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Video Боевая сцена, Донни Йен против Даррен Шалави/Ип Ман против Твистер
11:53   |   13M+ views   |   08/18/2018 at 20:11


  • Ladies and Gentlemen!
  • We begin our long-awaited ...
  • Chinese-European boxing tournament.
  • I ask you to greet a storm of applause...
  • World Champion ... Twister!
  • The Twister is making an entrance.
  • I'm sorry, sir. In your corner, go back to your corner, please.
  • To your corner.
  • Good! Yip Man can't wait to kick his ass.
  • Master...
  • Gentlemen, show a clean fight.
  • When I say "fight" - fight.
  • When I say "break" - break.
  • I need to obey unconditionally, is this clear?
  • I can finish you off with a couple of strokes.
  • Spread your corners.
  • This will be easier than ever.
  • Just go there and beat him.
  • Fight!
  • Master Yip, kick his ass like how you kicked mine!
  • Anyone can kick your ass.
  • Shut up!
  • Both of them are sizing each other up.
  • Master Yip!
  • In the corner! In the corner!
  • Master!
  • Master Yip has been knocked down! They're going to start the knockout count.
  • Master!
  • Master Yip! Get up!
  • He appears to be injured. I'm not sure if he can even stand up.
  • Master Yip seems ok, and he's up
  • Fighter!
  • Fight!
  • This time it's The Twister that's knocked down.
  • OK?
  • Fight!
  • Hey, go back to your corner! In the corners!
  • Good work, Master!
  • That bloody Westerner... still standing even after so many hits.
  • Fight!
  • Master Yip is attacking with his Wing Chun.
  • Hey that's cheating!
  • You animal! The bell has gone!
  • Master, Master!
  • What's going on here?
  • Okay, give me a moment...
  • Could you come up?
  • Please inform the Chinese fighter that kicks prohibited.
  • By decision of the judges in this fight, kicks are prohibited.
  • If you do not agree, you lose the fight,
  • and Twister is declared the winner. All clear?
  • Fight!
  • Stop, stop, stop! A minute! You can not kick, otherwise disqualification! Do you understand?
  • Fight!
  • Master! Master!
  • Master!
  • Oh my God! Master Yip is down after a knockout blow from The Twister!
  • Master, get up!
  • Get up! Get up!..Get up!
  • Master, get up!
  • "I won't let these Westerners belittle us.".
  • "I can bear it if it's just my life,"
  • "but not if it's the entire Chinese martial arts world".
  • Are you all right?
  • Fight!
  • In the next round, don't go head on with him. Attack his biceps.
  • "It won't be that easy".
  • 1...
  • 2...
  • 3...
  • 4...
  • 5...
  • 6...
  • 7...
  • 8...
  • 9...
  • 10!

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Fighting scene, Donnie Yen vs Darren Shahlavi/Ip Man vs Twister from the film "Yip Man 2" (2010)

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