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Video The Secret World of Jeffree Star
42:30   |   today at 08:05


  • hey everyone it's Geoffrey star and
  • since everyone thinks I'm the soft side
  • up oh you should do right now you want
  • me to keep it really real okay today is
  • such a terrifying day for me the last
  • time I switch lives with somebody it was
  • one of my best friend's Trisha pay sauce
  • so that was kind of easy because I knew
  • what to expect
  • this is different because I'm gonna be
  • switching lives with Geoffrey star who I
  • am terrified
  • [Music]
  • now listen I love Jeffrey I love his
  • videos I think he's so interesting and
  • weird hi how are ya and brutally honest
  • literally looks like you've got Facebook
  • and your mascara is like I'm not afraid
  • to be Shady if a bitch don't want to
  • show respect you got to go huh see ya
  • and rich the grand total is a fifty nine
  • thousand two hundred and sixty eight
  • dollars there's a button here where
  • voila like so rich that I don't
  • understand how it happened so rich that
  • a droning just follows it but I also
  • know that he is one of the most
  • controversial youtubers of all time all
  • right guys now I want to know what you
  • think of Jeffrey's daughters common
  • black twitter is really mad do you guys
  • forget Jeffery stars racist past
  • googling Nate snoots have been
  • circulating the internet for quite some
  • time now I've even received DMS from
  • people in the past who have allegedly
  • exchanged nudes with Nate via snapchat
  • jeffree star reignites his feud with Kat
  • Von D in a series of shady tweets and a
  • savage YouTube video I'm just simply
  • stating the truth I'm sick of the facts
  • and I'm not scared of you so you don't
  • have to say to that
  • bye I mean the amount of scandals he's
  • had in controversies and public feuds is
  • insane like more than anybody else on
  • the Internet
  • no matter who it is if you say the name
  • Jeffrey star everybody has an opinion do
  • we believe that Jeffrey star is trying
  • to be a better person I personally
  • believe that he is do I think
  • Jeffrey star has verses tendencies yes I
  • do and I want to know why and I really
  • want to get into it and see for myself
  • if this person is really the monster
  • that so many people claim he is I also
  • just want to know why he's so rich
  • because it can't just be you two like
  • there's something else going on so I
  • have a lot of questions I'm nervous I'm
  • scared I'm excited I'm intimidated like
  • I am going into this experience knowing
  • that I'm going to freak out like I know
  • I'm gonna clam up and I'm not going to
  • know what to do because the bat type of
  • allottee is somebody who I am scared of
  • what if he doesn't like me what if he
  • thinks I'm not funny enough or not
  • attractive enough or not rich enough I
  • don't know I don't really know him so
  • I'm really nervous and okay I'm rambling
  • I'm going to take my used Jeep and go
  • over to Jeffrey's house to see his hot
  • pink everything jesus take the wheel
  • alright let's do this okay we are almost
  • I've been here once but I didn't really
  • see the whole house because I was really
  • nervous and I went right to the filming
  • room do you know anything right like you
  • don't know that was a joke
  • okay I'm gonna warn you the house is big
  • and everything inside of it is worth
  • more
  • here's a game Oh
  • oh my god okay that's not it but that
  • was where are we I'm serious
  • he said his neighbors are Chloe Kim
  • Kanye Kylie kendall Kourtney
  • Stan what are we this is where the
  • brooms goes I've seen this before
  • he said that he has three assistants
  • [Music]
  • what are you wearing
  • I mean nothing okay you're gonna be
  • allowed in we'll try what is this over
  • here
  • oh oh here's the security game hey what
  • do I say hey first are you know what a
  • collab is no Jeffrey Jeffrey Stehr and
  • it's Shane
  • sorry have a lot of cards have a good
  • day thank you
  • all right whoa this is
  • crazy I think he said Justin Bieber you
  • live next door
  • yeah like literally Justin Bieber's next
  • door throwing eggs at people killing all
  • people that's where he did that and that
  • was Here I am nervous yeah this is crazy
  • I think they could use some of this
  • right whoa I'm sorry I'm Chuck look at
  • the backs of those houses these houses
  • how does he have so much fun
  • there must be some kind of drug or like
  • a mob there's something going on I
  • believe it there's some Jeffrey G that
  • we're going to investigate my hands are
  • clean these all look like fake he's on
  • the top
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • okay
  • [Music]
  • that's a castle in my only to park here
  • there's a skateboard ramp I have a lot
  • there's an actual literal okay
  • okay let's meet Jeffrey aim a little
  • nervous this feels very like I don't
  • know like I don't know I kind of know
