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Video Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War | 10-Year Legacy Featurette
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  • [Music]
  • it's a very interesting time now and boy
  • you don't know what's gonna happen I
  • know that I'm proud of it I know that
  • we've done everything we can
  • I really don't know how people are gonna
  • react to this thing this could be
  • anything from a flop to a moderate
  • single or something that it's beyond
  • what people's expectations are you never
  • know you never know good luck keeping on
  • we were in our own slipstream a feeling
  • like we were doing something a little
  • bit special and different but the full
  • circle of seeing that audiences were
  • reacting to it the way we had hoped they
  • would was powerful I had two dreams when
  • we started this little over 10 years ago
  • Morrill studio one was that I meant
  • working the other one was that we could
  • build something that was as expansive
  • and as experiential as what people who
  • read comic so viewers could get I had a
  • lot of faith and Kevin Feige and people
  • of Marvel you want to give them
  • everything you got cuz they're gonna
  • give everything that guy this was a
  • whole new journey by the first Avengers
  • but I thought oh wow I think we're onto
  • something here just seeing the
  • characters together there's something
  • viscerally awesome about it I think
  • that's why the minute Sam Jackson showed
  • up at the end of Iron Man 1 whether
  • people had very common or not who's that
  • what does that mean why is he here and
  • then Tony Stark appearing at the end of
  • the Incredible Hulk if I told you we
  • were putting a team together who's we
  • though it seemed like just the tiniest
  • of things compared to where we are now
  • but those were the foundations that led
  • us here the cutting edge concept behind
  • the Marvel Universe is this massive
  • organism of shifting parts and new ideas
  • how do we do this as a team Seraphin is
  • responsible for all of these amazing
  • actors and extras that we brought into
  • this I think after the first Avengers
  • people realized that this was not just
  • an ordinary comic-book movie that there
  • was really a lot of thought in a lot of
  • care and a lot of passion that's going
  • into each and every one of these film
  • and there's also some joy I think when
  • the actors are having fun and creating
  • these characters that audiences feel
  • that it's fulfilling that those
  • characters have just spoken to so many
  • people all over the world I love the
  • fact that we've been given the
  • opportunity to do something different
  • put our set of ideas forward and attack
  • your character again then hopefully
  • advance on that and bring something
  • unique to it each time it's wonderful to
  • be able to play this iconic character
  • that means so much to people and I
  • really have to think the audience's for
  • that because they embraced my portrayal
  • of her from the beginning final fitting
  • what do you think questions comments
  • concerns and allowed me to walk in
  • Natasha's shoes and kick ass in them too
  • I can tell you that each and every one
  • of us is so grateful
  • our lives are monumentally changed by
  • our involvement in this world to have
  • taken such an instrumental role in what
  • Marvel has done in the past ten years
  • it's just so incredibly meaningful to us
  • it's a cool experiment to be a part of
  • it's epic and classical these characters
  • are mythological characters in a lot of
  • ways I love all of you and I look
  • forward to seeing many of you as we
  • trudge this road of happy destiny it's
  • nice to look at how the legacy is living
  • on and these other movies and other
  • filmmakers I don't think this has ever
  • happened before in cinematic history of
  • all of these different franchises
  • colliding and all these storylines
  • they've started such a long time ago
  • have all woven together you guys as the
  • films have progressed with civil war and
  • now infinity war we're just gonna
  • continue to surprise people
  • there was an idea to bring together a
  • group of remarkable people to see if we
  • could become something more
  • [Music]
  • you

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