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Video The GREATEST Draft BUSTS From All 32 NFL Teams
11:18   |   views   |   04/27/2017


  • [Music]
  • what is going on cantaloupes throughout
  • this video you're going to be able to
  • play a fun game called watch Mike lose
  • his voice as he discusses 32 NFL teams a
  • big shout-out to all you guys who helped
  • me out picking this list on Twitter this
  • is the worst draft pick in every NFL
  • teams history the Arizona Cardinals
  • Andre wodsworth the third overall pick
  • in 1998 wodsworth registered just eight
  • sacks in his three seasons and was out
  • of the NFL after the 2000 season the
  • Atlanta Falcons Andre Bruce the first
  • overall pick in 1988 after 12 sacks
  • refers to NFL season he just had four
  • through his third and fourth the Falcons
  • let him lead via free agency after four
  • inconsistent years the Baltimore Ravens
  • Travis Taylor the 10th overall pick in
  • 2000 in five seasons with the Ravens
  • Taylor finished with just 204 receptions
  • and 15 touchdowns he was out of the NFL
  • after the 2007 season the Buffalo Bills
  • Mike Williams the fourth overall pick in
  • 2002 he was a consensus all-american in
  • 2001 the build thought a standout guard
  • from Texas would be a franchise building
  • block Williams simply never panned out
  • he lost his starting role and was
  • released after the 2005 season the
  • Carolina Panthers Rae Carruth the 27th
  • overall pick in 1997 listen he was ok
  • for the Panthers mediocre at best but
  • then in 2001 he was charged with
  • conspiring to murder in the first degree
  • and has been in jail ever since the
  • Chicago Bears Curtis in it's the fifth
  • overall pick in 1998 he spent just three
  • seasons with the Bears rushing for just
  • under 1,500 yards and four touchdowns he
  • was out of the NFL a short time after
  • the 2000 season the Cincinnati Bengals
  • key Gianna Carter the first overall pick
  • in 1995 he rushed for a total 227 yards
  • and 16 touchdowns over his four seasons
  • with the Bengals he was out of the NFL
  • by 2004 Cleveland Browns Johnny Mann
  • Elda 22nd overall pick in 2011 if you
  • watch my recent 26 Cleveland Browns
  • starting quarterback since 1999 video
  • you'll see that this is a tough one
  • because the Browse notoriously select
  • bucks but I'm going with Manziel here
  • because we insane hype and known off the
  • field issues yet the Browns still took
  • him and now he's not on an NFL team
  • Dallas Cowboys Kevin Brooks the 17th
  • overall pick in 1985 the Cowboys didn't
  • want Kevin Brooks we wanted this guy
  • named Jerry Rice if you've ever heard of
  • him but the 49ers traded up one spot
  • ahead of the Cowboys and took him maybe
  • the Cowboys should have drafted up or or
  • maybe this pick wasn't actually the
  • Cowboys fault but when you look at
  • Brooks 12 and a half sacks as a cowboy
  • you can't help but think what could have
  • been with Jerry Wright the Denver
  • Broncos Ted Gregory the 26th overall
  • pick in 1988 this defensive tackle from
  • Syracuse blew out his knee before ever
  • playing with the Broncos as it was
  • traded to the Saints where he only
  • played three games he then retired from
  • football the Detroit Lions Charles
  • Rogers the second overall pick in 2003
  • okay Detroit needed a star receiver and
  • they could have had one if they drafted
  • future hall-of-famer Andre Johnson
  • instead they took Charles Rodgers out of
  • Michigan State Rodgers had 36 catches
  • for 440 yards and four touchdowns
  • Johnson had over a thousand catches for
  • over 1,400 yards and 70 touchdowns the
  • Green Bay Packers Tony Mann during the
  • second overall pick in 1989 Sports
  • Illustrated said that the Canadian star
  • from Michigan State was the best
  • offensive lineman prospect ever back in
  • 1989 the Packers drafted him with the
  • second overall pick but instead of
  • solidifying the Packers o-line mandarins
  • clashed with players and management he
  • spent just four years with Green Bay who
  • could have selected Deon or Barry
  • Sanders over him the Houston Texans
  • David Carr the first overall pick in
  • 2002 car didn't have any talent around
  • him whatsoever and as such failed to
  • live up to the high
  • he finished with just over 13 thousand
  • yards and a really miserable 23 and 56
  • career record the Indianapolis Colts
  • Steve Edmond mton Edmond
  • he's so irrelevant I forget him the
  • first overall pick in 1992 was a
  • sensation at Washington yeah just over
  • five sacks over his three seasons with
  • the Colts a neck injury derailed his
  • career and he was out of the NFL after
  • 1997 the Jacksonville Jaguars Blaine
  • Gabbert number ten overall in 2011
  • gabart only spent part of three seasons
  • with the Jaguars compiling a terrible
  • nine and 31 record the Kansas City
  • Chiefs Trey's l Jenkins the 31st overall
  • pick in 1995 played a total of nine
  • games for the Chiefs on their own I'd
  • only sorting one of those he was then
  • traded to the Saints and then the
  • Vikings but never played a game with
  • either of them even tried out for the
  • XFL and didn't make it the Los Angeles
  • chargers Ryan Leaf the second overall
  • pick in 1998 we all know what happened
  • he was a can't-miss quarterback process
  • him and Peyton Manning in the same draft
  • the Colts chose the NFL's all-time
  • passing leader
