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Video 3 SCARY GAMES #15
38:01   |   views   |   01/11/2019


  • hello everybody my name is markiplier
  • and welcome back to three scary games
  • now we've got one called Sophie which is
  • probably about a creepy little girl that
  • is a ghost or possessed or in some way
  • bad so we're gonna find out which one of
  • those alternatives it is and get into
  • the game the rules are simple enough
  • some things are triggered by your gaze
  • other by player interaction you need to
  • use your wits to escape your environment
  • whoa I don't have a lot of those we
  • don't want to spoil too much here's a
  • few hints look closely at everything but
  • not everything in the matters well
  • remember you can use your e key to
  • interact with certain objects and yes
  • the game can be beaten at some point the
  • answer is right in front of you okay
  • this looks great
  • hey Sophie is this your uh is your thing
  • I'm gazing at it I'm pumping it full of
  • all my gaze nothing okay
  • alrighty then nobody here hello no you
  • or doing my excuse my oh the door oh I
  • was looking at the wall I hear a
  • squeaking door I automatically look at
  • the wall cuz I'm none too smart
  • alright well nevermind then oh it's one
  • of those games one of those changing
  • games so why am I so low on the screen
  • there's a whole there's all 3/4 of his
  • screen that's not taken up why is my
  • flashlight so low yeah are you doing hey
  • how you doing hey how you doing hey how
  • you doing hey how you doing hey how you
  • doing whoa someone learned acrobatics
  • how you doing hey what's your doing hey
  • how you doing
  • okay I won't be here anymore where will
  • I be well get out oh I'm trying I'm
  • trying to get out that's like my
  • objective that's like the whole point of
  • the game all right whatever what have
  • you got for me
  • Merc Merc ABBA
  • what happened did I look too closely at
  • Merkava Sophie or Coppa James Nadia
  • anybody here somebody drop their coat
  • might somebody make a drawing of the
  • flux capacitor from Back to the Future
  • oh that's a fun one no I like that guy
  • hey how you doing hey how you doing hey
  • how you doing well these kids sure are
  • drawing real good art please no okay yes
  • sure is the thing okey oh that's yeah
  • that makes so much sense can I have that
  • can I has that can I have that is that a
  • smudge on my screeners at the dot and I
  • asked that hello
  • No okay well I guess looking at that key
  • did absolutely dick and diddly okay Oh
  • Oh Sophie whoa Sophie
  • all right Sophie you uh-oh it's a
  • combination of all the it's a
  • combination of all the symbols okay I
  • don't know what I'm supposed to be doing
  • about this but I'm looking looking real
  • closely at this okay yes no bombs
  • clunk he
  • [Music]
  • haha that's nice is a big deal it's not
  • a big deal at all
  • ain't nothing that ain't nothing stopped
  • me nothing you ain't nothing you know
  • nothing you do nothing you have nothing
  • can I pick this goddamn goddamn key up
  • no okay fine then
  • so still Sophie's not crossed out does
  • that mean I need to do something mmm the
  • cooler a coolie air heckum cooler become
  • clear haggle stamp I am ultimately very
  • confused Oh screw you you children's
  • Arts I'm gonna get you yes will you oh
  • [Music]
  • it's the wrong one well that's what
  • you're saying all creepy-like all right
  • I get it
  • now I understand okay Ruby no Rishon yes
  • give me that listen I don't want to call
  • you a sack of shit cuz that's mean but
  • I'm gonna call you a sec shit if you
  • keep doing that to me
  • alright so what about the ones that
  • aren't on here Ruby now you ain't nothin
  • Claudia you're on there no it's gonna be
  • a certain order or something right oh
  • whoa whoa whoa whoa hey now don't be
  • like that
  • what did i do did I do good I think I
  • did good okay I think I did good
  • hey will James James is the man right
  • okay got James
  • [Music]
  • Hey whoa whoa whoa why what'd that
  • happen why'd you do that to me why would
  • you do that why'd you kill me I'll skip
  • this you use my wits huh got those I got
  • big old bag of rocks that's what I got
  • oh hello