  • what to expect but not really you really
  • don't you never even mentioned I feel
  • like we're going to like somebody from
  • the Illuminati's house or something I
  • don't mean that no I really think
  • there's an Illuminati how does he have
  • so much money
  • those are saying yeah I need two grudges
  • this is there's a mountain I don't know
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • are you guys what's happening so this
  • morning everyone
  • so he's what is this one delicious let's
  • just daddy Deva diamond and drama
  • delicious diva diamond drama yes they're
  • very well trained they listen very like
  • they're the best something you have five
  • kids just can you just
  • are we okay so I'm a little nervous I'm
  • really nervous for a lot of reasons same
  • we haven't really talked about what
  • we're doing
  • no all I do know is that I want to live
  • a day in your life and I want it to be
  • real okay and I want you to make me rich
  • okay let me get your wire info and I'll
  • do a direct deposit and then we'll start
  • talking okay so I'm a little nervous
  • because no one's ever really seen the
  • inside of my house now not because I
  • don't I don't mind you know me I'm sure
  • my whole life on the Internet yeah I'm
  • cars two bags two surgeries right but me
  • and Nate dude try to keep a little bit
  • of I have a seat for the Internet but I
  • think once you buy three houses you just
  • got to get over it show one you've never
  • yeah that's right because I've never
  • seen like all of this no we show little
  • portions like the Wall Street Wall and
  • maybe a chair maybe our asses in the
  • mirror but you're not gonna really get
  • the full effect ever but I guess we're
  • gonna have you change that today oh my
  • god okay before we get to the house tour
  • I'm gonna pee which bathroom should I
  • can and is there like a poor bathroom or
  • like a well actually when we were
  • looking at this house I bought it two
  • years ago there is something in this
  • house called the maid's quarters you
  • want to be there you can't up or there's
  • six more bathrooms so if you want the
  • Red Room in the bargain room the Gold
  • Room eats up to you baby you just pick
  • your color so we're doing construction
  • come on in these are board that we're
  • we're having a closet build which will
  • show you
  • and this was the gym but we may never
  • gain weight so we gave that back Wow do
  • you eat you will see me eat a lot today
  • I know I really only show this a lot at
  • my personal life I eat a lot three
  • layers of the munchies see how I use
  • just smaller than my family elders in
  • there I know
  • wait should I go out there
  • I wasn't sure here on the Stairmaster
  • I'll never be on the Stairmaster worries
  • for me she's at her house right now
  • jerks who doesn't live here they just
  • call this the maid's quarters which I
  • feel like is a little degrading yeah I
  • think the new word is like house keeper
  • I know we're not going to go there let's
  • not start this off with the conscience
  • we'll get to that this is the sex swing
  • or what is this yeah that's pretty neat
  • spying so you know he is a straight male
  • really kind of um so when you 69 in your
  • straight male your your bones aren't
  • used to that so he has to like stretch
  • it out some like every weekend are we
  • gonna do that bigger do it's just luck
  • see what's happening you might be later
  • delicious are you ready to a continue
  • big gross poor version of daddy come
  • here you have something in your hair you
  • don't look presentable how dare you
  • embarrass me in front of my friends
  • want to do a house tour what is that
  • sorry this is my breakfast it's really
  • healthy you're enjoying it that looks
  • like blood you wanna be honest yes all
  • that it's the blood of my enemies oh
  • that's pretty good it gives me all my
  • vitamin since no other things I eat that
  • okay all right
  • do people think you're a vampire is it
  • like a fast oh I'll have an age since my
  • space so people are trying to figure out
  • why I imagine and we'll get to your
  • bedroom soon but I imagine you have like
  • a tube or like something that you lay in
  • and like and then to wake you up that
  • they put like a and then you're like all
  • new again um kind of like that we
  • actually have a pink coffin in my
  • bedroom what you'll see in a minute okay
  • so what is this room the UM pinball
  • machine you okay there's I don't know if
  • you can see the whit care or yeah these
  • are new wigs they just got from
  • Australia Wow so these are just all
  • moments and photo shoots and it's all
  • houses memories not weird every every
  • scare has the story beautiful Oh
  • [Music]
  • eg shoes those are garbage how much were
  • those these ion okay can I be honest
  • yeah I don't know I don't look all
  • sarcasm aside I don't know about that
  • one ever since I was little it's like
