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Video 6 Great Magic Tricks And Secrets Finally Revealed
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  • [Music]
  • your attention please
  • spoiler alert six great magic tricks
  • revealed and secrets exposed you know
  • there's really nothing magical about
  • magic sure illusions have left audiences
  • awestruck for centuries but there's
  • nothing more to these tricks than well
  • tricking people that's the fun good
  • magicians can fool people into believing
  • that whatever feat they've performed was
  • something supernatural when in reality
  • it just takes skill preparation and a
  • whole lot of practice you're ready to
  • find out how the greatest magicians pull
  • it off then just keep watching carefully
  • now now before we expose these secrets
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  • there's something for everybody here on
  • the bright side so be sure to join us
  • now some of you may remember this trick
  • from an episode of America's Got Talent
  • we'll see a close-up magician wowed the
  • judges and audience with his amazing
  • coin matrix this illusion features psy
  • placing four coins on a table and
  • magically transforming them into rose
  • petals in this trick the real magic
  • comes from the table not from size
  • finger waving his prop table is
  • engineered to either conceal or reveal
  • what's ever placed on top of it and side
  • controls this mechanism with a foot
  • pedal once the coins are in place he
  • does the customary finger wiggling to
  • make it more mysterious and to make sure
  • the audience is focused on his hands
  • rather than his feet when the timing is
  • right he passes his hands over the coins
  • one by one and presses the pedal to
  • switch the coins with the rose petals
  • stored underneath maybe you could use
  • something like this to impress your next
  • date huh
  • another impressive performance on
  • America's Got Talent
  • use the Svengali phenomenon to WoW on
  • lookers Matt Franco's trick starts out
  • with him presenting a large gift-wrapped
  • box and promising to reveal its contents
  • later he then pulls out a hue
  • spiral-bound sketchbook with a drawing
  • of a snowman in a different outfit on
  • each page only the pages have been cut
  • into three parts each part as a section
  • of the snowman's outfit the top part
  • with a hat the middle section with a tie
  • and the bottom part with buttons he
  • walks up to the judges and has them put
  • their finger on a page as he flips
  • through the sketchbook in the end the
  • judges have each chosen a section to
  • dress the Snowman up in a complete
  • outfit but that's not all when Franco
  • opens the box he reveals a stuffed
  • snowman dressed in the exact outfit the
  • judges chose oh so how did he do it well
  • the stuffed snowman was obviously
  • already dressed before it was put in the
  • box Franco just had to make sure the
  • judges chose the right pages to dress it
  • with every other page in Franco's
  • drawing path is cut a bit shorter than
  • the one preceding it setting the judges
  • up to choose the longer pages with the
  • Hat tie and buttons that match the stuff
  • snowman's participant manipulation is a
  • common practice in illusions like this
  • if you can't get them to do what you
  • want you might end up embarrassing
  • yourself Penn & Teller a famous Vegas
  • duo that have been performing illusions
  • together since the 1970s have a bullet
  • catching act that sends audience members
  • shooting out of their seats in applause
  • two volunteers from the audience
  • signed bullets that are then loaded into
  • guns that Penn & Teller fire at each
  • other through an obstacle like a sheet
  • of glass or a piece of paper the bullet
  • signed by Penn's volunteer somehow ends
  • up in tellers mouth and vice versa how
  • on earth do they pull off such a feat
  • through some clever sleight of hand and
  • backstage help that's how when their
  • bullets are signed the illusionists
  • discreetly slipped them into their
  • jacket pocket and switch them out with
  • wax bullets to load into their guns
  • after the guns are loaded they take off
  • their jackets and start putting on
  • goggles and bulletproof vests you know
  • for safety but when they hand their
  • jackets off to the backstage crew
  • the assistants take the bullets from the
  • pockets and slip them into the vests as
  • the magician's fumble with putting their
  • vests on over their heads they
  • discreetly put the bullets into their
  • mouths when they shoot they really do
  • fire the weapons just with wax bullets
  • Penn & Teller open their mouths and
  • voila the sign bullets are caught right
  • between their teeth now don't try this
  • at home folks guns are still dangerous
  • even when the bullets aren't real
  • another dynamic duo is the couple
  • Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon who
  • hold the Guinness world record for the
  • fastest transformation illusion for
  • their trick metamorphosis to start
  • Jonathan climbs into a bag that
  • Charlotte ties off at the top to prevent
  • him from escaping
  • she then locks him into a box stands on
  • top of it and lifts a giant cloth in the
  • next second she drops the cloth and
  • Jonathan is on the top of the box and
  • when he opens it Charlotte is now inside
  • yeah that's got to be magic right well
  • it turns out the only magic at play here
  • is extreme flexibility and dexterity the
  • pen dragons are both former gymnasts
  • Charlotte also has a background in dance
  • and bodybuilding and Jonathan has
  • experience with springboard diving in
  • martial arts their bodies and props are
  • engineered for this trick you see the
  • bag Jonathan starts out trapped in
  • actually has a zipper along the seam
  • that he can open to get out the box has
  • a pop-out back that he can push to free
  • himself and hide behind it when
  • Charlotte lifts the cloth Jonathan
  • climbs up to take her place she of
  • course jumps down to crawl into the box
  • and zip herself up in the back all of
  • this in a matter of seconds Bravo
  • now the next trick takes a bit more time
  • to carry out British magician dynamo
  • levitates up the side to the top of a
  • bus extends his arm to hold on to it and
  • floats along while the bus continues its
  • route through the streets of London it
  • seems like he's done something magical
  • but this is all just a clever marketing
  • trick on behalf of Pepsi
  • it's all possible simply because dynamos
  • arm that's holding on to the bus isn't
  • real
  • it's actually a metal pole that's
  • secured to the bus and disguised by a
  • latex arm there's also a harness
  • underneath for him to strap into that
  • tucks his real arm into his side in fact
  • pretty much everything about this trick
  • is fake including the bus well it's a
  • real bus of course but it's drivers and
  • passengers are in on the trek plus
  • there's no such bus in London that
  • travels the route that dynamo rise
  • around on Pepsi hired him to perform
  • this stunt so it's no coincidence that
  • he's floating in front of a perfectly
  • placed Pepsi ad there's no magic quite
  • like the magic of marketing right guys
  • now for the piece de resistance David
  • Blaine's regurgitating frog's trick with
  • that how does he do it if you can't wait
  • to know the secret then you'll be
  • disappointed to find out that there
  • really isn't one the frogs are real
  • they're alive he actually swallows them
  • and then he really spits them up yuck
  • Blaine spent years learning to control
  • his gag reflex a feat many aspiring
  • magicians trained for by using a baby
  • potato attached to a string they'll
  • swallow the potato and pull on the
  • string to teach their stomach muscles
  • how to push objects back up into their
  • mouths hey when I was a kid I just
  • practiced my core knack Blaine has
  • mastered this ability like many before
  • including the famous Mack Norton Norton
  • was known for regurgitating live frogs
  • and goldfish earning him the nickname
  • the human aquarium
  • apparently regurgitation is a pretty old
  • trick with origins dating back to the
  • 1600s and beyond it was initially called
  • water spouting since it involved
  • drinking as much water as possible and
  • then spouting it out of your mouth in
  • controlled streams boy you just don't
  • see that on TV anymore the great Haji
  • Ali took this trick a step further by
  • drinking kerosene after the water so
  • that it would sit at the top of his
  • stomach
  • he would then spit the kerosene out of
  • his mouth to start a fire after that he
  • put it out by regurgitating the water
  • that had been sitting under the kerosene
  • in his stomach whoa David Blaine was
  • actually the first person since Haji Ali
  • who performed this trick and he's also
  • one of the only illusionists to ever
  • attempt regurgitating animals there's a
  • lot of risk involved with performing
  • this trick as I'm sure you can imagine
  • no one wants to chance miss counting the
  • number of animals they've swallowed and
  • accidentally digesting something that's
  • still alive hmm was that seven or eight
  • I forget to protect the frogs from his
  • stomach acid Blaine probably drank
  • enough water beforehand to coat his
  • stomach lining and to give his little
  • friends a pool to swim around in either
  • that or he let them hang out in his
  • esophagus I don't know still seems a
  • little cruel to me and there you have it
  • folks
  • turns out the only real magic is what
  • people are capable of when they really
  • put the effort in would you ever attempt
  • any of these tricks maybe the little
  • potato and the string thing no maybe you
  • know the secret behind some others let
  • us know down in the comments like this
  • video if you enjoyed it share it with
  • your friends and always remember to stay
  • on the bright side of life
  • you

