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Video Blizzard's Terrible Start To 2019 PLUS Your Race-Changing Dazar'alor Guide! WoW News
23:34   |   views   |   01/07/2019


  • coming soon to an online cash store near
  • you say hello to our big New Year's sale
  • loads of pets and mounts are at a time
  • price which means they cost only 50% of
  • the real-life money that you need to
  • give us to play with them in the game
  • that you pay us to play get your hands
  • on tolya lars wondrous wisdom ball only
  • half price or the blizzard stock mount
  • less than half price and going down or
  • how about you team up with a friend and
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  • youtubers Taliesin and eva till that's
  • right they'll do literally anything for
  • a free Blizzcon ticket so they are also
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  • there's two of them ready but you know
  • what I mean how does it feel to be in
  • the same gang yeah pretty good I guess
  • when did we agree to this get them now
  • while you still can but hurry because at
  • the end of the promotion it's time to
  • say goodbye to them forever
  • what telling us and what does he mean
  • don't worry it's just artificial
  • scarcity it's a sales tech
  • he doesn't leave it we'll be back next
  • week though isn't that right mr. sales
  • blitz that's right we're retiring all
  • these goodies after the 2019
  • half price sale and then they're gone
  • forever
  • yeah but we won't really be gone for
  • next week right yeah sure maybe we'll
  • call them let you know you both have
  • phones don't you knowledge is power
  • hello internet and welcome back to the
  • weekly reset Talia Tina never tells
  • first wondrous wisdom show of 2019 with
  • not just all of the latest values and
  • knowledge to impart and talk about but
  • also a couple of highlights to catch up
  • on which we missed while we were away
  • because I'll admit internet we kind of
  • switched off a little bit during our
  • break I still logged into the game most
  • days but I didn't really do anything to
  • keep up with the news or what was
  • actually going on and actually it was
  • really really nice just for WoW to be a
  • video game I play rather than the saga I
  • follow like some kind of soap opera it
  • was actually lovely the last New Year's
  • we got back home and I thought to myself
  • you know I should probably do a quick
  • watch of some other wow creators just to
  • get me back up to speed in case I have
  • missed any musician take longer is
  • honestly how much could there really be
  • everyone's been on holiday after all
  • you know what actually I'm really glad
  • that we haven't made a weekly reset for
  • a couple of weeks because honestly if
  • we'd had to make three shows out of some
  • of this then that would have been
  • getting desperate and thank goodness we
  • get to put it all together into one
  • despicable hole because I'm treating
  • this next segment Internet as our New
  • Year detox I'll fill you in as quickly
  • and as best as I can with all of the
  • that's being going on so buckle the
  • heck up because it's soap opera time as
  • we we live the Christmas drama and let's
  • begin with Blizzard stock chaos because
  • Activision Blizzard stock is through the
  • floor everyone knows that plummeting
  • after Blizzcon and only partially
  • recovering since two levels that this
  • graph here has never even seen before
  • a clear sign that Blizzard are done
  • probably and I'm not going to talk about
  • this too much because I'll be honest I
  • don't really know much about how stocks
  • work and I don't want to say anything
  • stupid but even an idiot like me can see
  • that this is not OK in my professional
  • opinion this is a bad shape for a graph
  • to be and Forbes magazine put out an
  • article just a couple of days ago saying
  • yes this is bad thanks for before
  • confirming my suspicions it's not
  • anywhere near an all-time low for the
  • stock obviously in fact Activision
  • Blizzard shares are their best price now
  • than from 90% of their history if you
  • bought shares this time two years ago
  • you're currently sitting on a 50 percent
  • profit which is outrageous but that's
  • mostly down to this massive bump here
  • that coincidentally began just as
  • overwatch released and like I say I'm no
  • expert but man that is some impressive
  • growth whoever was chief finance officer
  • during this time must be brilliant but
  • that has pretty much all fallen off now
  • and all in one go and look I'm not gonna
  • argue that this isn't bad in any way
  • this is a quick roundup and anyway it's
  • probably gonna get worse because
