Video How Julian Newman Prepared To Play LAMELO BALL! Jaden Newman Has A CRUSH On Melo!?

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How Julian Newman Prepared To Play LAMELO BALL! Jaden Newman Has A CRUSH On Melo!?
How Julian Newman Prepared To Play LAMELO BALL! Jaden Newman Has A CRUSH On Melo!? thumb How Julian Newman Prepared To Play LAMELO BALL! Jaden Newman Has A CRUSH On Melo!? thumb How Julian Newman Prepared To Play LAMELO BALL! Jaden Newman Has A CRUSH On Melo!? thumb


  • last time on hello hey stop stop playing
  • on your sandals we'll get it ready for
  • this huge game burst spire Academy
  • little ball BBB we're gonna get ready to
  • take this road trip to Kentucky 12 13
  • hour drive the biggest game in history
  • Downey verse fire julene for us Melo
  • it's your birthday be get your merch
  • this is more than a game this is prodigy
  • brands pop-up shop launch this is prize
  • you ran out that big ball boost
  • they're gonna know prodigy brand after
  • this weekend watch out BBB week coming
  • there's gonna be no stops everybody
  • knows about me I don't stop if you go to
  • the bathroom it's gonna be in a cup hey
  • hey cutie stop a little pee you got a
  • cup we'll get a cup I'm not trying to be
  • in a company you get a hold it for
  • another two and half hours
  • [Music]
  • arriving home but I'm a daddy want to
  • stop bro yeah real one no he'd go to 12
  • hours but soon you get there
  • me and my boys Dallas my best friends we
  • decided go get some food right yeah they
  • should be coming we were supposed to all
  • go to dinner together but we cut out
  • stairs and Julian's gone
  • nobody's de wallen well if you run you
  • know that's funny once they run you yeah
  • hey what's wrong boy really start my new
  • duck dads giving me trash for being
  • whips but he doesn't know he's talking
  • about he just texted me that they're not
  • coming
  • they're not coming I can't believe he
  • did stuff United bleh I just say
  • something say how high what'd she say
  • when you say how far she call right now
  • and that y'all you better get a ten you
  • saying you gonna bring it back ha
  • honestly we want sometimes just for the
  • guys didn't state though take it she got
  • left to set up
  • okay yeah it's not that serious vote
  • yeah thank you
  • the girls are still set you know the
  • face time in Section that's crazy
  • we just muted them and ate about to get
  • nap go to Zion game my boys I harmony
  • he's playing night we headed back to
  • here ready for this game you know we had
  • to sit in the front row for sighing
  • games
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • it's his first game back his last season
  • he's going off
  • congratulations my boy a new window back
  • at the gang nose on and Mimi chopping it
  • up how kind of game gonna be tomorrow
  • game you sold out for sure you and Melo
  • throw it out feels like I put on my
  • store you said yeah sorry
  • he gave me tips to stay focused and just
  • go out there and kill Hebert kill
  • tomorrow
  • that's about all these all these these
  • don't be taking I don't get nervous do
  • you I come with the right attitude and
  • no one knows everything's I've got a
  • metal mob or just do what you do
  • you guys save our energy
  • hey let's let's get a good three-man
  • weave in all right real quick
  • and we want to get up a lot of shots a
  • lot of ticker rolls Oh God as soon as I
  • ins game over we hop on the court and
  • get a last minute practice let's go my
  • dad's m.i.a so my assistant coach is
  • taking over 4 3 2 1 10 9 8 7 6
  • only you can dribble it only out but not
  • to score how know where the heck he is
  • but you better have a good excuse
  • let's see here we're gonna put this
  • pop-up shop let's see so the only places
  • would be that and then that spot over
  • there I'm out here building getting
  • ready for the pop-up shop tomorrow
  • we got goats gary and coach eddie
  • handling the team getting the job done
  • for the major game
  • [Music]
  • these instructions for the
  • step-and-repeat is ridiculous
  • so let's pump these directions and just
  • put it together what it looks like
  • [Music]
  • this is marketing at its finest
  • marketing 101 getting out to the people
  • putting in front of their faces at big
  • opportunities like this
  • you know I can do anything to put
  • anything together and that's what we're
  • doing right now I think we did it if not
  • that's how it's gonna be
  • don't have to be perfect ten nine eight
  • seven six five four three two hey over
  • here let's go write as pie this is any
