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Video Ký sự Nha Trang | Phần 2 - Vân Sơn
35:05   |   12/15/2018 at 23:17


  • What a exciting evening!
  • Driving motorbike along the coast.
  • Driving to the end to enjoy its beauty
  • then come to the mountain pass
  • with high cliff
  • of majestic mountain on this side
  • and the ocean on the other side.
  • That's so great.
  • In this evening,
  • if you guys have a chance to come to Nha Trang by motorbike,
  • then take a ride along the Nha Trang coast
  • to enjoy the beauty of Nha Trang coast
  • and continue with the mountain pass.
  • Feel like throwing away all the sadness.
  • Leave it behind. Nothing left.
  • So beautiful. So great. Haha. So happy. Haha.
  • Banh xeo of Nha Trang. Very delicious.
  • A kind of Banh khoai.
  • Its skin is thicker than Banh xeo in the South.
  • It's especially crunchy.
  • But meat and bean sprouts
  • are in the balance.
  • Banh xeo of Southerners also has grinded green bean
  • which isn't added in this Banh xeo.
  • I like the flour the best. So crunchy and tasteful.
  • Are there any relation between Banh xeo and Banh can?
  • Yes. We fry Banh khot with hot oil.
  • We bake it in a ceramic charcoal stove.
  • - How about flour? - We grind and soak flour into water.
  • It is rice flour.
  • Banh khot is also made from rice flour.
  • We grind the rice after soaking in water.
  • Is there anything else in this?
  • - besides rice flour and water? - Adding few green beans powder.
  • Oh green bean powder!
  • To enhance the fatty taste, right?
  • It makes Bank khot become crunchy.
  • - Oh crunchy. - Yep.
  • How about Banh xeo?
  • What is the difference between Nha Trang's Banh xeo and Southerners's one?
  • Here we use the smaller mold than Southerners, they use pan as a mold.
  • - I see. - Their mold is bigger than mine.
  • Is the filling different?
  • Filling?
  • The filling of Banh Can is a mixture of different kinds of rice so it's a little bigger than Banh khot.
  • No. I mean the filling of Banh xeo.
  • Sure. I think they are different.
  • What is the filling of Southerners 's Banh xeo?
  • Shrimp, squid, green bean powder, coconut milk.
  • With Nha Trang's one, we don't use coconut milk.
  • Don't add coconut milk.
  • Is it the same kind as Banh khoai?
  • - Same same Banh khoai. - Right.
  • Right?
  • - Is it a kind of Banh khoai? - Yes, it is.
  • It's more likely to Banh khoai than Banh xeo.
  • But here we call it Banh xeo.
  • Ok, then call it Banh xeo.
  • Many people call it Banh khoai,
  • but it actually is Banh xeo
  • - Beacause "Xeo" is sounds of making it. - Ha ha.
  • So gorgeous!
  • If my eyes would be blindfolded,
  • and someone asked me where I was,
  • I would think it as Florida's Gold Coast
  • or St. Pete Beach of Florida.
  • Because Nha Trang beach is not wild as one in my memories in the 1980s.
  • Now the coast is long, clean and really beautiful.
  • Sandy beach with white beach umbrellas and chairs like foreign countries.
  • When have a closer look into the land, there are high buildings, modern hotels.
  • So now Nha Trang beach
  • become a tourist attraction.
  • That's why there are so many westerner here.
  • They come here to enjoy the sunshine, have sunbathe.
  • Another plus for Nha Trang is
  • there would never be stores or restaurant built on the beach.
  • Those services are underground.
  • Under this sandy beach, there are shopping mall and restaurant.
  • So I think
  • Nha Trang is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  • But calling it "beach" is not accurate.
  • It is a bay.
  • One of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world.
  • Large amount of tourist came here.
  • That impresses the attractiveness of Nha Trang.
  • And the curved shape of Nha Trang bay
  • represents for the Godness named Ponagar
  • who "hugs" Nha trang in her arms
  • to protect the Nha Trang city
  • from the storms and huge waves.
  • I think that Nha Trang city
  • still can be developed more by its beauty
  • and perfect land planning of local people.
  • I just leave Cau Da port in Nha Trang by a canoe.
  • We are heading to a secret island to go fishing.
  • Ha ha, next to me is Mr. Hoa,
  • Hoa is my longtime friend.
  • We know each other for years and now reunite in Nha Trang.
  • Today, Mr. Hoa takes me to go fishing.
  • And this one is the navigator, as call as "sea-god".
