Video This 17 Year Old TRASH TALKED Michael Jordan and INSTANTLY Regretted It

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This 17 Year Old TRASH TALKED Michael Jordan and INSTANTLY Regretted It
This 17 Year Old TRASH TALKED Michael Jordan and INSTANTLY Regretted It thumb This 17 Year Old TRASH TALKED Michael Jordan and INSTANTLY Regretted It thumb This 17 Year Old TRASH TALKED Michael Jordan and INSTANTLY Regretted It thumb


  • few have challenged Michael Jordan and
  • came out on top but this
  • seventeen-year-old did and well I'm sure
  • you know where this is going
  • what's up everybody it's Jimmy and
  • before we get in today's discussion big
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  • order now anyone remember OJ Mayo one of
  • the most highly coveted high school
  • basketball recruits in the last 20 years
  • no one well for those who are familiar
  • allow me to get you up to speed back in
  • the early 2000s a young cat by the name
  • of OJ Mayo shot up onto the national
  • basketball scene when he put up 23
  • points per game and was named first-team
  • all-state as a seventh grader playing
  • high school varsity basketball over the
  • next couple years the entire country got
  • to know who oh gee al was even making
  • comparisons with him and a young Kobe
  • Bryant NBA players were attending his
  • games and he even attracted the largest
  • crowd to ever see a high school
  • basketball game in the state of Ohio
  • drawing in over 16,000 fans to put this
  • into perspective the average NBA stadium
  • holds about 19,000 the kid was good but
  • he was just a kid in high school he
  • still had a lot to learn in order to
  • play with the pros let alone be able to
  • go toe-to-toe with the greats but in the
  • summer of 2005 at just 17 years old
  • Mayo tried to do just that around the
  • time Mayo was drawing in national
  • attention Michael Jordan held a
  • basketball camp for some of the best
  • young talents in the country Oh Jay Mayo
  • being one of those young talents in fact
  • of the dozens of players at the camp Oh
  • Jay was the only high schooler being the
  • youngest guy there Mayo felt like he had
  • something to prove everyone knew the
  • hype around him and this was the perfect
  • time to back up
  • hi but to make matters worse of all the
  • players in the camp Michael Jordan
  • himself chose to guard Oh Jay and OJ
  • took the challenge in front of a decent
  • sized crowd Mayo was putting on a good
  • game as the game progressed he gained
  • more and more confidence with each shot
  • that went in the kid was feeling good I
  • mean what 17 year old wouldn't feel like
  • the man after putting a few buckets on
  • Jordans head Mayo and his team even won
  • the first scrimmage game against Michael
  • and his team things were looking great
  • for the young Hooper but and what might
  • be the biggest mistake of his high
  • school career Oh Jay said those fateful
  • awful regretful words you can't guard me
  • [Music]
  • now if there's one thing we should all
  • know about MJ by now it's that the man
  • hates hates to lose but this was his
  • camp and he wasn't trying to embarrass a
  • child so during the second game of
  • scrimmage
  • Jordan turned it on just a little bit
  • scoring at will
  • hitting his signature fadeaway doing
  • absolutely anything he wanted to do now
  • Michael was already in his 40s at the
  • time and was still in a league of his
  • own needless to say Jordans team took
  • Game two but this is where things really
  • got interesting for everyone there and
  • really unfortunate for OJ Mayo after
  • taking him to school Jordan then told
  • Mayo you may be the best high school
  • player but I'm the best player in the
  • world
  • from this point on it's a lesson at that
  • moment Jordan told everyone in
  • attendance to clear out and leave the
  • gym Michael was about to embarrass the
  • kid throughout the next couple games
  • Jordan didn't hold back and for the next
  • 60 minutes anyone left in the gym got to
  • watch vintage Jordan poor oj didn't even
  • see it coming
  • just say that you're fine you're not
  • really fine but you just can't get into
  • it because they would never understand
  • in 2014 Jordan sat down for an interview
  • and discussed this story in particular
  • after telling the interviewer what
  • happened for some reason the reporter
  • called the incident trash Jordan
  • responded saying I don't consider that
  • trash I consider it fact honestly I'm
  • just surprised Jordan didn't
  • up and slap the man in his face as for
  • Mayo he went on to play at USC and was
  • drafted as the third overall pick in the
  • 2008 NBA Draft he had a good run in the
  • NBA for a few years but has since
  • fizzled out quite a bit
  • a few years ago Oh Jay was asked about
  • his encounter with Mike and he had this
  • to say
  • I got a few buckets in the and I think
  • the campers knew I was only a high
  • school kid and so they got rowdy a
  • little bit and we got a little bit of
  • John and so uh you know we played two
  • games I think we we split 101 it was
  • team game and then uh he said okay now
  • let me handle my business and he looking
  • at my face and said they don't like what
  • you mean so he said I need all the
  • cameras everybody to leave was clear to
  • Jim I said man you know so uh we are
  • continued playing pickup and uh you know
  • Mike was Mike you know he would draw in
  • a little bit and uh
  • really getting into me defensively and
  • uh you know he's backing me down you
  • know said better screaming for Mama you
  • know is mama mama you know hit the hit
  • the famous fadeaway on me and then uh
  • you know I said okay okay you got it go
  • on and then you say hey you know fella
  • let me tell you something he said you
  • know you may be the best high school
  • player in the world you know but I'm the
  • greatest ever and I don't you ever
  • disrespect you know the great like that
  • and you know at the end of the day of
  • people has a why would you talk smack to
  • go why'd you talk smack to Mike and Anne
  • today is still basketball you know and
  • you definitely respect everything Mike
  • has done for the game but we know a
  • young buck and you get a chance to go at
  • the top I kind of had a mentality that I
  • had everything to gain and nothing to
  • lose and you know Mike Mike did what he
  • had to do
  • I mean hey I respect it if I ever be
  • Mike in a game scratch that if I ever
  • even scored a layup on MJ I don't care
  • if the man 65 I don't care if I'm one
  • for 35 from the field and I don't even
  • care if my team is down a hundred points
  • best believe I'm walking out the
  • building like I own the joint
  • Michael if you happen to be watching
  • this I'm handing out buckets anytime
  • anyplace
  • hope y'all enjoyed and as always
  • phone
  • [Music]

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Here lies the hopes and dreams of OJ Mayo.

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