Video Leaving Things In Windex For A Month

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Leaving Things In Windex For A Month
Leaving Things In Windex For A Month thumb Leaving Things In Windex For A Month thumb Leaving Things In Windex For A Month thumb


  • - What happens when you leave gummy bears
  • in Windex for a month?
  • - Let's talk about that.
  • (groovy electronic music)
  • - Good Mythical Morning.
  • - This Friday, May 17th, 2019 is our season 15 finale
  • and then we'll be off for a few weeks
  • and back on June 3rd for Good Mythical Summer
  • where we will have a brand new episode of GMM
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  • - But right now I'm very excited because we're
  • in the midst of my favorite season, spring cleaning season.
  • - Okay.
  • - Nothing makes me happier than spending hours
  • on all fours detailing my floor tiles.
  • - Oh, thanks for clarifying.
  • - Well which reminds me, check out my website,
  • groutdaddy.biz.
  • - I'll be sure to do that.
  • And in the spirit of spring cleaning,
  • let's head to the spooky shelf that we leave things on
  • which we call The Shelf That We Leave Things On.
  • (suspenseful music)
  • - We've done Coke, bleach, open air, Guinness,
  • salt, pool water, nail polish remover, champagne,
  • whiskey, Shamrock Shakes and mouthwash.
  • And today we're doing Windex.
  • It's time for Left on a Shelf: Windex Edition.
  • (woman shrieks)
  • Rhett, you love Slim Jims, right?
  • - I do.
  • - Every time we stop at a, oh,
  • that one was soaked in Windex.
  • (yells)
  • No it wasn't but this one was.
  • Let's see what potential options are presented with us
  • as to what happened after a month in Windex.
  • Did it A, explode from the inside out like my pet seagull
  • when it found my stash of Alka-Seltzer.
  • - Oh. - Ooh.
  • I don't have a pet seagull.
  • I do have a stash of Alka-Seltzer, not a sponsor.
  • - Who doesn't? - Or did it turn everything
  • bright red like Hellboy with a tomato cannon
  • at a Tickle Me Elmo orgy.
  • All right.
  • - I don't know what that is.
  • - Let's picture that and put it on a greeting card.
  • - Okay let's focus on the options,
  • explode from the inside-- - Bright red or explode.
  • I mean, Windex is blue.
  • I don't see how it could turn...
  • Well maybe it could, I could see it turning bright red.
  • - Yeah, it could have some sort of effect--
  • - But it's got a skin that then it could explode out of.
  • - [Rhett] Well let's just think about this for a second.
  • - [Link] The middle could expand,
  • all that meaty fiber stuff.
  • - Unlike a traditional sausage, they use some sort
  • of synthetic or I don't know what it is,
  • it's not intestine.
  • Mechanically separated meat.
  • - I think that it exploded
  • because I think the inside expanded.
  • - I think that the Windex dissolved this
  • and it just all popped out so I agree, I think it's A.
  • - We're going with A.
  • Let's find out, wa-bam.
  • - Woop woop woop woop woop woop woop!
  • Think we're right.
  • - It's big in there.
  • Let's take it out.
  • Ooh, there's a lot of floaties.
  • - Oh, oh, oh, look at that-- - Oh my goodness.
  • - Look at that. - Lay it down.
  • Ew! - Ah!
  • - Ugh. - Take a bite of that.
  • Now we can't eat any of this
  • because Windex is not made for drinking.
  • - Look at that, if I turn it, oh my gosh.
  • - [Rhett] Looks like one of those knee surgeries
  • that you can watch on YouTube.
  • - Oh-ho, don't tell me you've done that.
  • - Oh yeah.
  • (woman shrieks)
  • I also like gummy bears.
  • - Yeah you do, this is your day, man.
  • - Yeah, Sim Jims, gummy bears, sign me up!
  • I just want the red one though.
  • - You want me to just scatter 'em over your face,
  • like shower your, back a little bit.
  • (gummy bears clattering)
  • - Literally not one got in my mouth.
  • - I wasn't aiming for your mouth.
  • - Well that's not enjoyable.
  • - It was more of a shower situation.
  • - Okay so what happened to these gummy bears?
  • Did they shrink and harden like a lump of coal
  • between Anne Hathaway's butt cheeks?
  • (Link laughs)
  • - That's how she makes diamonds.
  • - Does that happen?
  • Or completely disappear like Michael Jackson's music
  • from Bar Mitzvah playlists.
  • - Oh yeah. - Ah!
  • Ugh.
  • - We don't know what these are.
  • Just as if that wasn't already clear enough.
