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Video FIRST SUSHI EXPERIENCE in Japan With John Daub From "Only in Japan"
17:17   |   views   |   01/01/2019


  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • hey guys I've been to Japan for a few
  • times now and there's a video that lot
  • of you guys been asking me to make that
  • I've never made mainly because
  • throughout my life I just never really
  • been into sushi or just raw stuff in
  • general I mean I've had a little bit of
  • sushi before once in the States and once
  • in Korea but I never really sat down for
  • a sushi meal especially not here in
  • Japan and this time I've been here for
  • about a month now my local friend has
  • been encouraged me to give it a try so
  • you know what I'm an open-minded food
  • person so that's why I'm at the Tsukiji
  • market and so she's done my one of the
  • most popular sushi shops in Tokyo and
  • we're gonna sit down for a proper sushi
  • meal and I'll be honest with you guys I
  • really don't know the first thing about
  • eating sushi properly so I'm gonna have
  • a fresh show me the ropes there's my
  • buddy Jon from only in Japan hey nice of
  • you to show me around today my pleasure
  • you better hear what 20 years into 20
  • years yeah so you know your way around a
  • sushi place you could say that yeah and
  • we're right in front of the Tsukiji
  • market gate right now it's closed really
  • really excited but I you been inside is
  • it I am pretty sad about it they closed
  • this on to the public on September 30th
  • this market will be moved officially on
  • October 11th oh I've never been inside
  • but you have is it as magnificent as we
  • all dreamed of if you love sushi this
  • was heaven you can see all the food that
  • was still freshly caught auctioned off
  • and then served right here at the sushi
  • shops my first time eating sushi I'm
  • glad to have an expert show me the ropes
  • is there anything I need to be aware of
  • you have to be hungry first of all I
  • always am this sushi is super fresh here
  • okay you know you can eat it any way you
  • like sushi is the original Street food
  • in Japan yeah but we now treat it like
  • it's art yes the reason why I'm going to
  • this place is because
  • it meets it's not high quality high-end
  • sushi like she's judo yes this is like
  • hits at sweet spot where it's not
  • conveyor belt sushi for $1 it's actually
  • it's perfect and this is your favorite
  • sushi place oh yeah oh yeah I'm excited
  • my first official sushi meal and before
  • we go we're going to a shrine to pray
  • for sushi okay
  • yeah let's let's do that
  • [Music]
  • we're at the shrine this is where you
  • would pray but I want to show you this
  • this is sushi what God are we praying -
  • is there a sushi god this is a Shinto
  • shrines yeah it's just a place where you
  • would give your respects his husband
  • would come here to pray I guess because
  • it's right next to the inner market
  • where the auction was going pup going by
  • so pray for success in business
  • sure I'm safety on the Seas things like
  • this but I like to come here to think
  • that we're praying for a good meal you
  • know what that is basically all I ever
  • pray for so let's let's show our
  • respects I saw how they did it before oh
  • they have instructions Oh
  • clap twice you want to give like five
  • yen five yen okay five UN's the magic
  • number is five yen all right thank you
  • thank you sure what do we put the five
  • yen so you throw it uh-huh
  • okay what if you miss your meals gonna
  • be bad yeah go and ring the bell the
  • Bell
  • [Music]
  • it's about twice deeply
  • pray bow again finished all right it's
  • meal better be good yeah I'm hungry
  • welcome to sue she's on my I'm excited I
  • mean they got me pumps it says there
  • anything that oh that's right it's your
  • first time I don't know what I don't
  • know what again so cool well lay it on
  • me
  • in that case I'm gonna recommend that we
  • go for a nigiri sushi okay I like this
  • because when you sit at a counter yeah
  • you get to see them making the sushi
  • yeah absolutely
  • what sabe oh yeah hi I love wasabi
  • there's a good balance between the
  • Mesabi you don't really need a lot but
  • the sushi chef will put the wasabi in
  • yeah so this issue for you you don't
