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17:44   |   11/18/2018 at 23:13


  • Hey, what's going on guys SSundee
  • hi i have been with you since 100k subsplz give me a shoutout to help my channel grow to. its Thunder Strafes
  • here back with some more class right? Hello, Madeline hi
  • So dudes let me open up these chests
  • What we're doing today? You guys know how we do around here on the Sundee channel. It's everyday, bro
  • USA is My city
  • no, Dead memes are dead. Yeah
  • So what we're going to do Madeline is here. Just for the intro we have
  • 14,000 gems you guys know how we do every time we do a clash royal for a video. We start by opening
  • three super magical chest to see how many
  • Legendaries we can get so if you guys think we can get at least what two do then we get at least two legendaries
  • We got two last time we got you last time
  • if you think we can get at least two legendaries this time hit the like button right now and
  • Again, Usa is my city
  • Then after we open these three super magical chest Madeline's going to go back to her a computer, right?
  • We have three different decks that we're going to be using in a 2V2 battle
  • They are so troll at the last deck that we have
  • It is amazing. We can't we cannot lose with it. It is so broken
  • We'll show you that at the end of the video but for now, okay ready ready ready?
  • Super magical chest okay here. We go. So if we get 22 epics before the last card. It's a guaranteed legendary
  • Let's do this. Okay here. We go
  • Okay, six two hundred okay. We got some rares. We needed 22 epics
  • I'll leave Barbarians. I'll take those those are really good. Oh
  • Goblin gang that is really good right? Okay? Okay? Here we go
  • Up old battle ram is really good. I'm also thinking of a deck to make with the battle ram. Okay here
  • We go two laps to get 22 epics
  • That's nobody cares about bats one more chance Madeline. You click it not only you click will get up here. It's a good luck
  • the Heroin you failed on
  • All right, well let's do it. Epic's. We're gonna get I'm gonna guess the bowler
  • Put your hacker
  • Now let's keep going two more chances. Okay super magical chest here. We go, okay
  • 22 ethics all right metal you click this entire one. Let's see if you do better, okay, okay? Go ahead six 200 gold
  • 56 Goblins
  • The 82 Madeleine you're not even getting greyer
  • Okay, you got a rare note. We have three more chances for 22f. Just go ahead
  • There's a common Madeleine. That's a rare Battlin one
  • Okay, so we got one
  • Legendary let's make it guess wrestling. Yeah, you get to click it. Okay. Let's rick. Yes. I'm gonna say it's the bandit
  • What are you Gonna, Say?
  • Okay, make another guess
  • the law the log, okay, okay, whoever wins apps
  • It's better all right. Let's do redead
  • Come on, bandit. Oh
  • I'll taste it I used to lumberjack so much it is such a good card
  • Hi for HI for Madeline. Hi for
  • Okay, so there's one legendary. Let's see if we can get this last legendary right here, okay?
  • so we'll alternate click the dudes again if you're new around here quick plug hit the subscribe button down below turn on the
  • notifications
  • Sorry, I got to do it
  • But you know we got to keep growing the channel but okay you ready for this yeah ok 4 to 600 gems
  • I'll click the first one then you click and we'll all turn 8 okay here. We go
  • That's commons, okay. Go ahead. It's on you
  • common, So ok
  • 48 rare nice ok it's on you
  • Common come on two more chances
  • Battle it. It's on you
  • Ok you want e to epics on you go ahead?
  • the Wick of Luck
  • No, we don't condone that message, okay?
  • I'm gonna guess the bandit again. It's got to be it's got to be the bandit
  • What do you say the log, okay? Bandit log again? What do we get?
  • okay, you can't complain about an electoral Wizard, so
  • We said - We said - Legendaries out of three chests. We did
  • I'll take that at least we've you know we kind of won that one. That's not bad
  • I mean Elektra Wizard a lot of people use it so I'll take it, okay
  • So we have three decks like I said for a 2V2 challenge Madeline. Let's do this so this is the first deck
  • I'm going to use what we're going to be doing Madeline has a lumberjack and her deck
  • I have a lumberjack a mirror and a clone in mind
  • I'm going to try to do this if we can get this to work the damage is insane okay hold on oh and also
  • Hold on let me buy one card two cards. I can upgrade my lumberjack one nah
  • Now it's a level three that was help pay to win
  • Madeline don't Judge me okay?
