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  • - Dude, that's so smooth!
  • - (FBE) We are going to give you three minutes to see how much
  • of a perfect ball you can make.
  • - Three, two, one, go!
  • ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪
  • ♪ (electronic music) ♪
  • - What is he doing?
  • - What is-- oh! Is this that foil ball thing?
  • - Oh! I did this yesterday. (chuckles)
  • - I was planning on doing this with a friend.
  • This seemed really cool.
  • - I saw a Buzzfeed video where they tried to do this.
  • - What's he gonna do? Is this some sort
  • of origami sort of thing?
  • - Oh! I think I saw that on Twitter.
  • - This has been on my radar to just try it myself
  • since I've been seeing it.
  • - Five hours? Oh my god.
  • - He just made a metal ball.
  • - He made a ball of foil.
  • - So is he sanding it down? - This is way too much work.
  • Maybe I won't do it.
  • - I don't know what he's doing it yet, but it looks so fun,
  • because I love doing stuff with my hands.
  • - What is he putting on it?
  • ♪ (electronic music) ♪
  • - It seems really cool.
  • - One hour later.
  • What?!
  • - That's crazy.
  • - Oh my god, bro. I wish I could make that so bad.
  • - I don't know why this is a thing. I'm really confused. (chuckles)
  • - I've seen the finished product on Twitter,
  • but I haven't seen the process. That's a long process.
  • - I didn't know how they did that! I just saw pictures.
  • I was like, "Whoa! What?! That's gotta be fake!
  • That's not real." - That took seven hours to make that?
  • (snaps) I do not have that patience.
  • - Oh, it's-- again. - Has it become a trend?
  • - This is a thing! - That's a big ball.
  • It's like a tin foil pillow.
  • - Am I literally just watching a bunch of people make tin foil balls?
  • - This is so relaxing. This is serene as [bleep].
  • - That's so insane.
  • - I would not have the patience for this whatsoever.
  • - Oh my god, the hand.
  • (hard thudding) - (chuckles) Bah!
  • - That sounds really hard. - Oh my god.
  • They're going all out.
  • - It's crazy.
  • ♪ (victorious music) ♪ - This music. (chuckles)
  • - Whoa, it's shiny. - That one's not as good
  • as the other guy's. The other guy used sandpaper
  • and stuff, and it was perfect.
  • - I've always wanted to do this.
  • When I saw the video on it, I wanted to do it so bad.
  • - All along, I thought you just threw it in a microwave,
  • and that's how you made it. Don't do it, kids.
  • - (man speaking Japanese)
  • - Wait. This guy's a famous YouTuber.
  • - I feel like I've seen him on YouTubers React before.
  • - Is this a Japanese thing?
  • - He is the real deal! He's got the gloves on.
  • - Oh my gosh, he's so happy! That was so cute.
  • ♪ (whimsical music) ♪
  • - (chuckles) Why does he have so much toilet paper?
  • - (man snoring) (thudding)
  • - This guy's my favorite.
  • - Did he just say-- was that two days?
  • - See, that one's not as good as the first guy.
  • The first guy's is so goo-- Oh, he's still going.
  • He's still going. Okay.
  • - Safety first. (chuckles)
  • - He's using gloves so the residue doesn't get on his hand. (snaps)
  • - Ooh. He's using the sponge now.
  • - Hey! He did pretty good.
  • - Dude, that's so smooth!
  • - Oh, that's really shiny! - It looks like the bean in Chicago.
  • - What is the purpose of this? (chuckles)
  • - I wanna try that. But also, I don't wanna sit for seven hours.
  • - It's cool, but now I'm like, "What good is this doing?"
  • What are we doing when we're spending hours just doing this?
  • - I could've seen it once and been okay with it.
  • I don't think I would necessarily binge watch a bunch of people
  • making tin foil balls.
  • - (FBE) So that was a new trend that many people are calling
  • the Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge.
  • - That's a long name. (chuckles)
  • - I feel like they need to shorten it down to foil ball,
  • because otherwise, it's not gonna have the same traction
  • as Mirror Japanese Ball Foil... See? It doesn't catch on.
  • - (FBE) The challenge seems to have started on Twitter.
  • It is now being done all over the place
  • and is one of the biggest trends on YouTube.
  • - Really? It started on Twitter.
  • - So it's a challenge. Is it who can get the shiniest,
  • coolest-looking tin foil ball?
  • - (FBE) With trends coming and going online as fast
  • as they do now, how would you say this trend compares
  • to other recent trends you've seen?
  • - I feel like none of them are really DIY projects.
  • This is something even I can do, 'cause everyone has tin foil.
  • - With most DIYs, it's just kind of like,
  • "This is how you do this cool thing," and it's usually useful stuff.
  • But this one's not really useful at all.
  • It's just a cool trick that tin foil can do.
  • - This one kind of goes into a completely different category,
  • 'cause it's like you're not eating anything.
  • You're not dancing. You're not singing.
  • You're not really doing anything. You're turning foil into a ball.
  • That's cool. I would love to try that,
  • but I feel like I just would not have the patience for it.
  • - This isn't going to last very long.
  • It's 'cause it takes too long to make.
  • Slime, you use, like, three ingredients and you're good.
  • Hot knife? All you gotta do is put a knife over a stove,
  • and you're good. This one takes way too much time,
  • and I think even for the meme, people won't dedicate the time for it.
