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Video I'M BACK!! + Target Shopping Adventures!
08:08   |   693K+ views   |   today at 09:44


  • I'm back I missed you I genuinely missed
  • you with your sub box empty with YouTube
  • dead it feels weird vlogging for me like
  • I went from vlogging every day for 31
  • days to not vlogging for a week and a
  • half fish and it was crazy so what does
  • that be guys welcome to you January
  • welcome to 2018 it what what day it is
  • January 9th Paula my hair is cute no
  • it's not it's not cute I just said it
  • was cute low-key this is I think my
  • second time putting makeup on the entire
  • time that I've been gone so that's funny
  • we're gonna be so excited you guys gave
  • me the most I don't know how to say
  • honestly like this break was so good for
  • me I feel so much more creative so much
  • more inspired and just excited and
  • passionate about YouTube just like
  • forcing myself to take a week off was so
  • good it looks so good so I'm back at it
  • this week I feel like I look really
  • weird I didn't put any mascara or
  • eyeliner on my bottom lashes so maybe
  • that's it I don't know also I can take
  • this I'll see you guys it is pouring
  • rain here actually it just kind of
  • lightened up but it was crazy it's
  • raining it's raining men just kidding I
  • wish hashtag Siegel Lowell anyways yeah
  • I guess this looks better to have my
  • hair out and stuff anyways anyways you
  • know what I figured for the first day
  • back no it would be great a target
  • adventure
  • I haven't been to Target in a really
  • long time because I always felt like I
  • wanted to blog it was so weird
  • um but yeah actually I have a few things
  • I need to get so we should go we should
  • do that so since it's raining we got a
  • rain jacket we got some rain boots but
  • that was a good kick oh yeah yeah yeah I
  • hate that it's raining because the
  • lighting is not as good and it makes me
  • really sad but here is my outfit of is a
  • day um let's go through this shirts from
  • forever 21 jackets from Topshop just
  • rockin some black leggings and then I'm
  • wearing my hunter rain boots so that is
  • the outfit let's do this
  • tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu 202 also can we talk
  • about the fact that it's very sad
  • there's no more Christmas tree we took
  • down the Christmas tree
  • then this corner looked very very empty
  • we added this plant that was in the
  • dining room we put Khloe's little bed
  • and then a little blanket if I could be
  • super cute to add a shelf there just to
  • kind of add some height but yes ah so
  • that's something that's different
  • Hot Club khlomoney everyone miss you bit
  • stretch
  • yes stretch everyone missed you oh my
  • gosh why are you so cute why are you so
  • cute it literally looks so but it's on
  • the Christmas street it makes me so sad
  • but this is so cute
  • yay all right oh right it is right to
  • the name look at that look at this it's
  • writing it all right a grande vanilla
  • soy latte thank you yeah we're getting
  • the God we're getting the goods it's
  • happening cuz that's just who we uh it's
  • a strange thing my hair civil oh we got
  • the goods
  • who got the goods we got the goods now
  • we're going to tarjay it's funny we
  • could have gotten to starbucks in target
  • but TBH it's always like not a bit and
  • anyone who is starbucks obsessed
  • understands that oh my god I'm so
  • excited
  • I wish this rain would go away though
  • actually JK we really need it but I'm
  • done 'then thun thun thun we in target
  • everything in this frame just makes me
  • so happy
  • okay not only am I at Target with some
  • coffee but we end a home decor section
  • you guys I was so excited to start
  • redecorating for the new year now that
  • all the Christmas stuff is gone it's an
  • excuse to the redeco wait we locked it
  • in two seconds later already lost Ashley
  • so that's funny i lo keem you I like
  • this rug would be so cute upstairs
  • like in the hallway we're gonna get it's
  • like super there's even matching pillows
  • that's real
  • I also need pillows for my room so
  • that's no key one of these could be cute
  • on my bed oh shut up also I've been all
  • about my agenda for this past week and I
  • found some really cute stationary stuff
