Video 6 Great Magic Tricks And Secrets Finally Revealed

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6 Great Magic Tricks And Secrets Finally Revealed
6 Great Magic Tricks And Secrets Finally Revealed thumb 6 Great Magic Tricks And Secrets Finally Revealed thumb 6 Great Magic Tricks And Secrets Finally Revealed thumb

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There’s nothing magical about magic. It takes just skill, preparation, and a whole lot of practice. Sure, illusions have left audiences awestruck for centuries, but there’s nothing more to these tricks than, well, tricking people! You ready to find out how the greatest magicians pull it off? Then watch our new video!

Transforming coins into rose petals #
The Stuffed Snowman #
The Bullet Catching #
The Metamorphosis #
The trick with the bus #
The trick with regurgitation #
The trick with kerosene #

Preview photo credit: Magician, Dynamo launches new partnership with Pepsi MAX by levitating on an iconic London Red Bus as it travels across Westminster Bridge in London. This pic: Magician, Dynamo JOB REF: 16296 SFE DATE: 23.06.13: By Jeff Moore/SOLARPIX.COM/EAST NEWS, https://www.eastnews.ru/pictures/picture/id/23726432/i/0/t/0

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- Once the coins are in place, he does the customary finger-wiggling to make it more mysterious and to make sure the audience is focused on his hands rather than his feet! When the timing is right, he passes his hands over the coins one by one and presses the pedal to switch the coins with the rose petals stored underneath.
- Every other page in Franco’s drawing pad is cut a bit shorter than the one preceding it, setting the judges up to choose the longer pages with the hat, tie, and buttons that matched the stuffed snowman’s.
- As the magicians fumble with putting their vests on over their heads, they discreetly put the bullets into their mouths. When they shoot, they really do fire the weapons, just with wax bullets.
- The Pendragons are both former gymnasts. Charlotte also has a background in dance and bodybuilding, and Jonathan has experience with springboard diving and martial arts.
- In fact, pretty much everything about trick with the bus is fake, including the bus! Well it’s a real bus, of course. But its driver and passengers are in on the trick. Plus, there’s no such bus in London that travels the route that Dynamo rides around on.
- Regurgitation is a pretty old trick, with origins dating back to the 1600s and beyond. It was initially called water spouting, since it involved drinking as much water as possible and then “spouting” it out of your mouth in controlled streams.
- The great Hadji Ali took this trick a step further by drinking kerosene after the water so that it would sit at the top of his stomach.

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