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Video YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
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  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • what everybody's chill from conflicts
  • were in New York City at stadium goods
  • with and be a young boy I stay close to
  • the mall it's how I know I in a star
  • Lily he gonna do some sneaker shopping
  • tonight gonna see what he's feeling what
  • he's not and then hopefully he's gonna
  • buy some sneakers
  • hopefully let's go young boy what I
  • noticed from your Instagram you love
  • keeping your kids and fresh sneakers
  • how much do you buy them a month I say
  • well fab oh really yeah how important is
  • it for you to keep them fresh mandatory
  • oh I don't like my Isuzu thing you know
  • I really like the med school I saw an
  • Instagram you and your son had the
  • matching red Elevens yeah with him like
  • do it a lot
  • and somehow Draco visitor nine came you
  • know okay
  • it's full of does he like sneakers there
  • was one of them like sneakers more than
  • the other or what I think he likes you
  • but he too young in though your
  • grandmother raised you did she do her
  • best to keep you in fresh sneakers or
  • what was it like
  • ain't no an artist I know it is I just
  • thought of us just started getting all
  • these when I got money
  • [Music]
  • young boy you just said that you just
  • started to buy more sneakers because you
  • have more money how many are you buying
  • now a month - oh I wanna throw my on low
  • and now you're super popular you can't
  • just go to the mall and get them do you
  • get mobbed at the mall when you go I
  • still go to the mall it's how I know I'm
  • a star Louie cuz I could still walk
  • through the mall it was all good
  • I heard you never outfit repeat is that
  • true though
  • don't one outfit once unless I kiss
  • myself I depend on a jacket that I put
  • on Friday two days ago or a pair of
  • pants but no really now you travel one
  • out for the day and then you replace no
  • I had these on yesterday
  • oh so it's not true nah don't do this
  • cuz it is okay it ain't no big deal I
  • guess that is a big deal it's to not
  • alpha repeat you must go through a lot
  • of clothes I do I got a lot of clothes
  • but I battle out cuz - okay Oh
  • I had these when I was younger I think I
  • like sixth grade really II mean it was
  • crazy as I think this was my second pair
  • of Jordans I've ever had in my life
  • really if my brother gave it to him my
  • godmother bottle for him he gave him
  • three like there's certain mental to you
  • a little bit yeah cuz they used to hear
  • my feet but if I owned a pair so well
  • threes are a really good though it sucks
  • that they hurt your feet because they're
  • like one of the classics keys have
  • sneaker brands begun to reach out to you
  • try to work on some deals you know I on
  • my own okay so independent you're not
  • looking to maybe sign with anyone yeah I
  • want to talk about growing up Baton
  • Rouge Louisiana
  • yeah from a style perspective who did
  • you look up to Oh Jeannie Chief Keef it
  • came from that in wisdom and what about
  • now obviously you're in the game is
  • there anyone that you're a fan of I have
  • found no bad I want to talk about a
  • tattoo on your chest the Jumpman logo it
  • looks like this what's a little
  • different what's different about it yeah
  • yeah what about it what made you get
  • that tattoo you must have been a fan of
  • Jordan you know I'm not a fan of joining
  • no NBA never broke again I sorta know I
  • just want to take the bow down and put a
  • gang
  • so we talked about a lot now is the easy
  • part you get to shop and see what shoes
  • you want to leave with okay you
  • mentioned you want the ovo eight in a
  • sense they it up on fees and an eighteen
  • with size 60 both see to see oh they're
  • gonna do it in the window saying yeah
  • excellently won't beat shoes bro tell
  • him come here you know window you saying
  • yeah what up slam so listen this is a
  • first look a fan was outside and he's
  • offering to buy you a pair of sneakers
  • what's your name alright gave the last
  • name - Logan nice nice to meet you
  • brother let's go
  • [Music]
  • do you prepare the blacks immense by any
  • chance got your size
  • that's awesome thank you I'll take so
  • your totals gonna be three thousand
  • eight hundred and thirty dollars and 98
  • cents yeah I drove to New York today and
  • I happened to see young boy shop in the
  • stadium goods he invited me in and he
  • caught me a pair of cement threes I
  • couldn't believe it today is the best
  • day of my life so young boy came through
  • board a bunch of sneakers a sneaker
  • shopping first took a fan shopping
  • thanks so much for taking the time make
  • sure you check out the album until death
  • call my name out now
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about wearing Air Jordans growing up, never wearing the same outfit twice, and wanting to start his own sneaker brand.

NOTE: This episode was shot on February, 22, 2018.

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