  • have to add extra oh so like in between
  • daughter's sushi and the rice right
  • however with that said I kind of like to
  • add a little bit more
  • I love this place because it's so
  • vibrant it's so alive yeah shouting out
  • people are having a good time here it's
  • all about the fun with sue she's on mine
  • you don't put the wasabi in the soy
  • sauce now a lot of people say that
  • that's like a faux pas
  • something that you probably shouldn't do
  • but I do it okay I think you eat it the
  • way that you want to hook up and no
  • one's gonna judge you okay you know I
  • love that about you John I do I think
  • that's why we can be good friends so I
  • like to break the chopsticks and we say
  • this word called eat that icky mustard I
  • learned that in Japanese class you did
  • in the u.s. that was very important to
  • me I remember that because I knew that
  • was words gonna come in handy a lot down
  • the road yeah it's the biggest food word
  • that you got to know when you're in
  • Japan and it's kind of a way where we
  • kind of give thanks for the food that
  • we're gonna be eating kind of like
  • saying grace yeah well hey I'm thankful
  • every single day let's do it
  • we must all right so do you drink the
  • soup first or what do you do um you can
  • drink the soup with the sushi now the
  • sushi is here on the counter this is
  • normal a lot of the people first-timers
  • will put the sushi onto the platter here
  • that's that's what I did right at first
  • yeah then they're they told me it like
  • they said some stuff I didn't understand
  • by the print I pretty much got the fact
  • that I should have done that but the
  • sushi will always be here on the counter
  • right and you just take it and you'll
  • dip it there is some wasabi there is
  • some ginger and the ginger also kind of
  • cleanses the bacteria they say yeah for
  • me I just like it cause it's ginger yeah
  • it includes the power between the pieces
  • right yes okay so we're ready to eat
  • yeah we are ready to eat Wow seriously
  • the biggest bowl of miso soup I've ever
  • seen it's so good this is just seaweed
  • so simple well there's my Nevison what
  • do you usually start off with everything
  • is really good but I'm gonna start off
  • right now with the Negi total okay wait
  • that's the same thing I have here
  • where's the negitoro negitoro is is
  • minced up to none
  • that looks pretty a little dip huh oh
  • crap
  • I think I stood up all right messed up
  • already I'm trying rescue my tuna before
  • it falls into the soy sauce all right
  • that was definitely something you should
  • not do
  • but I saved it no you didn't call my
  • friend how was it Wow
  • I really thought II that was Chu total
  • that's the fatty part of the tuna it's
  • pretty premium cut
  • is it wrong to say that finger looking
  • good cuz I mean I touched you my bigger
  • and some of the fat residue will still
  • want him I'll tell you what that's my
  • first bite of sushi in Japan that was
  • magnificent that was like fatty I mean
  • it was like a pork belly except for its
  • fish it melted everywhere and that rice
  • actually every grain of that rice touch
  • that fat and became like it on its own
  • just beautiful as well the taste comes
  • together right just the perfect amount
  • of wasabi that saltiness from the soy
  • sauce the rice and the Magan oh I'm so I
  • look at my chopsticks from that that was
  • way better tonight than I could have
  • imagined it no I've seen kids do this
  • uh-huh I don't know if this is the right
  • way they will dip this the ginger yeah
  • the soy sauce and then wipe it on like a
  • paintbrush really yeah I've seen people
  • do it I mean that's that's probably the
  • safer way to not like have the things
  • fall over the place it's like food art
  • alright Wow Wow that's why she then you
  • get to eat your handiwork there we go
  • right this needs a whole lemon
  • I don't know she wasn't there Motaba
  • Mosconi dilemma okay about a half when
  • in doubt ask the chef it's okay to eat
  • the lemon but most people maybe don't
  • get that lemon okay I'm gonna now you
  • the lemon this is kind of scary for me
  • this is like a whole raw shrimp oh wow
  • you got one too yeah actually I got one
  • too will do alright let's do it together
  • it's clean it's so clean there's a
  • little bit of creaminess to it but its
