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Types of Parents
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  • What up everyone it's ya girrrrl superwoman. So for months and months you Emily Thomas have been requesting me to do this video and I decided today to
  • Finally stop being a jerk face and give it to you. Happy birthday
  • Are you a parent? Are you a child? Are you both? Maybe you hate kids. Maybe you're pregnant
  • Maybe you don't care about the content of this video at all because you're watching it on silent because you dutch it either way get
  • Ready to relate cuz I'm about to break down the types of parents. Let's get to it number one the cool cats *meeow*
  • Now these are the types of parents that aren't just your parents?
  • But they're your homies because you're not scared to tell them anything They understand that good parenting is not about fear it's about good communication
  • What in the heck she talking bout *werid sound* it's true it exists.
  • Hell not only do they know about your boyfriend, but they know about your best friend's boyfriend
  • They know about the time you both failed that math test, and you know what when you're leaving the house
  • They know that you're wearing a miniskirt under those track pants
  • they just don't make a big deal about it because they trust you're a good kid and
  • Quite frankly your parents coolness continues to shock both you and your friends
  • Girl honestly
  • Let's just grab a drink before we leave because I ain't spending $8 on no drink at no bar Lilly what if your parents see? Nah
  • Man, they're cool. Don't worry. You sure? trust me. k
  • Cuz we gonna have a party. OH LILY what the bloody hell you doing, huh?
  • You drinking alcohol before you leave the house? duh. uhhh
  • Why you doing this huh? it was her idea. no dad you don't get it. I'm taking a taxi. I'm not driving. You stupid
  • I'm so sorry. Sorry dad. I teach you nothing huh? It's just that drinks are so expensive there and- Take my flask! what?
  • Word. Oh my God. What the hell one drink gonna do huh?
  • Don't be stupid, I teach you to go to club and pay $10 for drink no
  • Don't be dumb okay, you take this one. Oh my God. That's so cool
  • *music*
  • Have fun. Okay. Be safe. don't waste your money
  • *more music*
  • *sniff* So beautiful. Based on a true story
  • sonnnn. Yes, that's me in a beard how's that silent video watching going now? Huh?
  • Are you getting turned on? *slurp*
  • Now hold up before all you brat kids are like what the f? my parents aren't cool like that know that it takes time to create
  • Cool cat parents you gotta build that trust okay, and show them that you're mature enough to sometimes do stupid things
  • But if he was driving around drunk failing classes and friggin making out with people and guess what you ain't getting the flask?
  • You don't deserve the flask. Number two the make over failures. Now these are the types of parents that from time to time decide
  • It's time to make some changes around here, okay? Usually this is inspired by seeing another family or watching a TV show or
  • Listening to the news
  • And it usually starts off with a super awkward family meeting where the parents try being very serious and diplomatic and the kids just can't
  • Take them seriously
  • Okay, listen everybody. listen good. okay. Yes, okay?
  • your mother and I have been talking and we think it's time to make some changes in this family. Yeah
  • Okay, and I want every single persons here to understand very clearly what I'm saying
  • From now on we want to spend every single Sunday together, okay one?
  • for family done, okay, but
  • Because family comes first
  • Okay, what I say what I say, what come first. Family come first. That's right
  • family Comes first not second first
  • also
  • we going to start eating more healthy and doing exercise around here because this thing on the news more than
  • 80% of family overwheight yeah, yeah, that's right. I don't want my family fat okay. Yes, that's right
  • Lily i don't know how to tell you but you look a little bit
  • No, more this junk food coke or cocc nothing like that. Okay. Really not even that. Know what even fried food done
  • No more. Finished. Good good. one more thing kay?
  • Mmmhmm. We going to start talking nicely to each other okay? Yeah. Like we love each other okay? No more bad words
  • Definitely, to- totally on the same page
  • No more mean thing and from now on if you say a mean thing you gonna have to put some money
  • In the Shame Shame jar, okay?
  • Maybe one day you mad and you say I'm so upset mummy you so stupid ah that's it
  • You put money in the Shame Shame jar
  • You don't want to put money into Shame Shame jar, then you don't do the Shame Shame. then when the month finished
  • We'll take all this money. We go donate to charity okay? Why, why I wanna do this? because
  • It's a tax write-off
  • No, because family comes first what why Family come first. Good okay?
  • That's right. Good. Why do you like this? Huh?
  • Because family comes first but don't worry homie because without fail parents will be parents and this will last for approximately
  • Six days before they go back to being dysfunctional mom. It's Sunday family time ah
  • Stupid don't bug me okay, my head hurting
  • Oi Lily why you making so much noise? This zoo? *coins* Hah hit him hit him hah okay
  • Dad you're not supposed to be eating junk food
  • You telling me the rules now huh? She telling me the rules you making the rules now huh? Bu- you said. You listen to me okay?