  • Guardian of the land is called guardian
  • but guardian of the sea is callded "sea-god".
  • Since he knows it all, we surely catch all the fishes.
  • After that,
  • we gonna find an island to cook the fish, ok?
  • Where is the area to catch more fish?
  • Dam bay area.
  • What area?
  • - Dam bay! - Dam bay!
  • Which species of fish are there?
  • Threadfin bream,
  • butterfish, zool grouper, parrotfish...
  • Fitty - fitty
  • It's depend on your luck!
  • What is the local delicacy?
  • In Nha Trang, squid is the best
  • but the unique dish is grilled crocodile.
  • Grilled crocodile?
  • - How heavy is it? - From 10 to 20 kilograms.
  • Wow!
  • As I told you before, this man is a "sea-god".
  • Wow, he sure is.
  • His name is Nhan. He owns a really big restaurant
  • named Grill garden.
  • He invites us to come here tonight
  • to enjoy grilled crocodile.
  • Ha ha, so weird!
  • - Deal! - Ok!
  • - Alright. - Thank you!
  • That cave is bird nest 's house.
  • People collect savila of bird nest
  • from such kind of cave.
  • So they built huts there
  • to take care and collect the swiftlet nest.
  • Here we come to an unknown island.
  • But we can see that tourism is well promoted by Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province.
  • Not only in the land but also on island.
  • Look like heaven!
  • They are Russian friends.
  • They are the staff of Dam bay.
  • They are competing
  • The sooner of getting aches, the looser you are.
  • They are also cheerleaders,
  • who plan games for the tourists.
  • They are trying to improve their physical strength
  • before the appearance of large group of Russian tourist.
  • "туалет" means toilet,
  • "душ" means the shower.
  • "M" stands for men,
  • this stands for woman.
  • In overall, if you want to take a shower or go to the toilet, follow this way.
  • This is written in Russian.
  • This is "бар", means bar. Want to have some drinks? Follow this way.
  • That is a bar.
  • So many kinds of beverage.
  • Beers, soft drinks, cocktails.
  • And I think the price is acceptable.
  • I mean it's ok, not expensive.
  • One bottle of Saigon beer is just 20,000 VNĐ though we are on the island.
  • One bottle of Tiger beer is just 30,000 VNĐ
  • Therefore the price is acceptable.
  • Thank you!
  • - Thank you. - Thank you. Nice to meet you. Hoo.
  • We come to an island one in a while, where
  • the atmosphere is really unique.
  • It's far away from the land.
  • So it's felt like a wild island.
  • The special thing is playing sports.
  • Although my clothes are not suitable for sports.
  • However, young Russian friends
  • were extremely friendly and happy.
  • So I think today is a wonderful day.
  • If you have a chance to come to Dam bay,
  • you should take a tour.
  • Ah, I got it!
  • Got it!
  • Why is it so hard?
  • Oh my god, I take the wrong way.
  • Oh, yesh, yesh!
  • I got it!
  • Hung! I got one!
  • A fish stroke at bait.
  • Hoa! It's so beautiful!
  • Such a beautiful fish! Free the fish! Freedom!
  • It's a beautiful fish like a pleasure fish.
  • Not just a normal fish!
  • So we go fishing not for food but pleasure.
  • Sorry! I hurt you! Miss mermaid!
  • Kiss. Bye Bye!
  • Wow!
  • Alright!
  • That's what going fishing feel like!
  • It's happy to have a fish stroke at bait but we must free it to nature.
  • It's not what you got, right?
  • That one suicided.
  • The hook hangs on its tail, not the head.
  • It's the tail!
  • Wait, is it the tail or the mouth?
  • It is the mouth!
  • It's too small to see it clearly.
  • Its small size made me misunderstood.
  • Fish mouth!
  • Poor little kid! Too young to die!
  • Spin! Spin! Spin!
  • Oh god! Oh god!
  • So cool!
  • Oh god! This is our first fish!
  • - What? - Mr. Hung...
  • the winner!
  • He didn't notice the fish had stroke at bait.
  • It used to have four teeth!
  • But one was broken because of striking at bait.
  • So 1 on the top and 2 on the bottom!
  • Right!
  • Bye bye! Kiss!
  • As you can see, that ship takes tourists to go diving.
  • Below this area...
  • ...are corals.
  • Corals and beautiful kinds of fish.
  • That's why all the tourist
  • want to go diving here.
  • They take the ship to come here.
  • Scuba diving is not just about the scuba.