  • squeakily weakly squiggly dickly okay so
  • we shown no no no no no so what about
  • swoo weird something well Sophie Sophie
  • no Sophie no use
  • Sophie no get use maybe I need to touch
  • that probably thunk all right Sophie no
  • well I'm at loss I'm at my big brain
  • okay I get that that was the wrong one
  • but I also don't understand because I
  • was punished for what seemed like the
  • right ones and I died okay so what did
  • that do it tore one down Oh Oh what what
  • really really I just got I could have
  • done that I didn't know I didn't know I
  • couldn't I didn't know I could have done
  • that at any moment at any juncture oh
  • you seen nothing whoosh alright so is
  • this what I'm supposed to be doing
  • because it seems like if I do too many
  • of these I'm thumbs are gonna die moms
  • are gonna die real bad da-dew okay think
  • about this logically big ol mark brain
  • come on think brain come on I'm talking
  • to your brain in my head come on think
  • about this it's just a simple puzzle so
  • a simple puzzle is as simple as a puzzle
  • can be so if you really take two plus
  • two and you make it for when the lesson
  • is over you're gonna be on the floor
  • open the door get on the floor everybody
  • do the dinosaur right
  • [Music]
  • apparently I'm not right you say wrong
  • one
  • and yet you killed me when I supposedly
  • got the right one so I think it's
  • sending a lot of mixed signals here well
  • it is just a big old bag of stupid ain't
  • it I'm talking about myself I am a big
  • old bag of stupid according to everybody
  • yeah okay I get it wrong one yeah what
  • else do you want from me I can't
  • I'm not these symbols are too smart boy
  • I wish I had a big brain
  • maybe if I gotta go outside in and maybe
  • figure outside in I don't see the wool
  • maybe James James James taller I got it
  • I'm a smarty so we are going outside in
  • on this bad boy aren't we that's the
  • general juxtaposition of what I'm
  • getting huh so if it's outside it's got
  • to be this wrong one apparently it was
  • very obviously the wrong one
  • maybe I gotta unlock the outer circles
  • of it nope
  • mmm Oh maybe because that's upside down
  • maybe it's representative of the smaller
  • one and what I need is the bigger one
  • right here nope
  • wrong one this'n oh oh that doesn't
  • sound good
  • I don't know what that is but it's not
  • good oh oh hi
  • oh hello ah 98 good old nine zero oh you
  • know you don't have to 82 Oh am I on a
  • timer here oh no I am aren't I okay so
  • circle through that or this and Nadia
  • Nadia got it okay Nadia and then no I
  • don't know this is complicated all right
  • here we go Anna Anna perfect all right I
  • don't know why you're being them I don't
  • want to deal with whatever it was
  • happening behind me but okay got it all
  • right now I need the pointy goober
  • dabber that doesn't seem like a lot of
  • time left you hey how you doing oh hey
  • how are you doing I'm I'm assuming I
  • shouldn't shouldn't go near any of you
  • please don't go Mike so badly I want to
  • breathe the sweet dough hey you're um
  • mm-hmm
  • see this is a problem uh hallucination I
  • should have known all right do I have
  • enough time to finish this oh the ring
  • now the good old blue well that's not
  • much time
  • excuse me I do need this ring here okay
  • and then we scot-free as far as the eye
  • can see I'm free no no oh
  • the glorious bright shining light of
  • death all right that was that was
  • interesting
  • the mechanics not a hundred percent sure
  • about but it was not too bad
  • moderately scary you have enough five
  • spooks out of eleven there you go
  • next all right so this one is called
  • it's not there
  • where is it where is it oh there it is
  • this one's called creeper on the 3rd of
  • o on the 3rd of September a serial
  • killer named Denver kidnapped three
  • people too much reverb rumor has it that
  • he keeps them in his five million dollar
  • mansion in the outs sources confirmed
  • that a videotape of a kidnapping is
  • stashed in his basement unfortunately
  • the video has been split in multiple
  • parts your objective is to place the
  • clips in the right order and render the
  • video this will help us catch Denver and
