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Video A boy ate 150 chewable vitamins for breakfast and this is what happened to his bones
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  • hi there it's not a secret to anyone
  • that vitamins can help the human body
  • function normally however you probably
  • didn't even know what dangers these
  • useful substances might contain so after
  • watching this video to the end you will
  • find out what will happen to your body
  • if you do not adhere to the
  • recommendations on the use of such
  • products today we will tell you about a
  • boy who ate 150 vitamins for breakfast
  • and you will see what happened to his
  • bones these are not medical
  • recommendations this video is purely
  • educational the names of the characters
  • have been changed a fourteen-year-old
  • kid
  • whom we will call TJ was taken to a
  • Children's Hospital with a broken arm
  • toothache and general muscle weakness
  • the hospital staff didn't think his
  • injuries were a priority so he had to
  • wait in the long line sitting in line
  • the young man lost consciousness and
  • fell into a coma none of the staff
  • understood what had happened because
  • this had never happened to him before
  • last spring TJ and his mother fell into
  • a rough patch every day upon returning
  • from school the boy saw his father
  • consume large amounts of alcohol then
  • one day his dad went out to get food and
  • never returned his mother felt so alone
  • and became depressed so she decided to
  • radically change their whole life and
  • move to America their family was not
  • poor but they did not know English very
  • well so there were a lot of things that
  • they misunderstood for example they
  • would easily get things confused at the
  • supermarket from early childhood TJ was
  • in love with chewy candy while at the
  • supermarket his mother bought him a lot
  • of chewable vitamins which got mixed up
  • with the sweets every day the boy ate
  • about forty for breakfast not knowing
  • that it was vitamins this is already
  • kind of strange because few parents will
  • allow their child to consume
  • sweets in such quantities I think we can
  • all agree that that is quite a lot a few
  • days later the mother noticed that the
  • boy had a swollen abdomen but didn't pay
  • much attention to it the fact is that
  • she and her son always joked that
  • consuming American food can quickly make
  • you fat and she figured that it was from
  • eating burgers and fast food if the
  • mother had paid attention to this
  • problem right away instead of writing it
  • off as calorie intake from the food many
  • of these problems could have been
  • avoided one morning while sitting in
  • front of the TV
  • TJ opened another bottle of vitamins he
  • was distracted by the interesting show
  • on the TV that he didn't notice what he
  • was doing he ate exactly 150 vitamins
  • about an hour after this the boy could
  • not stop urinating he was also sobbing
  • because he had a terrible toothache and
  • he said it seemed to him as though he
  • was being squeezed so tightly the pain
  • began to spread to his throat when the
  • mother tried to come down the stairs
  • with her son he slipped fell and broke
  • his arm the ambulance brought him to the
  • emergency room in a state of shock as we
  • said at the beginning the doctors
  • thought that the boy had a normal
  • fracture but when he fell into the coma
  • the staff was frightened the broken bone
  • was only a warning sign to a deeper more
  • serious problem
  • studying his medical history it was
  • difficult to immediately determine what
  • exactly happened there were suggestions
  • that he had high drops because his
  • stomach was swollen due to the
  • accumulated fluid then they came to the
  • conclusion that the liver of TJ was
  • damaged a blood tests confirm this
  • diagnosis but it also turned out that
  • the boy had hypercalcemia an elevated
  • concentration of calcium in the blood
  • plasma interestingly the vitamins that
  • TJ had eaten contained zero calcium
  • according to the mother her son did not
  • eat anything else after the vitamins in
  • the blood work they found a huge
  • concentration of vitamins from A to E
  • but there was absolutely no zinc or
  • iodine the fact is that both vitamin
  • groups B and C dissolve in water and are
  • excreted from the body while urinating
  • vitamins a indeed do not dissolve
  • therefore remain in the blood they can
  • accumulate in the body for a long time
  • but do not cause any discomfort but if
  • they get into the organs it can lead to
  • disastrous consequences
  • first the muscles begin to ache the work
  • of the heart and brain are disrupted and
  • severe headaches arise vitamin A
  • remaining in the liver will destroy its
  • cells in addition when it reacts with
  • vitamin D it suppresses its properties
  • think about this for a moment they found
  • as much vitamin A in TJ's body then that
  • which is contained in 750 chicken eggs
