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Video 10 Family Guy Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True
12:18   |   views   |   05/27/2018


  • here's a little something to make you
  • feel old family guy premiered almost 20
  • years ago in 1999 over 300 episodes
  • later the show has amassed one of the
  • most dedicated fan bases out there who
  • loved to come up with some pretty crazy
  • theories about the show from the depths
  • of Reddit fueled by creativity
  • imagination and probably redbull these
  • fan theories might change the way you
  • see Family Guy forever
  • enjoy this trip into parts of the Family
  • Guy universe that you never knew existed
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  • sir you're not allowed to be on the
  • carousel well maybe I shouldn't have
  • named it such a fun word Bryan has been
  • writing the show all along since the
  • show's conception and fans have
  • theorized that Bryan is the real voice
  • of Seth MacFarlane they share the same
  • political and religious beliefs attitude
  • opinions about the world and MacFarlane
  • doesn't even change his natural voice to
  • play the character but some have taken
  • it even further to wonder if Bryan
  • himself has actually been writing the
  • show since the very beginning fans have
  • gathered from across the internet to
  • proclaim that Bryan is the mastermind
  • behind it the Griffin family and they
  • have some pretty good ideas to back up
  • their claims for wine it would explain
  • why Bryan seems to be the only animal in
  • the Family Guy universe that can talk
  • hold down a job and date a stream of
  • beautiful women without question it also
  • accounts for the fact that every other
  • characters personality is exaggerated
  • and wide the residents of Quahog are
  • well not the brightest bulbs in the box
  • Bryan is clearly the smartest of the
  • bunch and it makes sense that he would
  • write himself that way to justify their
  • theory even further fans speculate that
  • this accounts for the high energy of the
  • show and the way it jumps around with
  • its endless cutaways and many storylines
  • Bryan is still a dog and he has the
  • attention span to match giant you really
  • should the world is small and safe what
  • I do this Seth MacFarlane is in love
  • with Alex Borstein this one might be a
  • bit of a stretch countless theories
  • exists that speculate that Seth
  • MacFarlane Family Guy creator and voice
  • of Peter quagmire Brian and Stewie has
  • long been in love with Alex Borstein the
  • voice of Lois
  • Brown Cleveland's first wife and Tricia
  • Takanawa they say because Borstein is
  • married in real life MacFarlane is
  • acting out his feelings toward her
  • through his characters Peter is married
  • to Lois
  • quagmire has long lusted after his
  • redheaded neighbor and has had affairs
  • with both Loretta and Tricia Takanawa
  • Brian has been shown to be secretly in
  • love with Lois but hiding it from the
  • family in order to continue to live with
  • them and Stewie well it's not too
  • difficult to see Stewie has had a bit of
  • an Oedipus complex going on Stewie's
  • early fascination with killing Lois can
  • be pretty easily linked to the idea that
  • he is jealous of Peter and wants to keep
  • his mother all to himself if you use
  • your imagination a little fans imagine
  • that MacFarlane has been encouraging his
  • team of writers to continue to
  • romantically entangled their respective
  • characters together in order to keep
  • getting to live out his fantasy in the
  • recording booth you're gonna fart in
  • this airtight booth all night wasn't me
  • were the only two people in here
  • Stewie's modeling career year after year
  • the question on every Family Guy viewers
  • mind is how does Peter manage to afford
  • all of his crazy high jinks buying and
  • crashing a helicopter designed to look
  • like your own head into your best
  • friend's house isn't cheap and we hope
  • you at least help to pay for some of the
  • renovations afterward well this fan
  • theory has the answer sorta Family Guy
  • enthusiasts have decided that Stewie has
  • been a very successful child model since
  • season two and Peter uses Stewie's
  • earnings to make his dreams come true in
  • the eleventh episode of season two
  • Stewie lands a campaign for Calvin Klein
  • and while it never is addressed again
  • fans believe that his career took off
  • from there turning Stewie into a baby
  • supermodel on the side they gather that
  • because Peter is famous for being
  • irresponsible and impulsive he spends
  • the money on whatever he pleases rather
  • than saving for Stewie's future this
  • idea also explains why Peter rarely
  • seems to go to work and how the family
  • never suffers because of it though this
  • problem is not Family Guy specific in
  • fact they share it with pretty much
  • every sitcom how did the people on
  • Friends live in that giant apartment and
  • what exactly did anyone on How I Met
  • Your Mother do for a living we digress
  • you should see the way I have to pick up
  • chicks hi brian is a human it has long
  • been accepted that Family Guy The
  • Cleveland Show and American Dad are all
  • part of the same wacky universe and
  • that's how Family Guy fans came up with
  • this
  • eery the idea that Brian was once a
  • human whose brain has been implanted
  • into the body of a dog really does
  • answer so many questions like how come
  • Brian was the only one out of his letter
