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Video 10 Reasons Why People Are Unsubbing From BFA | WoW Battle for Azeroth
15:28   |   views   |   01/08/2019


  • hey folks this is Kalani we're in a bit
  • of a tough spot right now are we I know
  • a lot of people who have left Azeroth
  • behind as they search for a more
  • entertaining outlet and a whole bunch
  • more holding on by a thread if Blizzard
  • released official subscriber numbers
  • still I would expect to see quite a
  • significant drop off after banner fresh
  • was launched this expansion just doesn't
  • seem capable of holding players
  • attention all too well but why is that
  • let's have a look at the top 10 reasons
  • players are quitting Wow right now one
  • of the major factors at play here seems
  • to be class design or a bit of a lack of
  • meaningful class design choices at any
  • rate it seems like the majority of
  • classes are simply missing one or two
  • things to feel whole or complete and
  • it's not really that surprising going
  • into Legion every class was tipped
  • upside down and completely rearranged
  • every single class saw massive changes
  • to their kit and how they worked as a
  • package and for the most part a lot of
  • abilities were pruned again but it
  • didn't feel too bad in Legion because
  • everything was designed around our
  • artifact weapons artifacts filled in
  • most of those gaps and we picked up our
  • artifact within the first 10 minutes of
  • the Legion expansion so we practically
  • never had to play without it fast
  • forward to the end of Legion when we
  • lost every single trait and talent tite
  • artifact weapons and suddenly all of
  • those holes become very apparent once
  • again some classes were patched up
  • either by having passives made baseline
  • or even had their artifact ability made
  • baseline but the halls were still pretty
  • evident some classes just didn't flow
  • properly anymore and they were supposed
  • to get fixed in patch 8.1 but we all
  • know how that turned out so in the one
  • expansion where they decide not to
  • completely reinvent the wheel for once
  • when it comes to classes in class design
  • any rate they leave everyone feeling
  • incomplete the classes that feel the
  • best to play right now are the ones
  • which had the less impactful artifact
  • weapons in Legion or the very few which
  • had the majority of their gameplay holes
  • patched out properly by the way it seems
  • like a lot of players just aren't having
  • fun with how their class plays at the
  • moment and if playing your character
  • isn't fun to begin with how can you
  • expect to have any fun playing through
  • the content of this expansion sadly
  • that's another reason why players are
  • leaving their characters behind a lot of
  • the content and battle France Roth just
  • doesn't have a great deal of weight to
  • it there's actually a pretty decent
  • chunk of stuff to keep you occupied if
  • you really want to play the game
  • but it feels like the majority of it is
  • very shallow we're dealing with a wide
  • pool here but it's only deep enough to
  • get your toes wet it's pretty easy to
  • see in Ireland expeditions and warfarin
  • especially the only real reason to step
  • into war fronts on your main character
  • is to get our free loop bunks with once
  • per warfarin cycle unless you want to
  • gear an all up fairly quickly there's no
  • real draw or need to run war fronts more
  • than once every few weeks and even then
  • people treat it as more of a chore than
  • anything else even though they're
  • getting a pretty decent piece of gear by
  • the end of it Islands suffer from some
  • of the same problems but I think the
  • biggest issue there is the time having
  • the entire island a race against the
  • clock creates a one-dimensional piece of
  • content it's literally just an artifact
  • power grinding these days they even had
  • to change how reward 2 calculated and
  • distributed because how it was
  • originally set up was counterproductive
  • the artifact power grind is a whole of
  • the can of worms though it's pretty
  • frustrating then out of the various
  • pieces that made up the Legion artifact
  • system the only one the only one they
  • decided to keep was the grinding aspect
  • and even that feels less impactful this
  • time around maybe it's because we've
  • already gone through this process once
  • before maybe it's the fact that our
  • numbers aren't getting stupidly big like
  • they did in Legion but the most likely
  • reason why the artifact power grind
  • falls flat in be a phase and we don't
  • really get to unlock anything we had
  • game-changing passives and abilities in
  • our Legion artifacts in BFA we get a
  • handful of passives Humphry this all
  • changes with the heart of Azeroth in
  • patch 8.2 but we haven't even seen a
  • glimpse of what the new progression
  • system looks like right now or what it
  • could even look like to begin with so I
  • don't blame the champs who are taking a
  • break until eight-point-two comes around
