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Video How Cheese Is Made
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  • - [Liz] One of the things that makes cheese so impressive
  • is that there are so many different types.
  • - The better the milk, the better the cheese.
  • Everybody believes that.
  • You want cows that are happy.
  • - It's a very labor-intensive physical job,
  • but that's part of the fun.
  • - [Alan] I'm always amazed when I just see
  • hundreds of blocks of cheese just sitting there.
  • (lively music)
  • - Any time I tell anyone that I work in cheese,
  • almost everyone's immediate reaction is I love cheese.
  • The entire process takes around five hours.
  • So, we pasteurize our milk, fill our vat, add culture.
  • After that would be rennet addition,
  • which will coagulate the milk,
  • and you let it sit undisturbed so it sets and makes
  • similar to a pudding, non-liquid form.
  • And at that point, we cut and halve the curds and whey.
  • It's great.
  • It feels good.
  • It's fun to make something.
  • Since the day I started here,
  • it's always been a really cool experience.
  • Obviously, the fact that I love cheese
  • and enjoy eating cheese made it really easy
  • to get more in depth about this.
  • I love being able to eat cheese every day,
  • but I guess I could do that no matter what job I had.
  • It's very fast-faced and enjoyable
  • to keep curds and whey moving, keep them from settling,
  • sticking back to each other.
  • They wanna stick together, naturally.
  • It is a lot of cheese for a couple of arms.
  • It's a very labor-intensive, physical job.
  • That's part of the fun of it is not sitting behind a desk,
  • but it's a tangible activity.
  • We're working with our hands.
  • I think it continues to be interesting,
  • and I love cheese, absolutely love it.
  • And from there we are doing what's called cheddaring,
  • and that's just a process of stacking and flipping
  • the loaves of cheese to form proteins
  • and let the cheese acidify.
  • That's the big step.
  • That's really what adds a lot of the traits of our Flagship.
  • They're fairly heavy, but it's like anything else.
  • You build the muscles with repetition
  • and it's a good workout.
  • There's always more to learn.
  • I work with an incredible staff, so it really is awesome.
  • There is currently some cheese at my desk.
  • It's around all the time.
  • It's in my refrigerator at home,
  • at least four different types of Beecher's cheese.
  • My sister sometimes gets overwhelmed
  • with how much cheese is in my fridge.
  • It's a great situation, I guess, a fun way to live.
  • It's a whole world.
  • I mean, there's science.
  • There is certainly a learning curve.
  • In the beginning, people are like wow,
  • these things are really heavy,
  • and then a couple months into working here
  • you're just movin' stuff around not even thinking about it.
  • (upbeat music)
  • The Flagship cheese is a delicious cheese
  • and that is because of a lot of different things.
  • It's because of the passionate,
  • involved people we have making it by hand every day.
  • It's because of the recipe
  • that we've developed over the years.
  • The details of our recipe
  • have an effect on what we're looking for,
  • what we're trying to make.
  • Final step is hooping.
  • We put it into the hoop, it gets pressed into large blocks.
  • The aging process is an integral part
  • of our cheese making process here.
  • That aging process affects texture,
  • moisture, flavor profile.
  • Always have a piece of Flagship in my fridge at home.
  • Super creamy, melts really well.
  • It has enough flavor, and you know you're eating cheese.
  • Always loved a grilled cheese sandwich,
  • so it seemed like a natural fit
  • to come and work at Beecher's.
  • Probably one of the things that makes cheese so impressive
  • is that there's so many different types.
  • It depends so much on the person, the situation, everything.
  • - One of the reasons I chose to buy a farm is
  • I've always loved the outdoors.
  • So, I wanted a place where I could make cheese,
  • but I would wanna relax outside.
  • That's how it all began.
  • The better the milk, the better the cheese.
  • Everybody believes that.
  • You want cows that are happy.
  • We use raw milk for our cheese for many reasons.
  • When you eat a raw milk cheese,
  • you do pick up more of the flavors
  • of what the cows were eating,
  • especially if they're allowed to eat outside.
  • What makes it unique compared to other cheeses is the color.
  • It has natural annatto,
  • which is a natural coloring that gives is that bright color,
  • makes it look in a way
  • almost like something from outer space like the moon.
  • The more I got into cheese making and visiting farms,
  • the more I fell in love with it.
  • One of the things I talk about is the art of possibility,
  • that almost anything is possible.
  • Just about every cheese made follows the basic steps,
  • so how can this cheese be so different from another cheese?
  • I think what humans can bring to making cheese
  • is that sense of the moment.
  • We do follow a strict formula,
  • but your eyes and your hands and your senses will tell you
  • that despite what you're supposed to do,
  • maybe you stir it for an extra couple minutes
  • because of the way it feels.
  • You want the right texture.
  • There are wonderful things that can be done with robots,
  • but there's certain human emotions.
  • They can affect food
  • or anything else you do in a positive way.
  • So, if you really love what you're doing,
  • you can't really program a robot
  • to have that same kinda love and passion for it.
  • It'll do what you program it to do, but it'll end there.
  • Once you make the cheese,
  • there's a long waiting period during the aging process.
  • Aged cheeses,
  • you go into it knowing that you may not see
  • the fruits of your labor for six months to a year out.
  • So, you have to have a lot of patience with this cheese.
  • (crickets chirping)
  • One of the things I really enjoy
  • is I have an excuse to build this below-ground cave.
  • (jazzy music)
  • When the cheeses are in the cave,
  • they're still alive and the cultures are still reacting.
  • The cheeses can just sit and they develop this rind
  • based on the different strains of bacteria in the air.
  • We do our best to give it the right environment to thrive.
  • You have to try and keep the air clean.
  • What it picks up to create the mold
  • adds another level to the flavor and also the texture
  • because it's a high humidity environment.
  • That's basically a drying process that takes a long time.
  • Staying there in a year lets it develop
  • to its truest potential.
  • When I'm in the cave,
  • I'm always amazed when I just see
  • hundreds of wheels and blocks of cheese just sitting there.
  • I'm sure there's several hundred thousand dollars
  • worth of cheese down there.
  • To me, they seem happy.
  • When you complete a batch of cheese,
  • whether it works out or not,
  • you feel good because you've created and done it.
  • It's a wonderful feeling.
  • The full circle value
  • of doing everything from start to finish
  • is my attempt at what one might call artistry.
  • When I taste cheese, there is a bit of magic.
  • I'm just blown away by it.
  • That feeling doesn't change.
  • That's why I take so much pleasure in improving it.
  • Maybe it's harder, but that's what we're trying to do.
  • (orchestral music)
  • My hopes and dreams for the future
  • are to enjoy life the best way I can.
  • Working on a farm, they're long hours.
  • There's no doubt about it.
  • But I wake up and I'm healthy and I can make cheese
  • gives me reason for doing what I'm doing.
  • The more I got into cheese making,
  • the more I fell in love with it.
  • - The fact that I love cheese and enjoy eating cheese
  • made it really easy.
  • - You go into it knowing
  • that you may not see the fruits of your labor
  • for a year out.
  • - But it's fun to make something.
  • It's great.
  • It feels good.
  • - When I taste cheese, there is a bit of magic.
  • I'm just blown away by it.
  • - [Liz] Super creamy, melts really well.
  • It really is awesome.
  • - The reason I do this?
  • Because almost anything is possible.
  • - I foresee continuing to make and eat great cheese
  • for all my days.

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"The better the milk, the better the cheese. Everybody believes that."

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