  • and all this was in the dollar section
  • when we first walked in so freaking cute
  • okay now I need to find Ashley I found
  • you you were lost
  • I do this all the time I set things down
  • to vlog and I usually leave them so
  • let's make sure I don't make them okay
  • way ash hear me out how do we feel about
  • these so cute I saw these earlier
  • Ashley's here and was thinking you know
  • it would be really gone the couch I know
  • I've been trying to find clothes but
  • they got to a million years but not
  • Christmas anymore I was like I think
  • she's gonna like them and she likes them
  • but I think these will be our forever
  • pillow let's be real until like you know
  • like a little bit okay okay it just
  • happened I lost my coffee hold on it has
  • to be damn it anyways what else do mean
  • when you trashcan or no you got trash
  • bags dun dun dun dun tada oh look just
  • another friendly reminder that I'm
  • single like no other okie about to send
  • myself some flowers and
  • chocolate-covered strawberries this year
  • too much yeah oh it's a game controllers
  • that's a gummy doesn't it me I got this
  • I got this literal target adventures
  • we're coming back strong the vlogs are
  • coming back strong but I literally
  • carrying this frickin plant watch I
  • guarantee someone's gonna take you on a
  • cart maybe not maybe no one cares
  • look he's fighting our car is so full
  • but it's only full because we have like
  • pillows on these bends if everything
  • would fit but like it looks so big
  • Ashley hey I'm Ashley someone offered me
  • a cart it happens there's hope in the
  • world literally my point of view right
  • now you can't see anything I'm gonna run
  • into someone yes
  • so the reason why I got this really
  • wanted to plant in my bathroom because
  • it's kind of empty y'all get organized
  • bout to get organized we're in the right
  • area so I was looking for some little
  • like Vanna the organizers to go on top
  • of my vanity huh these are actually kind
  • of cute though that's super cute yeah
  • these are all really cute I was looking
  • for different ones but I think the ones
  • I'm thinking of I have to get from
  • either the Container Store or online
  • yeah I think I think this would this
  • one's broken
  • so target didn't have the containers I
  • was wanting we were like you know what
  • let's go to the Container Store
  • fun fact I don't think I've ever
  • actually been in one I know it I've
  • heard it's like really cool and crazy so
  • containers or adventure here we go it's
  • raining it's raining we made it this is
  • the first of many oh my god I already
  • love it here and findings I was like oh
  • my god I already love it here a little
  • fighting so much freaking stuff but I'm
  • pretty much done this place is legit
  • Wednesday's like IKEA freaking love it
  • okay it's like heaven
  • okay oh my gosh I am fully here for this
  • aesthetic the pink and blue so cute and
  • it stops raining bliss wait it's
  • actually like really pretty right now
  • well that was fun we've got some stuff
  • for this video and then I'll go suffer
  • an organization organization stuff and
  • now I'm kind of hungry - lets get food I
  • don't know if you can see this but la is
  • beautiful today is beautiful we got food
  • no see hi my gosh she's so cute
  • anyways I just ripped compose myself
  • hey Alisha try to act cool okay update
  • time it is currently is currently at
  • 10:29 yeah I'm gonna get ready for bed
  • and then I think I'm just going to edit
  • this vlog Ryan out so we should probably
  • do the guys do it and my battery died so
  • I guess now it's a good time to just end
  • this vlog thank you guys so much for
  • watching
  • umm I hope that you're excited for more
  • vlogs I'm not necessarily gonna be doing
  • daily daily vlogs like it was in
  • December but I will be uploading a
  • really frequently so you guys are
  • excited I'm really pumped and yeah I
  • love you guys

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I'm back guys!!! OMG I MISSED YOU!! Hope you love today's Target shopping adventures vlog! Also watch til the veryyy end cause I worked hard on a new endslate hehe xo -Alisha Marie
Twitter: @AlishaMarie + Instagram: @Alisha
Snapchat: LidaLu11
Chloe's Instagram: @itsmechloemae

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