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Video I shouldn't have gotten myself into this...
19:28   |   views   |   04/15/2018


  • Yo, what is up guys? How's everybody doing today welcome back to a brand new video
  • I hope you're all having a fantastic day as always I am in a great great mood today
  • y a noche fue aun especial noche porte
  • And it was pretty successful actually guys
  • It wasn't very successful and by that I mean the stream kept going offline, and I kept getting a bunch of like Internet problems
  • So I'm definitely getting that fixed because I had a fun time streaming. I streamed for like an hour and a half
  • I actually took a dub on Fortnite on stream, but when I won the game the whole stream got shut off line
  • But don't worry
  • I'm talking with a bunch of people right now to get that fixed so if you don't follow me on Twitch its
  •, I'm gonna be streaming every single day when I get this whole problem situated
  • But it is so much fun
  • You guys were killing it like my chat was going insane right when I started streaming
  • And that's just the power of the rugrats so if you guys are new to my YouTube channel
  • My name is FaZe Rug and i upload some lit videos so be sure to hit that subscribe button
  • Become a rugrat today and boy do I have a great video plan for today?
  • I'll explain it in a second we got the NBA playoffs rolling right now
  • Milwaukee and Boston in the first round which team do you guys have taking the whole entire thing?
  • I'm thinking it's gonna be the Cavs
  • Let me know in the comment section down below who you think is gonna win the NBA finals this year?
  • Hey mama rug in the cut morning coffee. Hey guys look at this mug
  • I made this I made this in screen-printing class so it's me and my brother
  • Bosley and my beautiful mom and my dad for Christmas was that the best Christmas gifts or what?
  • Ofcourse, anything from my kids are the best
  • Where are you heading this Sunday morning?
  • Im actually going to the mall
  • oh, are you?
  • But I was gonna say I feel like you haven't been in my vlogs in a long time, you know I miss you Rugrats, yeah, she misses you
  • Yeah, also where's papa rug. Dad, What are you doing all the way over there?
  • You know how we say hes walking the dog, the dog is walking him.
  • Guys Bosley literally has no chill anytime we want to walk him he walks us
  • He tells us where to go there was this trend on YouTube not too long ago. Where the owners have their dog walk them
  • That's a trend for us every day because Bosley does what he wants and we can't do anything about it
  • What's going on here?
  • He's been parked for about ten minutes
  • Bosley you're stubborn!
  • Its hard to walk when he is standing at one spot (laugh)
  • Dad what's up? You haven't been in the vlogs in a minute?
  • How you doing. The last time was when I was in the vlog when I come down with that crazy car from the ramp..
  • Oh my god. Yeah, I'm gonna roll a clip from that real quick.
  • But hold on dad I haven't even told them what I'm doing to Mom
  • its Sunday today Brian...,we have to explain this really quick so I told my mom go to the mall as you guys saw
  • I'm not really going to the mall, so I'm gonna pull a
  • Prank another prank on my mom, and I think this one's gonna be pretty big
  • Bosley, Bosley, don't cross the street
  • We're trying to explain something.
  • I need my dad in on this because I need him to set up a camera for me from when I come home from the
  • "Mall" which I'm not going to the mall
  • I'm actually heading over to my cousin's house Jessica
  • And she's actually gonna put a bunch of makeup on my face as if I got beat up and jumped at the mall
  • See like how my dad is doing like I'm gonna come home with a bunch of bruises on my face
  • Blood dripping from my lip, all my clothes ripped, and I'm gonna pretend that I got jumped at the mall
  • And I need my dad to set up the camera because like I can't like come in
  • I don't know where my mom's gonna be but I know it's kind of cruel. It's Sunday kids
  • Don't do this to your mom because like I'm the king of pranking my mom
  • You already know that and I know it's crazy cause like I pranked my mom so much
  • And everyone's like how does she believe it?
  • My mom will believe anything like it's crazy, In the moment like let's say now. We're gonna walk in with
  • Bruises and blood yeah, she's not gonna be like Brian. It's a prank
  • you know i'ma head over to my cousin's house right now get a bunch of makeup put on me special effects and
  • Make it seem like I just got jumped at the mall, and I'm gonna come storming home stormy
  • And I'm gonna come storming through that door almost crying and saying I got beat up. Oh my god
  • Oh my god, and see how my mom reacts guys. I hope you do enjoy. Please smash that like button and
  • Let's get the show on the road
  • Faze rod
  • House of booty this is cute Bob
  • Are you ready to make me look like?
