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Video Try Not To Laugh While Watching Darius Benson Funny Vines Compilation 2013-2017
24:37   |   today at 08:36


  • okay so we didn't get any Christmas
  • presents this year but that's okay
  • because it's not what about you know I
  • can see you right no you okay okay minor
  • speed bump we have taken out your heart
  • for the transplant but we ran out of
  • replacement arms
  • don't worry though we'll have some more
  • in next week's attack heavy women tend
  • to be more intelligent produce more
  • intelligent children your mama so fat
  • you a genius courts in session sir are
  • you talking money I know and I don't
  • want to talk to you you find the
  • defendant guilty or not guilty
  • death penalty objection don't think I'm
  • too old to know about your music I
  • listen to drink and Rihanna and eat glue
  • is it you give him two and for tonight's
  • homework you're gonna read 53 pages I'm
  • sorry how many 53 you think we're gonna
  • do it Oh what we learn people always be
  • like you need to look both ways before
  • you cross the street how about you get
  • on my face is that funny okay we've got
  • the test back looks like your father's
  • gonna make a full recovery
  • oops oh he died hey Brett can I have one
  • of those yeah man you can get you one
  • but look that's the last time I'm gonna
  • to mooch off my food though bruh ghetto
  • mind there it is why he dropped it he
  • was like where's the money you're like
  • what yo grab me
  • okay yeah so much he quit another dude
  • last night don't say you're so depressed
  • like that d I saw my chick with another
  • dude you know if you pointed someone you
  • got three fingers pointing back at you
  • yeah came back negative
  • maybe you should study next time
  • oh hey you want a fortune cookie yeah
  • well nothing okay so I'm pregnant and I
  • know we've never had sex but it's okay
  • because the baby is from God get the
  • foot Holly I like six maybe six five
  • what is wrong with you nothing I'm just
  • gonna hide why did the chicken cross the
  • room because he took the initiative made
  • a move and decided to do something with
  • his life so you should be more like that
  • chicken and I'll tell you sir hey tired
  • you should have gone to bed early you
  • know what you're right let me get in my
  • time machine and go back to yesterday
  • what if they don't want to be called
  • blackberries in American berries you
  • know this hurts me just as much as it
  • hurts you more you don't name an animal
  • with three letters in its name
  • alligator sit the fuck down who took my
  • toaster out the frigerator
  • what else could that be describing
  • everybody just shut up right now
  • excuse me mm-hmm
  • do you work here no why would you think
  • that
  • eyebrows on fleek eyebrows oh please
  • well eyebrows on Google you know because
  • you shut up oh my god who blow up the
  • bathroom you're the one who did it
  • aren't you no did you do it bitch what
  • about you No
  • hey yo chicken come here yeah what's up
  • done I heard you cross the rule oh you
  • think across the road I'll get up at my
  • place was there by a cross a rope and
  • we're about to leave for the party you
  • want to go no I'm good man
  • now I want you to go what do you say I
  • want you to come what do you say I want
  • you to run back to beat you and the
  • single DeLong's without blinking alright
  • he came I'm not blinking I'm not a
  • stupid stupid bitch pulsating Braille it
  • says stupid all right
  • okay mr. slight mix-up but we're
  • supposed to got yourselves appendix but
  • I got kidney well don't worry though yes
  • no Darius
  • what what about the week before that no
  • okay
  • it was a little man hey hey hey what you
  • doing oh hey bro hey watch it man hey
  • what do you call it dog magician what
  • elaborate Cadabra door look at a knife
  • why don't you kill yourself Oh remember
  • yesterday I can't believe all these
  • stereotypes about black people I mean
  • that completely ridiculous what who's
  • that there who's that that I want it I
  • got the best team I want to run you off
  • the field come on circles around Oh to
  • bring your house down too far what a my
  • roommate said he saw a ghost in the
  • apartment I might do ghosts don't even
  • oh hello ladies look at your man now
  • look up back down where did I go turn
  • around
  • now going outside oh I'm telling are you
  • Seri car there where's my super suit
  • well it is mine to pursue no flex zone
  • no ticks down but flex no protest so
  • slow six lap I know um do you not Obama
  • man he's not even in this game if the
  • control it's my time
  • fine time fine time fine time right time
  • time you say by the time again imma