  • specifically we're not just grinding for
  • artifact power though with the vast
  • majority of content lacking in depth it
  • feels like a grind to get through any of
  • it getting your weekly done for the
  • island expedition feels pretty grindy
  • working your way through any number of
  • war fronts is pretty grinding even
  • mythic plus feels more grinded this time
  • around it feels like they tried to cram
  • as many abilities as they could into the
  • trash monsters and slapping tyrannical
  • or fortified on every single key doesn't
  • really help that much either personally
  • I am having a blast drilling mythic Plus
  • dungeon still especially at the higher
  • end of keys but it's been really hard
  • getting more Gilley's into dungeon runs
  • a lot of people seem to think it's just
  • a huge grind to get your IOSCO up high
  • enough to even get invited into groups
  • in the first place
  • and honestly it kind of is many groups
  • won't give you a chance if you don't
  • have a decent eye of Scholl and even
  • though I am having fun in dungeons for
  • the most part I would say quite a few
  • dungeons do feel very grindy to get
  • through a lot worse than the legion at
  • any rate but grinding isn't always the
  • worst thing in the world it can actually
  • be one of the main reasons to continue
  • playing sometimes but that relies on
  • something shiny being at the end of that
  • grind that's where another issue comes
  • into play there aren't really many
  • long-term goals available for players
  • and battle threads are asked a lot of
  • rewards are simply random and you just
  • don't have any impact on what you're
  • going to receive RNG has crept into
  • every crevice of the game and when all
  • you have to go on is the roll of the
  • dice it never feels great when you roll
  • Snake Eyes island expeditions are
  • entirely random with how they reward
  • loot warrants are entirely random with
  • how they reward loot the boxes from the
  • once per cycle quests they're entirely
  • random and the startling expansion we
  • couldn't obtain higher item level
  • answering army without being very lucky
  • that was a huge RNG pitfall but you may
  • think plush cache is still entirely
  • random thankfully we can won't you want
  • to add my Hama in a meaningful way now
  • but it's probably just too little too
  • late for a lot of people the only real
  • ways we have to target a loot right now
  • is to run mythic + dungeons which have
  • as my armor removed from their drop
  • tables entirely and to run raids
  • everything else is heavily entwined
  • without a good friend
  • RNG pretty much every piece of Lee you
  • can obtain also has another level of RNG
  • tacked on top thanks to war forging and
  • Titan forging which means we can't ever
  • really work towards a completed set of
  • best in slow gear anymore either which
  • removes one of the staple long-term
  • goals entirely playing slot machines
  • might be fun while you're winning but
  • people will get tired eventually and
  • that's what we're seeing with BFA I
  • think I guess it doesn't really help
  • that while focuses everything into one
  • very specific spot though endgame right
  • now endgame is pretty much the only game
  • for the most part but it's gone quite a
  • bit worse over the last few expansions
  • this isn't necessarily just saying the
  • only thing to do is rate either because
  • the endgame goal posts keep moving with
  • every patch right now it's all dear but
  • when the next raid opens up our endgame
  • will be the battle desert a law that
  • shifts everything up went to the point
  • where aldia isn't even considered
  • content anymore item levels are going to
  • shift with season 2 a BFA so mythic
  • dungeons were award the same item level
  • gear as heroic
  • aldea did with normal desire allure
  • rewarding the same item level is mythic
  • aldia and there's literally zero reason
  • to step back into the Titan facility
  • after season to go to lie some players
  • might think that's a great thing we can
  • go straight into the new raid without
  • having to do any work beforehand but
  • that's also severely limiting the scope
  • of our available content at any given
  • time and that's without even taking the
  • leveling process into consideration with
  • how leveling worked in BFA I wouldn't be
  • too surprised if we didn't have to level
  • again in future expansions going up
  • levels and getting nothing for it while
  • actually losing power and abilities and
  • items along the way is pretty weird and
  • feels very empty BFA was the first time
  • that ever really happened so I wonder
  • well we'll go from here it's sort of
  • interesting that players dislike endgame
  • being the only game but it's that very
  • concept that allows them to take a break
  • so easily and catch them later if they
  • decide to Reese absque Ribe I guess
  • knowing that also makes it far more
  • likely that Simone will take a break in
  • the first place though so we've gone
  • through quite a few reasons why someone
  • might unsub already and pretty much any