  • with the ability to speak and be
  • understood by people why does everyone
  • just accept that a dog has dated nothing
  • but beautiful human women and why were
  • they willing to date him back and
  • finally what kind of DMV employee gave a
  • dog a license to drive using the same
  • logic applied to Klaus the talking
  • goldfish with the brain of a German
  • Olympic athlete from American dad it is
  • entirely possible to imagine that Brian
  • underwent a similar operation that made
  • him the book-writing whiskey-drinking
  • atheist Brian we know and love today
  • this also ties into an explanation for
  • that giant chicken that Peter is always
  • getting into brawls with he too is a
  • victim of the same CIA experimentation
  • but in his case gone horribly horribly
  • wrong don't talk to me you have a bad
  • reputation in the chicken community
  • Stewie Griffin the untold story and 9/11
  • this theory is a bit of a doozy if
  • there's anything that the internet loves
  • to speculate about it's the events of
  • 9/11 though tying them into Family Guy
  • isn't something that many of us would
  • have expected the story behind this
  • theory is actually pretty amazing Seth
  • MacFarlane was scheduled to be on one of
  • the planes that were hijacked that day
  • but because of a hangover he missed it
  • by 10 minutes making that morning the
  • only time in history that someone has
  • ever been grateful for a hangover in the
  • Family Guy movie Stewie Griffin the
  • untold story Stewie is almost killed
  • when he blows up a lifeguard tower and
  • finds himself changed by the near-death
  • experience
  • he later encounters his future self who
  • is not the man he had hoped to become
  • all because of the incident with the
  • lifeguard tower
  • this causes Stewie to go back in time to
  • prevent the explosion from ever taking
  • place some have wondered if this is
  • McFarland's way of reconciling his
  • feelings about that day especially when
  • Stewie says the very on-the-nose
  • sounding line yes I did it I stopped the
  • tower from falling this has never been
  • confirmed by MacFarlane himself so I
  • guess the internet will have to keep
  • doing what it does best speculating and
  • thank God their follow-up attack on st.
  • Louis was a bust
  • we miss meg will transition into Rahm
  • fans have wondered for years when an F
  • Mia Kunis will leave the Family Guy
  • family an oscar-nominated movie star in
  • her own right they wonder how long Kunis
  • will continue to be interested in
  • playing the character of Meg who is so
  • often the butt of the joke and the
  • obvious outcast from the rest of the
  • family on top of that there is
  • speculation about what the salary of an
  • a-list actress must be and how willing
  • the studio will be to continue to pay it
  • for years to come
  • while Kunis has made no public mention
  • of wanting to leave fans have ideas
  • about how the show will cover it up
  • should it ever be necessary in the
  • fourth season of the third installment
  • of Stewie Griffin the untold story meg
  • is shown in the future as having
  • transitioned into a man named Ron they
  • believe this would be the best way to
  • phase out the character of Meg I'm
  • having her undergo this transition in
  • real time for a show that has always
  • been political and of the moment it's
  • entirely possible that the writers would
  • not shy away from such a storyline but
  • let's hope if they do they consult a
  • person who actually has gone through it
  • themselves
  • I think gender reassignment surgery is
  • very brave and The Fatman should win
  • some kind of award for it it's all in
  • Stewie's head fans of the show had long
  • since made peace with the fact that
  • Stewie is a genius baby who can talk and
  • have pretty much stopped trying to
  • understand who can hear him and when
  • except for this theory that has an
  • interesting explanation for the whole
  • thing the idea is that everything on the
  • show takes place from Stewie's
  • perspective whether they're his memories
  • or his interpretation of events that the
  • family had told him later
  • the reason only Brian can seem to really
  • understand him is because children
  • always form deep bonds with their pets
  • and can imagine that they understand
  • each other if we see the Family Guy
  • world through Stewie's eyes it explains
  • why he has a secret laboratory filled
  • with advanced weapons why he's a genius
  • inventor beyond his years and why he is
  • objectively smarter than everyone else
  • in the family like the first theory
  • about Brian being the brain behind the
  • whole show we mentioned before every
  • other character is exaggerated in their
  • silliness because it's house 2 he sees
  • them it also explains why he has a
  • mysterious accent who doesn't imagine
  • they sound sophisticated and British in
  • their own minds from time to time just
  • me move
  • welcome to the world baby chap huh I'm
  • British it's all in Peters head
  • continuing along the it's all in your
  • head line of thinking this theory
  • wonders if Family Guy is a creation of
  • Peters mind but with a dark twist
  • remember that episode of Buffy the
  • Vampire Slayer where Buffy becomes
  • convinced that she's really in an asylum
  • and her vampire fighting life is all a
  • delusion and tries to kill all of her
  • friends yeah this is darker than that
  • the story is that in the real world of
  • Family Guy a young and beautiful Meg
  • once took her brother Chris to a party