  • punish him for the crimes he committed
  • to be careful
  • clicking render 4 times when the video
  • is not in the correct order will trigger
  • a local lockdown and Denver will up to
  • you good luck agent there's a weird
  • mission I gotta admit Bosley this this
  • one ain't to Bosley
  • Charlie's and Charlie Charlie Bosley I
  • don't remember who huh
  • but there is get him okay here anything
  • am I am I supposed to not hear anything
  • okay what is this this is nothing this
  • is a whole lot of nothing at this he's
  • climbing a tree which makes sense I
  • guess
  • some dude with a bag and then this'n
  • render I did it authorities arrived on
  • scene and arrested the killer it's trial
  • for murder of the three people will be
  • held in December the murder is notice
  • our unknown is there supposed to be
  • sound to this there was sound here what
  • hold on to your dicks what
  • I can't even skip this what's happening
  • wave for some years ago with the sound
  • go put it in windowed mode yeah put it
  • in windowed mode yeah there we go this
  • will work now I guess it's just there
  • there's some music is dramatic wait hang
  • on
  • a serial to an Indian that didn't leave
  • a purple room reservation Simpsons 500
  • dollar mansion in the Alps sources
  • confirm the diminutive taken nebulous
  • cash and his basement unfortunately the
  • video had been split into multiple
  • warrants your objective is to place
  • exclusive design right ordered in under
  • the video this was mail post captain
  • the parentheses
  • [Music]
  • gonna be all fun fun games
  • [Music]
  • alright so still no sound are you know
  • running around around around or under
  • he's got me he's got me by the balls I
  • think does he got me danver all sound
  • whoa
  • I'm assuming I'm dead am i dead
  • I might be dead oh and now there's sound
  • a serial killer named Kendrick donor
  • hazard 75 another man in the house
  • stalked and his department
  • unfortunately the fire was a split and
  • emotional hurts your objective is to
  • close the clothes right either right or
  • and ran in a video that's what I'll ask
  • a stander and punishing foreign crows is
  • promoted Oh careful taking Randy evolved
  • I will track down and capture go-go-go
  • ah still no still no sound you sure you
  • sure footsteps you wanna run the
  • footsteps by me again okay let me put
  • them in the right order and then let's
  • just watch this video because they
  • obviously put some work into this and I
  • don't want it to I don't want to shit
  • all over just because my audio settings
  • are a little goofed oh hey buddy hey now
  • see that's creepy that's real creepy I
  • like that like you wherever you are
  • you're nice I like you you're you're
  • real nice hey see that's creepy what
  • couldn't that have been there from the
  • start okay play let's see this bad boy
  • it's nor tried different tree yeah yeah
  • I mean we have what are they doing dude
  • look it's like bad yeah
  • No
  • you'll holy shit that's the person
  • [Applause]
  • [Laughter]
  • you will be climbing trees anymore Billy
  • nah you too tree climbing scoundrels are
  • never gonna see the light of day again
  • those hilarious probably wasn't meant to
  • be hilarious but I found a hilarious
  • cuz it was very reminiscent of pretty
  • much everybody going into the woods
  • filming and finding a murderer
  • hello murderer anyway good game little
  • silly I like it though the concept is
  • nice it just needs to refine next is
  • something wrong where is the game it
  • just doesn't want to load okay all right
  • then well I guess we're not gonna play
  • that one let's do Oh Oh the game it's
  • here welcome to burglary I gave up I was
  • actually going off to download another
  • game but I guess I don't have to now so
  • good all right great
  • oh hello my name is markiplier and I'm
  • here to burgle I'm gonna burgle up all
  • your goodies much stuff um of my
  • burgling bag yeah you better believe I
  • can fit a lot of junk in my trunk my
  • burgling trunk something tells me if I'm
  • here to burgle something no good Oh some
  • no good fate is about to befall me I'm
  • probably going to be haunted by many
  • demons for my misbegotten ways ooh that
