education excellence to the nation so do
  • you have any lessons at your school if
  • some incomplete just do it
  • yes we cannot be reading Technology
  • Academy without computers we cannot be a
  • 3d technology Academy with word algae
  • lessons those are the major things we
  • are making sure that we are addressing
  • to de-emphasize such that every
  • individual who is finishing his or her
  • academic will be having our technology
  • for it is now a necessity in every
  • organization it is now a necessity in
  • every company in every nation you cannot
  • do without technology the idea that
  • bringing any development just to
  • teaching learning techniques yes not is
  • I speak right now we have got students
  • who are on Illinois they are practicing
  • different things they are accessing
  • different learning programs they are
  • having a first touch of what we mean
  • when we say this technological thing
  • which is bringing in equalness which is
  • bringing in banking which is bringing in
  • e-learning or where all things are being
  • done online we thought in visiting any
  • office as it is right now as I speak
  • very much information with Nestle the
  • accessing electronic Oh lemon so that is
  • an advantage our students are benefiting
  • a lot do you tease besides what we have
  • discussed many many we have got
  • volleyball we've got a lot of different
  • clubs we will nature our student will
  • cast they might be good in academics but
  • they might fail to get an opportunity
  • which will be in line with what they've
  • passed academically and or some of them
  • might affirm their academics but failing
  • are endemic doesn't mean that your
  • haircut doesn't mean that you cannot do
  • things so we could other things we did
  • same volley ball in the net pole soccer
  • athletics with music et Cie so what can
  • you say I owe limitations towards the
  • development of this a lot of limiting
  • factors every time when you run an
  • organization you face some limiting
  • factors when you run in organization we
  • have what is known as macro and micro
  • environment so I cannot finish to
  • mention them all but the main limiting
  • factor for now I can mention the pivotal
  • school since we sometimes get a good
  • number of students but they will suffer
  • financial constraints they will not be
  • able to pay fees in time and that is
  • where this is where the private sector
  • get its revenue to meet all the payments
  • to meet all the bills we will get the
  • level you will get money from our
  • clients so we usually a face that's not
  • your weapon they defer to paint and Sun
  • do fail wait not at home you take you
  • can go teaching and in a charge for for
  • for to chance without you pay me 30 temp
  • that child will disappear and it is
  • immoral for us to engage debt collectors
  • it is immoral for us to go to their
  • houses pushing parents so that they can
  • pay what they owe the school we just
  • leave it like that for we argue for the
  • community you can say your last two ways
  • to the mission all I can say is I put a
  • desire I've got a great passion to do to
  • have this cool known nationwide to to
  • make sure that every child in the
  • country will have access to education no
  • child must be deprived to education and
  • that is what I can say for now
  • we're going to you all my name is with
  • such a person
  • I mean form one unit in Technology
  • Academy which I'm sorry it is now a
  • championship has different talent I want
  • to set my premiere titled let's not the
  • luck under death lives as they destroyed
  • something new on the ground legs yet
  • they love disagree because they think it
  • does not make a difference if in your
  • desk and all the noise for your life is
  • in the balance this condom when it
  • starts raining the jet on your clothes
  • and skin chain to match the course of a
  • second move they shout little do they
  • know the reins are flailing your inner
  • span that is always beneath you slowly
  • rise like a phoenix from the ashes at
  • the rain clean your boiling and close
  • the range underground cheer flight you
  • will later change they drawn a De Luca
  • to choke I love good morning ladies and
  • gentlemen present just my name is Nelly
  • Coachella
  • I want to recite my poem entitled
  • quality quality when you talk of college
  • we talk of sitting technology that pass
  • was it simple let's first quality
  • education quality service was the
  • ability they soon there enter tickets
  • they mean business they do their work
  • for the maximum and for the daughter
  • quality surprise for the religion thing
  • if I will come on to music we want to
  • show you a learning and our projects for
  • agriculture
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • these are
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • - over two x times negative x so if he
  • said 9 plus 11 over minus 20 that is
  • minus 11 is 20 says
  • so that's one
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • I think we need some folks so that you
  • can and I did
  • what I a lot of discoveries how about if
  • you do marching because this is now a
  • what city is it and someone suggesting
  • to have another page separate bit for
  • onions sample size
  • what type of insects are they some
  • athletes so we need to buy raw guys it
  • right we shall contact we cannot save a
  • separate paid for onions that is mixed
  • cropping we do it for every generation a
  • quaintly do not you shall get the reason
  • as to why
  • you

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