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13:31   |   views   |   01/11/2019


  • with the news coming out yesterday of
  • course the Activision and Bungie are to
  • go their separate ways but Bungie is to
  • be keeping the Destiny franchise people
  • have been asking me laughs right-center
  • as do you think that Blizzard
  • Entertainment can escape from Activision
  • well it's not quite as simple as that
  • but let's have a chat about it in
  • today's video hi everybody
  • 8as here from Hill versus babyface so
  • with Activision splitting from Bungie
  • the stock market has already reacted to
  • that in an out of hours trading the
  • stock price has gone down nearly 10
  • percent since the actual market closed
  • last night and of course this means that
  • stock for Activision which was trading
  • only two or three months ago at around
  • about the 81 dollar mark is now around
  • about the 46 dollar mark this is
  • absolutely crazy losses and although
  • there's an overall drop in the
  • technology market place there are
  • certain gaming companies which are
  • losing above the average EA and
  • Activision Blizzard being a couple of
  • those and I think we can equate a lot of
  • the reasons to decisions which were made
  • at those companies as well but the
  • question being asked is with Bungie
  • managing to break away from the manacles
  • of this evil tyrannical Empire can the
  • formerly beloved because I wouldn't say
  • their beloved right now Blizzard
  • Entertainment do the same and hopefully
  • go somewhere to becoming the company
  • that they used to be well just hold your
  • horses for a second because it's a
  • little bit more complicated than you may
  • think
  • because Bungie hopes for the way you may
  • think well this should be easy surely
  • for Blizzard to do the same well not so
  • much you see Activision and Bungie had a
  • business relationship
  • Activision didn't have any say in the
  • running of Bungie as a company they had
  • a business agreement in place so
  • rounding the game destiny Bungie would
  • create it they have the IP and
  • Activision would publish it and then of
  • course there would be other things
  • intermingled in that as regards to
  • revenue that was me wanting to be
  • produced targeted and then profit splits
  • blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and
  • obviously if these targets weren't hit
  • then there may be roof cushions whatever
  • whatever it may be but at the end of the
  • day Bungie had enough and that's what it
  • appears to be because reports have been
  • coming out though once the news broke to
  • the Bungie employees that they were
  • split seek from Activision they cheered
  • I told you things weren't rosy in the
  • land of Bungie and Activision but I mean
  • come on that's not exactly me being a
  • genius here I think it was pretty
  • apparent from the frosty frosty nature
  • of their relationship for a while now
  • whereas Blizzard Entertainment is
  • actually a subsidiary of Activision
  • Blizzard and Activision Blizzard is the
  • merger of Activision and what used to be
  • Vivendi coming together in 2008 so it's
  • bit more complicated than just breaking
  • away however we also have to go a wee
  • bit deeper into Blizzard Entertainment's
  • motivations as well over the course of
  • the last few years we've seen the
  • removal of some very significant people
  • in Blizzard Entertainment from places of
  • power we've seen Mike more Heim go in
  • recent times and then we also had Rob
  • Pardo and Chris Matson leave the company
  • as well founding fathers an old-school
  • Blizzard Entertainment personnel also if
  • we go back the people who created World
  • of Warcraft the vast majority of them
  • are no longer with the company anyway
  • they left many many years ago and what
  • we have now are teams that which are
  • being put together as well as new
  • personnel and personnel have
  • still stuck around here and there Tom
  • Chilton of course is no longer working
  • on World War Craft he's gone off to do a
  • mobile project and we see that the two
  • major powers right now in blizzard and
  • Taemin are most likely gonna be Jay Alan
  • Barack and also alum Adam now Jay Alan
  • Barack doesn't have the best of
  • relationships with MMORPG people or more
  • specifically World of Warcraft personnel
  • either he's probably known as the person
  • who killed off Star Wars Galaxies Jedi's
  • for everybody and then on top of that in
  • relation to people's call for vanilla
  • servers to be brought into the world of
  • warcraft he came up on stage at Blizzcon
  • and said the infamous you think you do
  • but you don't line just a few more
  • months until classic servers arrive in
  • the world Warcraft but it's alum Adam
  • that we probably really need to have a
  • look at you see Alan is actually an
  • original founder of Blizzard
  • Entertainment along with Mike Morhaime
  • and Frank Pierce Frank himself actually
  • credits Alan as the founder of Blizzard
  • Entertainment as he was the one who
  • convinced the other two to come together
  • and to create the company so he has
  • history with Blizzard Entertainment
  • going all the way back to the beginning
  • he did leave however in 2004 pretty much
  • burnt out from the creation of the world
  • of warcraft but returned to the company
  • in 2016 but during his absence he got
  • involved in the finance game and hedge
  • fund you take that the way you want to
  • take him but he has been described
  • multiple times as the genius of Blizzard
  • so let's just put some pieces together
  • and say that Activision and Blizzard
  • Entertainment split who would actually
  • run Blizzard Entertainment well would it
  • be Jay and brac I very much doubt it
  • indeed this is just speculation but I
  • would imagine probably alum Adam would
  • assumed a CEO
  • roll of the company and therefore if
  • that was gonna be the case we have to
  • look at the ethos and the direction that
  • Allen wants to take the company and as
  • we saw from Blizzcon last year Allen
  • wants to go heavily into the mobile
  • marketplace you just have to look at the
  • press conference after the Diablo
