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Video BEST Redneck Car Repairs Compilation
11:16   |   586K+ views   |   today at 10:33


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The song used in this video WAS creative commons when I uploaded it. In fact, if you look in my video description, you can see that I have listed the audio track, referenced the creative commons licensing and even linked to the site where the track is listed as creative commons. The ONE song I chose was actually MULTIPLE tracks layered over each other, I did not know this. ONE track must have changed license types so it's no longer creative commons. This triggered the copyright infringement. I removed the one track, leaving what we have now.

I've tried changing the audio, but youtube says the video has too many views now and it cannot be changed or swapped. The only action I can do with the audio is completely remove it. You guys want total silence? Or just turn down the volume of this video and turn up your own music if it bothers you so much.


Redneck car repairs and jerry rigged cars compilation video. Have you ever seen a car driving down the road that made you say WTF?? Here's a bunch of redneck repair cars that will make you crap your pants, they're so funny. What are these people thinking?

Flashlights for headlights
Closet door for car door
Home window ac unit mounted on car
String operating windshield wipers
Log for a bumper
Hammer for car shifter
Padlock on car door
Broom for windshield wipers
Coke can exhaust repair
Plywood autobody repair
Fork for car door handle
Duct tape hood shut
Duct tape car repairs
Handheld mirror for car side mirror

"Sliding to a New Year" by unreal_dm
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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