  • smack that you know what sucks about the
  • install the shower is too low
  • those rinses out but they forget to mate
  • forget you you're addicted to your phone
  • no I'm not okay what would you do if you
  • lost your phone for days
  • hmm some pies motherfucker
  • all rise motherfucker wrong size
  • motherfucker I'm speaking a British
  • accent Oh cuz you gotta keep it subtle
  • and make sure you don't go it a
  • propulsion always sound like an idiot
  • newsy all black dudes like obsessed with
  • white girls that's completely untrue
  • fucking hard eyes motherfucker rue dies
  • motherfucker you'll take some fries some
  • fries Oh dogs yeah I love dogs a great
  • number one pet peeve when I saw with
  • some food somebody's like he wears mine
  • you mean where's yours I guess you're
  • all yo dude I haven't even seen the
  • Little Mermaid what you haven't seen a
  • Little Mermaid
  • hey man guess what what chicken butt
  • get out of my room right now before I
  • beat you but this is not a break
  • this is what happens when they once
  • these minute targets are outside of work
  • oh you were good target no me will sit
  • on the ground where I'll be learned brah
  • hey check this out
  • what we learn right what's up there yes
  • this movie about this dude is on this
  • ship what your face is mobile working
  • produce at Target now saying some things
  • but found this weird sweet potato now
  • you tell me what this looks like
  • probably got suitcase backup suitcase
  • backup backup suitcase man guitar
  • bowling ball sleeping bag ready to go
  • son yeah all right let's go
  • okay we gotta go we got to be there 5-3
  • there right I don't want to be late you
  • see it's about time you light hey you
  • kids wanna play fun game yeah okay let's
  • see you can clean their room the fastest
  • oh alright son do you drink no do you
  • smoke no are you sexually active
  • no you sure yes
  • look you're right the early bird does
  • get the worm but the second Mouse gets
  • the cheese you feel me
  • you know I've actually never been a
  • chaplet you've never been at Capote Lane
  • no that's that's why I said it can we
  • move on now just grab something I can
  • see you okay
  • no no no no I'd love to go on a date
  • with you but I have a girlfriend her
  • name is Jessica sealing titty oh hey do
  • you drink a lot of milk because you look
  • like you have strong bones oh you like
  • my teeth Thanks
  • I grew them myself hey Jay he's not
  • still mad at me about to your mom thing
  • are you no I'm mad we good
  • and who's that yo mama now I'm not
  • saying that you only have a few days to
  • live but you should get the most out of
  • the rest of this Sunday because this
  • might not be your week so do you know
  • why I pulled you over
  • oh let me see was it because I dropped a
  • thumpin ah yeah yeah but I'll see you
  • later I see you ladies up there stop
  • that I just feel somebody just killed
  • somebody
  • y'all tryin to get some food or some
  • check yourself before you wreck yourself
  • sore or pop lock and drop that attitude
  • okay okay look normal people get regular
  • holes in these sites look at this you
  • see that it's a blues clue the blues
  • clue like looking okay how the trees get
  • on the internet wait for it wait for it
  • is good they log on you feel okay these
  • three random dudes just came in a target
  • and tried to joust in our we'll check
  • hearts we kicked them out we learn
  • where's y'all's cheese it was on the
  • next aisle can we cut it
  • dudu they haven't seen you since last
  • year don't ever talk to me again
  • oh so you're talking any these uh fat
  • sliding into any deal you got a chip
  • worn off just got a pain baby all up
  • wait a minute got legal beat and repeat
  • repeat
  • yes there you go is to go to walk around
  • with no shirt button close up but that
  • you have meet a cute girl with an old
  • lady named hey girl what's your name
  • Stella lattice very screwed you know did
  • you spill apple juice in the car yes are
  • you gonna clean it up no this first time
  • it yeah nobody cares that you got the
  • first time in okay will it seem like you
  • care a whole lot right I'm out hey wait
  • let me get some moolah moolah moolah wop
  • cash my dream backs thanks that I make
  • it rain trust me dude if you want a girl
  • to like you you got to do this all right
  • go at or look her dead in your eyes and
  • say the bed is booked in the building
  • oh what's that oh son tell me why you
  • made an F on that test I don't know oh
  • you don't know
  • ah so you want to be original yo mama's
  • so black
  • she forgot you at the grocery store but
  • she got the watermelon where are my keys
  • they might be in that bag bag that bag
