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Video 15 Greatest GTA 5 Secrets That Will Make You Wanna Replay It Immediately
07:14   |   01/19/2019 at 18:30


  • Gaming volt presents 15 greatest GTA 5
  • easter eggs that will make you want to
  • replay it immediately the world of los
  • santos and GTA 5 is huge and full of
  • little secrets and details that many of
  • us never even knew were there in the
  • first place
  • it is obviously a game that begs replays
  • and people have been coming back to it
  • again and again over the years
  • explaining its consistently ridiculous
  • sales figures even now so we know thanks
  • to its incredible quality people don't
  • really need any other reasons to immerse
  • themselves in los santos again however
  • here we have compiled a list of 15 of
  • the best easter eggs we've come across
  • in the game looking at these we
  • definitely feel the urge to play GTA 5
  • once again and we're sure you will feel
  • the same as well serial killer scavenger
  • hunt one of the best and most elaborate
  • easter eggs that can be found in Grand
  • Theft Auto 5 is the one about Merle
  • Abraham's the serial killer who was
  • obsessed with the number eight you don't
  • ever actually get to meet the infamous
  • serial killer but his records of his
  • exploits are scattered all throughout
  • San Andreas for keen-eyed players to
  • follow you can visit his grave his house
  • and even the prison where he was held
  • captive UFOs UFOs are collectively one
  • of the most well known Easter eggs in
  • all of GTA 5 no you don't get to go
  • inside the UFOs but just seeing those
  • saucers flying lazily above the skies of
  • San Andreas is a real treat while you
  • can't actually see three out of the four
  • UFOs until you've completed every single
  • in-game mission and side mission one of
  • those is actually viewable from the very
  • beginning frozen alien speaking of UFOs
  • you didn't think they flew all this way
  • to our plan on the autopilot did you
  • presumably one of the aliens that
  • inhabited and flew one of the four ufos
  • mentioned previously can't be found in
  • the opening minutes of the game itself
  • in the prologue under the bridge players
  • can easily spot the alien in question
  • frozen inside the river and though you
  • cannot break through the ice no matter
  • what manner of weapon you use you can
  • gaze at the extra-terrestrial wonder as
  • much as you want in game Red Dead novel
  • written by John Marston
  • for all of you Red Dead Redemption fans
  • out there and we're sure there are
  • plenty this one's a real treat you can
  • find a novel titled Red Dead written by
  • an author named Jade Marston as in John
  • Marston the protagonist of Red Dead
  • Redemption for those who didn't know or
  • maybe Jack Marston his son in Franklin's
  • house this Easter Egg isn't nearly as
  • elaborate as some of the others in the
  • games but it's sure one that sticks out
  • in our memory throwback to the Grove
  • Street trio this one's hard to spot
  • unless you're looking for it especially
  • on your first playthrough those who play
  • GTA san andreas are well acquainted with
  • grove street home of the popular games
  • protagonist CJ riding past Grove Street
  • in one of the missions in GTA 5 you
  • actually see three well-known characters
  • from GTA san andreas the after mentioned
  • CJ big smoke and sweet all riding past
  • you on bikes it's a great throwback to a
  • beloved game and one that makes your
  • return to grow Street that much sweeter
  • Mount Gordo based on a true story this
  • one's actually quite chilling and
  • another one of GTA 5's most well-known
  • Easter eggs all you have to do to come
  • across this Easter Egg is go to Mount
  • Gordo anytime between 11:00 p.m. and
  • midnight and you'll be able to see the
  • ghost of a woman floating in the
  • distance she disappears if you get too
  • close but when she does she leaves
  • behind a one-word message jock the name
  • of her husband who actually pushed her
  • off the cliffs right to her death
  • claptrap this one's quite brief and only
  • for keen eye Borderlands fans but it's
  • also quite apparent if it's pointed out
  • to you there's a bunch of generators in
  • the game that look almost exactly like
  • claptrap from the popular RPG it's out
  • in the open
  • it's not too hard to find and it's paint
  • job makes it very easy for players to
  • spot Niko Bellic sly Finn Vader page
  • Niko Bellic is actually mentioned at
  • least a couple times in passing by
  • characters throughout the course of
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 not explicitly but
  • it's there if you know what to listen
  • for
  • but this is one reference to him that's