  • Immortal announcement to see exactly
  • where Allen's stance is on this he was
  • absolutely resolute about the direction
  • that Blizzard were gonna go in terms of
  • mobile gaming Nonie stressing that they
  • were absolutely committed to it but also
  • making sure that everybody knew that
  • they were taking some of the best
  • developers away from PC on to these
  • projects he was making it very clear to
  • his dissenting audience that he didn't
  • care about what they thought they were
  • pulling these people and it was almost a
  • big fu to the whole of the customer base
  • at which they had established for PC
  • gamers for such a considerable period of
  • time so even if Blizzard Entertainment
  • got its independence that wouldn't
  • suddenly turn them back to the company
  • they were in the early 2000s when they
  • were committed to developing the future
  • of gaming with projects like the world
  • of warcraft with you Diablos from a few
  • years ago etc no this looks very much
  • like a company that is committed to
  • going into the mobile marketplace and
  • making much less expensive games to
  • maximize their profits maybe Alan's time
  • in the finance sector has taught him
  • that even more on top of that you just
  • have to look at the management structure
  • that surround the games that Blizzard
  • Entertainment currently have and I'm not
  • talking low-end people that just graphed
  • in a way working hard trying to do a job
  • these people look more like they are
  • very much complicit with what's going on
  • with Activision Blizzard right now they
  • seem to be perfectly happy to be
  • producing what is being placed out in
  • front of us
  • which to be honest with you I think is
  • very substandard indeed I don't think
  • half of them even touch their own
  • product they have no idea why people are
  • rejecting it because they have no idea
  • about what people actually want I think
  • there has been way too much of a
  • disconnect between the community and the
  • development team and it's got nothing to
  • do with Activision Blizzard it's got
  • everything to do with the people who are
  • at Blizzard Entertainment right now as
  • much as we yearn for the glory days a
  • Blizzard Entertainment to return the
  • simple fact of the matter is the people
  • who created the glory days of Blizzard
  • Entertainment have now gone
  • those superb developers who had amazing
  • ideas and creative talent they've gone
  • elsewhere those figureheads which
  • transform the company you Matson's new
  • Pardo's they're gone and you're Morhaime
  • is just about to leave in a couple of
  • months time these are the people who
  • actually created the glory days of
  • Blizzard Entertainment and therefore if
  • Blizzard Entertainment is to get back to
  • anything that it used to be that
  • actually has to be a complete paradigm
  • shift within the company a complete and
  • utter attitude an ethos redirection and
  • if Allen Adham
  • is determined to push Blizzard forward
  • using mobile gaming then where do we sit
  • as PC gamers where do we figure in to
  • their plans
  • well Blizzcon of last year was a very
  • sobering experience because essentially
  • we don't they didn't create or show
  • anything really off for us and
  • subsequent to that we of course have
  • seen heroes the storm lose half its team
  • plus also its eSports and eventually
  • been left out to die and then suddenly
  • we're getting surveys asking if we would
  • really be bothered if they took eSports
  • away from hearthstone what next are they
  • gonna do the same for overwatch and
  • World of Warcraft content speaks for
  • itself we don't appear to be their
  • audience anymore
  • so if Activision and Blizzard
  • Entertainment were to split and Blizzard
  • Entertainment gained its in
  • dependence although I think that
  • Activision has a lot to answer for in
  • the way that Blizzard has changed
  • throughout the course over the last few
  • years I would stress that the people who
  • are currently positioned in the
  • prominent roles within the company are
  • okay with that if not complicit to that
  • and I don't think that an independent
  • break away from Activision would change
  • Blizzard Entertainment as it exists
  • today in any meaningful way for us PC
  • gamers and ours lovers of these various
  • franchises I think there would have to
  • be an absolutely polar shift within the
  • company to gain the trust back from each
  • community what I will say though is I'm
  • really hoping that this split between
  • Bungie and Activision causes other
  • companies to look at their relationships
  • with publishers and if possible make
  • that breakaway and I'm gonna say
  • specifically Bioware I'm kind of calling
  • on you here because you're a company who
  • we are really worried about and I mean
  • really worried about you have created
  • some of the most amazing franchises with
  • Mass Effect and Dragon Age and we want
  • to see these games for many many more
  • years to come you've created some of the
  • best characters some of the best worlds
  • some of the best universes for us to
  • explore and get lost in and the last
  • thing that we want to see is you
  • consumed by the parasite that is EA so
  • if there's any way by a way that you can
  • get out of this relationship
  • with this company that will and you know
  • it will consume you if you don't do what
  • it wants you to do then we're going to
  • lose a great great company because
  • they've done it before and they will do
  • it again so I hope you enjoyed the vid
  • peeps if you did do get a thumbs up and
  • also subscribe to the channel follow me
  • on social media and twitch for live
  • streaming links there in the description
  • box down below and I'll be back with
  • some more stuff very soon you take care
  • bye for now
  • you
  • [Music]

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Since Bungie has broken away from Activision I've been asked by many people "Can BLIZZARD escape from Aztivision too?" So let's discuss that in today's video!! (merch shop) (Live Streaming) (Twitter) (mid life-bar crisis) (Armory) (Title Sequence and Branding)


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