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12:32   |   12/15/2018 at 23:02


  • I can stretch out right now again bro
  • whip-snap touch me the face
  • what the fuck I don't know what you're
  • talking about
  • wait the UM one get it back
  • honestly yeah what's good bro they punch
  • him in the face and she gets like oh
  • right here I'm eating the bull got a gun
  • money bought a shooting down from Patil
  • chick Singh won it up told me that she
  • loved me a heavy
  • some dude just stole some other goals
  • did you steal that he steal that yeah
  • yeah we going after him then I want to
  • get back but I don't know if he gonna
  • fuck up using black ticket back yeah I'm
  • gonna get was making what he said
  • it's still my bike it's so those your
  • bike they took it they ran with it well
  • I ran after it changes on bro yeah
  • feeling before Blaney doesn't work with
  • me
  • come on take a shit off your shirt from
  • pulling your shirt
  • see y'all should report this what the
  • fuck is going on plug in it oh boy
  • so much stole your bike you're lying
  • someone just fucking walk in what trying
  • to fuck the outfit as a hit oh I'm about
  • to buy you new bike I'm gonna steal
  • Rex's bike you don't deserve a bike
  • hello bitch trying to pull one over on
  • that goes no no no what free bike bitch
  • hey yeah I got Rex's bike fuck me I
  • never done this before
  • yo guy you'll buy for your birthday
  • happy birthday don't know why not why
  • you experienced but then you lose your
  • bike fuck how many times you stole a
  • bike ok good boy that bike stole fuck
  • that boy saw me resealing I'm real quick
  • it does not match up with your paperwork
  • go tell your mate I'm a bitch I'll pop
  • you in the face look I take I take that
  • offensive coming
  • I ain't call you bitch I sell them to
  • pop you in the face bitch
  • I could stretch out right now please
  • don't
  • I appreciate if you would not it's not
  • easier you would not be a very negative
  • experience yeah oh come on oh yeah
  • antenna bugs are you talking about
  • no mondo mondo donde esta la mota mono
  • copy new is shit mondo is please in
  • Spanish by the way who's in there
  • what yo DJ watch my bike
  • well I got you hey you guys seen it
  • hey a juice what juices you want weight
  • a nice apple juice how's that huh MELAS
  • apple juice
  • Rex took my bike yeah Rex's bike Rex
  • fight on its own right oh right
  • damn I gotta take a dump
  • what I gotta bang did he drop it at run
  • I don't know I'm going down so I was
  • bull yeah
  • right what the hell he dropped the Rex's
  • bike and got on a different bike my
  • large SP Pharmakon he got it right here
  • Oh just picked up the brand-new ATV girl
  • in the front with a bag like that back
  • in the booth like oh yeah oh yeah I'm
  • gonna call when I rip like this dog I'm
  • up but I get like this this ain't no
  • telling what I'm gonna hit gonna press
  • out but I'm killing everybody under me
  • for the fun of it wake up my wait up
  • nobody I came up with touching me so I
  • drop to Oh 13 with the whole rap game
  • she wants mommy keep it up all what a
  • bitch you suck dude don't even know how
  • to wheelie Cole what Cole got his bike
  • stolen who took it is it that dude did
  • but his that his bike
  • somebody else got their placed on the
  • seem like he's dead but he's not that
  • woman I need to go a lot yeah they
  • stopped him they start fool because they
  • said Cohen just let her take it in this
  • evening
  • what oh where is he
  • yo you good bro whip-snap punch me in
  • the face
  • they took it what's the fuck they see
  • they see that looking for a bike like I
  • like notion I like like closely I left I
  • left when you see that smaller bike did
  • you know I said I was biking home until
  • of
  • I was biking home back to Spain and they
  • stopped said yo who the bike am like why
  • you just saying go home earlier when he
  • was on his way back say wonder where he
  • is
  • oh you
  • oh yeah like there's 17 why is it love
  • 12 yo who's about that love 12 man love
  • 12 love 12
  • we love you 12 love 12 love 12 you - oh
  • shit man there you are you guys all your
  • period your all love fuck Toya wasn't
  • though
  • fuck we need a pull some tampons goddamn
  • goddamn look at this
  • Yoko look at your bike it's out there
  • oh dude I'm sorry I can take you home
  • now that you don't have your bike man
  • this motherfucker Dean stop we want some
  • fucking ice cream yo we want the fucking
  • ice cream we gotta get this ice cream
  • homie pedal harder than you ever hard
  • before yeah bro you have to bump that
  • yes a weed you got the good-good yeah
  • yeah oh my god
  • how much is ice cream