  • what's in the bag I don't know surprise
  • mother
  • don't tell mom okay promise me okay fine
  • he did it you know I got this smart
  • water right to get that intelligent
  • hydration aqua genius intellectual first
  • Quint that's your neighbor and say help
  • you know you saying it cuz I'm black I'm
  • sorry who was the water one cup of sugar
  • thank you yeah whatever
  • all right made a man you I'll catch you
  • later all right I'll see you later you
  • don't let the door hit you on the way
  • out to them so lame I'm serious Oh
  • what's wrong
  • nothing I'm fine okay are you really
  • fine no then don't say you're so my
  • brother thinks he's Barack Obama I'm
  • running for president it's class
  • president dude hey high school well hey
  • there usual where today whoa in here I
  • got you bro that's why this morning
  • would beautiful neighborhood we have Sun
  • flowers tree and people who take the S
  • off the sign because they think they're
  • funny settle down okay next purpose this
  • one right here conjugations our fact
  • that the open are okay who change the
  • board
  • Ryan hey you got some go yeah guy saw
  • let me get one it's my last piece cool
  • we'll split it I didn't say you could
  • give me a gun no spit it out Wow I'm
  • telling you yeah dude I was with this
  • girl once and we bumped elbows alright
  • goodnight son there's a monster under my
  • bed there's no such thing as monsters go
  • to sleep now I told you you wouldn't
  • believe shut up you're the medicine said
  • take a pill each day for 30 days but I
  • took 30 pills in one day because I'm
  • smart so I'm gonna be feeling better
  • like really cool oh yeah like a check
  • out these mannequins right work it work
  • it work it fierce
  • mama can I please go all my friends are
  • gonna be there what about your friend Oh
  • Papa clip would you do it no that would
  • be so stupid this archaic term for the
  • color black can also be used to refer to
  • and guess who african-american men for
  • real Rick Ross will be giving advice
  • like make sure you brush him close look
  • both ways before you cross after you
  • exercise take your posts oh you know
  • taco bell's means like great fwrite
  • enchilada
  • they got we tried baby i'ma still eat it
  • though I mean I don't care and then I
  • peed on myself
  • listen what're you doing them all oh you
  • got work
  • what about fighting walking your dog
  • look Saturday playa flappy bird did I
  • not just say that oh my good oh hey girl
  • hope you got those pants for cheap
  • because in my place they're a hundred
  • percent off good deal yeah
  • alright give it give it back stop
  • laughing give it back now okay guys when
  • I call your name please come up and grab
  • your test alright Darius is yours you
  • have fifty whoa hold up drop me might
  • not let me write what do you want
  • nothing what do you want just say I say
  • yes in a bar ten bucks no okay bless you
  • it was a call thought you had a cop
  • you're not gonna let anybody know about
  • just knees go give me my bless you best
  • reckon people I hate it when customers
  • think they know more than I do now you
  • guys have it because
  • before I know we don't because I work
  • here
  • hey you mean a rod no I mean I'm gonna
  • follow me to try to get up there right
  • and make a right here hey you hey will
  • you be my Valentine
  • ah hey you BAE yeah I took care of it
  • alright he's not gonna be disrespecting
  • like that anymore I got you
  • so this guy comes out to me today and
  • says do I recognize you real man yeah
  • Jamie Foxx look I don't want to build a
  • snowman okay and and we might just have
  • a serious issue here if you bring it up
  • again
  • hello what happened in beat dem tone em
  • ankles though fast and furious
  • characters always heard of the argument
  • about racing oh so you gonna talk about
  • my mama bet she won't race though
  • everybody in mama be like let's go right
  • you'll go out swinging
  • I was illegally told whatever told you
  • to do dishes
  • don't say men
  • oh you know I don't know my girlfriend
  • said act like a child
  • what me I'm a grown man that's crazy
  • your dues you want to come over this
  • tomorrow I'm good man
  • now I want you to come would you say I
  • said I want you to come what do you
  • saying I'm watching it uh-huh bacteria
  • oh okay Dalek okay they might know the
  • safest way to secure a small child in
  • back of a car without a cross because
  • that's the best I could do when you good
  • he's good okay have you ever just who is
  • this surprise motherfucker
  • no not today very high standard what's a
  • perfectionist right I'll take your mum
  • for 300 I'll be back later
  • any trouble okay bye there Wow what you
  • doing nothing