  • Blizzard is banned in China yes a reddit
  • post look times are hard for news at
  • Christmas all right revealed the
  • Blizzard games on a list of other games
  • that will have to make changes to their
  • games or be banned in China which is bad
  • because you know because it makes lots
  • of money in China obviously so no money
  • for them why is no one talking about how
  • WoW is being banned in China oh because
  • it's not actually no sorry I just made
  • that clear lizard and Wow have always
  • altered its product in China from the
  • start
  • check out mad sea
  • and shows old video about the way they
  • had to change the undead models it's
  • great because well it's against the law
  • because they're not a Chinese company so
  • they work with a third party that sorts
  • all of that out for them and make sure
  • they comply to all the laws of the land
  • if this is even true then this is just
  • be another example of that which isn't
  • unusual in media worldwide to be honest
  • famously you can't display a swastika in
  • Germany unless it's for historical or
  • artistic purposes in the UK Teenage
  • Mutant Ninja Turtles was called Teenage
  • Mutant hero turtles because of
  • controversy around nunchucks at the time
  • seriously and in America Harry Potter
  • and the Philosopher's Stone was called
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  • because US publishers were legitimately
  • worried that Americans wouldn't know
  • what a philosopher is which genuinely is
  • something I'm not afraid to bring up if
  • I'm ever arguing with my American wife
  • about anything so no no disaster here
  • sorry most people completely ignored it
  • as a story but it's still pretty
  • interesting I think
  • anyways probably because of the crashing
  • stock and the being banned in China that
  • Blizzard is also laying off all of its
  • staff Melissa delaying off a hundred
  • staff over 100 members of the customer
  • support and services team in Cork that's
  • in Ireland some of whom and full
  • disclosure I know personally by the way
  • were revealed to be leaving the company
  • by a Eurogamer article on the 21st of
  • December that was then used as the main
  • reference for other reports in Kotaku
  • and keen gamer never I'm sure they've
  • never heard of us either and hundred is
  • a lot of people even in a company that
  • employs thousands of people and my first
  • reaction to this was awesome because
  • look I've got to admit okay when it
  • comes to stuff like this
  • I personally value the way that
  • employees are treated over and above any
  • other concerns I may have about the
  • long-term health of a multinational
  • fortune 100 company even if they do make
  • a video game I like and this is in
  • connection with the career crossroads
  • scheme that Blizzard has run for years
  • now which allows long-serving members of
  • staff to take voluntary redundancy at a
  • very generous payout and it is a very
  • generous payout so with mine on world of
  • warcraft hat online thinking workers
  • getting a really good deal nice one
  • Blizz and that was the general attitude
  • on the forums to where players were
  • pleased to see that despite recent
  • difficulties lizard were sticking to
  • their reputation of being fair and
  • generous to their employees giving those
  • who felt like they'd hit a ceiling in
  • the company a great chance to start over
  • somewhere else and who in fact had just
  • opened up the offer to a wider range of
  • employees which is undoubtedly one of
  • the reasons
  • behind a larger than usual amount of
  • workers taking them up on it and no it
  • was a show obviously do you guys
  • not have employees what the hell is
  • wrong with Blizz aliens taking over
  • there is no more blizzard people we have
  • to accept this now of course the reason
  • this has struck such a nerve with the
  • community is that it reinforces the
  • generally accepted narrative that
  • Activision are destroying the holy and
  • pure Blizzard focus on game development
  • with Eska me corporate cost-cutting and
  • I'm sure there is truth in that I'm not
  • sure that that applies to this specific
  • example because as the Kotoko article
  • that covers this story points out
  • Blizzard are actively hiring for its
  • game development teams in a big way and
  • that's borne out in the Blizzard careers
  • page 2 so it would appear based on this
  • evidence at least that in a year of
  • disappointing performances like card and
  • destiny and yes probably Wow as well any
  • streamlining of backroom management and
  • customer support staff is being done
  • because Blizz now have more developers
  • on the payroll than ever before which
  • again doesn't support the theory that