  • Here we go. Okay, so play with fred you have your deck ready. Yeah, okay, okay, prince plot, okay?
  • I just I just sent you an invite prince, but let me know when you have the combo
  • Let me know when you have a lumberjack ready, and then we'll do I have to have a clone, okay?
  • I have a lumberjack, but I don't have the clone yet. I have to cycle for the cloak okay. You're good
  • I'm gonna put a princess down on right side. They have a golem
  • If you agree, this is fine. This is fine. This is fine. What you do this
  • is Battlin
  • Okay, okay. How do we--how. Do okay? Good good good barbarians. I'll put a lumberjack on the left side tonight you
  • I'm gonna mirror a lumberjack right there right there right there, and then I'm gonna clone it. I'm gonna clone
  • It look at the next lumberjack
  • Look at the damage. I made it over here. So okay
  • Our Luna this one
  • That happened so fast at any. They know what's happening
  • oh
  • I can't stop laughing. I didn't even realize it was happening. It was so fast
  • those six lumberjacks just broke the game oh my
  • Gosh, okay Battlin let's do that deck once more since that was such a quick game, okay?
  • Holy crap that was insane. Okay. Here. We go. Oh
  • Okay, okay same play
  • Okay, I have a lumberjack and a clone. Do you
  • Or do you have a lumberjack yak? Okay? Okay? And let's wait for them to play something don't play okay, they went
  • Let's go right. Go right right now go back, okay?
  • Now go go again clone it
  • Here we go zap it nice. What's this? What's this? Why do the damage on the tower?
  • Nice. Oh, they're trying to do it on the left. Okay? That's fine. I have a nice cold. I have a nice cold
  • Okay, I have my lumberjack back and ready you see the damage though
  • Okay, let's do the same thing again same thing again. Okay on the left side this time. Yes
  • I'm gonna put a nice beard down to save our princess
  • Okay, well about now this princess. Oh, no. They have a lumberjack David lumberjack, okay, okay? Okay? This is fine. This is fine
  • We got this we got this I doubled my lumberjack. I doubled my lumberjacks okay. I'm gonna go a nice going down to distract. Oh
  • That's nice. We have a counter push look at this counter push. Is that that okay lumberjacks -?
  • Look at all the lumberjack are they getting me continents? Yes?
  • All the damage isn't sick okay, so I have a look
  • Did you do it? Yes, okay? I have a lumberjack and a clone ready I
  • Okay, you don't have a lumberjack hold on let me do some stuff. Did you use that that yeah? I'm trying to get it back
  • What is wrong with you? Okay? I'm gonna use a princess okay on the left
  • Go for it okay. So here's what we're gonna. Do you see where I'm hovering the lumberjack?
  • We're going to put that right there. Go for the three crown ready ready set yeah
  • Go now go now
  • who
  • Are we gonna win? I don't know it's so close. Yeah, okay guys
  • These lumberjacks are insane. Oh my gosh
  • Okay
  • So that's the first deck
  • You guys can try it is freaking hilarious as you can see now the next deck that I'm going to use
  • It's a little bit dip it's somewhat similar to that deck but not so Madeline
  • I what I want you to do is build a deck that has
  • Everything you want in it except for save one spot for a rage?
  • Okay, now we're heading to level my rage up as much as I can I
  • Never use it
  • It's I don't know it's up to you
  • I don't want you to waste your gold though because you don't you don't buy gems ever like I yes I'm saving all my goal
  • And I only have 11,000 yeah, don't waste your goal. Don't waste your gold on this so what this deck is what we're doing
  • I have a a
  • giant Skeleton with a clone
  • Okay, you guys you guys could probably guess what I'm doing with Madeline's rage spell so okay?
  • I'm going to send you an invite there you go all right here. We go so Madam
  • let me know when you have all your rage spell I have it ah
  • Okay, I am giant Skeleton. I have giant skeleton, but I do not have clone, so I'm gonna cycle
  • Musket to your right side here's a oh
  • Are they giving it?
  • What so here's what we're trying to do. I'm trying to get the
  • Giant Skeleton
  • to the
  • actual to the Tower and
  • What are you seeing they say?