  • like that finally shows up hey everybody
  • over here let's go move quick quick
  • quick
  • everybody knows about my speeches the
  • key is speech needs a translate needs to
  • get into their bodies and their souls
  • and if they do that we can play with
  • anybody they know that listen tomorrow's
  • huge game you have UCLA Kentucky
  • Louisville USC Western Kentucky day in
  • Baylor everybody's here tomorrow you
  • have a chance to shock the world
  • tomorrow simple you got to come out
  • wanting it hard so come out here
  • tomorrow shock the world and you'll be
  • the biggest thing talked about in the
  • whole world you will be you win tomorrow
  • no one cares about LeBron
  • you won't hear about Houston James
  • Harden what you're gonna hear about is
  • Donny Christian shot gonna work for a
  • week
  • we undefeated here in Kentucky right
  • we're gonna keep it like that let's go I
  • was kind of know he was late but he
  • saved it with a great speech we're gonna
  • give the mellow inspire the best we got
  • one two three hey nope no PlayStation to
  • 4:00 in the morning tonight
  • [Music]
  • morning comes in today's the day of the
  • big game this is it everyone's away
  • [Music]
  • Julian verse mellow David first Goliath
  • I'm no one pictures us to win this game
  • today and I say you had Julian feelin
  • score more points and mellow but spy are
  • still gonna kick their ass hey the game
  • and day of the pop-up shop loss all
  • right make it line let's go where's the
  • last out right here Excel and Excel it
  • was crazy
  • it was more than I could ever ask for
  • think for the crowd left BBB everybody
  • can't you know hold place just shipped
  • it over to progeny branch paintball or
  • fight back problem mess I couldn't
  • believe how will we do hey go putting
  • one weight teacher away huh are you
  • getting some Wi-Fi now let's edit
  • nothing's working they gave me Wi-Fi
  • waiting for Wi-Fi to get the stuff this
  • even get online yet the problem is the
  • internet connection I'm Chuck the
  • Internet
  • hold on one second this place when I
  • have internet dated that's the problem
  • now internet not working
  • no Internet's down they got sneeze cash
  • out does anybody have cash up cash out
  • you have cash out cash app not working
  • now to change so you know other people
  • wrote everything is not working back
  • ending the connection is killing
  • everything just like this we gonna stop
  • hey you see this you see this we gotta
  • start piling them up like this then we
  • look we gotta think on our feet real
  • quick to get stuff done and of course we
  • did it the
  • this is it biggest game in basketball
  • high school history this game is huge
  • this is where Melo comes up on the sides
  • this is what we're here for you know
  • says put a body in front of them it's
  • only definitely feeling a little
  • pressure but at the end of the day I got
  • to take care of business and get that
  • money damn tip-off we started off strong
  • Julie came out hit a couple threes team
  • cannot lose this confidence after a good
  • four or five minutes start all of us so
  • we fit a knockdown shot
  • we're not rebounding come on big guys
  • are not getting back half the team is
  • scared to play you know we have to step
  • up you gonna win this game
  • opposite wake up if you wake up and make
  • shot it's a different story
  • [Music]
  • this game is closed but I can feel it
  • start to slip away that's really it
  • we're still eNOS Jillian she's gotta be
  • open
  • while we're back in our fall our team
  • cannot pull under adversity
  • so we show that we can't score points
  • with anybody when we want to I just
  • can't get anything go okay okay go shoot
  • the ball
  • it's looking bad right now but I not
  • fucking good
  • [Music]
  • next time on hello lumens lights on now
  • [Music]
  • Dan oh you gotta be mad about something
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  • that yet
  • you and your couch you're actually
  • slacking do that right now Larry says so

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It's your favorite time of the week! Another episode of HELLO NEWMANS. Today we got Julian Newman vs LAMELO BALL. Prodigy Brand vs BIG BALLER BRAND. This gonna pop off.

The Newmans are in full focused mode on this episode as they prepare for the biggest game of the year. This legit might've been the biggest HS game ever.

The game starts and Downey Christian is sticking with Spire, but can they keep up?

Find out next week on HELLO NEWMANS!

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