  • We must be trained!
  • At least 4 hours of training
  • to learn how to control the breathing gas.
  • First diving is tracked by the trainers
  • They show the symbols of moving: moving up,
  • moving down.
  • and SOS, ha ha.
  • Therefore, before go diving, we must take the training.
  • Remember when Mr. Thao, director Charlie Nguyen and I
  • did a documentary in Australia.
  • That time, Viet Thao and Charlie Nguyen
  • almost died because going diving without training.
  • Also, the wave was huge
  • and the tide on that coral reef
  • was out, the water was shadow.
  • Việt Thảo and Charlie had to lie on a rock.
  • The tide was out, so the wave kept rolling.
  • They were caring the heavy diving tank
  • and wearing fins.
  • The wave kept rolling them.
  • Kept rolling.
  • Those two people, finally, Charlie Nguyen
  • had to climb on a rock like that,
  • and sit like a mermaid.
  • Wanna see mermaid? Meet Charlie Nguyen
  • He held diving tank like this.
  • I wants to save the first time diving for this documentary.
  • So I'll learn diving
  • to share my experiences,
  • to film a documentary for Vietnamese audiences.
  • Fishing is just a hobby.
  • If I have big, good fish; I'll bring them home.
  • But now,
  • I can't catch big fish, only small ones.
  • Then it's for fun.
  • I'll return small fish to the ocean, then next time fishing we'll have big fish.
  • Now! Let's go to the land
  • and find some fishes to eat!
  • This is the cobia.
  • Floating fish farm is very popular currently.
  • Because it's hard to fish cobia offshore.
  • So residents here make these floating houses on the sea
  • to raise cobia.
  • These cobias are over 10 kilograms per one.
  • Here! This one is over 10 kilograms.
  • Vân Sơn and filming crew is
  • on floating house, floating cobia farm
  • to catch a 10 kilogram cobia.
  • Stay there!
  • Ok, we couldn't catch cobia out there, let's catch some here.
  • And have some fun!
  • Sour & sweet cobia soup, cobia cooked with fishsauce bowl,
  • grilled cobia.
  • Oh.
  • This is cobia.
  • The one I caught earlier
  • from bottom of the sea
  • in the area of fish farming.
  • We're in a floating house
  • of Hòa. He's building this floating house for fish farm and tourism.
  • Since this floating house is still under construction, there haven't been any fishes yet.
  • But hopefully next year, we can enjoy a bigger cobia than this one.
  • - For? - Only 3 months.
  • - Just 3 months? 3 months and we'll have cobia. - Yep!
  • Let's try this first.
  • It's hard to comment!
  • Cause it's so delicious, I can't stop eating.
  • Wow!
  • When visting Nha Trang, walking on the beach
  • or going canoeing are very common.
  • But not every one can dive and explore under the sea.
  • And not many people have chances to do that. I'm here today,
  • a diving center of Vietasian.
  • We have two options.
  • Firstly, carrying diving cylinder just like frogmen.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Secondly,
  • we can wear a helmet
  • which contains oxygen.
  • When we wear that helmet underwater,
  • we can breath normally
  • and walk there.
  • Today, I choose second option - Sea Walking.
  • But I can't do that myself,
  • there must have a diver taking care of me.
  • If I can do that,
  • so do all of you. I hope that, after this trip,
  • I can share my experiences to audiences all around the world.
  • If you have chance go to Nha Trang, pay here a visit.
  • Diving center - Vietasian.
  • How can we get here from the land?
  • By speed boat.
  • By canoe.
  • Today, Phi Hùng will manage activities
  • and ensure safety for all tourists.
  • No matter what,
  • there's nothing to fear when going underwater.
  • Having talented people like Hùng, we'll come back safely.
  • If there're any problems, frogmen will save us.
  • Okay?
  • Listen to me, when diving, first, we need to go downstairs,
  • sit on the lap of diver.
  • They will help us wear helmet.
  • After wearing helmet and linking oxygen line,
  • diver will take us to the bottom.
  • Our ears will be buzzed there,
  • If you don't want to have buzzing in ears, hold your nose and blow.
  • No more buzzing.
  • Specially, you can't talk down there, using sign only.
  • This means ok.
  • This means not ok, this means go up.
  • This means go down.
  • And this is death.
  • Out!
  • Incredibly beautiful place!
  • It's unbelievable.
  • It's extremely beautiful.
  • Ninh Hoa grilled meat roll.
  • Ninh Hoa grilled meat roll is one of Nha Trang specialties.
