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Video Becoming Jeffree Star for a Day
29:50   |   02/23/2019 at 18:13


  • I recent I was a little girl I just love
  • things in my mouth
  • all right where is she
  • are you nude no I'm sweating it's hot I
  • said it really tight you can breathe you
  • seem a little asthmatic Neela wait
  • really
  • oh my god I love this you asthma yeah a
  • child okay so what are we doing today
  • what am i doing you're gonna be in full
  • makeup today we're gonna do a cool day
  • of how I start my day
  • so full wig makeup everything and we're
  • going to
  • warehouse have some meeting scheduled
  • about production plans for what's an
  • extra my brand all my international
  • travel we're gonna talk about what
  • YouTube videos are uploading we're gonna
  • work on updating the website we're gonna
  • work on launch that's it four days and
  • we also have three calls one with
  • Australia one with UK and one with Dubai
  • what are we gonna any time we eat all
  • day Domino's yes Domino's hashtag not
  • sponsored I wish surprise bitch yeah
  • it's gonna be really hard for you hi
  • wait is that you're doing my makeup for
  • real yeah I'm gonna turn you into oh my
  • god how long do you think I wanna look
  • so fucking hot I want to know what Nate
  • to fuck me okay I'm in there once before
  • okay I'm gonna bring a paper towel
  • that's dog
  • [Music]
  • okay alright let's go-o-o it like
  • v-formation
  • Oh can't you run upstairs and get like a
  • full like sweating the air is right
  • there it's coming down on you shave your
  • face first with what a razor I have a
  • brand new line your sister stocks what
  • the reason but this is her saver getting
  • one way are you saving a bowlful honor
  • do you want to keep your facial hair oh
  • no no I'm sister shaving so I can be
  • sisters twins okay
  • my sister cutter or razor yeah
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • wait why are you blue stick I snap code
  • leaves are glued on your eyebrows first
  • because I need to give you new ones
  • yeah HP's off like they're bad strays
  • first is gonna hurt
  • oh my god okay oh my god we've been
  • sister scary
  • have you ever met rod Rosalyn for no I
  • don't think so that exists we can tell
  • she's ripping them out of my head open
  • up your look like you're melting this is
  • very good like seeing you in pain gives
  • me all you love it yeah okay start
  • sister checking thank you so these hair
  • is like 80 inches long did you sister
  • droppers you have to glue them down in
  • order to give yourself a fresh base for
  • the makeup on top of it got it
  • you don't want your your brown apply no
  • keep your brows intact
  • I always keep your brow intact for this
  • next video all your body hair will wait
  • okay I have a question about the sister
  • scandals okay alright so you guys have
  • had a rough
  • [Laughter]
  • my tweets for White House are definitely
  • not something that I'm proud of I can't
  • believe we're going to Africa today oMG
  • what if we get Ebola Kim Kardashian
  • defended jeffree star after her fans
  • brought up racist comments that he made
  • in the past I am so sorry for everything
  • that I've said in my past and I have
  • lived with it for a long time but I feel
  • like recently people are like cool with
  • you guys and accepting that you guys my
  • opinion of jeffree star completely
  • changed when he did his apology video he
  • made a mistake he's learning from his
  • mistakes he's being kannathil about it
  • that's all that I can really expect from
  • my YouTube influences you know I mean if
  • anything I think like both Jeffrey and I
  • obviously Jeffrey's was 12 years ago my
  • scandals maggiore number six years ago
  • now we've both done a pretty good job
  • which is like showing people who we
  • really are and people want to both tell
  • me and him were something or not someone
  • wants to try to define us forever and
  • it's a keep that's not we are you that's
  • you know means so it takes time for
  • people to see the real you and we've
  • always been our authentic selves and I
  • think you know autistic carries you a
  • long way I mean I will say this like
  • we're you know we've only been here for
  • like half a day but you are so far away
  • like the most welcoming chill people
  • I've filmed with which I wasn't
  • expecting I was expecting to be honestly
  • like a little scared and like a little
  • sister intimidated it doesn't work I
  • mean that's who I am to the core and I
  • think a lot of the times people just see
  • the Gucci and the bullshit and they
  • don't see past it which is how am i
  • doing um because I'm scared sometimes to
  • let people see their real dads the team
  • you're covering up some of your truth
  • tea with judge percent joke it rhymes
  • but that's the reality
  • yeah it is yeah yeah if we mad like in
  • high school as is okay would you look at
  • my friend yes
  • really yeah I mean would you have like
  • you know sister stuff with you now
  • remember I was 400 something okay what I
  • love I'm gonna cry oh my god that was so
  • sweet
  • [Music]
  • Shayne why don't we never hang out in