  • look into magazines and just like stare
  • at this shit like my mom had
  • Cosmopolitan magazine it's a
  • subscription and Boggan every month I
  • would just open it I'm just like I want
  • to be that girl in that ad and I just
  • have such an appreciation for fashion
  • when I started working as a makeup
  • artist fresh at a high school that I
  • bought my first designer item and I
  • still have it I have the first Louie
  • Baggett ever bought is like a special
  • little cubby when I was that's 18 so now
  • that I'm 57 it's now that I'm 300 years
  • old okay that's a fish jump so okay
  • let's talk about it so what um why how
  • explain okay so before I met name he was
  • living in Grand Rapids Michigan where he
  • was from and he worked in a pet store
  • yes he wasn't what if we did a fish tank
  • I know Mike okay are you ever do like a
  • Barbie fish tank are these fish rich
  • that is that's the big girl this is a
  • lot of pimples usually play on these yes
  • so it's like a very small portion
  • translation
  • our machine for the newest ones that we
  • are obsessed with playing in the moment
  • okay so kitchen is that what this is
  • yeah sorry the kitchen so small some
  • bears Wow Wow okay so we've never really
  • done a partition before Nate loves
  • cooking I know how to make pop-tarts I'm
  • her only child and my grandpa cut my
  • crusts off like foo Jo's 15 I have that
  • different flex I didn't know where that
  • story was going yeah Mike Ross stop to
  • stop it
  • everything has me a little Barbie kill
  • to it so there's the dude oh man Lee
  • brick stealing and then you have the
  • Barbie Shannon house door our prisons
  • empty so I'm embarrassed right now we've
  • been traveling a lot we just got back
  • from Europe two days ago so I got like
  • nothing in here so I'm I'm a little
  • embarrassed Wow okay so there's a lot of
  • chunks Howard yeah I don't have any
  • disorder
  • I you really don't so we're not gonna
  • like uncover that today no like I wish I
  • had a Hewell I do have some secrets
  • we'll talk about maybe later but but no
  • eating disorder I just lie love food I
  • love sweets I love desserts but I don't
  • ever gain weight metabolism I can't
  • either so I gotta like kind of watch
  • what I eat cuz I can't eat everything
  • you need just a little bit skateboarding
  • tells me a lot so he works out a lot of
  • exercise skates a lot but yeah okay oh
  • that's a hockey machine
  • kitchen table with their hockey mr.
  • doubt we don't really have a lot of
  • friends so we don't have really need a
  • baby just keep buying machines exact got
  • some new Gucci luggage how much was this
  • I mean this all the patches in the
  • cotton fabric this is probably like
  • maybe 3,000 this is probably like 1,900
  • and not everyone thinks this stuff is
  • cute some people think is not ugly and
  • that's okay I live what it's supposed to
  • be kind of ugly right like yeah how much
  • Gucci stuff do you think you have in
  • what contacts like you have like a room
  • at the Gucci room um it takes up blogger
  • and we're building another closet right
  • now every spare room in the house is
  • full of only my clothes you should just
  • build it good you store your house
  • outside have you ever shown your
  • backyard oh no one has really seen
  • anything yo nay let's take the dogs out
  • who wants to go peepee come on drama so
  • this whole entire Mountain connectives
  • warehouse is all ours over here that's
  • yours yeah what do you do with it um
  • we're actually building into it
  • I gotta look like a water park full
  • water park raging waters about money
  • throne where you go to just lay on the
  • side and try to stay humble and remember
  • that so human being I like it because
  • it's very open so God gets to talk to me
  • personally and just let me know
  • still white trash yeah still affect you
  • yeah let's go does the same thing to me
  • that's so crazy
  • wow that's how I'm moving is real yeah
  • you know we got all the neighbors khloe
  • kardashian travis barker or all those
  • people but i'm just over here my little
  • seclusion so um I'm gonna go I'm gonna
  • just take a seat I'm on the throne you
  • see what it's like to be you has a lot
  • of good energy like you wake up in your
  • frozen tube and you step outside and it
  • takes about 45 minutes a day to adjust
  • to the real world you can't bra yeah
  • yeah it's like a cartoon like dr. Seuss
  • chair I get it
  • God what am i weird you know I actually
  • really enjoy coming out here reading
  • books spending time by myself I think
  • life is so chaotic but it's nice to just
  • stay here in silence okay I'm sweating I
  • don't really do outside so let's get
  • back in there so you two really why
  • don't you sweat I don't know
  • my face doesn't sweat my body really
  • never sweats Nate poor sweat he had to
  • get Botox in the armpits Botox in his
  • arm yes what surgery haven't you had do
