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Video 5 Future Concept Cars You Must See
10:01   |   views   |   10/06/2018


  • in today's world more more new car
  • models are starting to look the same bad
  • news if you want to stand out
  • fortunately there are still a few models
  • that offer unique futuristic designs
  • that distinguish themselves from the
  • crowd and move along automotive styling
  • trends we have listed five of those
  • models for drivers who want their cars
  • to be trendsetters rather than trend
  • followers Royce vision next 100 ultra
  • luxury car brand Rolls Royce has built
  • an extreme futuristic concept car that's
  • billed as the first ever pure vision
  • vehicle the wild rolls-royce vision next
  • 100 made its splash debut at London's
  • roundhouse arts venue it boasted
  • dazzling design including 28 inch wills
  • with a silky wool sofa in the interior
  • it also has advanced technological
  • features such as total self-driving
  • capability this car is just about as
  • concept as concept vehicle gets but some
  • of the elements of the car's features
  • could eventually be integrated into a
  • production car in its statement
  • rolls-royce acknowledged that the
  • immense 12 cylinder engines that have
  • powered its huge cars in recent years
  • are most unlikely to exist in the future
  • so adding a dose of mystery rolls added
  • one can only surmise how the Rolls Royce
  • will be powered but it did say the
  • vision next hundred generates zero
  • emissions features include artificial
  • intelligence making the extreme luxury
  • car fully self-driving steering will not
  • welcome here in creating a virtual
  • assistant that will provide
  • recommendations on destinations and
  • scheduling organic light-emitting diode
  • touchscreen Makassar wood paneling
  • deep-pile ivory wood carpet and a silky
  • wool sofa for comfortable sitting on the
  • interior
  • a nineteen point four foot long 5.2 foot
  • high body equaling the same dimensions
  • as the extended wheelbase edition of the
  • rolls-royce phantom luggage compartment
  • near the front wheels there was no price
  • list for this vehicle as a concept it's
  • not for sale and for those who don't
  • like the way that it looks that's
  • probably a good thing
  • vision Mercedes made box six ping homage
  • to the classics of the past in carrying
  • the tradition into the future the vision
  • Mercedes made box six coupe concept
  • represents the ultimate in automotive
  • luxury the vision Mercedes may box six
  • is almost 6 meters in length and is
  • powered by a 4 motor all-electric
  • all-wheel drive system delivering 738
  • horsepower the shallow underfloor
  • battery allows for a range of over 200
  • miles according to the EPA and a
  • visionary quit charge function will
  • allow you to add around 62 miles to your
  • range in just about five minutes of
  • charging aesthetically the vision
  • Mercedes may box six has two main
  • characteristics sensual emotional design
  • hot and intelligent details cool for
  • example the classic show car proportions
  • the extremely long hood long roof line
  • and rearward positioning of the
  • greenhouse appeal to the hot side while
  • the smart aerodynamics and technical
  • character of the narrow lights partially
  • transparent rims and the split rear
  • window reflect the coolest etics the
  • interior of the vision Mercedes may box
  • six features an incomparable 360 degree
  • lounge that synthesizes the two values
  • the digital displays are contrasted by
  • high quality leather and wood trim
  • including elm wood and the floor area
  • the padded leather upholstery includes
  • miniature body sensor displays that
  • monitor passengers vitals and
  • automatically adjust climate control and
  • massage functions they also capture
  • light in color for example the color of
  • the occupants clothing in order to
  • create a new emotional lighting effect
  • in the interior
  • [Music]
  • BMW vision next 100 if the BMW vision
  • next 100 concept cars a glimpse of the
  • future then won't like what we are
  • seeing the vision next hundred was first
  • unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in
  • March but BMW has been adding cars to
  • its line that is celebrating the
  • automaker's hundredth birthday
  • the BMW vision next 100 has two
  • different driving modes boost mode is
  • for classic manual driving but ease mode
  • will make it a self-driving car if you
  • go with boost mode the heads-up display
  • will show the ideal route on the
  • windshield and other notifications like
  • oncoming vehicles in boost mode the
  • artificial intelligence system shares