  • yo why are according you get ice cream
  • ice creams a shit you
  • what the fuck you know
  • there you go for oh wait that guy in the
  • back of the bike was that doing the back
  • of the thing is who hit you the dude the
  • what is going on the thing is my boy oh
  • don't even look at me look at my what's
  • going on I don't know
  • it was probably anyway you think about
  • it there's a bunch of Public Enemies oh
  • I got you
  • we're like one like that but it's blue
  • folks you pulled up looking at my bike
  • I'm like what did I do this is what we
  • getting stuff on it yeah there's a bunch
  • of them like this they're like you're
  • buying like this who's the dude in the
  • back of the car oh wow yeah yeah boy
  • know what
  • I don't know what you're talking about
  • no love 12 love 12 you heard me
  • oh you know oh yeah we leave that job
  • you stealing a bike he's gonna take it
  • to the police
  • oh boy I can't do really you can't you
  • should try you gotta take your money
  • javis yeah we'll give us a ride back we
  • hold on the back of your cars row I told
  • that bully her earlier the first time
  • you guys late 2000 Eve cuz they just
  • gonna keep fuckin drive go to the first
  • time that you guys like took it in the
  • same fools all right you do know but he
  • was in the he was in McDonough's we need
  • to respect the first time
  • Oh everybody was sure help no no one
  • trying to help me I'll grab my bike
  • oh the first time I know I was good
  • sucks dude huh the UM one get it back
  • honestly no maybe who has a blue poor
  • enemy upon him be a blue stuff on it
  • looting of the moment deal that's the
  • guy that hit me what game you did I
  • stole his bike he hit you yeah
  • like everybody Osama's are you a warm
  • right now as a giveaway and you cracked
  • you know they look like he didn't take a
  • black vote on the road and see him wrote
  • a blackboard what one I know is fucking
  • up I was Iranian nigger got crazy as
  • names I don't know what the fucking name
  • is one way dirt dirt off of Burke damn
  • we're the pack oh oh girl you should
  • just held onto your bike with your life
  • uber where'd you get that place yeah
  • you're my homie what's up ha we go yeah
  • what's good bro how you doing favorite
  • one when armed protesters Oh Cheri love
  • 12 hey punch him in the face until you
  • spike
  • oh right there I'm eating you saw happen
  • yeah what kind of bite oh I'm Darryl I
  • wasn't there
  • oh yeah yeah yeah the actor pains wear
  • helmet oh wow that's what Joe do how
  • many Carver's a I'm so fucking happy the
  • bull got a gun what about a shooters
  • longer you was my background ball watch
  • a bake they tried to show me earlier
  • know what I try to shoot me earlier
  • they're trying to shoot you yeah what a
  • median Oh
  • [Music]
  • all right update is just being this
  • other kid cops gave this kid a free bike
  • so he's got two bikes I kind of think
  • we're about to get mugged right now oh
  • boy the fuck you doing GPS trying to
  • kill me
  • give me a boy what oh boy
  • watch out watch out guys see if Rex
  • taught me anything at all no hands
  • oh shit yeah it's hard really
  • I've always hard all right sketches fuck
  • let me buy the world cause won't tell
  • them with it watch
  • I ain't never worried killing like all
  • now from Mitchell chick seen running up
  • Sophie that she loved me enough ever
  • even knew it for goddamn was that off
  • the top
  • hey yo man said never gone josh'll filly
  • alrighty
  • no wasn't me or some luggage oh I
  • shouldn't do it
  • okay I got you exactly do your homework
  • please do your choice for Zack really
  • tell me who you kidding i'ma get it till
  • I got it mama
  • I got it mama I'm doing this till I got
  • it papi but

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Packy - Jumpoff

The last video we CHASED A THIEF THREW PHILLY! Lol not a cop chase, not a car chase, we aren't on street a bike, dirt bike, but we ARE doing bike stunts!! Just a crew of pedal bike ripping wheelies! And chasing down a thug who runs. Luckily there was not an accident this time so we probably won't end up on the Philadelphia news... tODAY MY homie got his bike taken again! On top of that, some kid snitched on me to the cops!! 6 police cops rolled up squad deep and all the officers hopped out like SWAT TEAM in case I ran. Like the video, if you enjoyed :)

This isn't a funny comedy, or award-winning work. This is a real vlog and people get angry! Not prank call angry, more like I just filmed this kid getting his bike stolen twice angry. Who tf is Paul? This is so crazy it's like gameplay from a video game platform....

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