  • moist
  • this is a sweet shrimp not everybody's
  • gonna like it I love the tuna way more
  • than the shrimp I'll tell you that much
  • it's interesting for me because I I
  • never had it like that before but to
  • know for me what's much more enjoyable
  • it's not bad but it was this little
  • mushroom you're gonna get a variety of
  • taste everything is gonna have a
  • different different touch on the palate
  • I'm gonna challenge you with the ich
  • event okay what's the Iike eat guys
  • squid this is the white one with the
  • leat with the shiso leaf on it I'm sorry
  • eating a garden there's really floral
  • mm-hmm Wow oh that leaf is insane very
  • chewy
  • that was slime you know yeah you know
  • Eco is actually not my favorite probably
  • low on the list but it's interesting
  • isn't it I love the leaf this seriously
  • I was like sure like I'm walking through
  • a rosebush like it's just so floral it
  • makes you happy but then the slimy
  • that's gonna cook it a little bit all
  • right what's next let's go eat cut up
  • this is the prettiest because it looks
  • like a treasure trove I had this before
  • and like rice dishes I love how it all a
  • little bubbles explode and covers up all
  • the rice but as soon as you feel like
  • you eat some flavor with the rice in
  • your mouth a little bubble pops I like
  • that I love that now you have any that's
  • sea urchin oh yeah this is gonna be
  • interesting guys I'll tell you what I've
  • said in the past I don't like ruining
  • that much because it tastes like the
  • ocean sneezed in my mouth it's gotta be
  • fresh in order to be good I mean I have
  • this in super-g
  • you know I was like mmm I mean I had a
  • cut okay this is the test
  • way less oceany than what I had before
  • the last time I had it literally it felt
  • like a nasty sneeze from the ocean right
  • in here so this one is actually a very
  • fresh and extremely creamy when you get
  • it fresh it's really the lightening so
  • this is OG this is horse mackerel and
  • I'm involve a macro I never had a rod
  • that doesn't taste like an interesting
  • you chased a macro flavor when it's
  • fresh it's like it's very well they add
  • a little bit of the onions to it
  • mmm that's why you dip it in a little
  • bit of the soy sauce it adds some of the
  • saltiness kind of some umami taste of it
  • almost like a refreshing piece of sushi
  • cuz it really doesn't have a lot of very
  • distinct heavy flavoring right
  • very subtle like you said very subtle
  • everything almost I think I like a grill
  • more but uh this is interesting I've
  • seen you you've seen time ago right yeah
  • of course but this one they've kind of
  • shoved it in there like a sandwich yeah
  • this is really nice it's almost like a
  • Shinto shrine gate hard-up very sweet
  • very good sweet egg it's just a slight
  • bit of sugar in there that's really good
  • well I like that I think this is caviar
  • of some kind I love this it's it could
  • on a different level really punchy love
  • the texture yeah I love the natural
  • crunchiness to it it's flavor like the
  • ocean like the nice rule it's just
  • subtle little brightness to it that's my
  • second second favorite piece so far wow
  • this is some sort of fish I'm not really
  • sure I you don't know you never had this
  • one it looks like a little bit like a
  • sea monster there are different kinds of
  • sushi oh that good that's my jam
  • really mm-hmm very crunchy texture very
  • mild I think that piece is more about
  • the texture a little wasabi it's okay
  • guys that means red and guys its type of
  • shellfish red selfish as for the rest
  • shellfish next time you're here so this
  • is like uh this is just a shrimp egg
  • yeah you eat the whole thing you don't
  • get the whole fan or you don't they can
  • see all the brains and all the organs in
  • there yeah oh man this is good stuff you
  • don't need this legs or anything right I
  • think just suck you suck it out that's
  • the miso I loved us huh not about that
  • the legs are nice too
  • now you delish Yuda legs a little
  • crunchy shrimp crackers man that's the
  • stuff this is a scallop
  • hoe today I don't think I have a scallop
  • I have this dog oh yeah
  • green onions Wow I love that you get all
  • this variety on the plate mm-hmm and
  • then when you get to the last two hmm