  • you even know she likes it clean maybe
  • your job this part of the morning
  • routine yeah to clean my hat or what
  • yeah she cleans your gums just like
  • [Music]
  • weird sharing you know it's 40 these my
  • teeth are all fake oh these are all
  • zirconium crystal crowns so she can
  • taste wealth can you tell the difference
  • do you want more money they're expensive
  • so every tooth in my mouth that was one
  • really shitty teeth my mom actually had
  • one of the worst dental cases in the 80s
  • she's been in magazines okay and I got
  • her gene so my team from really bad like
  • how bad really bad I'll show you before
  • and after later so like five years ago I
  • got every tooth in my mouth redone
  • restored they shaved them down a little
  • points and they put crowns over them
  • and I would get robot tea tiny are we
  • doing that to me today it was really
  • painful but really worth it look up in
  • my mouth
  • whoa that's crazy you had a doll
  • you're like a robot it's crazy it was
  • really expensive it was one of the first
  • things I bought and she started making
  • coin
  • [Music]
  • oh wait that's another question okay I
  • keep calling you she ya accident like an
  • Andrew was like wait it's Jeffrey or
  • what's happening
  • I'm just Jeffrey so if you look at me
  • and you're like damn yeah it's like she
  • everyone calls me he/she whatever they
  • put that song yeah I'm an alien
  • every pronoun is okay every pronoun oh
  • great I'll think on something okay she's
  • gonna take us back into the castle so
  • diva my eldest he loves sunbathing oh he
  • knows that I can't be in the Sun ever
  • cuz all ages it for me alright everyone
  • inside this is mac fix+
  • so if you're feeling like really hot
  • just cooling there you eagle
  • [Laughter]
  • this is like not real so another thing
  • about the teeth I had a sugar addiction
  • - that sounds a little I just love sugar
  • bitch oh not an alcohol I've never tried
  • a beer never trying to pop what yeah
  • which people don't believe you've never
  • done drugs or drinking or anything just
  • smoked weed have never tried coke next
  • to see nothing I've never skipped a beer
  • and never tried wine but I have a sweet
  • tooth so all this sugar really helped
  • accelerate my teeth were so do you still
  • do this or is this like a did I just
  • uncover a secret people know I love
  • sweets I got sweets touchin all over my
  • body
  • okay screams oh wow I've ice cream on my
  • neck so delicious oh wow we have a
  • little bit on ice cream do you just eat
  • this with a spoon
  • really yeah how'd you know or did you
  • know that about me for real no that's
  • just what I do but I mean sometimes you
  • probably dip one of these in there I am
  • in the Dybbuk neighbor literally whee
  • I'm so excited I love you sorry too soon
  • join a share of course either go playing
  • Hermes why does it taste richer in your
  • house probably the air
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • what's that all right baby let's roll
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • this is all satin wall upholstery this
  • was hand done by three dudes took em
  • weeks so this is a new construction so
  • this is the skeleton of what will be the
  • new luxury muffin Wow Wow so yeah this
  • looks really weird right now but it's
  • gonna all come together putting a pink
  • pink vault door sorry oh I've been naked
  • before this yeah hi this is where I
  • painted you honey so you have your
  • lights you have this insane amount of
  • makeup yeah this is just like the normal
  • stuff that today today how to get ready
  • more light on my face thank you oh this
  • is all your makeup I have a lot of
  • questions about your makeup but we'll
  • get to that okay is this all like pretty
  • stuff you get all the makeup on the
  • ground all this done is a lot of its PR
  • free stuff I buy a lot of makeup I think
  • I have the most points at Sephora
  • freaked out about how many points
  • they're so excited to be there again
  • that's like me so this is other free
  • makeup and PR and Gucci stuff so it's
  • Rihanna sickest makeup line so sick so
  • fuckin groceries ooh this is a cute
  • little headpiece Jordan try it on wait
  • okay this is a rabona war she's so sick
  • and disgusting yeah just food poisoning
  • she's barking she's sick so this is a
  • headpiece stop it boy I just saw them oh
  • it's not bad my god he's been wired we
  • Isis all hands to rawski that's not bad
  • 2500 okay literally wearing rent we
  • gonna Dawson you better work wait I get
  • it yeah it's a cute moment okay I like
  • it
  • oh no leave the price tag on right
  • that's not how people know welcome to my
  • hallway
  • what is this room is just like a like a
  • 50 Shh
  • we can open the curtains a little bit
  • [Music]
  • faster yeah maybe
  • showers gonna use like once or twice
  • that's the same as drama high drama
  • dramas confused drama doesn't know what
  • I am a star you forgot your mundane