  • one of those could be reason enough by
  • itself but all of these issues are made
  • 10 times worse when we're not really
  • being kept in the loop there's been very
  • little communication that weren't
  • actually being heard there's only two
  • real major victories for the community
  • here the first is the asthma harm
  • offender it doesn't really fix the
  • problem per se with ezra hammer but at
  • least it gives us a long-term goal with
  • actual choices and we can pick up the
  • asthma armor with the traits we want the
  • second victory would be for whenever
  • this new heart of Azeroth progression
  • system is going to be so I guess that's
  • a bit of a half victory at best because
  • we have no idea what it's going to look
  • like yet the dev team acknowledges that
  • the artifact power grinding BFA isn't
  • really working in its current iteration
  • hopefully they come up with something
  • fun and interesting which makes better
  • use for the AP grind but those are the
  • only two topics which we've had some
  • meaningful discussion about and had sort
  • of this is our plan going forward we
  • know we more or less screwed up the rest
  • has been pretty dark and silent for the
  • most part without any decent insight
  • into why certain design decisions are
  • being made or what their current goals
  • are with a new features and systems in
  • PFA we're just wandering through this
  • expansion hoping they decide to fix at
  • least a few things that are going wrong
  • a fantastic example of the lack of
  • communication is the recent server lag
  • afflicting a huge number of players
  • ever since patch 8.1 went alive a really
  • weird persistent server lag has plagued
  • the game and it seems to strike at
  • random times and stay there until you
  • reload or restart your game I had to
  • deal with the server lag for my entire
  • journey from 110 to 120 on my demon
  • hunter and it still hasn't left me alone
  • it can make for some hilarious moments
  • but it can also get you killed pretty
  • quickly in the wrong setting it's also
  • just not very fun to play with the
  • languages out of your control but until
  • very recently known at Blizzard had even
  • acknowledged that there was a problem
  • all we know right now is that they're
  • looking into it so I guess we'll see
  • where that goes for now we're stuck with
  • the lag it's also not too encouraging
  • that when certain activities in game
  • aren't also exciting and when the dev
  • team does address a handful of concerns
  • we're told we're just playing the game
  • the wrong way if we play the right way
  • it's actually fun
  • that's probably worse than not getting
  • an answer at all yet every time
  • communication comes up we'll promise
  • that it's going to be better next time
  • will be better next time but until that
  • next time people will keep leaving the
  • game and there's more people leave the
  • game it starts to trigger a domino
  • effect I've said it before and I'll say
  • plenty more I'm sure but world of
  • warcraft is always a better experience
  • with friends it's an MMO after all
  • raiding with friends throughout various
  • expansions has given me so many precious
  • memories and we all know how frustrating
  • it can be to poke pretty much anything
  • so a well-rounded team of friends and
  • guilties can make the game far more
  • enjoyable but what happens when those
  • friends are guilties decide to stop
  • playing I'm actually in this situation
  • right now my guild just imploded the
  • holidays head is pretty hard and we
  • didn't train for a few weeks so people
  • started dropping that's understandable
  • we'll work our way through it we always
  • do but then a few more players decided
  • the game just wasn't worth their time a
  • handful of others are having fun and the
  • holidays gave them the break they needed
  • to realize that they just aren't having
  • a good time right now and on it goes I
  • don't blame people for taking a step
  • away from the game it's just a game
  • after all but I also see a lot of
  • players drop out because they don't have
  • anyone left to play with it can be as
  • simple as that
  • you can love the game and everything
  • that's happening right now but if you
  • don't have anyone to share the
  • experience with it can feel quite hollow
  • making new friends in WoW is definitely
  • one option but I wouldn't be too
  • surprised if even more people ended up
  • leaving the game after turning to pug
  • groups the social aspect of WoW has been
  • suffering for quite a while it's not in
  • a particularly great place and go
  • from a coordinated group of players to
  • whoever happens to join your instance
  • can be a bit jarring depending on what
  • you're trying to do you could come
  • across a wide variety of issues trying
  • to join a rate group by itself isn't
  • usually too bad but poke groups usually
  • need to reform at least a little bit
  • after every boss especially if you wipe
  • a few times I don't know if it's a
  • patience thing or lack thereof or if
