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Video Where I have been
02:50   |   4M+ views   |   today at 03:22


  • *poops*
  • I've been gone, and....
  • I-I'm gonna try to not make this all depressing...
  • Uhh, you know... things-things happen in life.
  • You know, umm...
  • I don't want to go into too much detail.
  • You guys know- You guys know my wife Madelyn...
  • She's been in videos.
  • We've hit a-we've hit a rough spot in our marriage, umm...
  • ...and it's-it's 100% my fault.
  • I failed.
  • I failed her.
  • I failed, so...
  • And I-I don't want you guys to think it was...
  • I- It wasn't infidelity, I didn't cheat on her.
  • I didn't- you know
  • I just didn't listen.
  • I did--I didn't listen.
  • You guys are young.
  • You guys are young, but I--I owe you guys...
  • explanation to an extent.
  • Cause this is-this is extremely personal, umm.
  • And I just want to say sorry. I've been gone for over a week...
  • And, there was nothing
  • I said nothing.
  • but...
  • ...I put too much time...
  • ...into YouTube.
  • I put way too much time into YouTube. I didn't listen.
  • And that you-again, you guys are young,
  • you may not understand this.
  • For you guys that do,
  • if there's any advice that I can give you for the future, for...
  • for your parents.
  • I know your parents look over your shoulder, and listen in on what you guys are watching.
  • If you guys are hear- If you parents are hearing this right now
  • If your significant other is saying something;
  • even if they're whispering it,
  • even if they sound like they're composed,
  • listen.
  • They may be screaming for help on the inside.
  • Listen, I swore I would never do this...
  • ...again to you guys-'cause I've done it twice.
  • You guys, I gotta-I gotta step back.
  • I gotta...
  • I've been putting 150% into YouTube,
  • and this career.
  • For you guys, and for myself, and for my family, but...
  • ...I neglected...
  • ...the one thing that mattered.
  • So, as long as she-
  • As long as Madelyn needs me,
  • I-I won't be here.
  • I won't be on YouTube
  • I will come back.
  • Don't worry, I will be back, and...
  • I know I don't know you.. I know you don't know me.
  • aside from how stupid I am in videos
  • I get that, but...
  • It means a lot, you've changed my life.
  • Hopefully, I'll see you soon.
  • (Note: the other caption authors left amazingly kind and supportive notes throughout the video that I have removed for the sake of accessibility. I understand everyone, including myself, wants to be supportive, but the captions aren't a comment section. Thanks for understanding. -jcthom4)

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