  • oh look at my Mane oh it's so luxurious
  • shiny hmm
  • want to ride a bike here's how you learn
  • whip there one wheel first then you
  • graduate to the two but not before why
  • don't we eat eggs like who was a
  • dishonest father at the bottom of a
  • chicken it was like good music
  • while it's a nice day out here yeah Wow
  • thanks man Oh have you ever tried monkey
  • meat you've eaten monkey me and last
  • week it tastes like a chicken and shrimp
  • so like chimp yeah Jim that's a oh my
  • god all sort of colors they're fun
  • durable and great compartments colorful
  • kitchen knives what do you guys think
  • when you're trying to talk to their
  • groves you can't get your words together
  • I'm sorry I don't think you guys have it
  • because all stores have it okay
  • obviously you know more than me here's
  • my nametag let's not be winning man this
  • person can help you right here see we
  • freestyle bitch I'm not the one you want
  • to come for if you coming in come back
  • then you gotta be done for niggas talkin
  • about that whoa goes button that's cool
  • you see this thing does because seven
  • eight nine
  • yeah okay again oh we celebrating a new
  • year by doing 2014 push-ups each were
  • you at camp 790 then you go like oh like
  • bad boys I'm downloading a movie online
  • you still looking for that super suit
  • and we'll never be role heels like a
  • little girl oh my god this statue was
  • beautiful so fierce and elegant look at
  • the colors over them faint oh girl I got
  • some chicken you want a piece Wow cuz
  • I'm black well if you don't want it give
  • me the chicken
  • I knew it shut up do you play master no
  • do you eat water no do you like black
  • people problems taking a snapchat while
  • you lying down in the dark it will I got
  • a surprise for you tell me now well I
  • just got the black in the blue line cool
  • you guys working all night to the first
  • COP rolled it down folded down scroll it
  • down slow it down that's right you
  • better walk away
  • naughty crazy for real hey ma'am can you
  • get back up yes that's not my problem
  • good we now return to the man this is
  • why I get my hair cut low alright watch
  • this I'm 21 dude
  • so how you doing I think I'm gonna lose
  • my job but my birthday's tomorrow but
  • this one due to traffic made me so mad
  • just a little bit okay alright let's do
  • that hey you guys want pizza right I'll
  • bring the DiGiorno oh we could just
  • order in hello instead of turn it up you
  • need to be learning get your grades lit
  • textbooks and skills not Netflix and
  • chill
  • why does real estate car real estate
  • like is there such thing as fake estate
  • you think you smart but you ain't
  • fooling me think I don't know what
  • Netflix and chill is need to get on
  • Xfinity and virginity want to try that
  • you stupid bitch won't say to my face
  • stupid bitch once it on snapchat stay in
  • class alright
  • hey baby Star Wars day no it's may the
  • force be with you thank you have a nice
  • day oh yeah mr. Williams you gave me a
  • check check doesn't dismiss you I do
  • Raja saw Star Wars a good so good bro
  • was crazy like at the airport Chewbacca
  • got killed I could care less
  • don't you mean you couldn't kill us
  • because if you could kill us a
  • technically implies if you do care to
  • some extent you're actually saying the
  • opposite of what you see it how you see
  • it's not about you a new toy oh you
  • bought me a car check yourself before
  • you wreck yourself
  • swerve pop lock and drop that attitude
  • okay hey could you spot me for lunch
  • because can I get some breadsticks
  • oh no can you mr. Winn do you want the
  • breadsticks I can't believe you would
  • steal stories don't steal things I just
  • adapt to change in adopt lupito just
  • like you adopted videos when fine gosh
  • your dishes
  • oh is my house too dirty for you if you
  • don't like on my house that you can go
  • right back home I let me live my life
  • I don't do you drink no do you smoke
  • nope does any Metro trust you I don't
  • yes great because if you did not have to
  • shoot you all right moving on what do
  • you know okay I see Medusa okay great
  • so you let me go someone in an aminium
  • Bridget well you gotta give me so how's
  • everything going it's terrible I can't
  • book any parties everybody's afraid of
  • me
  • I can't feed my kids man sure wait wait
  • huh oh my god hey do this it's a web
  • there's a where right here it's my web
  • right here dude you better walk into a
  • dude dude up slow what we learn we learn

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Try Not To Laugh at Darius Benson Funny Vines Compilation 2013 - 2017

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