  • - Ugh, wow.
  • - Do you like my engagement ring?
  • It's an Anne Hathaway special.
  • (laughs)
  • - No it doesn't turn to diamonds.
  • - If she squeezes long enough, it does.
  • - Shrink and harden.
  • I feel confident that it disappeared.
  • I don't know why. - It dissolves it.
  • There's like ammonia in Windex or something nasty like that.
  • - Well the reason I think that is, maybe you know,
  • I don't know, maybe there is a gelatinous residue--
  • - They're already pretty hard. - That will stick around.
  • - No. - But it's so uniform
  • that if any of it goes, all of it's gonna go, right?
  • - All of it's gonna go.
  • - Okay that's our guess, completely disappear.
  • - Now it's, there's a darkness in the bottom.
  • - [Rhett] A darkness?
  • - Does that harden into a lump of coal?
  • (Rhett laughs)
  • - Nothing. - It's nothing.
  • - It's just darkness.
  • - And now you're going to disappear
  • and you're going to disappear and you're going to disappear
  • and you're going to disappear and you're going to disappear
  • and you're going to disappear.
  • This is what it was like in my room as a child.
  • (woman shrieks)
  • Got a pair of soiled underwear, look somebody got into the--
  • - Wine cellar. - Wine country again.
  • Every time I come back from wine country,
  • this is what my underpants look like.
  • (both chuckle)
  • - Is that what a wine tasting means?
  • - Well to me it does.
  • - Briefs first wine tasting.
  • - No I just have so much wine, my urine looks like this.
  • (chuckles)
  • - Gosh.
  • All right what are our options, is it A,
  • did the stained underwears become clean and green
  • like a newly sober Kermit the Frog.
  • - Hmm, mm-hmm.
  • - Or B, did the underoos stay dirty and turn blue
  • like the adult film star who played Violet Beauregarde
  • in Willy Wanker and the Chocolate Factory?
  • I have a lot of follow-up questions
  • that I'm gonna find out on my own time.
  • - (sighs) Wow.
  • Okay so clean and green,
  • does that mean that they actually became clean
  • but also turned green, yes? - Yes.
  • - And then these would stay dirty, keep the stains in tact.
  • - But assume the dye or the blueish coloring of Windex.
  • I don't know if it's dye or whatever it is.
  • - Maybe become blue like in the white parts, I mean...
  • Maybe it would just change this part.
  • Like any part of this blue.
  • White would become blue.
  • - I think it's blue.
  • - I don't think so.
  • Because I think that Windex can't be turnin' stuff blue.
  • It's a cleaner.
  • It can't be turning things the color that it's trying
  • to get off of stuff, right?
  • You think if I spray--
  • - So you think it turns it green?
  • - I think it mixes with this--
  • - Windex can't turn stuff blue.
  • It can turn stuff green.
  • - Well no I think that this is turning it green.
  • This turned green but stayed dirty.
  • - All right so-- - That's my guess.
  • - Our final answer is blue!
  • No, all right fine, I'll go with you, green.
  • I keep thinking this is gonna fly off on its own.
  • Like and show us!
  • All right let's see.
  • - Woo! - All right you were right,
  • Rhett, I'll give it to you, man.
  • You did it.
  • I thought it was blue.
  • I was wrong.
  • Yank it out, show it to the peeps.
  • - Look at that. - Clean and green.
  • - It is clean and green.
  • - This is a wow moment for me.
  • - There's a little stainage, a teeny bit of stainage
  • but I'd wear 'em.
  • - Oh gosh, it's so strong smelling.
  • - [Rhett] Mm.
  • - [Link] That's pretty miraculous.
  • - Yeah, taking those to wine country again,
  • get 'em to look like this again.
  • - Start all over.
  • (woman shrieks)
  • - Okay so we're focusing on what happened
  • to the fortunes inside of these fortune cookies.
  • Did they stay completely unphased
  • like Guy Fieri after the FDA told him
  • Donkey Sauce isn't legally food? (chuckles)
  • - Completely unphased.
  • - Or completely dissolve like an Instagram model's
  • lip fillers when she runs out of sponsorship.
  • Oh! - Ooh!
  • - Wow so completely, it's paper,
  • so did they stay completely unphased so--
  • - It's paper inside of a cookie.
  • - Or did they completely dissolve like the wrapper of the,
  • well you know what, the wrapper
  • of the Slim Jim didn't dissolve.
  • It was the gummy bear that dissolved.
  • - [Link] Yes the stuff inside and then you've got--
  • - I have trouble believing that
  • it would just completely dissolve.