  • important vehicle data in navigation
  • instructions and the head-up display
  • makes recommendations for optimizing
  • driving performance but if you click
  • into ease mode the heads-up display will
  • show content you want to see like your
  • email and the steering wheel will
  • retract to hand over to their onboard
  • autopilot the driver needs to touch the
  • BMW logo in the center of the steering
  • wheel and fully automated driving will
  • be activated in ease mode the companion
  • now takes over all driving duties and
  • steers you safely and securely on your
  • way following the switch to ease mode
  • the companion sculpture on the dashboard
  • and next to the cars windscreen and
  • illuminates blue and white this acts as
  • a visual contact for other road users
  • and signals that the vehicle is now
  • operating in fully automated driving
  • mode the car also comes with an
  • artificial intelligence system dubbed
  • companion that can learn your driving
  • preferences to set them up in advance
  • the body of the concept car is designed
  • to maximize aerodynamic efficiency and
  • is constructed primarily out of recycled
  • materials in some parts of the car like
  • the side panels are made of carbon fiber
  • perhaps our favorite feature are the
  • wheels that make this beautiful sleek
  • movement with the rest of the car when
  • the steering wheel is turned
  • Faraday future ff01 Faraday future the
  • california-based electronic car company
  • that's been operating in stealth mode
  • for the past year and a half made its
  • first big splash at the Consumer
  • Electronics Show with the unveiling of
  • the ff01 a high-performance concept car
  • this machine looks more appropriate for
  • a racetrack than the city streets thanks
  • to acclaimed 1,000 horsepower a zero to
  • 60 time under three seconds and a top
  • speed over 200 miles per hour of course
  • those are purely theoretical numbers as
  • this is just a concept though the
  • company teases that it could see a
  • limited production the design features a
  • glass roof which offers a clear view of
  • the white carbon fiber interior in some
  • of the cars more novel ideas like a
  • smartphone mount on the center of the
  • steering wheel the hello safety system
  • that supports the drivers head and neck
  • and a helmet that feeds the driver water
  • and oxygen the instrument panel is also
  • designed to gather biometric data about
  • the driver the most important thing the
  • production car and the ff01 will have in
  • common is the engineering platform on
  • which they're built Faraday features
  • variable platform architecture is a
  • modular engineering system designed
  • specifically for electric vehicles
  • basically this keyboard style chassis
  • can easily be adjusted by changing the
  • length of the rails and other structures
  • in addition Faraday engineers also
  • developed a new battery structure that
  • is arranged in rows or a spare date
  • calls it strings adding or removing
  • strings allows the company to change the
  • battery capacity combined the new
  • platform enables the company to develop
  • new wheel bases and build a variety of
  • electric vehicles quickly and
  • efficiently
  • Chevrolet F&R ex concept from the front
  • the find new roads ex looks
  • unmistakeably like a Camaro but it will
  • apparently take the form of a plug-in
  • hybrid with all-wheel drive
  • it will feature autonomous driving
  • capabilities and will tailor its
  • performance according to drivers mood so
  • if the sensors detect that you are in a
  • bad mood the car will try to cheer you
  • up by switching to a sport chassis and
  • engine modes the side mirrors are also
  • replaced with cameras which seems to be
  • an obligatory requirement for concept
  • cars we're hoping that the F and rx will
  • retain at least some of its original
  • sci-fi based features such as its iris
  • recognition start system and front seats
  • that swivel 180 degrees when driving
  • autonomously the FN rx concept also
  • recently made an appearance in the
  • Chevrolet CG film the human race with
  • stunning special effects
  • thanks for watching subscribe for more

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In today's world more and more new car models are starting to look the same. Bad news if you want to stand out. Fortunately there are still a few models that offer unique futuristic designs that distinguish themselves from the crowd and move along automative styling trend. We have listed 5 of those models for drivers who want their cars to be trans setters rather than trend followers.


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