  • probably the most interesting walking
  • around Michaels house you can see his
  • son Jimmy browsing Nico's life in Vader
  • page and you can see what sort of stuff
  • the GTA 4 protagonist is up to these
  • days there's all sorts of interesting
  • details hidden away in the page like a
  • status message wishing Roman a happy
  • birthday
  • making this one of the best Easter eggs
  • in the entire game
  • Master Chief there's a ton of references
  • to other video games in GTA 5 some of
  • which we've already mentioned in this
  • feature so it's obvious that Master
  • Chief being the protagonist of Halo and
  • being one of the most recognizable
  • figures in the industry also gets some
  • love one of the street performers near
  • the Chinese Theatre in the game looks
  • exactly like Master Chief with the armor
  • and the helmet and is instantly
  • recognizable this isn't an elaborate
  • easter egg like some of the others in
  • the game nor is it too subtle but it
  • sure is an interesting one Mount chiliad
  • this is a pretty well known easter egg
  • in the game if players travel to Mount
  • chiliad in the game they'll notice that
  • there is a face textured onto one of its
  • sides some theorists suggest that it's
  • the face of Jesse Pinkman one of two
  • main protagonists of the popular show
  • Breaking Bad while the most popular
  • opinion remains that it's probably just
  • the face of one of the developers either
  • way it's worth checking out the hatch
  • from lost anyone who's seen the popular
  • television show lost is familiar with
  • the infamous hatch and seeing as it's
  • actually an important part of pop
  • culture it's good to see it making an
  • appearance in GTA 5 as well deep in the
  • ocean players in the game can find an
  • underwater hatch that looks exactly like
  • the one from lost it would have been
  • great in-game if we were allowed to
  • actually go inside but we're happy with
  • what we got and the lost fan and me
  • definitely appreciated the touch rehab
  • island there's a billboard in Los Santos
  • that shows an advertisement for a place
  • called rehab Island with a palm tree
  • placed right in the middle of the logo
  • and it's clear what the billboard is
  • referring to it's referring to the
  • popular zombie game developed by Deep
  • Silver Dead Island the logo of the game
  • and the logo the billboard looked almost
  • exactly the same and this is just
  • another example of the great sense of
  • humor the guys over at Rockstar have
  • maeín hunt masks there's a retailer on
  • Vespucci beach in GTA 5 who sells masks
  • and one of the masks he sells looks
  • almost exactly like the mask from
  • rockstars manhunt but the great easter
  • egg to have in the game especially if
  • you decide to wear the mask to one of
  • your heists agent reference we love this
  • one because of how self-aware this is
  • remember agent the ps3 exclusive game
  • that was supposedly in development at
  • Rockstar within no one ever heard of it
  • for ages and now everyone just assumes
  • to be a dead project yeah well it's
  • actually
  • referred to in GTA 5 during one of the
  • missions you get to drive a car with a
  • license plate number 463 NT that's agent
  • if you haven't figured that out
  • Bigfoot another one of gta5 is elaborate
  • and long-running Easter eggs the Bigfoot
  • has become a point of discussion for GTA
  • 5 players as much as it is in real life
  • well maybe not as much it can be seen in
  • passing in a couple of missions in the
  • game and is even the focal point of a
  • side mission it was revealed as a man in
  • an ape suit in the mission the last one
  • and the dialogue in the mission is
  • especially funny definitely worth
  • checking out if you ever decide to play
  • the game again and that'll be about it
  • for this one if you guys like what we're
  • doing at gaming volt please consider
  • subscribing to our Channel and I'll see
  • you guys on the next video

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The world of Los Santos in GTA 5 is huge, and full of little secrets and details that many of us never even knew were there in the first place. It is, obviously, a game that begs replays, and people have been coming back to it again and again over the years, explaining its consistently ridiculous sales figures even now. So we know that thanks to its incredible quality, people don’t really need any other reasons to immerse themselves in Los Santos again. However, here we have compiled a list of fifteen of the best easter eggs we’ve come across in the game. Looking at these, we definitely feel the urge to play GTA 5 once again, and we’re sure you will feel it as well.



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