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Video Game Theory: Will the Fortnite Meteor Destroy EVERYTHING? (Fortnite Battle Royale)
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  • (scary music)
  • Hello Internet! Welcome to Game Theory
  • and the middle of Battle Royale Week.
  • In case you missed the first of these special episodes,
  • a few days ago I covered mathematical evidence against the media's claim that games,
  • Like Fortnite And Pubg, cause players to become more Violent.
  • And later this week I'll be looking deeper at whether
  • these games helped your overall social skills.
  • But today, I am gonna examine a much more pressing issue.
  • The Meteor thats about to strike Tilted Towers
  • Tomorrow! Turning this iconic area of the game
  • map into nothing more than rubble.
  • I'm not here to theorize (Yes you are Mat) about its existence or when and where its gonna land.
  • I think everyone who has been following that situation has a pretty good handle on that one already.
  • Nope, I'm here today to explore
  • how much destruction a meteor of that size,
  • traveling that fast, should cause.
  • Is this flying hunk of rock spelling armageddon for the Fortnite map
  • as we know it? Is Tilted Towers
  • the only thing thats going to be affected or should players expect to see the map become one giant crater?
  • A bit of Space Science, Chemistry, and Physics
  • have the answer. And i gotta say, this is
  • a conclusion that I was not expecting.
  • Now to make sure we're all on the same page, over the past month, Fortnite
  • players have noticed that an unusual object has appeared in the sky
  • First, it was small and barely distinguishable from the surrounding stars
  • but each day this unidentified flying object has grown larger and larger
  • causing an onslaught of speculation with the all but
  • confirmed theory being that this thing is a meteor thats
  • growing larger as it travels closer and closer
  • to the Fortnite island. And if we're being specific right now,
  • this thing would technically be classified as
  • comet, as evidence by its blue color and distinctive tail
  • when it officially enters the Fortnite planet's atmosphere though,
  • THAT'S when it switches over and becomes classified as a Meteor
  • FUN FACTS! Anyway, over the past few weeks, telescopes have begun
  • to appear at various locations aroud the map
  • including Fatal Fields and Pleasant Park.
  • And thats right! All of these telescopes point directly at the
  • comet. Additionally over the past couple weeks, players have reported that their controllers
  • vibrate at random times in seemingly random sequences
  • However, these vibrations are far from random, happening at very
  • specific locations in the map,
  • at very specific times. The vibrations
  • actually seem to be hidden messages written in
  • Morse code
  • When translated, that message reads SOSD5418
  • the letters SOS are pretty obvious here, right? They're the typical call when you're in need of
  • help. FUNFACT: most people assume that SOS stands for
  • 'Save Our Souls' or 'Save Our Ship' but actually
  • it doesn't stand for anything.
  • It's just kind of a remnant from the earliest days of morse code when ships
  • needed to send out a distress call. The letters were actually meaningless.
  • There ya go. Anyway the SOS part of this message is easy,
  • we all know that. The next part of the message D5
  • Most likely corespondents to a location on the fortnight map.
  • On the game map D5 is the location of Tilted Towers
  • And lastly the final three digits correspond to
  • the day 418. April 18th.
  • The 18th of April is when season three of Fortnite is slated to end.
  • So, in short, between the added telescopes and
  • in game mores code I am confident that Tilted Towers
  • will become some new location, Something along the lines of
  • Cavernous Crater. The developers at Epic Games are planning on
  • altering the map of Fortnite in the easiest way that they know how,
  • chucking a giant space rock at its most popular
  • and most devisive location during the transition between
  • seasons of the game. In one massive active god
  • Epic Games is about to kill two birds with one meteor
  • all while creating a whole lot of hipe in the process.
  • But, like I said, this is a theory that most Fortniters know already.
  • What I want to explore is how
  • deadly this meteor is going to be. It seems like a pretty
  • massive move to remove a few buildings from
  • one grid on the map and I've watched enough space
  • movies to know that big meteors in the sky tend to
  • yield big changes...
  • To humanity's survival on a planet. So could there
  • be a bigger change in store than just Tilted Towers
  • destruction. Lets see if you should spend your last hours of the
  • season rocket riding your way to safety or preaching that the
  • end is near. The Game Theorists
  • predicting fictional apocalypses since 2013.