  • the my space days I was so afraid of you
  • back hello God yeah everything's fine
  • I'm controlling the earth and everyone
  • loves me bye for real yeah I've always
  • wanted to ask this back when you were
  • famous on MySpace and you were like the
  • most famous person on I think great Jeff
  • [Music]
  • and everybody was kind of afraid of you
  • but that was back when your whole thing
  • was like I'll spit on you stupid bitch
  • yeah well it was also a different time
  • where her oh thank you oh great memory
  • love my legacy because my name is
  • Jeffrey you wanna suck my shit is it was
  • a different time where there was really
  • no men and makeup ten years ago was a
  • different breed of humans when I would
  • leave the house looking like this it
  • wasn't wow you look amazing it was you
  • faggot freak disgusting and I would get
  • spit on drinks thrown at me and everyone
  • it was a more aggressive time
  • guy or girl or what is it Shawn so I
  • would be aggressive back and say really
  • crazy shit I would fight people I've
  • gotten jumped by four guys at once that
  • beat me to the fucking ground you know
  • anything just for looking like this
  • that there were a few incidences where
  • like straight guys are trying to
  • antagonize me I'm like one guy sprayed
  • me in the face of water and I said
  • you're gonna spray me in the face with a
  • lot of shit but it's like when I'm in
  • Fleming full makeup and like 100 agree
  • whether No okay now if you're real diva
  • you always got to carry weapons with you
  • so my purse first of all we have a
  • butcher knife right ladies
  • wait what really that doesn't really
  • happen as much anymore people aren't as
  • aggressive as a whole you know strangers
  • don't scream that shit all the time at
  • least out here they used to but they
  • don't anymore so it was a different time
  • oh my god every star is so ugly without
  • makeup on
  • I mean it's actually pretty true I had a
  • very more aggressive front do not would
  • you know I can never smile in pictures
  • which I was secretly needs to get about
  • my teeth but I just look like a client
  • new lips new teeth new nose big eyes
  • fake hair fake eyebrows I don't know if
  • my mom never planned on this but when I
  • came out of her pussy she knew I wasn't
  • gonna look the same just my whole shtick
  • to never smile I was always just like
  • the the mannequin every day I hear the
  • same thing post a picture without makeup
  • I don't want help you got the wrong ho
  • here bitch you know ya know feelings
  • very like and you know it was a front I
  • put up and a great defense mechanism I'm
  • that fucked up at all it was hard to
  • deal with at the time
  • Oh
  • if my plane crashes eyes what'll
  • everyone know that I hear got spine and
  • then you did is the music something that
  • you like are embarrassed to talk about
  • or is it more like as such amazing
  • moments I think how it ended with me
  • quitting my dream career besides makeup
  • and having a not work out how I
  • envisioned is since day one it was
  • heartbreaking
  • so it's more as like sad reminiscent not
  • ever embarrassed of it you know I've had
  • the most craziest lyrics back man you
  • pull that shit up now everyone's
  • offended I recorded some fun crazy and
  • shit and a lot of people responded to it
  • was dark you know dark times
  • [Music]
  • next year is the tenth anniversary of my
  • first album beauty killer which features
  • Nicki Minaj I was one of the first
  • people to ever have one attract that's
  • so crazy that people don't talk about
  • that yeah I knew she was gonna be a star
  • the moment I heard her first song oh I
  • can show you how to do it boy on stage
  • is a whole nother thing that's crazy
  • with thousands of people that are
  • singing and they're singing the shit you
  • were doing on stage was crazy like you
  • were like throwing things freaking
  • things jumping into audience doing like
  • rock star stuff yeah very punk rock I
  • grew up in that war tore rock metal
  • [Applause]
  • I remember I sent you an email
  • years ago because I was like hey Jeffrey
  • you don't know who I am but I really
  • want to make videos but I also think
  • that I want to be a singer and I want to
  • I want to make a song and I want to be a
  • part of your record label then I was so
  • thankful that you never saw that cuz I
  • said oh my god
  • but but the fact that here we are what
  • was that meeting so 10 8 7 years ago
  • yeah the fact we're just here now is so
  • pretty with God and I look like this
  • [Laughter]
  • would you ever go can I find it all
  • myself and you do music videos and have
  • fun
  • in my own terms now absolutely so I'm
  • contemplating well I remember off-camera
  • one time yeah you tell me that you kind
  • of like sent a lot of like famous guys
  • attack oh yeah what you're doing that
  • for like fun or for money oh yeah that
  • we've never talked about that camera
  • that's very like mm wait whose is there
  • like a name you can give us a like who's
  • like the most famous do you know I'm not
  • answering that we buy it what like look
  • I'm gonna looking your eyes are getting