  • people just don't have the time to spend
  • wiping on a boss over and over but
  • players don't tend to stick around for
  • very long in PIRG groups if you want to
  • hop into higher n mythic plus dungeons
  • you have to tick two very important
  • boxes you need a decent IO score most of
  • the time and you need to be playing one
  • of the good classes I didn't have too
  • many issues getting into groups on my
  • mage but when people see a shadow priest
  • sign up sometimes I get declined before
  • I can even message the leader if you're
  • playing a rogue demon hunter mage hunter
  • or warlock you'll probably be fine on
  • the DPS side of things in the
  • hierarchies druid monk and priest
  • healers usually get groups fairly easily
  • and tanks are fairly balanced from what
  • I know of unless you're a bear anyone
  • else will have to make a pretty
  • convincing argument shadow priests and
  • defense shamans still have a pretty bad
  • rap for the most part and it can be very
  • difficult getting people to even give
  • you a chance some days so if you're
  • playing either of those classes you
  • might have more trouble compared to some
  • others when realistically you should be
  • capable on pretty much any class or spec
  • the difference between a lot of classes
  • is fairly small these days but community
  • perception can make it difficult to get
  • anything done on certain characters the
  • general attitude of place is very
  • hit-or-miss as well you could come
  • across some very friendly folks or you
  • run across people who could teach you a
  • few new words you probably shouldn't
  • repeat I've seen some very toxic
  • individuals recently but when you're
  • dealing with bugs you can't really
  • afford to be too picky
  • honestly interesting is way better
  • playing with a group of like-minded
  • individuals no matter what you're trying
  • to accomplish in game but if you come
  • from that and go out into the wild world
  • of pugs I wouldn't be surprised if that
  • pushed you over the edge of
  • unsubscribing
  • many players might not be too bothered
  • with the state of the game how raiding
  • on mythic-class dungeons are or what's
  • coming next they might just be content
  • seeing the new stuff and calling it a
  • day but staying attached to this game
  • isn't as simple as some of the mmo's out
  • there there's a subscription for you to
  • think about while costs you cash every
  • month for the privilege of being able to
  • log in whenever
  • you want if you don't feel like you're
  • getting your money's worth chances are
  • you going to cancel that subscription
  • just like any other form of
  • entertainment you pay for that really is
  • the nail in the coffin for a lot of
  • players looking at leaving the game some
  • of the other reasons in this video might
  • have pushed them into thinking they
  • should own sub from Wow take a break and
  • come back later or maybe just check back
  • next expansion now forget about the game
  • entirely but seeing the money disappear
  • every month is the kicker if they unsub
  • they can use that money on other games
  • or entertainment and once your unserved
  • honestly it's a lot easier to not be too
  • bothered about being Unsoeld but what I
  • think this is always going to come down
  • to is are you having fun in World of
  • Warcraft if the answer is no you should
  • probably take a bit of a break the game
  • your characters and hopefully your
  • friends and guilties will be there when
  • you get back maybe you can drag a few of
  • them back to the game if you think it's
  • worth your time again for the main
  • reason a lot of people have been
  • unsubscribing lately is simply because
  • they aren't having fun there are a lot
  • of games out there nowadays and
  • depending on which itch you're trying to
  • scratch you can usually find a great
  • game or two that suits your needs MMOs
  • are actually the ones on earth and it
  • seems to be hurting really bad right now
  • I've heard great things about Final
  • Fantasy but haven't given it much time
  • personally Guild Wars 2 is also
  • apparently doing good things these days
  • but I haven't checked back with that one
  • in a very long time maybe I should give
  • a few these other games of play around
  • but that's it for this video do you have
  • any other reasons some players might be
  • quitting Wow right now have you stopped
  • playing for any specific reason or do
  • you continue to play for any specific
  • reason and leave all your thoughts in
  • the comment section below a big thank
  • you to all of our supporters over on
  • patreon you can see their names floating
  • by on screen if you want to join these
  • little you guys and gals you can find a
  • link in the description below remember
  • to leave a like just below the VA before
  • you it would be enormous crap
  • you

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It seems like people are quitting left, right and center - but why? Here's 10 reasons why people are unsubbing from BFA.
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