  • the decisions get hard now which one do
  • you go with next Oh beautiful piece of
  • Chu Chu total which is a premium cut of
  • Megara or this I'm gonna go oh it's a
  • freshwater eel I decided already I I I'm
  • saving the tuna for last oh I I love the
  • tuna so this thing although it looks
  • great I'm gonna get it first and I got a
  • huge piece pieces okay okay so don't try
  • you know on one piece yeah I try to do
  • that and they stop me okay don't do that
  • yeah don't Jack Bauer this thing just
  • cut it off don't wanna bite it oh that's
  • nice no that's smoking is sweet I don't
  • know is in my top three
  • oh god you get on a go the eels are
  • great it's so tender isn't it yeah this
  • is way different denominator the you I
  • had in Korea which is crunchy crunchy
  • texture this is like the opposite of
  • that
  • what's it completely melting you could
  • take a butter knife and spread that over
  • a toast
  • that's how buttery that is you didn't
  • cut this apart with chopsticks it's so
  • incredibly soft
  • not forever chaser will over me so I
  • gotta be fresh for this last piece of
  • tuna no ginger clean the palate oh yeah
  • I didn't know him I didn't know I would
  • like to show so much this is for sure my
  • favorite I mean this is remarkable how
  • much I like this well I appreciate your
  • help
  • guiding me on this sort of sushi soul
  • journey today the last piece I dedicate
  • to you my friend thank you Mike I mean I
  • would give it to you I like it so much I
  • live here I can come here any time I
  • kind of wish I had that last piece now
  • no satisfying save the best for last
  • ultimate food strategy the reason why I
  • love this place Mike is because it hits
  • this sweet spot in the market it's not
  • the conveyor belt sushi grabs really
  • really ultra cheap right it's not bad
  • and then there's the high-end sushi
  • that's just like way off the charts it's
  • more like eating art than it is food
  • yeah here you can kind of just relax be
  • yourself it's just fun you can relax and
  • not worry about people staring at you
  • like the chef's looking at you and
  • saying no he's eating it wrong you can
  • come into sue she's on my eat the sushi
  • and you can talk yes a lot of
  • restaurants I go through in Japan I'm
  • afraid I go in there I'm like it's gonna
  • whisper you might food and get out and
  • there's no like you don't have to wait a
  • year for your reservation here yeah you
  • can wait maybe 10 minutes on a busy day
  • but the purpose of sushi to me is to
  • have fun eating it having you show me
  • the ropes in like these guys being all
  • nice and giving me these great pieces
  • yeah they put on a show for you I like
  • that I like being able to eat what they
  • make on a beautiful platter like this oh
  • it's gorgeous it's art it's reasonably
  • priced yeah how much sold mine was like
  • $30 yeah but it's about $28 a bucks and
  • this this I like a high-end place would
  • be like a hundred and two hundred bucks
  • maybe yeah three to four times the price
  • yeah is this the guy that bit like three
  • million dollars on a piece of yes to
  • know something shot you or the president
  • of sushis on my every year on New Year's
  • he would go and pay a ridiculous amount
  • of money for the first two not because
  • he believes it brings good luck they get
  • the fish just at Tsukiji market and the
  • market just like everybody else
  • yeah but they found a way to make it
  • affordable and hit that sweet spot for
  • pricing quality I love it this
  • experience it's real is really
  • remarkable in that I'll definitely
  • remember it for a long time so thank you
  • so much my friend and guys don't forget
  • to check out his channel this guy is
  • here in Japan all the time his channel
  • is called only in Japan the link is
  • available for you in my description box
  • below thank you all again so much for
  • watching until we get again see you
  • later

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I don't eat sushi, but I thought I'd give it a try since I've been to Japan a few times already. I met up with my friend John from "Only in Japan" so he can show me what sushi is all about. I have to say I liked the tuna a lot! With his help, I had a great and fun experience at Sushizanmai.

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