  • That seems unlikely.
  • But I mean...
  • A small act of charity will go a long way.
  • You think it can completely dissolve paper?
  • - It was very waxy paper.
  • No, that's what I just discovered.
  • - I think they're completely unphased because in some way,
  • they're being protected by the cookie shell.
  • I mean that cookie shell is a lot to work with.
  • Someone you admire is watching from afar.
  • All right what's your guess?
  • I think that they stayed unphased.
  • - A.
  • What?
  • Mm.
  • - [Rhett] Okay well the cookie's turning green.
  • What about the fortunes, where are they?
  • - [Link] The whole thing turned green which is interesting.
  • - The fortunes, unphased. - Look at that.
  • That is a much easier process
  • than what I just went through in my mouth.
  • If you wanna get to the fortune cookies, this is the trick.
  • - [Rhett] No obstacles will stand
  • in your way this coming week.
  • - Wedding bells are in a close friend's future
  • but I just broke it so it's a divorce.
  • - You will soon gain something you have always desired.
  • - No obstacle will stand in your way this coming week
  • when re-reading the fortune, this is yours, right?
  • - You will inherit an unexpected sum of money with,
  • these are no fun.
  • - These are the ones that, they're not honest.
  • - But you know what, we're four for four.
  • (woman shrieks)
  • - Oh look, it's a lamb brain.
  • Isn't that so cute?
  • (Rhett chuckles) Here are our options,
  • did it A, expand to nearly twice its original size
  • like our view count when there's food in the thumbnail.
  • (Rhett laughs)
  • Desperate much?
  • Or B, crack into a pile of white pieces
  • like crack. (crew laughs)
  • - Crack, huh?
  • - White pieces.
  • Could it turn a brain white and crackly?
  • - Well and if it can make a brain bigger,
  • then everybody should be just sippin' on Windex. (laughs)
  • You know what I'm sayin'?
  • - Or just-- - New study shows.
  • - Just putting it straight into there.
  • - Injecting your brain with Windex makes you smarter.
  • - Who discovered that?
  • Well these two guys. - Yeah Good Mythical Morning.
  • Have you seen it?
  • - I mean I hope that it turns white and cracks.
  • That would be awesome.
  • But I just think it gets big.
  • - I just don't think it can dissolve in that way,
  • 'cause it feels like the inside of a lamb's brain
  • has the same consistency of a Slim Jim.
  • And my experience with sheep really confirms that.
  • (both chuckle)
  • So I kinda feel like it expands.
  • But you know what they will be able to stick a USB into this
  • and experience all the things that the sheep did
  • while it was alive.
  • - That'll be awesome. - 2035.
  • - All right so we are saying A,
  • it expands nearly twice the size.
  • Oh my goodness, I was wrong
  • but my dreams seem to be coming true.
  • It's whitened. - It's turned into crack.
  • - Is it crack?
  • - This is how you make crack?
  • Who knew?
  • - Oh my goodness.
  • I mean, look at that piece right there in the front.
  • That is...
  • Ugh.
  • Let me get the whole thing.
  • - Oh yep, it's falling apart.
  • It basically cleaned up this lamb's thoughts.
  • (groans)
  • - Yeah so there's lots of pieces.
  • I don't wanna touch or, you wanna scissor,
  • pluck or otherwise--
  • - Yeah I'm gonna scissor pluck it.
  • - Or cut it?
  • I really don't want to have any part of this.
  • - Yeah, you know what?
  • This is for science.
  • - [Link] So we were wrong, but we were right enough
  • to have bragging rights.
  • - It's basically, you know it's still pink on the inside
  • so it basically, it's kind of a white-ish green.
  • I mean either way it's very unpleasant.
  • - Yeah. - I want nothing to do
  • with it, but you know what,
  • we also left Link's glasses in Windex for a month.
  • - Huh.
  • So that's where those have been.
  • - Hmm.
  • Go to our Instagram to watch us
  • leave each other alone for a day.
  • - Huh, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing.
  • - You know what time it is.
  • - Invisibility. - Hmm.
  • - I'm Christian.
  • - I'm Marsha.
  • - And we just watched Rhett and Link from Nashville
  • at the Ryman Auditorium.
  • - [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
  • - That was a good night.
  • - Great night.
  • - Click the top link to find out what happened
  • to chicken wings left in Windex
  • for a month in Good Mythical More.
  • - And to find out where
  • the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land.
  • - [Rhett] Defeat the hair of defeat
  • with our Mythical Pomade.
  • Available at Mythical.store.

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