  • looks expensive joint steel yes please
  • i burgled it right out of here anything
  • to burgle in the basement the basement
  • of Burghley burglary burgles
  • Oh No hello is this burglar boo can i
  • burgle anything you'd think if they
  • would have something valuable in the
  • basement don't mind me
  • your friendly neighborhood burglar just
  • passing through looking for burglar
  • obols
  • okay guess nothing's in the basement the
  • Bergland basement ral oh I don't exactly
  • remember there being more house here but
  • okay
  • what is that so I'm trying to sneak up
  • on the burger
  • it's impossible can't be done impossible
  • hello
  • okay oh there no oh you click on them
  • interact date it's quick no I didn't
  • know that all right here we go oh wow oh
  • yes blaze a burgle more burglar bulls
  • hello toilet Bergland no Bergland hello
  • faucet Bergland what is this burglar
  • crown what is that I don't care it's
  • mine
  • my burgled it's I think it might have
  • been a ring or possibly a spleen or
  • something but it's mine now in my bag of
  • burgles right hello burgled pillow
  • burgled stains I think I've got pretty
  • much everything that's Berg Louisville
  • Myrtle that TV away my bag hey hey how
  • you doing watch of course i'll burgle
  • that's right anything else I think I
  • have to have burgled everything oh I can
  • know I was here I was being a fool in
  • the dark like an asshole forget so I'll
  • be on my way got enough burgles in my
  • bag
  • I shan't not need stay longer right yeah
  • I'd be sure dumb of me to stay too long
  • let's go back in the burgling basement
  • because there's got to be like a light
  • or something that I can turn on down
  • here I'm back baby back and ready to
  • burgle Lou who secret secrets tried to
  • keep your secret's safe from me I think
  • not I'm here to go ahh a basement in a
  • basement you thought that would protect
  • your valuables from the burglar no I say
  • there's some interesting architecture
  • you got going on here it's like
  • brutalist gothic or whatever it's lovely
  • valuables wait hang on
  • hold the phone I was just here now the
  • lights don't work oh well I think that
  • maybe
  • I think they're maybe not Oh someone
  • what a bastard they knocked over a chair
  • but hey this is like my heaven I get to
  • burgle till the ends of my days nothing
  • can stop the Bergling hello burglar
  • balls I get to put it right back in my
  • bag the joy of burgling never ends no
  • watch here to burgle must be somewhere
  • else
  • no ah me he-hey Oh a epic that thank you
  • all right hello hi how are you oh the
  • basement I'll come back Lee to do burgle
  • the basement and then the beyond
  • basement in the bottom of the basement
  • but for now I'm content to burgle
  • upstairs or downstairs cuz I'm already
  • been upstairs
  • this is did not it's not up it's down
  • all down from here pretty much just like
  • me okay I think I got everything all
  • right
  • down into the basement la dee da dee da
  • here I go to pep-pep at pip pap hello
  • lights camera burgle hello can I have
  • something ah it's open might I be on an
  • endless loop I think that maybe I might
  • be yay great closed not yet closed very
  • closed okay
  • closed closed no closed closed
  • yes closed okay good good dee dum drop
  • us you know a lifetime of Bergling anus
  • appealing as I once thought it might be
  • but last you know the old Bergland bones
  • they get a little old and rusty over
  • time why not let it just why not let it
  • go quit while you're ahead
  • why not quit while your burglar Lou my
  • Bergland limbs are still working Oh
  • wiser where's the grass and there's a
  • guy where's our grass in the sink I
  • can't burgle that all right downstairs
  • here we go there was less to burgle I
  • didn't get the clock it's almost as if
  • life loses all meaning when there's
  • nothing this is different I don't like
  • change
  • oh boy a fresh new day oh they're losing
  • chairs some other person is boggling all
  • their chairs how are they gonna sit
  • there tired took assists down the answer
  • is it they're not who not alone I don't
  • like the title of that book
  • I don't like books in general just don't
  • trust them don't trust the way they look