  • This is just a know they're really oh, they're trying to go for three crowns. Yeah
  • Dad what does happen I guess let's say. Thanks
  • So so what we're trying to do
  • we're trying to get my giant Skeleton to the tower and then clone it, and then as soon as the clone dies it drops a
  • full-Powered bomb on the tower and that the main giant will die and drop a
  • Full-Powered bomb and it just instant wipes out the tower. It's so good okay ready for us
  • Ready to try it again. Yes, okay, okay? Sending you an invite us through this. I'm a ton
  • Let's do this. So let me know when you have the rage spell
  • Okay, so I have a giant you. Have it okay, okay, so I just need to clone, okay?
  • I'm gonna throw down a print at right there. What the heck? I don't know
  • That or. They did it well, they're just getting in there
  • What the heck was that I made an occasion you wanna do it. I had the combo, but I don't have enough elixir
  • What are these people doing good to go down the left to try to like get it in there it would okay?
  • I'm putting the giant down. Do you have rage?
  • okay, put the Rage down I
  • Have I have clone in one more level?
  • No
  • I don't have to I don't have to climb here
  • It's gonna win, okay what I'm running. Take it am in
  • It yes quoting cloning there. We go both bombs are on the tower. Look at this damage guys are we making it
  • What's the damage?
  • So that's how that deck is done. Whatever you have the giant on the tower
  • You clone it, and it's a guaranteed to bombs on the tower and those bombs
  • Well, let me actually see how much damage those bombs do okay info hold on
  • So it does yeah, it doesn't show how much damage it does but that is insane, okay?
  • So madeline you're ready for the last deck
  • I'm ready for this this deck is all spawners
  • And it is crazy it is insane if you're playing to V2s and use all spawners
  • It's like you just cannot lose it's not Adam places to put things - you run out of places
  • But you it's it's crazy your body needed it is pretty ope. I've added
  • Let's do this okay, so let's see hopefully I start with the dang and I don't have any spotters besides the stupid Skeleton, honey
  • I'm Gonna put that I'm
  • I'm right there
  • Okay, oh my God one barrel and see what it does okay, so I anyway that way
  • Yeah, so let's load up the right side for now. Hopefully we can push that down. I'm an exact
  • Wrapped it what the heck was that
  • Maybe they talking I have no clue
  • I'm trying to pick up these closer together, but I can't
  • I'm going to put of our Baron hood on the back left and I'm going to maybe mirrors our Barbarian heights
  • But that's a lot of that's a lot of elixir. It is like in Barbie's look at that. Look how mad they are oh
  • No, have a golem
  • Well, they have a goal of an to sparky, haha
  • spark in 2017 Wolf we're ready contact oh
  • Nice rice making contact that is that is oh look at all the goblins on the right, okay?
  • I'm talking not to get rid of all those clones
  • Okay, I'll put a nice spirit. Okay. I'll pull that over with the tombstone
  • Hey, I was going to do that too, but you go for it, okay
  • I'm going to zap the Sparky zap the spark you tapped all that looked at the right side. We're slowly chipping it down
  • Okay, I'm going to vlog that okay. Oh my God
  • This deck is so broken oh
  • Mike you guys see how annoying this is they cannot do anything
  • Meanwhile while we're defending the left side the right side just goes down because we have non-stop units, okay?
  • I'm going to put another Barbarian hugging the back left, and it's double elixir suit and omid goes for insane once we hit double elixir
  • give enough
  • did we just make them give up battling things up a
  • Little they still playing okay, mac. Oh, they're playing. Oh, they were waiting for us to make a mistake
  • They were making it over waiting for us to make a mistake
  • Okay, okay. We're good. We're good. We're good. We're good. We still have five spawner stuff. We're still good
  • So stupid we deserve breaks out of places, and it's awful. Look at our side of the screen. It's all full
  • Okay, I'm gonna put a barbarian hut there look at our side of the map
  • We're just happy on their side. We have to wear all full
  • weight let's
  • Get in there. Let's make it to three ground. We have seconds left
  • Look at how many spotters are on the map
  • nice
  • That is hilarious the entire map was full of spawners
  • By going against people like this, it's so annoying you can't do anything. Oh
  • My God dudes for now
  • We're going to end this episode here if you guys have enjoyed of course
  • Hit the like button down below also if you're new around here hit the subscribe button turn on notifications. You know the drill natalie
  • We got to think of more stupid decks I can do that
  • That that spawner deck is broken. I like that

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