  • I am father. I'm making rules ay
  • I want to eat the pringles I eat the pringles. You're the one who made the rule. Look this one so bloody ungrateful
  • *garbled ranting* What? Look i have 3 job k? each job maybe 2 dollar each
  • I make $6.00 from all of these. What? Why I do this is for your school, for your I-phone. Daddy i want mac book
  • And then you gonna tell me my bloody rules and say that I'm not allowed to eat pringles? Wh-what is happening? What is happening right now?
  • I am slave? I am your slave? I do what ever the bloody hell i want to *more garbled ranting soz*
  • Okay?
  • Parents.
  • Oi idiots come here come here come here.
  • Let's Buy a TV. Huh?
  • Number three the generals these parents are strict, you're scared of them, and you probably liked them about everything
  • I mean, they won't let you do even basic things like going to parties, buying clothes, talking to the opposite sex
  • But the worst part is not only are they annoying to you?
  • But they annoying to all of your friends and heaven forbid that one time to let you go out
  • Yeah, this will probably happen. everybody sit down
  • So Lily telling me that you three want to go out, huh?
  • Yes, sir. Who's going? Me, Kelly and Jessie. Your parents know you are going? Yes uncle. okok
  • Let's write their name and number on this paper. and what time are you are coming home? Huh? Oh?
  • nine?
  • Make it seven. okay seven's fine
  • 6:59 Perfect S- better, even better
  • I know you three younger you want to go out have fun party breaking rules are cool
  • I know, but I want you to know I am watching you because I
  • everything that happen
  • Because I have eyes everywhere. Everywhere
  • You all understand what I am saying? Huh? Got it yup got it. Good. Now get lost. ok.
  • when the GWenlyn
  • She a group project. Yes. [she] [won't] [be] good. [I] [been] with her friend
  • I said go, but I'm going [to] go 30 metal deck [library]. [don't] [worry]. Good. Don't trust these friends, okay?
  • Don't f bro the last time I checked your sperm and her eggs did not create me
  • Okay so make like a hard drive and
  • Becca and the worst is one sometimes your friend's parents will call you to find out where their child is hello
  • Lee
  • Jesse told me she's with you can I speak to her please and now I need to pull one of these oh um hello
  • [I] can you all I can't walk [Lie] back. I need to figure out where you are
  • What lies you told your parents and we need to now run some [3-way] mission, okay?
  • Honestly Dismiss yourself number four the [m] [is]
  • Now the m is don't give an f what their kids are doing
  • Not to be confused with the cool cats because the cool cat parents will still smack up their kid if necessary
  • But these [m.i.a]. Parents. They just don't parent you. Have a birthday party in [there]
  • Kid is just running around putting his fingers in the cake licking things pushing kids [porting] himself this one time
  • I went to the mall you know I'm shopping so I'm looking through some clothes and this toddler
  • Approaches me and starts hitting my leg and his mother is just doing absolutely nothing about it. [so] I figure okay?
  • Maybe she doesn't see that. I'm getting abused by her toddler so I say oh excuse me
  • I [watched] you continue looking at some damn Spanx
  • this kid [start] storing stuff off the shelf making a mess [of] the moans over there like
  • No, though and it's kids about to get hurt
  • He's about to fall down the stairs [buck] off his leg honestly why am I saving your kid's life? Who am I maleficent?
  • Maleficent does it move isn't?
  • Maleficent did I say you know I said it so many times
  • I don't know how to say it now no, but real talk don't do the dirty if you can't handle the kids
  • Okay Because I don't get it like after pregnant fees or now stretch marks on your brain get it together number five the noobs
  • Now this is the new generation of parents
  • You know the people in their late 20s early 30s who have decided to take the plunge [into] parenthood
  • Although these same people were probably raised in a very
  • Old-school traditional way they now feel the need to be super parents reading labels concerned about organic food
  • What kind [of] plastic is in this pacifier because can we be real when you were younger?
  • Your mom probably fed you old milk out of a yogurt container
  • Okay, while she was cooking by an open flame and you survived
  • And it is so easy to spot noobs because every single one of their Facebook statuses will be about their kids
  • [oh] my God, where did the days go oh my God? I didn't know what tire was until I had kids
  • I don't care if this sounds lame, but my child is my best friend
  • I used to think going out was fun
  • But now I know what real fun is
  • Really?
  • because I'm holding a martini out with my girls looking fabulous and my favorite song is about to play so I beg to differ and
  • Then they have all these like new weird parenting techniques like for example
  • My sister does this really strange thing when her kid is like crying or being a bit annoying she hugs him like
  • What the hell where did you learn that because we both know [mom] would have [smack] this [bone]. I mean, it's cute though
  • Don't get me wrong. Let's be real. It's only a matter of time before you turn from full house into [the] simpsons
  • What up t-shirt reference all the noobs out there? Just be like don't oh
  • Snap what up t-shirt reference again even though these are sweaters
  • Wow, that's all for this episode if you think I forgot a type of parent comment below and who knows I might make a part
  • [2] also make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and click that subscribe button because I do make new videos every [Monday]
  • and Thursday
  • [one] love superwoman that is a wrap and
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