  • at you I'm judgmental from the shelf
  • maybe they'll make myself at home
  • oh I don't like the eyes on that pillow
  • well I'm taking this and you can judge
  • me all you want so shut up small pillow
  • Salazar drink okay George your big
  • pillow bunky whatever go away
  • I don't yeah I don't need you judging me
  • I don't need that kind of energy I don't
  • need that vibe you need to you're
  • harshing my yard my vibe oh this is
  • growing that's good that's good that's a
  • good thing is real good I'm glad I went
  • here I'm glad I'm a burglar I'm glad I
  • far gold this particular home of death
  • and despair you see it's really my greed
  • that's getting me I can't stop burgling
  • so I keep going down it's really a sad
  • tale what is that nothing it's a whole
  • lot of nothing it's uh a whole lot of
  • nothing you got eyes up to all that
  • small pillow Salazar right there you
  • don't think you're gonna get me I'm too
  • fancy to be got um ungettable you will
  • not burglar the burglar you'll not
  • burgle the burglar
  • hello
  • oh wait a minute have I finally grown
  • taller this always seems smaller I'll
  • take that you wink everything's smaller
  • here I must have finally a puberty from
  • the biggest burglar around ain't nobody
  • gonna stop me now whoa hello hi how are
  • you Oh Dora there that I didn't notice
  • before I'm still gonna try to burgle
  • everything possible you know how it is
  • with Bergling in my bones and in my
  • jeans burling's in my blood as they say
  • remind my Bloods probably gonna be out
  • of my body very soon ah good old closet
  • bed I bet Harry Potter lived here there
  • still for us growing in here no my
  • veranda
  • I think if bran is a type of porch I
  • don't think it's actually a type of
  • plant line I'm probably wrong on that
  • one but nobody correct me if I'm wrong
  • okay
  • suddenly I'm hearing noises from a
  • cavalcade of silence I'm suddenly
  • hearing noises where you go what is this
  • a little trashy so not much left to
  • burgle but I better buy our way out now
  • go call my riches somewhere hello hello
  • oh ah
  • okay well this is definitely a thing
  • that's happening right now don't you
  • look at me you asshole okay and away we
  • go yeah the architecture seems to be
  • slipping a little bit I don't I say you
  • cut the budget down here below the the
  • surface but you might have done it a
  • little bit done a little bit better oh
  • boy here we go again
  • hello you're all out of chairs oh it's
  • back to normal
  • I hear the rain again wait what oh no
  • the chairs are back good that's a good
  • thing can you tell me if that's good
  • that I'm taking this you Inc okay I'm
  • joint joint okay what else can I join I
  • don't know why I'm suddenly here in the
  • rain again I assume that can only mean
  • that I'm about to escape this with my
  • life intact is that can only be a good
  • thing the rain coming closer and closer
  • joint hello Oh
  • plants well it's been fun I'm super
  • happy that I experienced this and it's
  • quiet again not a hundred percent sure
  • why but it's quiet again just gotta be
  • something soon it's gotta be something
  • soon what is the endgame here
  • what is the deal am I just gonna be
  • doing this for all eternity whoa one
  • final bargainable you bet your sweet ass
  • must steal that what's here what's this
  • huh who's here
  • somebody here for you Oh what the what
  • the what the fuck is that just a trick
  • of the light did I see a face that might
  • have just been that plant and that thing
  • looking like a face at a certain angle
  • but I could have sworn I saw a face yeah
  • do a close-up zoom of that face when
  • there's definitely a face there and if
  • there's a professor see there was a face
  • a horrible face an ugly face disgusting
  • on every level imaginable no face worse
  • than that face that I saw right there
  • that was disgusting don't wear it no I
  • don't know where I'm going Oh
  • Oh drink well I don't I don't I'm having
  • trouble here my my little brain ain't
  • ain't understanding this place too good
  • but so long as that got burglar bulls
  • I'm a happy camper uh oh no no let's not
  • go down there just yet I mean I imagine