  • game development is anything less than
  • the company's main priority but ok if it
  • is mostly CS staff that this is
  • affecting how will this impact a
  • customer service in the EU because of
  • course the Cork office only deals with
  • the EU well now you're talking because
  • as everyone was quick to point out there
  • was a tweet from blizzards European
  • english-language customer support
  • account that announced call back and
  • live chat services would be closed from
  • 5:00 p.m. as evidence this was already
  • having an impact which is a cute way to
  • finish an article I'll be honest that's
  • probably how I would have finished the
  • article 2 if I was writing it but you
  • know me internet you know I like to do
  • at least 5 seconds of my own research on
  • a subject before I go off and one about
  • it and also I'm a computer genius so I
  • know loads of little tricks that your
  • average person doesn't like ctrl F which
  • told me that the phrase are callback and
  • live chat services will be closed from
  • has been used by the Blizzard CSE you
  • Twitter account 29 times since August or
  • almost 6 times a month and obviously
  • that's before Blizzard even lost a
  • hundred staff or anything if that's the
  • really eagle-eyed among you will notice
  • that I didn't actually show the correct
  • tweet in my cutaway but instead added
  • one with the exact
  • same wording from December 2017 which is
  • a really pedantic rhetorical flourish on
  • my part I know but it's just meant to
  • illustrate that these kind of tweets are
  • literally one of the main reasons that
  • this Twitter account exists so to use
  • one as an example of how recent events
  • have definitely impacted them it is a
  • little bit disingenuous now and this is
  • an important bit okay none of this is to
  • say that Activision scummy corporate
  • practices aren't having an impact of
  • course in fact all of these articles
  • almost universally mentioned the new
  • finance culture at Blizzard with a chief
  • financial officer giving regular talks
  • on their need to cut costs and be more
  • efficient and I don't know about you
  • okay but I don't know if I like the
  • sound of that corporate chief finance
  • officer anyway onto more Blizzard staff
  • chaos as they fire or maybe not but
  • definitely lose two whole chief finance
  • officers yes Activision Blizzard
  • announced that they were firing their
  • chief finance officer Paul Newman I mean
  • Spencer Newman who then revealed he
  • totally haven't been sides at all
  • because he was totally leaving anyway
  • for Netflix so ha and then Blizzard
  • Entertainment who are a unit of
  • Activision Blizzard revealed that their
  • CFO is also leaving to go to square and
  • honestly I don't know what to think of
  • that because I have no idea what a CFO
  • does I didn't even know it was a
  • real-life job title before I heard it in
  • the previous story so I'm not really
  • qualified to give an opinion and to be
  • honest that's what most of the internet
  • thought to because no one just wants to
  • read something and then react to it with
  • no real understanding as to what I
  • actually know it was a show
  • obviously that's just embarrassing yeah
  • everyone leaving Activision Blizzard
  • even their money
  • let the liquidation begin corporate
  • culture is absolutely disgusting now
  • that's a statement
  • I can totally agree with but as for the
  • rest of it well Newman Newman Newman is
  • the big headline in the financial world
  • and he probably got fired because he was
  • speaking to Netflix about leaving anyway
  • but the interesting room for me is
  • Amrita Ahuja because she's the one
  • that's connected to Blizzard the most
  • directly having been there for eight
  • years and it was her giving those
  • cost-cutting lectures to staff in
  • meetings that we were sad about just a
  • minute ago and here's my conundrum okay
  • because I don't know much about what a
  • CFO
  • but I do know from all these videos and
  • articles that I've been watching reading
  • that it's the finance department having
  • too much power which is the problem with
  • blizzard and the biggest symptom of
  • their activision overlords poisoning
  • them from within its finance we're
  • worried about so shouldn't I be happy
  • that the woman who stood up and told
  • devs that they had to cut costs is no
  • longer there isn't this good news help
  • me out guys the rats are fleeing the
  • sinking ship yes actually that's a good
  • point someone as important as a CFO
  • leaving is clearly bad news so I'm
  • assuming that there was a similar outcry
  • when previous guy Dennis Durkin the man