  • luggage ma'am who's Mona
  • we let my am time they spoke money wrong
  • they did tell you back matches your eyes
  • I feel like make a wish this is the
  • president oh all right so this is where
  • a lot of the gucci goes to die gucci
  • that came out last year usually where a
  • once per tutorial and then i'll just put
  • it in here oh yeah that's also located
  • little fucking garbage that's so
  • depressing we don't do that we leave
  • this door closed then we say get up go
  • to your bathroom hey so sick is good
  • yeah let you get something so sickening
  • are you just like you have your own now
  • look at the lights reflecting on the
  • walls whoa oh that's real it actually
  • reflects good you know these later use
  • of the new YSL rollerskates like you
  • what to write or get you ready
  • so probably you want to start is the
  • good day between your ass wait hold on I
  • don't want to throw this because I don't
  • cuz if a day is making my way fly but I
  • don't want to I don't want a $2,000 wig
  • flown yeah it'll break don't break
  • oh yeah so we do have a lot of dogs and
  • sometimes me and Nate like to have
  • threesomes so this will accommodate
  • everyone wait really
  • yeah whoa daddy whoa
  • hi Daddy being in a bed calling for
  • daddy typical memory weed you just
  • relieve threesomes yeah wait really
  • is that weird no it's just interesting
  • that you're like admitting that what's
  • the situation is it like Oh like who
  • finds the person what is all jokes aside
  • never in our embed only in other parts
  • of the world or what
  • lynx-o we don't have to see them ever
  • again oh just like we're feelings or
  • emotions or you never know I mean
  • anything we're just very like guarded
  • and puppy very like how to slip I mean
  • I'm sweating what do you do what do you
  • do and what do you do who doesn't okay
  • Nate doesn't talk about this stuff he's
  • not like a shy person he's like me just
  • doesn't like share that heavy stuff
  • headed um but like we're gonna pause for
  • a second okay are you so something
  • happens I'm gonna cut you want to grab
  • Chris wait so how does that work because
  • if you're having a threesome aren't you
  • afraid that people are gonna know who
  • you are and then we talk about it or not
  • um yeah yes and no we've met people that
  • have no idea who we are and it's just
  • like they're just like you know an
  • attractive person we hear both in - so
  • we'd like to have fun we travel the sad
  • part about it and social media and the
  • Internet is some people like to hold on
  • to you know DMS or videos or things like
  • that if we've met them before and use it
  • against us later so we've been through
  • that so now it's like we're scared to do
  • that anymore it's like you can't trust
  • anyone the trust factor is hard you know
  • so we isn't it's not an open
  • relationships it's like open with each
  • other yes we're not yeah exactly
  • interesting how many people have you
  • been with at once you mean with hammer
  • time like me before I was dating someone
  • I've had like side some six sons but now
  • they're in a relationship but you know
  • things change
  • I'm not my early 20s anymore swallowing
  • up the neighborhood a lot to take in
  • literally literally
  • I've never seen your penis
  • I'm like okay wow I'm like I'm hungry
  • Oh diamonds crazy shit alright back to
  • the maid's quarters for me do you want
  • to go in here there's a code no one's
  • been in here before so with the dream
  • Clause is being built
  • this is the other part of the closet
  • okay I never shown this before so
  • literally a number I've never seen that
  • [Music]
  • oh my god literally though oh wow okay
  • now we're in here yeah this this is a
  • Dewar bag they only made three of these
  • me Beyonce and Rihanna have it Hey
  • so this is like a lot of limited edition
  • stuff it's all gonna be in the new in
  • the vault soon but it's you know there's
  • bergen's everywhere it's the best in a
  • year I know it's disgusting how messy
  • this is what's like the most expensive
  • item you have a Himalayan Birkin is
  • pretty expensive this is a collector's
  • item they make only a few of these a
  • year and this is from Hermes even older
  • how much was this that me is 125
  • thousand oh my god these are all collect
  • collectibles
  • get it away
  • um these go up in value because they're
  • so rare so these so here's the thing
  • what you want to talk for real yeah man
  • what people might be like what I would
  • put this next to the new line Birkin
  • bitch people that don't fathom like
  • collecting it's like collecting art you
  • know I mean this is a piece of art but
  • if you know if you're unaware of this
  • world of fine jewelry and handbags like
  • these are they can triple in value later
  • oh so in three years sake here you go
  • maybe it's 250 K maybe they go up in
  • value whereas a lot of brands no offense