  • but ended up getting them both killed in
  • a fatal car accident wait there's more
  • when Lois who was pregnant with Stewie
  • found out she couldn't handle the grief
  • and took her own life Peter left all
  • alone after the death of his entire
  • family ended up in an institution and
  • receded into his own mind where he
  • created the family that he wished had
  • survived whoo while extremely depressing
  • this theory does explain why Peter hates
  • Meg so much as he is taking out his
  • anger at her for causing the tragedy it
  • also explains why Stewie never ages as
  • Peter never saw his real son grow up
  • fans believe that in the fantasy Ryan is
  • Peter who was an intelligent
  • intellectual person before the accident
  • never say Family Guy fans aren't
  • creative must be all of violence in
  • movies and sex on TV ah
  • Lois is going to leave Peter there has
  • been a lot of talk in recent years about
  • how the feeling of Family Guy has
  • changed from silly comedic cartoon to
  • considerably darker serial television
  • show the characters have gotten more
  • serious and flawed and in particular
  • Lois has seemed to have lost some of her
  • original spark one of the justifications
  • for this is that Lois is preparing to
  • leave Peter and their marriage well it
  • seems unlikely that the writers would
  • take the show that far in another
  • direction there seems to be some
  • evidence to back up the possibility Lois
  • driven to the edge by her husband's
  • over-the-top antics is unable to
  • good-naturedly put up with him anymore
  • and has started dropping hints about her
  • unhappiness even Stewie has mentioned it
  • in a season 11 episode he tells a drunk
  • Peter that Lois has
  • emotionally moved on that she already
  • has two cellphones it's well documented
  • that Lois's dad Carter hates Peter and
  • has offered her money to divorce him so
  • we know she'd be in no financial trouble
  • if she did end up leaving well this is
  • all just speculation and we are still
  • talking about a cartoon here you
  • you have to wonder just how many
  • shenanigans Louis can possibly put up
  • with before she finally snaps
  • have a good life mr. Jean your penis is
  • out meg is Stewie's real mom
  • this theory is completely out of the
  • blue and totally wacky which makes it
  • one of the most fun ones out there fans
  • speculate that before the show began to
  • air Meg had a boyfriend with a football
  • shaped head perhaps who left town when
  • she became pregnant in an effort to
  • protect her daughter Lois covered up the
  • event pretended to be pregnant faked a
  • childbirth and took on the role of
  • Stewie's mother apparently she was able
  • to convince Peter that this was the
  • truth because well it's Peter and the
  • same goes for Chris the only people who
  • know the real truth are Meg Lois and
  • Brian the theory was made stronger when
  • fans claimed that wherever Stewie's
  • birth was referenced it had always been
  • from his perspective so we never really
  • saw who his mother was
  • unfortunately for believers this one has
  • been to bung in season 11 episode 4 we
  • actually do see Lois giving birth to
  • Stewie and in season 4 there is an
  • episode devoted to Meg losing her
  • virginity to Jimmy Fallon making it
  • impossible for her to have a baby four
  • years earlier I guess we are still
  • forever left to wonder where in the gene
  • pool Stewie got that head shape damn so
  • close but God you all right fine why do
  • you ask so there you have it do these
  • theories change the way you'll watch
  • Family Guy forever what do you think
  • could any of these theories actually be
  • true do you have a theory that you need
  • to share with the world let us know in
  • the comment section and don't forget to
  • subscribe to Screen Rant to stay up to
  • date on all of our awesome videos
  • [Music]

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The Griffin Family, you know them, you love them, you develop impossibly detailed and out of this world theories about them? Almost every popular show has fan theories: plot holes, missing backstories, and unanswered questions that fans have taken upon themselves to figure out, often with completely mind boggling results. These Family Guy theories range from the reasonable and well researched, to the off-the-wall and totally hilarious that you may never have thought of in a million years.
From Brian as the secret mastermind behind the whole thing, to Stewie’s successful modeling career bankrolling Peter’s shenanigans, with Seth MacFarlane’s deep forbidden love for Alex Borstein thrown in for good measure, Brian with a human brain trapped in the body of a dog (explains a lot, doesn’t it?), a possible connection between the Family Guy movie and 9/11, the future of Mila Kunis on the show and Meg as her alter ego Ron, the world presented as a figment of Peter’s imagination, the world presented from the point of view of Stewie instead, the possibility that Lois might actually leave Peter, and last but not least: could Meg actually be Stewie’s real mom?
From the deepest reaches of the internet, these theories question everything we’ve ever learned about the First Family of Quahog, Rhode Island, and put details that most of us never noticed under a microscope. These fans have asked questions that even the show’s creators probably couldn’t answer, and the results will blow your mind and have you looking at the show in a whole new light.



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