  • - (FBE) So recently, it seems like the trend is starting
  • to actually take a dangerous turn as people are trying
  • to create a shortcut for themselves
  • with putting the balls in the microwave.
  • - Oh, that's so stupid. Why would you do that?
  • You're gonna blow up your house!
  • - No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's dumb!
  • - PSA right now, don't put foil in the microwave!
  • ♪ (tranquil harp music) ♪
  • - (voice-over) A public service announcement from Teens React.
  • - (FBE) Why do you think that trends that are seemingly dangerous
  • like the Condom Challenge, Tide Pod Challenge,
  • and now something like this, which start off so innocent,
  • tend to be the more popular trends online?
  • - 'Cause people are stupid.
  • People definitely go too far for views.
  • - It's just more amusing when things go wrong to us,
  • 'cause we're just messed up creatures.
  • Sticking aluminum in a microwave, that's pretty dumb.
  • Or eating Tide pods is also pretty dumb.
  • - For my generation, we don't think before we act.
  • It's that daring kind of aspect of it that makes people wanna do it,
  • which is so incredibly unsafe and just not a good idea.
  • - It's almost this culture of trying to one-up each other.
  • So it's like, how can I take this to the next level?
  • And then too I feel like there's this weird sense
  • of immortality on the internet too, where it's kind of like,
  • "Nothing can touch me! If this guy was able to do it safely,
  • then I can do it safely too." So it's just this constant cycle
  • until people get hurt, and then they're like, "Oh.
  • Maybe we should take a step back from this."
  • - (FBE) So finally, we don't have the necessary hours to have you
  • fully take on this challenge, but we do have the tools.
  • - Okay. Oh, I got this.
  • - (FBE) We are going to give you three minutes to see how much
  • of a perfect ball you can make. - Oh, heck yeah!
  • Okay, I'm super into this.
  • - I don't think I'm gonna be able to do this in three minutes,
  • but I... I can try.
  • - I have faith in myself.
  • - Oh my god, there's a hammer and everything.
  • - Ooh! (laughs) And sandpaper. Three, two, one, go!
  • Oh, crap.
  • - So I remember they folded it into a ball.
  • - Okay, okay. Oh my god.
  • - Question is how-- Oh, okay. Well, I guess this is
  • how big my ball is going to be.
  • - I wanna do this meme justice.
  • - It'll be small. Oh no. I don't wanna hurt myself.
  • - I don't have a very good feeling about this.
  • - This is the longest part.
  • - Okay, this is a pretty-- actually, I'll do a little more.
  • - Don't worry. I'm in wood shop. I've got this.
  • - I feel like this is gonna do nothing.
  • - Just skip the gym today, you know? This is arm day for me.
  • - Oh my gosh. This is a workout, my dude.
  • - It is kind of nice, though. It's kind of peaceful.
  • Just hammering this piece of tin foil.
  • - Does that look like a circle? (laughs)
  • - I'm just gonna make it like a-- I can't even make a sphere.
  • - Lord have mercy on my arm. Ow. Okay, that's good enough.
  • (sighs)
  • - Does not look like a circle at all.
  • - I'm just gonna go straight to sanding, okay.
  • - There's no way I can get to the part where I'm gonna use this, right?
  • 'Cause that takes forever.
  • - Okay, I don't think this is doing anything.
  • We're gonna keep going, though.
  • - It's getting some sort of roundness.
  • - You can see it actually looking smoother
  • than what it was before. That's pretty cool.
  • - (FBE) You've got about a minute left.
  • - No! What?
  • I see why they need six hours. But also, I'm already losing patience.
  • - I'm tired. My arm hurts already. I've got noodle arms. I'm bored.
  • - It's really satisfying, though.
  • It's a really good way to take out your anger.
  • - This is not working. This is not as easy
  • as the internet makes it seem.
  • - I'm actually confused. How do people do this?
  • - Oh no! It's lifting up.
  • - There's literal sweat coming out. Oh no. This is actually getting hot.
  • - This looks the same, and now my hands are dirty.
  • - My arm is so tired.
  • - Oh my gosh.
  • - (FBE) And time. - (sighs)
  • - (FBE) Five seconds.
  • - This is really gonna save it. - (FBE) And time.
  • - This is sad.
  • - Okay, there we go. She's done. My hands are gray.
  • - (snickers) This looks nothing like it.
  • - This isn't bad for three minutes.
  • - I am proud of myself for the fact that I tried.
  • - I made a cylinder, 'cause I knew I couldn't make a ball.
  • It would take a long time to just pound out everything.
  • - It's pretty spherical.
  • I think I pulled that off.
  • - Tada. Wait. Let me pick a good side.
  • I don't have a good side.
  • - Just doing this for three minutes,
  • I realized how much I don't wanna finish this.
  • I don't wanna spend hours doing this. Three minutes was enough.
  • - Thanks for watching this episode of Teens React.
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  • And shoutout to Mr Jack and Dan.
  • - What trend should we react to next? Let us know in the comments.
  • - Bye, guys. - Hey, guys. Ethan here from FBE.
  • Thank you so much for watching this episode of Teens React.
  • And if you wanna see more from FBE, be sure to follow us
  • on Twitter. The links will be in the description.
  • Back to work.

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