  • your makeup done I have had was the lady
  • yeah I've had men tell me if you ever
  • say
  • anything ever happened between us I will
  • kill you or I'll hire someone to kill
  • you you will not make it home on the
  • freeway so on a real level okay this is
  • real life in LA I will never say their
  • names it's not worth it is dead don't
  • make shit you don't want something to
  • know that you're into me
  • or you're into dudes or you're into
  • whatever that's their business so I'm
  • not gonna be the one to have her put
  • them out there and ruin their lives and
  • their families this is yours so BAM
  • here is the thirsty palate oh my god
  • say hello to my fourth palates thirsty
  • bitch how do you think of your names of
  • your ten years like real sex I've done
  • other things like Theresa the females
  • love that but me fucking a chick Oh cute
  • a very simple but rhinestone like you
  • bags like it but James sink this is
  • hideous I'll be wearing this tomorrow
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • I've never said this out loud before the
  • dogs saliva their tongue healing my eyes
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • so how do you feel baby
  • wait this is crazy give me my umbilical
  • cord James thank you so much
  • of course the stern thank you for
  • slaying and you're staying we're gonna
  • use a lot of it before we get the way
  • again all of that stuff okay
  • um I want to see your like office with
  • the music stuff the music memorabilia
  • that's do it let's take a walk down
  • memory lane before the waves well Matty
  • trademark - all right let's do something
  • thank you
  • thank you James darling you did such a
  • beautiful job thanks girl
  • a lot of archived stuff there in here
  • these are all your records oh my god Bob
  • everything wait oh my god wait I want to
  • sit at your desk
  • what's up sleet wait I actually really
  • want to know about this music situation
  • okay you've never really talked about no
  • like what actually happened yeah so when
  • you were doing a music major and you're
  • Oliver my space you know everybody knew
  • we were you then signed with Akon yeah
  • the singer our every singer Grammy Award
  • winner hit maker yeah but he discovered
  • Lady gaga right now was his thing yeah
  • well we're not met her it was crazy
  • because I was like wow she's like
  • incredible right right she's gonna be a
  • huge star
  • I remember where it was I was literally
  • walking into like a video shoot or
  • something I saw on my phone that he
  • signed you yeah it was like an interview
  • he did and he was like Geoffrey stars
  • the next Lady gaga
  • well a lot of people always wonder like
  • well what after doing something like
  • doggone can he do it again when I did it
  • again listen if you never heard of
  • jeffree star go to him she know Geoffrey
  • star is next I'm telling you this kid's
  • gonna do it he's gonna do it I was like
  • holy shit maybe the first youtuber who
  • actually likes goes mainstream and
  • becomes like the pop stars is gonna be a
  • thing and then nothing really came out
  • of it and I never heard anything else I
  • couldn't find any information anywhere
  • it was all hidden that we call that the
  • third dark times for me very depressing
  • honestly because I had gotten so far on
  • my own independently which a lot of you
  • know new people are watching now with
  • people that are into make of it may have
  • never heard my music or know about it
  • they don't know how
  • warp tour 2009 this time with Jeffrey
  • star
  • what's up bitches so on my own
  • independently with popsicle records in
  • my label I got very far but I can hit a
  • wall and I wanted that that next level
  • of like success I wanted to go on the
  • Billboard charts more I wanted to have a
  • real pop star success and I thought you
  • know aligning with someone like that put
  • art had such a great track record where
  • they're perfect but the stars were not
  • aligned I may have been a bad place in
  • his own life a young fan threw an object
  • on stage and Akon's temper took it from
  • there the judge ordered him to appear
  • today and sexually explicit even
  • derogatory lyrics seem to be a part of a
  • contact and it was all crumbling down
  • while I was a part of it so you know
  • okay what does that mean like do you get
  • money I wait for so up should we talk
  • about like taxes and all that shit now
  • because that's what like I really signed
  • to him because I kind of had spent my
  • money and it wasn't I wasn't making as
  • much anymore because myspace was dying
  • so then like the tax liens hey and I'm
  • like
  • my taxes and then I went to him to like
  • help you know me stay afloat so I would
  • I think that certainly did oh that's Wow
  • yeah so he did yeah he's not a shitty
  • person he paid for my back teeth this is
  • the real shit in Atlanta and like
  • started the process of me feeling good
  • about myself and you know he had me with
  • a-list people producing and it was just
  • his own shit was going down and it just
  • said what happened I mean like did that
  • did you guys ever actually put out a
