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Video Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing and review!
10:49   |   3M+ views   |   10/20/2018 at 23:25


  • we've got the brand new iPhone 10s and
  • 10's max this is the gold 512 gigabyte
  • model it's got a beautiful gold Apple
  • logo here gold iPhone on the side before
  • I open this I just want to show you
  • where we started from this is the first
  • iPhone box started from here now we're
  • here what a beautiful family you have
  • here okay now we can open so much like
  • most of their iPhone a box seems we've
  • got our paperwork right here here they
  • are look at you even though I just saw
  • these at the Apple event having them
  • here in my own home and in my own two
  • hands some people say I overreact I've
  • tried really hard not to overreact maybe
  • I'm not the one overreacting maybe
  • you're the ones under reacting it's not
  • my problem it's your problem
  • look at these beauties this is such an
  • incredible color I just can't get over
  • how perfect this gold is I've been
  • waiting for this gold since they started
  • introducing gold phones because every
  • time they would introduce a gold phone I
  • was like oh I like it it's cool but it's
  • not the gold that I want you guys
  • remember I did have a gold phone
  • previously I had the iPhone 8 which was
  • more of a blush tone so then I did have
  • it was the iPhone 6 I actually got that
  • one I waited in line well there's
  • somebody else here surprise the middle
  • of nowhere in North Carolina first in
  • line the phone line forms here oh this
  • was the 6s that I got in gold they are
  • about the same size and form factor
  • overall blast back so this gold I felt
  • was a little bit too yellow ii like
  • these colors are pretty similar so this
  • is the 8 this is the 10s Maxx and I'm
  • hoping that I can even give you guys a
  • really good color demonstration you can
  • see that this 8 is a little more pinkish
  • whereas this has really interesting kind
  • of like a holographic reflectiveness to
  • it I don't know if that's the technical
  • term but that's what we're gonna call it
  • you guys need a size comparison the 10s
  • max is about the same size as the plus
  • model phones just the regular tennis is
  • about the same size as the iPhone 10
  • let's see what else we have in the box
  • earpods standard issue lightning cables
  • and
  • power bricks oh man I forgot you didn't
  • even actually need to use my knife I
  • brought our beautiful gold knife for
  • this unboxing this knife looks to be a
  • little bit too yellow gold I don't want
  • to smudge this up what we've got to do
  • it my precious I've still never seen
  • Lord of the Rings
  • how many iPhone unboxings am I going to
  • make that joke and not actually get the
  • reference
  • yeah it's turning on ok well this is
  • starting up we've got another one
  • I just wanna create a little like a
  • small child so weird to have a huge
  • phone again
  • we've got face ID already to set up the
  • belt I got some cases whoo this is
  • Jenna's favorite color well it's a nice
  • leather smell now you can't even tell
  • that I have a gold phone I like the blue
  • though cuz it is a good complement to
  • the gold here's this brown leather case
  • is this more of a tan color the official
  • name is sad around super-classy so some
  • of the differences between the 10s and
  • the 10 is obviously it comes in a much
  • larger size so this is the tennis Max
  • and a 10s which looks very similar to
  • the previous version it has an 8 12 chip
  • which is a much faster processor so
  • everything that you do on your phone
  • will be a little bit faster the back
  • facing cameras have
  • so this allows for faster autofocus and
  • improved low-light photos the super HDR
  • feature is pretty cool it captures a
  • bunch of photos all at once merges them
  • together for the perfect shot I also
  • love the advanced portrait mode you can
  • adjust the aperture after you take a
  • photo so that background blur that
  • everyone loves you can set it to however
  • much or however little you want
  • so essentially you should just be able
  • to go out push a button and take an
  • incredible picture it's really taking
  • the yard out of being a photographer
  • isn't it just push your button and voila
  • magic do I look like super half the time
  • I end up taking iPhone pictures instead
  • of using my expensive camera it's easier
  • and the end up looking just as good
  • sometimes I went a little more in depth
  • and some of the things that were
  • announced in all of the new phones and
  • the watches in my reaction video from
  • the Apple event okay I'm gonna stop
  • talking because I don't take this thing
  • out it's some cool slow-mo b-roll
  • because you know that's what I like to
  • do I'm not such a sucker for slow-mo
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • so we're now down here by the beach I