  • vitamin D contributes to calcium being
  • absorbed and removed from the intestine
  • thus maintaining its level within the
  • normal
  • despite the fact that TJ did not use any
  • drugs containing calcium an incredible
  • amount of vitamin A accumulated in the
  • body which suppress the work of vitamin
  • D and the intestine ceased to excrete
  • calcium which led to hypercalcemia
  • excess calcium began to accumulate in
  • the bones also vitamin a provoked high
  • drops against which the process of bone
  • destruction began the cells of the bone
  • tissue become limp and the calcium from
  • them gets directly into the blood this
  • happened to TJ because he regularly took
  • two above item ins and large amounts
  • many times exceeding the recommended
  • dose therefore it is logical that when
  • he fell even though it was small led to
  • a fracture of the hand over the last 100
  • years bodily injury caused by high
  • consumption of various kinds of
  • nutrients are not a rare phenomenon for
  • example milk with a high content of
  • vitamin D was invented for the
  • prevention of rickets in children but it
  • became a frequent cause of bone
  • deformation at an early age despite the
  • fact that vitamin D affects the
  • absorption of calcium by the liver its
  • contents and products has not been
  • standardized this led to the fact that
  • in 1956 the British Association of
  • pediatricians recorded 204 cases of
  • hypercalcemia in infants caused by an
  • increased vitamin D content in milk this
  • actively developing disease prevented
  • the full growth of a child's body
  • studies have shown that in Sweden and
  • Norway vitamin A is consumed on average
  • six times more than in northern Europe
  • scientists found that taking vitamin A
  • above the established rate bone density
  • on average 10% lower consequently these
  • people are much more likely to get a
  • fracture than those who do not abuse
  • vitamins in 1957 a researcher decided to
  • stop in Canada on his way to Indonesia
  • so there were circumstances that his
  • people were forced to eat polar bears by
  • the end of winter they had a strange
  • rash on their skin all of them began to
  • be terribly ill scientists have proved
  • that the levels of vitamin A contained
  • in the body of seals and polar bears is
  • critically high for humans but this
  • discovery was not made until the middle
  • of the 20th century in Kenya a skeleton
  • of Homo erectus and upright human was
  • found the estimated age of this
  • discovery is 1.5 million years old on
  • the bones were large cavities formed as
  • a result of bone destruction scientists
  • suggest that it was at this time that
  • the diet of the primitive man changed
  • and that the amount of meat increased
  • people did not understand what animals
  • could be eaten and which ones will be
  • harmful to them consequently the
  • prehistoric man whose skeleton was found
  • in Kenya suffered from the same illness
  • as TJ science does not stand still today
  • people are already fully able to
  • understand what will benefit their body
  • and what will do them harm but as we see
  • in this example of the boy cases of
  • intoxication with large doses of
  • vitamins still happened it is important
  • to know that you can get chronic
  • hypervitaminosis if you consume large
  • amounts of useful foods it should be
  • remembered that vitamin A is found in
  • vegetables and fruits rich in
  • beta-carotene you should also be careful
  • with the use of prunes liver and fish
  • oil a lot of vitamin D is found in red
  • caviar egg yolks and fatty fish these
  • products should not be taken too often
  • doctors did everything they could they
  • corrected the bones and warned of the
  • increased risk of new fractures hydrops
  • was eliminated with diuretics
  • there is a possibility that the boy will
  • have to live with pranic
  • hypervitaminosis in addition the main
  • organ for removing toxins from the body
  • is his liver which was damaged that's
  • the sad consequences of taking
  • conventional toolable vitamins in huge
  • quantities the story of TJ is a good
  • reminder to us of how important it is to
  • observe the measure and everything that
  • we do and that any extremes can be a
  • detriment before you buy or use anything
  • it's best to carefully study the
  • instructions this will help avoid many
  • unnecessary problems if you agree with
  • this share this video with your friends
  • and let them think about it and do not
  • forget to put like and write what you
  • think about this situation thanks for
  • watching subscribe for more

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This video is based on the clinical case presented by Chubbyemu here:

After watching this video to the end you will find out what will happen to your body if you do not adhere to the recommendations on the use of vitamins. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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