  • who was in charge at the start of that
  • big bump
  • technically Activision's biggest period
  • of financial growth ever I'm assuming
  • there must have been an even bigger
  • outcry when he left in May 2017 there
  • wasn't okay who knows why well I don't
  • have time to think about it because for
  • a quick roundup this is taking a really
  • long time so what about the see you
  • later bundle because yes Blizzard was
  • showing that Activision again this
  • holiday season by having a bunch of
  • store mounts and pets and other stuff on
  • sale in their cash shop which included
  • some that were part of the see you later
  • bundle meaning that those items were to
  • be retired
  • Asterix after the promotions so it was
  • your last asterisk chance to buy them
  • ever asterisk and obviously everyone was
  • really happy to getting this stuff on
  • sale and no it was a show
  • obviously but see you later bundle yet
  • see you later blizzard I don't recognize
  • Blizzard anymore Blizzard is officially
  • dead hail activision rip while the
  • buzzwords here of course are artificial
  • scarcity and late neoliberal global
  • predatory capitalism okay maybe not the
  • second one but it should be because
  • that's what it is and look you know I
  • hate the cash shop okay I don't believe
  • that game I pay a subscription for
  • should have pets and mounts and Helms
  • that I have to buy with money that isn't
  • my subscription and yes my moral outrage
  • about the shop is less pronounced since
  • the whale token means everything on
  • there can be earned in-game but it
  • doesn't make me feel any less icky about
  • the fact that the shop exists as I've
  • said many times but yeah I kind of made
  • up my mind about the shop a long time
  • ago it's manipulative and unnecessary
  • and I don't like it
  • so am I surprised that it's partaking of
  • pretty standard commercial practices
  • that I also find manipulative and
  • unnecessary what do you think it's like
  • if Michael Bay decided to all over
  • another one of my childhood franchises
  • the initial outrage
  • would even dare past a long time ago and
  • now I kind of expected he could announce
  • that he was making a new movie
  • destroying the best TV show ever Danger
  • Mouse with the rockers Penfold and well
  • actually that sounds amazing but he'd
  • find a way to mess it up for sure and it
  • couldn't make me like him any less my
  • mind was made up a Michael Bay a long
  • time ago and it's the same with the Cash
  • Shop I knew I didn't like the Cash Shop
  • the day it was born and let's not
  • pretend that this artificial scarcity
  • thing is new ok they've done it with
  • pets at least as far back as 2014 so
  • yeah then there's another part of me
  • that thinks yeah everyone knows how
  • sales and marketing works by now and
  • it's a little bit patch nything of me to
  • tell grown adults who just want to buy
  • some for a game that they like that
  • they're idiots who are getting conned
  • because the truth is they're not ideas
  • there are grown-ups who earn their money
  • and spend it on whatever they like and
  • if that's you then no I am NOT cleverer
  • than you just because your distaste for
  • the shop is outweighed by your desire to
  • buy something that you want are we
  • caught up now oh no wait the XP twink
  • fries right so Blizzard disabled
  • experience disabling and killed twinks
  • and everyone was fine with it and no
  • it's a show obviously nice job Liz
  • we're proud of you know we're not if you
  • haven't figured out this is some code Oh
  • poop and you know it this is the first
  • thing I've encountered that legitimately
  • made me want to quit the game really oh
  • hi you must be new welcome but then
  • change it back again in about 20 minutes
  • so panic over I think someone must have
  • just got drunk or the community manager
  • Christmas party oh and then there was
  • the thing with the crog's so Blizz were
  • dropping little hints here and there
  • that the special tone hunters needed to
  • obtain to finally be able to tame these
  • beautiful toothy boys who clearly never
  • bother with leg day could be obtained by
  • a super secret method involving the
  • zulan counter and wool deer cue hunters
  • piling into the radon mess trying to get
  • to the bottom of this mystery with the
  • Wow secret finding discord getting
  • involved too and we all know that when
  • the secret finding discord arrives then
  • it's only a matter of time before the
  • riddle is solved and so it proved just
  • two days later the puzzle was cracked
  • and we knew how to get the tome and tame
  • these flappy monstrosities all you had
  • to do was hearth out of the instance
  • mid-fight with Zul and when your party