  • want to test out some more of a slow-mo
  • video and because the Sun is super harsh
  • this is gonna be the perfect situation
  • to test out the smart HDR and the new
  • extended dynamic range in the video
  • because it's so bright the phone will
  • automatically be able to adjust the
  • highlights and the contrast and merge
  • everything all into one photo so the
  • photos in the video won't be too
  • overexposed
  • I need to show you what Jenna's doing
  • just making it work this is great
  • Oh someone else's trash okay
  • [Music]
  • demo of some of the absence of a ARCA -
  • I'm so excited for the future of AR it's
  • probably one of my most favorite things
  • so this app is called night sky so
  • basically it gives you entire view over
  • the world stars constellations it'll
  • even show you the International Space
  • Station so there it is case you're
  • wondering where it's at today look at
  • the solar system generate a live sky
  • tour for any location time on earth
  • simply choose a location okay let's see
  • what's happening in Cupertino welcome to
  • the sky to avoid to apetito over the
  • next night the stargazing conditions
  • tonight will be good though particular
  • constellation in zenith at 8:28 all
  • right elemento element tail tau an
  • element tau so you can do multiple
  • people in this so if you click this you
  • can create a room so a bunch of people
  • can also join in but I clearly don't
  • have any friends in here right now the
  • screen scenery looks beautiful let's do
  • that okay we're a scan the surface the
  • whole table yes
  • here's my world so we can look up
  • I think augmented reality is probably
  • one of my favorite things I like VR but
  • I feel like VR takes you out of the
  • element I'm going inside now like I'm
  • seeing things
  • look there's a ball over here to you
  • ball I don't know if I can kick it I can
  • do is look around him look on top of it
  • I'm also screen recording and doing this
  • at the same time so that's you see have
  • a lot of resources it is there's fire
  • here now the app that we're gonna test
  • out now it was called memorize and this
  • is a language learning app so using AR
  • it'll identify objects that it sees and
  • I'll tell you how to say them and
  • whatever language you're trying to learn
  • so let's learn some new words the potted
  • plant deep chop Johnson oh come on no
  • detail can see the tops lenses well next
  • time I go to Germany I'm gonna be sure
  • to use my new hood it also thought that
  • this potentially could be broccoli which
  • is incredible difficulty I can say that
  • theater broccoli this is freakin fun
  • Devils they're open what's this the
  • sickest gosh fiction oh come on
  • - wash pickin refrigerator oh it thinks
  • it's a bookcase
  • back up - Frank German is very very
  • difficult
  • Kapoor sink - I'm honestly trying well
  • let me take a picture you you're a
  • person it's telling it says divers
  • yes but in English the person okay what
  • else is around here diem ella tiene la
  • TM Ella it thinks it's soap so the cool
  • things is a clock detail it it the
  • toilet the toilet it D to a litter and
  • this is cool too because you can go in
  • here so it kind of gives you an entire
  • library of items so if you want to go
  • back and okay why does it think that's a
  • festival thinks it's the remote control
  • now thinks it's a cell phone do you know
  • how does a cell phone just Hindi I'm so
  • excited about all of the fun ar apps
  • that are coming out using a our kit -
  • there's so many more things that can be
  • implemented into AR so if you guys have
  • any favorite err apps please leave those
  • in the comments below and I look forward
  • to seeing what you guys are into how do
  • you say new cell phone in German no
  • noise handy noise handy they also
  • sentence to face ID is faster because of
  • the H bulb chip so lets us it out
  • so this notification telling me to water
  • my plants from 207 days ago I don't even
  • know how you're gonna be able to capture
  • this but ready yep oh it's definitely
  • faster
  • Wow Wow it's faster Jordan's gonna be so
  • happy
  • everybody tweet CaptainSparklez and tell
  • him that the iphone tennis has faster
  • face ID I know but he wants faster face
  • I do thank you so much for watching hope
  • you guys enjoyed it this iPhone 10
  • videos is a first look and unboxing and
  • some of my favorite features of course
  • as you know I will have plenty more
  • videos for you guys to be sure to
  • subscribe and of course hit the bell so
  • you be alerted when I make new videos
  • there's anything else that you would
  • like to see me make videos about whether
  • it's iPhone or not iPhone leave those in
  • the comments below and I look forward to
  • seeing what you guys have to say so I'll
  • see you later I'm dancing but there's no
  • music it's in my head
  • [Music]

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