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Video Vete a la Versh - T2, E8: El Cacahuate de Oro
02:42   |   34M+ views   |   08/18/2018 at 20:15


  • I dont know if i have to ask what the hell are you doing now
  • Also What the f*uck happens to the garden? Perfect, there is a cow dead.
  • Shhh! Dont make any noise. I planted a peanut gold
  • (music)
  • I planted it, to be a millonare with many
  • gold peanuts and i will able to buy a yacht, a mansion and ...
  • A watermelon
  • Gold peanut
  • Why society keep making an effort to endorse your stupidity?
  • Shhh, the crow!
  • What?
  • Shhh! The crow!
  • Whick ... cro... which crow!?
  • Asshole! Dont you ever think to assist on any kind of therapy?
  • You need a psychiatrist. You have problems! Shhh! The crow idiot!
  • Which fucking crow!? What do you say? Bitch
  • Let me see, fuck-ing bi-tch! Everything you see, you see? you see!?
  • This is my property. Its mine.
  • Please leave or i will have to call the police
  • Talk to anyone you want, bi-tch!
  • Because because, fuck-ing bi-tch. I fucked your mom last night.
  • You dont know my mother! Dont mess with my family.
  • Bi-tch, now i will hit you! I will hit you!
  • Okey okey, but you are in private property.
  • I fucked you mom! And it was so good!
  • I repeat this! You dont know my mohter! Please leave!
  • Tasty!
  • You dont know my mother!!!! fucking fat crow!
  • Thats all
  • Now i will hit you. No no no! Please, I'm sorry! I wont do that anymore!
  • Now i will hit you bitch! I was just asking...
  • Fucking
  • Bi
  • Tch
  • Bitch, now you will see...
  • fucking e bi-tch
  • *sounds of the scarecrow*
  • What the hell dude!? that's from the devil!! No way!!!
  • Uh! Uh! Uuuh!
  • Skou skouk skouk skouk skouk

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