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There’s nothing magical about magic. It takes just skill, preparation, and a whole lot of practice. Sure, illusions have left audiences awestruck for centuries, but there’s nothing more to these tricks than, well, tricking people! You ready to find out how the greatest magicians pull it off? Then watch our new video!

Transforming coins into rose petals #
The Stuffed Snowman #
The Bullet Catching #
The Metamorphosis #
The trick with the bus #
The trick with regurgitation #
The trick with kerosene #

Preview photo credit: Magician, Dynamo launches new partnership with Pepsi MAX by levitating on an iconic London Red Bus as it travels across Westminster Bridge in London. This pic: Magician, Dynamo JOB REF: 16296 SFE DATE: 23.06.13: By Jeff Moore/SOLARPIX.COM/EAST NEWS,

Animation is created by Bright Side.


- Once the coins are in place, he does the customary finger-wiggling to make it more mysterious and to make sure the audience is focused on his hands rather than his feet! When the timing is right, he passes his hands over the coins one by one and presses the pedal to switch the coins with the rose petals stored underneath.
- Every other page in Franco’s drawing pad is cut a bit shorter than the one preceding it, setting the judges up to choose the longer pages with the hat, tie, and buttons that matched the stuffed snowman’s.
- As the magicians fumble with putting their vests on over their heads, they discreetly put the bullets into their mouths. When they shoot, they really do fire the weapons, just with wax bullets.
- The Pendragons are both former gymnasts. Charlotte also has a background in dance and bodybuilding, and Jonathan has experience with springboard diving and martial arts.
- In fact, pretty much everything about trick with the bus is fake, including the bus! Well it’s a real bus, of course. But its driver and passengers are in on the trick. Plus, there’s no such bus in London that travels the route that Dynamo rides around on.
- Regurgitation is a pretty old trick, with origins dating back to the 1600s and beyond. It was initially called water spouting, since it involved drinking as much water as possible and then “spouting” it out of your mouth in controlled streams.
- The great Hadji Ali took this trick a step further by drinking kerosene after the water so that it would sit at the top of his stomach.

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