  • First I want to determine the mass of the meteor. Real life
  • Comets and meteors have varying densities based on the types of
  • rocks that their made from ranging from 2 grams
  • per cubic centimeter all the way to
  • 8 grams per cubic centimeter. So examining the characteristics
  • of the meteor in fortnite should help us
  • find that density. Now you might be thinking that it would be impossible
  • to determine what this fictional video game comet would be made out of
  • but then you would just be underestimating our research powers. Comets
  • and meteors have tails because their particles are ionized
  • when exposed to solar wind. And wouldn't you know it but the color
  • on the tail corresponds to the material that the object is made from.
  • Red corresponds to nitrogen,
  • yellow corresponds to iron,
  • and blue corresponds to magnesium.
  • In Fortnite, the meteor very
  • clearly has a blue tail. Indicating that it's
  • chemical composition is magnesium based and as such
  • we can use research to find that magnesium based
  • asteroids have a density of 3.32 grams
  • per cubic centimeter. From there, all we need is
  • volume and courtesy of our all time
  • favorite equation D=M/V or in this
  • case M=D*V, Mass=
  • Density*Volume we'll be able to figure out our mass.
  • So, onward to volume. Now some data minors have gone through the games code and found
  • a 3D model that strongly resembles a comet.
  • could this be what the comet will look like after the collision?
  • We can't know for sure but even if we were 100% confident
  • it doesn't help us out to much since there's nothing to give us a sense of scale here.
  • Because we have nothing to measure this against,
  • it could be from 5 centimeters to 5 kilometers wide.
  • But luckily a Reddit user reported seeing
  • this 3D model located in the game.By exploiting the new replay functionality user
  • Darksmudgey was able to look under Tilted Towers and found
  • the very same model located there.
  • Not only does that seem to confirm that this is in fact
  • the meteor post-crash because the towers are
  • included in the image, we now have ourselves a reliable
  • reference of scale to base the size of this thing
  • off of. Last video I was able to calculate
  • the size of each square in game
  • to be 330 meters long using the measurements of
  • this grounded battle bus. Applying this same scale
  • to the model of the crashed meteor it measures out to be just over
  • 20 meters long, 12 meters high, and 4.8 meters wide.
  • Just to give you some context 20 meters long is
  • about as long as a bowling ally and 12 meters high is about as tall
  • as a telephone pole. Using the formula to calculate the volume
  • of an ellipsoid
  • (shown above)
  • the volume is calculated out to
  • be 603 cubic meters which we can now
  • plug back into mass.
  • a 603 million
  • cubic centimeter meteor × the
  • 3.32 grams per cubic centimeter density of a
  • magnesium based asteroid gives us a rock with mass slightly over
  • 200,000 kilograms. And when
  • I say it like that 200,00 kilograms that sounds
  • like a lot but when it comes to the size of space rocks it's actually
  • not that heavy. It's only about as heavy as a jumbo
  • jet or just under as heavy as the statue of liberty.
  • But even still that is a 200 metric ton of space rock
  • heading straight for the most popular location in the entire game!
  • so now that we know the size and mass of the comet lets
  • actually find out it's speed.
  • sense the meteor appears to be getting closer every day if we find the distance to it on each day
  • we can actually find the speed by dividing the distance that the comet has
  • traveled by the time. In astronomy scientists will use
  • a technique called parallax where they use angles calculated
  • at various points around the globe to find the distance from you
  • and the object however this just isn't possible in fortnite
  • because the angle doesn't change based on where your located on the map.
  • I'm sure the programmers never intended anyone give the angle of the
  • comet a second thought. But I dear viewers I
  • am that second thought! The other strategy here is to
  • find the angular radius of the comet.
  • Then use trigonometry to find the distance and
  • unbelievably we can actually use the in-games compass.
  • Similar to what we did in Mario Odyssey. I found that
  • the meteor began with an angular radius of 0.184°
  • and ten days later it had an angular radius of
  • 0.8° and yeah to eliminate all possible
  • variables these calculations were taken at the
  • exact same location on the map at the exact same time of day
  • So the only difference here is the size of the meteor.