  • killed him you'd get the precious drop
  • go wild hunters wait really that's it I
  • mean I can see why that took so long to
  • just
  • cover but isn't it a little bit
  • like within minutes of news getting out
  • hunters were already getting turned down
  • from hug groups for the pretty
  • understandable reason that it was
  • assumed that they would be a dick and
  • pour out of the fight at 5% to get the
  • tome yes that's right
  • blizzard found a way to make hunters
  • even more asshole II in the eyes of the
  • community thanks blaze of course it
  • turned out later this was a bug an
  • unexpected exploit of the real intended
  • way to get the drop which was to kill
  • Zul in a raid group of only hunters not
  • that it matters because it was hot fixed
  • pretty quickly in the spirit of fairness
  • to make it drop automatically from any
  • normal or hires will kill and that's a
  • real shame because the idea of huge pug
  • groups of hunters heading into heroic
  • Zul was awesome and stupid and fun and I
  • liked fun ok so most of us would have to
  • wait until like 8.3 or something before
  • it was realistic but what a great idea
  • to bring the hunter community together
  • in mutual resentment of each other for a
  • common yet ugly and terrifying cause
  • please don't stop trying to do stuff
  • like this secrets team it's great in
  • fact next time make it so you have to be
  • in a party of only gnome hunters the
  • player base will love it and finally
  • today some actual news that isn't angry
  • Christmas New Year shenanigans but
  • actual current news the new raid battle
  • for desire allure hits on January 22nd
  • or 23rd this month and with it new
  • azurite rings I levels mini sets mounts
  • pets and bosses the faction raid all
  • about the faction war where we will kill
  • faction leaders aplenty no matter what
  • faction we play don't want to kill rasta
  • Khan because your horde well tough titty
  • loser because we're going to swap you
  • out to Alliance and you're going to kill
  • him anyway
  • or else your raid is over after 5 bosses
  • don't want a Bop Jaina because your
  • Alliance unlucky son because you're
  • getting your hard groove on and she is
  • toast and it's your fault
  • confusing a bit maybe but Blizzard have
  • this week clarified exactly how the
  • whole structure of the raid will work
  • and also some very specific details for
  • the first time and we are probably going
  • to do a whole video on each factions
  • journey through the instance and the
  • lore behind the bosses and different
  • encounters because I think it probably
  • deserves it but the basic idea is that
  • the Alliance fight their way up through
  • the dark
  • and the Horde through the jungle where
  • they face three bosses which are the
  • same fight but with different skins
  • depending on which side you're on
  • which is pretty neat then the Alliance
  • head through the inner palace and take
  • on three more bosses including Rasta
  • Khan when the horror to get there a
  • little bit later the fight is over and
  • they get told the story of what happened
  • which is where they change to Alliance
  • characters to do the fights like they're
  • hearing about it in a flashback after
  • they've killed the three Alliance only
  • bosses they are back being themselves
  • again and they chase the enemy out of
  • the docks and take on three horde only
  • bosses including Jana in her epic boat
  • battle after the Alliance have killed
  • Rasta Kaunas themselves they talked to
  • someone who tells them the story of what
  • the Horde just did which is when they
  • become horde characters and relive the
  • story of the last three bosses still
  • confused good because we want you to
  • watch the next video where we explain it
  • in much more detail but the reason we
  • bring it up is because of the first time
  • Blizz have clarified what races on the
  • opposite faction your character will
  • change you for those faction bending
  • encounters this probably isn't really
  • important for anything but it's fun to
  • talk about and we deserve some fun and
  • there seems to have been some basic
  • logical thought put into it so with the
  • odd exceptions for classes that don't
  • correlate dran i interchange with terran
  • because you know hooves i guess humans
  • swap out with forsaken which is fair
  • because they are the same species
  • technically more interestingly Night
  • Elves interchange with trolls which is a
  • nice touch since they originally evolved
  • from trolls in Laura Morgan turned into
  • trolls too which is confusing because
  • worgen are humans though surely anyway
  • nothing turns into worgen sucks to be