  • Once you visit Nha Trang, must try Ninh Hoa grilled meat roll.
  • It's became favorite dish of entire Vietnamese
  • and even Vietnamese all over the world.
  • Why is it so special?
  • Why is it so delicious? And so attractive?
  • Because of the secret of making
  • grilled meat roll, spring roll
  • all the vegetable,
  • and the sauce, specially.
  • So the sauce must be well prepared first.
  • You can add chili pepper for a spicy taste.
  • Add some chili pepper here.
  • This is grilled meat roll with rice paper.
  • Firstly,
  • we can taste the delicious sauce,
  • only when deeply dipping the roll in sauce.
  • Although this is just a nosh,
  • but you'll be addicted to it once you try.
  • The aroma of vegetable,
  • the sour taste of mango
  • acrid flavor of green banana,
  • sweet taste of meat, and the crispy roll
  • They enhance appetites.
  • It's crispy and savory.
  • It was fried.
  • They roll the rice paper and fry, which helps bring more flavor.
  • And...
  • ...the crispness
  • is really awesome.
  • One more roll!
  • This sauce is not salty
  • like fish sauce, soy sauce or others,
  • but very savory.
  • So each one will have such a big sauce bowl.
  • You should dip deeply like this,
  • to have a tasteful roll.
  • It smells hot.
  • Amazing!
  • Ninh Hoa grilled meat roll is No.1. So yummy!
  • This morning, when I was on boat,
  • Nhan invited me to an restaurant to try grilled crocodile.
  • I thought it would be a small restaurant,
  • not a big place like this.
  • Such a surprise!
  • Congratulation on Nhân to have such a great restaurant
  • with stable customer base.
  • Just 6:30, but all the tables are filled, and customers are still queuing outside.
  • Nhân is running the business very well now. Congratulation!
  • Secondly, as I promised
  • to come here today
  • I did it.
  • Son kept the promise. How about Nhan?
  • When I was coming, there were only a haft of grilled crocodile.
  • Now I want a whole new grilled one. Yes or No?
  • - Sure - It's yes right? Ok!
  • Just kidding! Cheers!
  • Thank you! Thank Hung! Thank Doan!
  • How many grilled crocodiles do you sell per day?
  • Around 3 to 4 ones.
  • 3 or 4 ones? Ok.
  • You grill right here or they were grilled earlier?
  • I'll grilled them here.
  • - They're fresh right? Grill them here? - Yes! Yes!
  • Wow
  • - 3 to 4 ones per day? - Yes!
  • How long does it take to grill one crocodile?
  • - Around one hour. - One hour?
  • - Ok! Back after one hour right? - Yes.
  • - Yes, back here after one hour. - Ok.
  • Fire is strong!
  • Oh wow!
  • After waiting for an hour,
  • it has such a nice brown color,
  • such a sweet-smelling.
  • Let's try one piece!
  • Grilled crocodile!
  • There are two best parts of a crocodile,
  • first is the tail,
  • second is the ribs.
  • But when it comes to grill, you must try ribs.
  • Grilled ribs are the best.
  • There.
  • Wow.
  • It's dripping! Wow.
  • My god!
  • I took the best piece.
  • It'll be so crispy.
  • Give me the plate. Just one piece.
  • Let's try! My god!
  • It's smoky!
  • Uhm!
  • Not advertising or something,
  • no need to advertising, there are a lot of foreigners here.
  • But our Vietnamese, if you have chance to go to Nha Trang
  • Pay a visit at 21 Biet thu street, Grill Garden restaurant.
  • Food is very fresh, specially, soup and crocodile
  • is grilled up to 3 to 4 ones per night.
  • See?
  • Give it a try! Affordable price,
  • only 220,000 VNĐ per person.
  • 220,000 VNĐ per person
  • for buffet.
  • If you want to eat lobster,
  • 600,000 VNĐ per person
  • for one lobster and buffet package.
  • Thank you! It's so delicious!
  • Nothing much,
  • let's try one piece first to see if it's savory or not.
  • Then, we'll go to the sea
  • by canoe, then going fishing.
  • We'll visit Dam bay.
  • After that, we'll head to fish farm to catch butter-fish,
  • cobia
  • and make some dishes with those fishes.
  • After eating,
  • we'll dive and back to the land,
  • go to Nhan's restaurant,
  • eat a lobster,
  • finish crocodile. Amazing!
  • Come back home and have a tight sleep!

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Ký sự Nha Trang | Phần 2

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