  • the Chargers chose Ryan Leaf he spent
  • just two seasons as their starter
  • tossing 13 touchdowns but 33
  • interceptions the Los Angeles Rams
  • Lawrence Phillips the sixth overall pick
  • in 1996 he was expected to be a star
  • running back in the AFL but Phillips
  • ruined his own career by getting into
  • constant trouble off the field the Rams
  • knew about his problems in college and
  • took the chance anyway Phillips played
  • just two seasons with the Rams rushing
  • for just over 1,200 yards and 12
  • touchdowns the Miami Dolphins dion
  • jordan the third overall pick in 2013
  • the Dolphins traded up for Jordan
  • injuries suspensions and poor
  • performances left Dolphins fans
  • including me all around the world
  • disgraced by the dion jordan named the
  • minnesota vikings troy williamson
  • seventh overall 2005 they needed a
  • replacement for Randy Moss and they sure
  • didn't get it with him Williamson finish
  • with just 79 catches and just over a
  • thousand yards and three touchdowns
  • during three seasons with Minnesota his
  • NFL career just lasted five years the
  • New England Patriots Jack cook cannon
  • the first overall pick in this 1964 AFL
  • Draft cookout and never threw a pass for
  • the Patriots he finished with just 36
  • touchdowns in 63 interceptions in his
  • NFL career the New Orleans Saints Russel
  • Aksarben I can't pronounce his name
  • because he was a kicker and punter
  • drafted 11th overall why and then he
  • only went on to play five seasons with
  • the Saints think about the options that
  • they could have had in the first round
  • but yet they went with a mediocre kicker
  • the New York Giants Cedric Jones the
  • fifth overall pick in 1996 he was
  • supposed to become the next great pass
  • rusher for the g-men instead he just had
  • 15 sacks over 73 games the New York Jets
  • Vernon Goulston 6 overall 2008 he was an
  • outside linebacker who was supposed to
  • fit seamlessly into restaurant
  • three-four defense he didn't record a
  • sack in his three years in a league
  • while also producing 42 tackles and most
  • of them came on special teams the
  • Oakland Raiders JaMarcus Russell first
  • overall 2007 this was a unanimous pick
  • by Raiders fans on Twitter they could
  • have drafted Adrian Peterson's Darrelle
  • Revis Calvin Johnson no they picked
  • JaMarcus Russell Philadelphia Eagles
  • Mike ma'am EULA the seventh overall pick
  • in 1995 he played just five years in the
  • pros all of them with the Eagles he
  • finished with 30 1.5 sacks but if they
  • ever wanted a pass rusher the Eagles
  • should have taken Warren Sapp who was
  • available five picks later the
  • pittsburgh steelers daryl since the 20th
  • overall pick in 1985 10th only had three
  • sacks in
  • with Pittsburgh and was out of the
  • league after the 1988 season San
  • Francisco 49ers Ken McAfee the seventh
  • overall pick in 1978 magically lasted
  • just two seasons for the 49ers in the
  • NFL he caught 46 passes for 471 yards
  • and five touchdowns great the Seattle
  • Seahawks Aaron curry the port's overall
  • pick in 2009 the Seahawks look to
  • rebuild their defense around a standout
  • linebacker out of Wake Forest
  • instead courageous played three seasons
  • finishing with 5.5 sacks that's it curry
  • last played in the NFL for the Oakland
  • Raiders in 2012 but his legacy is really
  • nothing more than a bust the Tampa Bay
  • Buccaneers bo Jackson the first overall
  • pick in 1986 yes he was a great MLB
  • player and an icon for the Los Angeles
  • Raiders but the Bucs never got what they
  • bargained for with Jackson he never
  • played for the Buccaneers Tennessee
  • Titans Vince Young the third overall
  • pick in 2006 the dude was a stud at
  • Texas and everyone thought he was going
  • to be the next big athletic quarterback
  • star in the NFL it didn't pan out that
  • way at all though he played all right
  • his first couple seasons leading the
  • Titans to the playoffs wanton and
  • actually being picked to the Pro Bowl in
  • 2007 but by 2011
  • he'd been benched or injured too many
  • times and his time on any NFL roster
  • came to an end the Washington Redskins
  • Heath Shuler he third overall pick in
  • 1994 Joe Theismann was long retired the
  • Redskins needed a franchise quarterback
  • to build around
  • well Schuler just lasted three seasons
  • in DC compiling a four and nine record
  • while totaling 13 touchdowns and 19
  • interceptions what was the biggest draft
  • mistake by your favorite NFL teams join
  • me in the comments section below join me
  • on Twitter let's keep this conversation
  • going if you like this video make sure
  • to hit the like button because it helps
  • us out a ton if you're new to - oh pro
  • sports
  • it's a subscribe button because we put
  • out that
  • every single day until next time I'm
  • Mikey Lupo thanks for watching

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worst draft picks in every NFL Team’s history

What was the biggest draft mistake by your favorite team?

Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

The NFL Draft gives every team the opportunity to find future stars to build around. But there’s nothing more frustrating for a team when they waste a high draft pick on a player who doesn’t pan out.

Today we dive into the worst draft pick in every NFL Team’s history.

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