  • them goblins and gnomes swap obviously
  • while blood elves become human and
  • pandas are just deleted by the
  • space-time continuum no word on the
  • Allied races yet but you can probably
  • work it out oh we're back we're back
  • baby it's 2019
  • it's the weekly reset just a little bit
  • late there's many reasons why it is late
  • this week that way I really didn't want
  • to talk about all that that we we
  • talked about the beginning like everyone
  • else had their their say on it over the
  • course of the Christmas holidays and
  • stuff like that and I was
  • so glad we don't have to do this
  • I'm so glad we're out of there just no
  • other news yes I had to say had to go
  • back and do a key that recap stuff was
  • there and then I thought well maybe we
  • can just wait cuz maybe I'll Friday
  • blizzards like drop the PTR for eight
  • point one point five what eight point
  • two or something be coming soon that PTR
  • I mean we don't have some proper news
  • yeah didn't happen
  • no so there's some next week always were
  • in trouble frankly yeah oh yeah and
  • you're still working off a laptop so yes
  • that's what we'll blame will blame on
  • the laptop that's all well we actually
  • finished filming this like a week ago
  • but just takes so long to edit on the
  • laptops sorry
  • I have to say though because Taliesin
  • has been using the laptop to work and
  • play that means that I have to play on
  • my macbook which doesn't count no it
  • doesn't count as playing it doesn't it
  • just counts as kind of like porting from
  • place to place a couple streams time you
  • have to press any buttons to actually
  • attack anything imagine if you didn't
  • play beast mastery hunter I played like
  • a proper car I know I know being serious
  • job maybe not this expense anyway but
  • there will be news coming up soon though
  • because obviously these are allure is
  • coming out in the rain which means oh
  • it's coming out on the 22nd in the US
  • the 23rd in the EU and why is that an
  • important date I don't know yeah you do
  • I do you think internet am i doing
  • that's Cameron no now you're doing it
  • wrong because I was defending me why
  • it's totally a birthday I knew that 57
  • years by the time this video is finished
  • that's how older be but ah one minute
  • missed what I feel like it's Christmas
  • and birthday prett but that means
  • internet now we're gonna say it's next
  • week as well to remind you but it's
  • important now as well you've only got
  • until then to get your cutting edge
  • achievement okay have you gotten yours
  • well we're eight together so you tell me
  • I don't know no we secretly mythic we
  • don't say well or guide for um desire
  • all coming out as our next not weekly
  • reset reset
  • yeah and and we said galore now we're
  • back hey new you baby I've done that bit
  • we're back with we're still back every
  • time you say New Year baby I just want
  • to do like finger pistols for somebody
  • why cowboy no just makes it you know you
  • know if in Red Dead Redemption - even if
  • you did that you get arrested just
  • fingers hello there good porn ooh what
  • in tarnation but so all of that
  • excitement to come in the new New Year's
  • resolutions we'll see you use resolution
  • more game really are you saying more
  • game do you mean my video games or do
  • you mean place more in game why not
  • mine are coded Monaco's more game well
  • there you go guys
  • mm my team might be our last year on
  • this war game to you brother sisters if
  • you enjoyed this game don't thank us
  • thank our patrons to give the actual
  • real-life money to keep this game going
  • on yeah if you didn't like it down vote
  • the out of it remember my name is
  • BAE ah it's not though no she's got
  • gaming my name is Taliesin for me and me
  • ever till next time
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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has made it to 2019! Patch 8.1 is up and running but REALLY need that new Battle of Dazar'alor raid to release (and some Kul Tiran human and Zandalari troll allied races would be nice too). After 3 weeks off, Taliesin catches up on the disasters, rage and scandals surrounding Activision Blizzard over the new year including falling stock prices, WoW banned in China, 100's of staff layoffs, CFO resignations, the in-game store See You Later Bundle fiasco and the XP nerf, while Evitel walks us through the Crawg hunter pet discovery and gets us ready for the new raid... is your Night Elf going to be happy turning into a troll to kill Jaina? All this and more on the Weekly Reset: Taliesin and Evitel's Wondrous Wisdomshow.

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