  • Lastly to find the distance to that meteor we need to know the
  • width of that meteor as it's flying through space I mean sure
  • we just calculated the width of the meteor when it was in the ground,
  • but obviously this isn't the same size of the meteor when it's up
  • flying in the sky. A substantial portion of meteors just break
  • off as they enter the atmosphere in a process
  • called fragmentation. although the exact amount
  • of fragmentation depends on variables such as velocity
  • surface area and density of the atmosphere meteors generally
  • experience a fragmentation rate of
  • about 50-60% this means upon entire into
  • the atmosphere a meteor like this would lose 50-60% of it's mass
  • so if the mass of the meteor in the ground is 200 metric tonnes
  • then it would be expected to have a mass of about four
  • metric tonnes while it's travailing through space and with all the revers of all the
  • volume calculations we just did a similarly proportioned
  • ellipsoid prior to falling through the atmosphere would
  • average out to about 25 meters long
  • and with that number we have every variable that we need to calculate
  • the distance using a tangent function which you might remember
  • as the TOA of SOH CAH TOA tangen equals
  • opposite of adjacent we find that the
  • meteor is going to be 15.5 kilometers away
  • on day one and 3.5 kilometers away
  • on the tenth day. It took that meteor 10 days or
  • 864,000 seconds to move 12,000 meters
  • calculating a velocity of .013
  • meters per second and if I had said it this way
  • .013 meters per second!
  • you would assume that, that meant it was really fast but I said it this
  • way which should lead you to believe that, that is extreamly
  • slow and it is. But to let you know
  • how slow this thing is to put it in perspective a
  • sloth 'one of the slowest animals on the planet'
  • has a top speed of
  • .08 meters per second that sloth
  • is almost 6 times faster
  • then the fortnight meteor. By the way
  • with the speed of .013 meters per second and a distance
  • of 3.5 kilometers away from the planet
  • the meteor is still should have hit around April 13th anyways
  • that's beside the point here's the big question.
  • with speeds that slow and a size as large as it is.
  • Is this meteor actually still dangerous?
  • Kinetic energy is calculated using
  • the formula 0.5xMASSxVELOCITY
  • with a mass of 200 tons and a speed of
  • 0.013mps kinetic energy calculates
  • out to be 19 joules
  • 19 joules is the energy of an average person
  • jumping. Believe it or not but the meteor
  • is simply travailing to slow to actually pose
  • any threat to the fortnight map and that's no exaggeration.
  • using an online calculator from Purdue University.
  • A 20 meter long meteor
  • with a density of 3.32 grams per cubic centimeter travaling at the speed of 0.013 meters per second
  • would create a crater of only 1.6 meters wide
  • and only 30 centimeters deep. that is the equivalent of
  • dropping a pickup truck from like a few dozen feet up.
  • I mean sure there might be a few cracks in the pavement
  • but no actual damage would take place. This meteor based
  • on all of it's scientifically confirmed stats would practicly
  • bounce off tilted towers the most
  • inconvenience that this thing would cause
  • would just be that there is now a giant space bolder in the middle of the battle field.
  • So all things being said what's going to happen
  • on 4/18? Maybe Epic Games is just messing with all the players
  • and none of the evidence means anything. Most likely
  • players are going to log into the game and find out the sight formerly known as tilted towers
  • became ground-zero for this massive meteor strike
  • and that'll be it. The rest of the map will just be 100% intact.
  • But if the meteor came according to the
  • science it would land in the middle of tilted towers
  • and literally not cause any damage what so ever.
  • Talk about a kick in the ass-orted
  • thanks for watching
  • make sure you rocket ride your way to the subscribe button
  • because there is still 1 more fortnite theory coming out this week for battle royal week.
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  • 1!
  • boom subscribe shoot!
  • Man I've got to say between this and the Majora's Moon space rocks and games
  • are a lot less threatening then they make them out to be.
  • It says a lot when Mario Odyssey's moon is the most dangerous of the bunch.
  • Anyways if you want to catch up with any of our Fortnite
  • theories they are on the screen right 'em,
  • if you dare!
  • Although, why wouldn't you click 'em?
  • They're actually a lot of fun.

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