  • I'll have to go down there eventually oh
  • it's the big room of what was that what
  • was that why is that
  • well is that it's the face oh I don't
  • like that oh okay you Inc my shins
  • they're dead okay Bertil Yoink let me
  • out of this hell because I burgled too
  • deeply i burgled with my own sanity away
  • please
  • I just want to burgle can't i burgle in
  • peace must I give up my Bergling I guess
  • I must then considering I'm not making
  • any progress
  • hmm what what am I looking at what am I
  • looking at exactly it's deep horizon
  • into nothingness with blue a little
  • touch of blue oh hey a little touch of
  • weird on the wall of concrete which has
  • evolved a little bit which I appreciate
  • that like like like things growing like
  • content develop or character development
  • that's nice okay you bye bye legs okay
  • and Link and K and M hmm but there's
  • gonna be more to burgle here and there
  • and everywhere and burglar bulls I'm
  • trying to go a slightly different way
  • just to mix it up a little bit ah it's a
  • concrete room oh it's amazed
  • I love Meru don't mind if I forego how
  • do I get out of here I guess I gotta go
  • around don't I fine I tried to go a
  • different way but then it bit me in the
  • tit my sacs getting real hefty just so
  • you all know my big sack is full to
  • bursting with burglar Bulls can I get
  • out of here can I get out of here please
  • please pretty please see you Inc okey
  • dokey ba okay
  • well this is different I can't say that
  • everything's been very different this
  • whole time ah okay okay okay I don't see
  • any more burglar bulls it's all just a
  • bunch of nothing now whereas the burglar
  • bulls what's the point of even being
  • trapped in hell if it were if you can't
  • burgle for all eternity okay long
  • hallway
  • I don't trust long hallways I'm always
  • always lead to death this is not correct
  • geometry this this this is not right dan
  • st. hang on a second
  • I mean I'm definitively going in a big
  • luau I don't have to poop I'm pretty
  • sure I'm being dict with I'm dive a good
  • feel I've got like a spider sense about
  • me and dict with the chairs are judging
  • me and I think I think I think I've got
  • a shear case of Ditka tree gone on air
  • the hell it can only be matched by an
  • incredible ability to burgle oh I don't
  • trust long hallways I don't I just don't
  • I just don't so if you could not do any
  • of whatever you're doing that'd be
  • greatly appreciated that would be
  • wonderfully appreciated you got us the
  • blue hey blue hey Geronimo okay all
  • right well so I got used to pick blue oh
  • shit know what what I was it all my
  • burgling how am I going straight to hell
  • was it because of all the things that I
  • just did burgle a shit I deserve this
  • okay
  • we I'm in hell how it's lovely I don't
  • know what this game is about I don't
  • know what this games on I don't know
  • what this game is doing I don't know
  • his game is far I don't know what that's
  • all about what do you guys there hole in
  • the wall I can burgle my way out of here
  • if I burgle the bricks in the wall they
  • can't keep me caged up
  • no I'm unstoppable oh good boy why this
  • just don't make sense it don't make
  • sense yeah I don't like to get out now
  • I'd like to be free and out and I would
  • like to be out and I would like to be
  • free I would like to be free and I would
  • like to be out I would like to be free
  • and out Oh
  • burgle
  • ah shit nothing left a burgle alright oh
  • [Music]
  • shit oh boy ow again my okay well I'm in
  • the basement again
  • great do I have all my shit do I still
  • have all my burglar bulls I'll burgle
  • your soul my burger you're so right out
  • of your body you don't even think about
  • it
  • don't even think about it
  • you
  • well that was burglar burglary murk
  • glory burglary that was burglary
  • we burgled I bet there's multiple
  • endings that one I got the endless fall
  • ending great thanks if you want more
  • scary games let me know what scary games
  • you want me to play in the next three
  • scary games in the comments down below
  • thank you everybody so much for watching
  • and as always and we'll see you in the
  • next video
  • [Music]