  • song yeah which one prom night was our
  • main one I'll never forget it when we
  • finished that song because I had his
  • iconic jail clink noises in the
  • beginning of my song and that was such a
  • crazy feeling from my growing up
  • listening to all this music and the
  • t-pain's at a cons and everything like
  • and to have that staple like come of it
  • my son was like like it was such a
  • surreal crazy moment and I was like
  • alright I think it's finally all
  • happening for me and I was going through
  • a lot of money struggles and all the my
  • space money had spent and I still really
  • never taught even talked about this but
  • I want people to learn from my mistakes
  • because I was really fucked we're
  • talking tax liens my account was frozen
  • and I'm signing on to someone thinking
  • like they're gonna fix all my problems
  • I'm gonna be a pop star
  • I just found my new music video for my
  • single prom night I just witnessed by a
  • condom and it didn't pan out and it got
  • worse you know so I was at a real
  • all-time low at that moment like I was
  • so unhappy waking up every day it was
  • either I quit and get rid of all that
  • negativity or I don't know what would
  • have happened what is it like to feel so
  • close to the thing you've been thinking
  • about forever
  • what's up myspace music it's Geoffrey
  • star the queen bitch and right now I'm
  • at my new music video shoot for my self
  • prom night I am really excited but then
  • to have that not only like to not work
  • out but you are not even allowed to
  • really talk about it nobody knows about
  • it and now you've wasted all this time
  • of years right yeah I I had never felt
  • that's depressed and sad is that moment
  • when I was like woke up that day and I
  • was like I can't do this anymore and it
  • was devastating because I feel like I
  • hate when people say I was ahead of my
  • time but I collect my music and the
  • whole vision was ahead of its time
  • people weren't ready for it maybe they
  • still aren't in a way but I quit as a
  • working makeup artist to do music and
  • then I invested so much in doing all my
  • money and all my time
  • so for it to not pan out and for my
  • dreams and not like work out I was still
  • kind of like a joke because during my
  • whole entire music career I would sell
  • out thousand you know thousands of
  • people sell out the number one selling
  • merch at Hot Topic of 2018 I am and then
  • to never be taken serious in music kind
  • of always be like the joke or that you
  • know what the easy you know the easy
  • shit-talking thing to say and I just
  • want to prove myself and have a fucking
  • song chart huge and prove to everyone
  • like I'm a real artist you know and it
  • didn't happen so it was beyond
  • devastating I don't even know the word
  • that just feels like a crazy memory
  • because this has taken over my entire
  • life in existence that just feels like a
  • whole nother lifetime to me wait gasps I
  • got no regrets
  • [Music]
  • I'm just
  • [Music]
  • to touch but I made it you are the love
  • to my Cobain blood in my blood
  • and to do good for me to pull you away
  • [Applause]
  • freezer
  • don't
  • [Music]
  • you are the love to Michelson that's
  • crazy to look back it just feels like 20
  • years ago and it was only and this was a
  • 2013 I need that long ago you know it's
  • wild that's so crazy
  • so my first eyeshadow palette that I put
  • out I named a beauty killer but I named
  • a beauty killer because I felt like my
  • first album never really got a chance so
  • I wanted to kind of give that name oh
  • man
  • so let me just tell you the pellets sold
  • a little bit more than this uh-oh
  • you kind of bring it back hey you really
  • should I think that's such a crazy like
  • cool thing like you had a whole music
  • career and yeah well don't know oh it's
  • crazy because that's all I know about
  • like that's Geoffrey start to me is like
  • Oh Geoffrey start yeah Ashley first
  • there's a lot of like subscribers and
  • customers that do comes come from those
  • days like weird you mean greets and
  • signings and all that so it's cool to
  • like that people have the memories of me
  • and they're still kind of growing with
  • me and I've had people that have been
  • following me for 10 years and they've
  • seen all you know so thank you
  • I just want everyone stop caring what
  • everyone else thinks no to me like it's
  • 2008 be who you are if someone doesn't
  • like it get over and have fun because I
  • care what anyone thought about me I
  • would not look like this or have a
  • career so well let's damn that's well
  • said
  • so I need a wig you have we I'm
  • weightless yeah for this walk of
  • memories uh-huh same mom so you're gonna
  • give me a wig yeah it's changed and then
  • you have the whole rest of your day left
  • which I'm so tired already on behind you
  • this yeah oh my gosh the beginning
  • come on honey boo boo take a sip come on
  • baby
  • this is crazy
  • this is great
  • what the fuck is this okay and of course
  • we have the jeffree star taser beautiful

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