  • I just got jumped by ten people them all yeah, I'm excited
  • You got the station set up look at this. I got to prep. Okay, so can you just explain to the Rugrats?
  • How this is gonna go down like?
  • Yeah, what is all this is makeup, or is this special?
  • Effects makeup like this is they call it like a face paint
  • I guess you can say okay
  • But this is what's gonna be the bruising for you a the yellow the red and blue okay
  • And then we have a little bit of fake blood. We're not gonna overdo it with this cuz yeah. Yeah, it's
  • exactly a good beating
  • a little bit of
  • translucent powder this is gonna help set your makeup that way while you're
  • Home or whatever is happening. It's not gonna move. Okay, and one more question
  • Do you think this is a little too far on my mom where she might have a heart attack?
  • Find the people who did it for you
  • Yeah, that's you but a lot of people are like rug how does your mom believe you after all these pranks she believes everything
  • Even like take it from Jessica like we grew up together
  • Since we were like little little kids my mom is her mom's sister
  • So like we grew up doing everything my mom literally freaks out over everything
  • I'm all those things like I remember back in the day when we used to call her
  • And we just used to pretend just like rank or no reason
  • And she'd foolishly really come home from where she was like my mom my mom is crazy
  • But we love her so like that's why I'm pranking her because I love her right does that make sense yeah exactly
  • All right
  • All right all right
  • Damn my turkey is too loud why the hell are you laughing all I asked was how long do you think this is gonna take?
  • like an hour
  • Was anything like three
  • What is she laughing at guys is it not gonna take that long, I wanted to be professionals
  • Okay, they're gonna take like five minutes
  • Fifty in the mall no way
  • Hey
  • guys I
  • Literally thought I was gonna be for like two hours. I'm like. Oh there's gonna be pretty boring
  • He's like oh, uh he said how long does it take like an hour?
  • She starts doc. I don't know I want it to be good wait is the secret room still do
  • Remember what happened okay? I?
  • Said it's wet my cousin literally got possessed after playing the Ouija board and there's a secret room right there
  • I might just roll some footage from that
  • Because it was pretty bad your eyes turned bloodshot red she started throwing up and she was not herself
  • Right
  • No no no no let me just get out of here because oh my god, just ah
  • Did she actually throw up, yeah
  • Just good, how about this instead of putting makeup on should we have Jenner just beat me up beat the crap out of me
  • Yeah, I mean do you mind can we both do it like I have a few things that I have held against you
  • Great okay since my sins escalating. Let's get out of here look how little that is
  • That's how much you need for a special effects make it away, I second, Amina
  • Alright guys quick little update
  • Jessica just beat my ass for no reason I didn't do anything, but you know she gave me a nice little beating to the
  • Right eye, how does that look does that look legit? Hey?
  • So they could see what do you guys think this is just the eye so there's a quick little update?
  • Next we're gonna be working on the livers guys
  • This is gonna be so much fun, and we got like the fake blood and stuff
  • We're gonna put like over here tuned and then on my shirt, maybe and then I'm gonna rip the shirt so guys
  • This is the progress update
  • hopefully it looks legit at the end of this and
  • We're gonna prank mama rug so the next cut in this video is gonna. Be me fully completely done. So ready 3 2 1
  • boom, Oh
  • Jess
  • The Rugrats are definitely gonna be mad at you for doing to me
  • I have to do what I have to oh my god guys literally a good video. Oh
  • What do you guys think I think Jessica killed it with the makeup like?
  • It looks like I got demolished at the mall. Oh my god. The lip look at this look at this close up
  • on
  • the nose
  • the bruise
  • Hey
  • The bruise up here
  • We didn't want to leave this side like plain
  • cuz like if I got jumped it has to be like in every area of the face, but
  • So
  • I'm gonna come home like this
  • But wait we forgot the most important part sure the ripped clothing we got to do that, but yeah guys
  • Let me know if this looks legit
  • And it doesn't look like makeup and it's still setting so it's like not gonna look as fresh when I get home so
  • I think Jessica did a great job, Jessica. Thank you so much, and you want to record me ripping my clothes
  • Just pretend somebody's pulling you right now like
  • mm-hmm stretch the neck
  • Ah
  • Hey, I don't want nothing to do man, okay?
  • Shit I'm so small right now like ah what's up, what's that watch this question oh?
