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Video Lonzo Ball Gets Booed By Lakers Crowd Then Scores 0 Points In Embarrassing Loss To Timberwolves!
05:29   |   views   |   01/06/2019


  • he's got to look to make plays for
  • himself before his teammates as another
  • missed foul shot attempt I live the wall
  • in Lakers they've missed 11 and who's
  • from the crowd it's the second first
  • point pull Laker Lakers in over five
  • minutes
  • well you dip it in the grass here is
  • teach today
  • eat good with pillow on the shot clock
  • Brandi gets to go all the way gonna be
  • taking Lakers now over their last four
  • to eight oh one Jeff Teague because I
  • can't escape this being a tiger just a
  • couple of minutes into the game
  • very aggressive down the interior thr
  • another three a quick and I'm talking
  • quick twelve point lead the Lakers have
  • got to get their act together
  • ronzo now we'll bring it to the right
  • side but you get it right back the key
  • had no opportunity full rebounds for
  • karl-anthony towns it there's that
  • halfway through the quarter and Lakers
  • take a timeout and they needed exactly
  • six minutes to play then you look at
  • that scoreboard you think to do football
  • Sunday or what what do we say about
  • Wiggins he can be explosive especially
  • against the Lakers he's got 16 Ingram
  • misses repairs have been a huge issue
  • for him those blockers nice
  • very shy about playing good defense on
  • that sequence you grab all the way
  • Ingram engrams he confronts three slaves
  • but finds the way counts gives it right
  • to zone
  • score to play in the quarter there's
  • another throw by Teague Lakers don't
  • having anybody in double figures yet to
  • shoot 41% from shut up hoping to get
  • into the paint and scoring miss shot
  • ahead of the pack is crowded in scoring
  • 23 points 10 assists and a comeback win
  • over Orlando their last out
  • watch back
  • and then the secondary defender spoils
  • the party where the Lakers had a shot to
  • get it to single digits they had a three
  • to cut it to nine the first quarter
  • Wiggins beyond the arc
  • andrew wiggins and it's back to 19 and
  • you give up 60 plus in half you're
  • generally gonna be trailing bankrupt
  • looks to attack
  • it's assistant at first to have it
  • seemed like he did 16 yeah he really
  • just done he had his way with the Lakers
  • boards tonight Wiggins after that great
  • special the Lakers allow a second chance
  • slam don't bucket this is from the
  • outside so it's old foot three overall
  • in polka tune from downtown one
  • afternoon of berry Minnesota they don't
  • stay in going back in Southern
  • California here you know he kicks it
  • back for launch on make this a reluctant
  • to shoot it Lonzo now dumps it we'll get
  • it back
  • look at this tube and game into the
  • corner Beasley that's good passing by
  • the Lakers Negro run free-throw line
  • will fall back Wiggins collection to
  • want to make a three on two wickets two
  • big steps terrible powers right after to
  • go to Dallas whistle 23-point lead is
  • their biggest I did
  • on the hip with towns take it by the
  • lakers lead pass Ingram finds Alonso and
  • gets blocked by Aldi not get it down but
  • the Lakers are taken he knows it but
  • struggles at least I feed on this to
  • both hear each other has a cushion they
  • can afford it dry spells that seven
  • boards misfire
  • [Music]
  • no one brand had just looked up at it so
  • he's absolutely aware of it the Lakers
  • leading scorer right now is Brandon
  • Ingram with 13
  • look at that shot chart all of his makes
  • for basically layups are very close to a
  • layup struggling from the field as he's
  • 5 out of 16 ya heard me say it many
  • times bears repeating any time you shot
  • attempts equal or more than your total
  • points you have not had a good offensive
  • night and Brandon with 15 points but 16
  • attempt now and he hasn't tried a three
  • it's interesting this is the one team
  • that he has shot the three well against
  • this year Lakers fall to 21 and 19
  • they've lost five or six three in a row
  • and 8 out of 11
  • they're now 8 and 9 and 11 on the road

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Lonzo Ball Gets Booed By Lakers Crowd Then Scores 0 Points In Embarrassing Loss To Timberwolves! Lakers vs Timberwolves January 6, 2019 NBA Season

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