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  • hey guys give this video a thumbs up if
  • you think that you are what how are you
  • gonna ask for a thumbs up if they
  • haven't even watched the video yet oh I
  • mean I'm just hoping that they like the
  • video I did enjoyed helping how dare you
  • oh I just thought I would ask for thumbs
  • up even though I haven't said anything
  • and I just thought you would speak some
  • English no you're a sick twisted person
  • oh my god I you know you're right yeah
  • that's what I thought
  • thumbs up if you think I'm right yeah
  • hey guys what's up it's a girl that it
  • was - coming at you and welcome back to
  • my youtube channel
  • oh hey thanks it's great to be here I'm
  • sorry does anybody else feel unwelcome
  • here yeah I'll be honest this side of me
  • does okay welcome all to my youtube
  • channel
  • okay that's messed up no that's just a
  • mediocre joke but hello there beautiful
  • oh hey hey say hello to me but you're
  • ugly oh you take that back oh sorry I'm
  • bad well okay okay I'm done
  • nice to meet you but how long they're
  • beautiful
  • one another secret to being beautiful
  • well I can't tell you because it's a
  • secret no one knows I don't know ask
  • Victoria but today I have some beauty
  • hacks for you haven't washed your hair
  • in 17 days that's a specifically long
  • time well use some dry shampoo to
  • refresh that mess and if you haven't
  • washed your body spray it all over that
  • too everyone will think you've showered
  • or that you're just on drugs are your
  • legs super hairy who has time to put up
  • with shaving just style yourself to
  • cover the hair a color Harry Styles want
  • to put on your makeup at the perfect
  • angle like the beauty gurus do well you
  • can first grab some scotch tape then
  • place on your eyes and face until you
  • look borderline racist now apply your
  • makeup as you normally would and peel to
  • reveal absolute perfection
  • are you a vegan with a chunk of meat
  • stuck in your teeth and you can't get it
  • out and are you living a lie that you're
  • a vegan well get any unwanted food out
  • of your teeth by using your hair as
  • floss and if you haven't washed your
  • hair in 17 days and that's too
  • unsanitary then feel free to use
  • somebody else's hair lipsticks nowadays
  • can be way too expensive try this
  • homemade lipstick that involves buying a
  • lot of ingredients that will end up
  • costing more first get a raspberry a
  • blueberry a strawberry and a blackberry
  • because you're not racist mix all of
  • these together until they become a thick
  • paste then take a dip swipe on the lip
  • for an all-natural look yeah what where
  • did everybody go
  • do you have dark circles and bags
  • underneath your eyes we'll say goodbye
  • to under-eye by not wearing your glasses
  • no you can't even see them are your lips
  • dry crusty and ashy grab some olive oil
  • and apply to your lips for a super
  • subtle lip gloss soups easy to take on
  • the go to and no one will think you're
  • an alcoholic want to know a secret way
  • to making your girls look bigger
  • stuff them with tissue then if someone
  • makes fun of you for stuffing your bra
  • you can use your tissue to cry into okay
  • no no no no no no no no no no no no I
  • don't have an accent
  • girls you do not need to stuff contour
  • or even duct tape yourselves in any way
  • yes
  • duct tape I've tried it before almost
  • lost in it but you are beautiful just
  • the way you is even if you are
  • grammatically incorrect
  • besides it's what's on the inside that
  • counts on the inside yeah one two yeah I
  • counted two boobs man okay that's not
  • what I meant
  • and I don't know what you're counting
  • because there's not much to count in
  • there
  • rude man okay okay enough jokes girls
  • don't forget to stuff your bra well okay
  • I'm done
  • love yourself you're beautiful next
  • booty heck do you paint on your fake
  • eyebrows every single day constantly
  • worrying about them coming off and then
  • they do just grab a sharpie and fill
  • them in just be careful how you draw
  • them because it is permanent do you
  • constantly smell weird yeah ooh that's
  • gross is your skin dry itchy flaky and
  • peeling off then get some help you human
  • lizard but if you want baby booty smooth
  • skin at home try this homemade face mask
  • recipe first add bleach to brighten your
  • skin some butter for moisturizing rocks
  • for exfoliating baby food for
  • anti-wrinkle milk for lactose
  • intolerance and some white powder I
  • bought from a guy in a dark corner he
  • said it would keep me young so now mix
  • all of that together apply to your face
  • and bam fresh smooth skin is your hair
  • flat and lifeless do you wish it had
  • some volume Oh
  • [Music]
  • I don't get it so that is all I have for
  • you guys today because that allowed a
  • booty I can take thank you so much for
  • washing your bodies because because one
  • of us needs to but I hope you enjoyed
  • this video and if you did please make
  • sure to give it a big thumbs up because
  • this is my second time asking for it so
  • maybe I have a weird thumb fetish
  • uh-huh and I'll see you guys next
  • Wednesday with less little brown girl
  • we tried so hard with that don't worry
  • bye like I said we baked some cookies
  • let's get big we've done that drugs yes
  • do it
  • no we've made cookies for a video before
  • I I got nothing
  • I got clothes I don't believe it fine
  • it's not okay it's totally dead no smell
  • I'd pick out a guy up what hey what
  • would what are you doing are you still
  • here uh-huh what do you like me or
  • something
  • I have no idea why okay maybe you were
  • expecting like a blooper or mess-up back
  • here and I feel really bad about that so
  • oh and there's my potato grease any
  • moment to tell you guys that I actually
  • just opened the PIO box and I feel
  • really weird about opening one because I
  • don't want you guys to go out and buy me
  • stuff or send me gifts like just send me
  • money what I'm kidding but I'm also kind
  • of nervous that somebody's gonna send me
  • like a bag Boop and if you send me a bag
  • poop I'm not going to open it I'm just
  • gonna like scratch and sniff it anyways
  • I thought it'd be a cool way to like
  • personally connect with some of you guys
  • and maybe I'd send a postcard back to
  • keep the expectations low yeah so no one
  • said Boop unless you had something
  • really good to eat the day before
  • no I'm serious please oh someone's gonna
  • do it but okay cool so I'm not gonna
  • sign up again so I'm just gonna like to
  • disappear oh man I forgot to put a jump
  • cut so just like I just like ran away
  • [Music]

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