  • My nipple and
  • Then you pull and play with it oh
  • Yeah, yeah not too big all odd blood to that or fat a little color to that yeah
  • from here
  • Do one small one like right here. Oh there you go. Oh, yeah. Yeah, okay? No. This is good. This is good
  • It's like a Halloween costume
  • More minutes, and we're gonna perfect this and I'll show you the finished product in three two one
  • Too much no no mom listen, I know you're watching this
  • I love you to death and like it's just for some entertainment and some laughs. You know like we're just having some fun
  • Did I not tell you give me your money? Okay? There's one thing one goal
  • We have to do is to make it home without anyone calling the cops on the road
  • Because if you saw someone in their car like this like would you call the cops or what would you do like how would you?
  • React no one knows
  • I'm like pranking my mom right now like my goal is to not get pulled over
  • But hey if I do that would make for a bigger video as well, okay guys
  • I'm gonna go home right now and when I get home
  • I'm gonna call my dad to set up a camera where my mom is in the house
  • And I'm gonna walk in without this camera because I'm gonna say they stole my camera. They stole my wallet and
  • Sorry mom. Love you guys
  • Can you just imagine me driving past you and you see this like what would you guys do I'm really curious?
  • I wonder what people are thinking cuz I was at a stop sign
  • Intersection and I did this to the guy. He was like
  • Like what happened to your face
  • This is definitely gonna be a long drive home
  • but guys I
  • Think Justin killed it with the makeup and by the way I know it might seem a little messed up for this prank
  • But it's a prank. It's just a prank. It's just a prank bro so guys
  • I'm gonna need you all to smash that like button if you are excited to see mama rug's reaction
  • It's about to be late all right guys
  • I just pulled up to my house right now the garage is closing everything so now I have to call my dad
  • I have a camera fully charged
  • she's upstairs in my room that I told him this is when he's gonna set up wherever my mom is in the house and I
  • Also, took off my watch. I'm not walking in with my camera. I'm not walking in with my wallet
  • I'm gonna say got robbed and beat up by some random people they had hoodies on like I couldn't see and
  • Let's call my dad so he could set up the camera. I'm kind of nervous for this
  • Okay, like I'm always nervous before pranks, but this one. I'm like Heike nervous or some reason hi that
  • That are you near mom or no?
  • Okay, um can you uh?
  • Go upstairs because I'm in the driveway right now
  • Can you go upstairs and grab the camera from my room and then set it up where my mom is like?
  • Where is she is she in the kitchen?
  • Okay Cobbers somehow come to the living room so then she could see me right when I walk in but don't make it obvious
  • Okay, text me when you're done, so I could come in all right Thank You Baha. It's about to go down
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  • I might be a little
  • They jumped and what can he do I mean, it's
  • It was just a pink because if you tell them that it was real then
  • Dad was in on this
  • Well how legit was just wipe it off wipe it off, but not with peroxide what what happened, okay?
  • I really did I know you know getting loved Edo, but it was I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding Jessica did the makeup?
  • Yeah
  • Guys I think we definitely got mama rug with this one mom did you really believe it like on a scale of one to ten
  • Like we think the shirt so I mean if someone gets like beat up by a group of people I
  • See my son like this, I'm sorry I'm I promise you listen, okay, it's been about
  • Okay, my mom. I haven't prank you in like a month
  • Okay, I definitely should have taken off the makeup for this part right here, but real quick
  • I just wanted to let you all know that I obviously don't condone in any violence no fighting. I don't encourage anyone to fight
  • That's literally the last thing I want from this video
  • This was simply just a silly prank on my mom to just get her reaction
  • But I'm definitely not encouraging anybody to go fight or jump people like that's literally the worst thing possible guys
  • I just want to clear that up and this PSA definitely would have been better if I wiped the
  • Bruising and blood off my face, but continue with the video
  • I'm sorry if you thought this is a little too overboard
  • But I gotta go to the urgent care real quick take care of these bruises
  • I hope you guys did enjoy this prank video if you did please be sure to drop a like show me your love hit that
  • Subscribe button if you are new mom, I'm sorry I had to do that to you pop a rug
  • Thanks for being in on it. Oh my god. These bruises look so
  • Maybe it's not a friend because oh I can't believe you anymore
  • Leave your feedback in the comments section down below if you guys did enjoy and other than that it's been rug
  • And we out peace

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