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1 5 Seconds Of Summer

Who Do You Love flac

5 Seconds Of Summer. 2019. Writer: Andrew Taggart;Talay Riley;Oak;Sean Douglas;Luke Hemmings;Calum Hood;Ashton Irwin;Michael Clifford;Trevorious;Zaire Koalo.

Here With Me flac

CHVRCHES. 2019. Writer: Steve Mac;Martin Doherty;Marshmello;Lauren Mayberry;Iain Cook.
3 Bonn

No Sleep flac

Bonn. 2019. Writer: Albin Nedler;Bonn;Martin Garrix.
4 Katy Perry

365 flac

Katy Perry. 2019. Writer: Zedd;Katy Perry;Caroline Ailin;Corey Sanders;Daniel Davidsen;Cutfather;Peter Wallevik.
5 Jonas Brothers

Sucker flac

Jonas Brothers. 2019. Writer: Kevin Jonas;Joe Jonas;Nick Jonas;Ryan Tedder;Louis Bell;Frank Dukes.
6 Alan Walker

Are You Lonely flac

Alan Walker. 2019.

Happy flac

DEAMN. 2019.
8 Brooks

Better When You're Gone flac

Brooks. 2019. Writer: David Guetta;Emma Lov Block;Ido Zmishlany;Jackson Foote;Jeremy Dussolliet;Brooks.
9 P!nk

Walk Me Home flac

P!nk. 2019. Writer: P!nk;Scott Harris;Nate Ruess.
10 Ariana Grande

Imagine flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: JProof;Priscilla Renea;Happy Perez;Andrew "Pop" Wansel;Ariana Grande.
11 Bebe Rexha

Last Hurrah flac

Bebe Rexha. 2019. Writer: Andrew Wells;Nick Long;Lauren Christy;Bebe Rexha.
12 Louis Tomlinson

Two Of Us flac

Louis Tomlinson. 2019. Writer: Bryn Christopher;Andrew Jackson;Duck Blackwell;Louis Tomlinson.
13 Avril Lavigne

Dumb Blonde flac

Avril Lavigne. 2019. Writer: Mitch Allan;Bonnie McKee;Nicki Minaj;Avril Lavigne.
14 LSD

No New Friends flac

LSD. 2019. Writer: Labrinth;Sia;Diplo;King Henry;Jr. Blender.
15 Anna Yvette

Chosen flac

Anna Yvette. 2019. Writer: TheFatRat;Laura Brehm;Anna Yvette.
16 Anitta

R.I.P flac

Anitta. 2019. Writer: Chaz William Mishan;David Delazyn (The Fliptones);Shari Lynn Short;Thomas Augusto;Omar Tavarez;Tainy;The Fliptones;Rita Ora;Sofía Reyes.
17 Dagny

Hit Your Heart flac

Dagny. 2019. Writer: Steve Aoki;Gazzo;Nick Hodgson;Dagny.
18 Dzeko

Halfway There flac

Dzeko. 2019.
19 Ariana Grande

Fake Smile flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: Joseph Frierson;Mary Frierson;Fred Ball;Happy Perez;Andrew "Pop" Wansel;Wendy Rene;Kennedi Lykken;Priscilla Renea;Justin Tranter;Ariana Grande.
20 Ava Max

So Am I flac

Ava Max. 2019. Writer: Cirkut;Ava Max.

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