  • to all that brands I love out there a
  • lot of Louis and that type of stuff will
  • not age well meaning value right so it's
  • like investment so it's like little
  • houses it's a huge investment it's like
  • buying property which I have a lot of
  • property as well I love investing
  • my thing I'm a businessman at some point
  • today I want to know how much money you
  • have and where it's coming from
  • okay work but we'll get to that okay
  • yeah no only what was the realty I think
  • they I think if you like fun nobody
  • knows the realty yeah but I think that
  • people don't really understand the full
  • spectrum of what I actually do I think
  • people just think I made make up and
  • just do some videos and that's my life
  • your name like I own property investment
  • properties around the world I invest in
  • the marijuana business I own an entire
  • shipment fulfillment center mean I only
  • buy merchandise company I print
  • manufacture everything myself so I have
  • about 10 businesses that are currently
  • running besides my brand which is the
  • giant cosmetics company so people just
  • don't really know about it I don't talk
  • about cuz I don't think it's exciting I
  • don't think people are gonna want to
  • watch your see it
  • that's everything what are you talking
  • about like all of this is fun like all
  • this like showing purses and expensive
  • stuff like that's fun and funny whatever
  • this is like a business you're not just
  • like doing makeup YouTube you're doing
  • like so you know later today I'd love to
  • take you to my main warehouse where I
  • ship all my makeup all the clothes the
  • whole thing it's like 30,000 square feet
  • and then we have other warehouses
  • attached to it you'll see a whole other
  • side of me that people don't really get
  • to see so have you ever shown that
  • before
  • no we're huh I have 100 employees I have
  • a book on school apart man yeah and no
  • it's like it looks like it's like Willy
  • Wonka we're shipping makeup all day it's
  • insane the cosmetic industry how big it
  • is and yeah you do see all this and
  • waste all this money
  • groans to just play money absence so
  • what's like a typical day for you or are
  • you gonna like crank that down for me
  • yeah look we're not we're gonna get you
  • fully ready we're gonna take you to
  • my business is and we're gonna break it
  • all down what I really do when I'm not
  • on snapchat yeah all right well if you
  • add it up everything in this room in
  • just this room so if you were to combine
  • the jewelry to burst and everything
  • that's wrong I don't know maybe like 6 7
  • million words I was a little
  • apprehensive of having you over here
  • just because people don't know the full
  • spectrum of what I'm actually doing but
  • I think it's cool to show that you can
  • literally come from nothing and the
  • sky's the limit
  • so no this is this is this this is this
  • is like we met before
  • yeah it where's your stuff oh I get this
  • one and that's all that looks expensive
  • oh you know I can't put my regular
  • clothes in here anymore guys for a
  • minute huh I want Nate to talk about
  • when he met me he owned 70 shirts and
  • worked at a pet store and he didn't know
  • what Gucci wasn't he met me on a real
  • level like 100 percent had not
  • that's like gucci louis xiv on chi like
  • he's a small-town michigan kid she's two
  • hours away yeah up in like the woods
  • like i grew up hunting you know on
  • fishing and all that stuff like we were
  • just you know just the regular
  • blue-collar my family was more growing
  • up so my dad dropped out of high school
  • when he was 17 or 18 to have my brother
  • he's been working at the same job for i
  • want to say 25-30 years now there's plus
  • nate met me when I had first started my
  • brand so we always make jokes people
  • that because people in the early stages
  • of our relationship
  • I let them in on like the secret of like
  • Nate had never been with a guy before it
  • could only been with women previous to
  • me and it was very fascinating to a lot
  • of people yeah but then it turned into
  • he's with you for the money he only
  • likes you because I did it at a time
  • like right I didn't even know he had a
  • brand either you know starting one and I
  • didn't even I did music beforehand
  • either so he made didn't know who I was
  • or what my history was and when we met
  • my brand was on me frosting and when we
  • met and started dating my brand took off
  • like I wasn't even doing YouTube like
  • that his family has also grown with us I
  • didn't come to their house dripping in
  • diamonds and Louie yeah so they're like
  • a party oh you know and we've had we've
  • been blessed enough to help them you
  • know we collabed with my brand last year
  • and did a collection which we then in
  • turn bought a house in Michigan yeah and
  • parents live there and miss our house
  • together yeah yeah so that was of your
  • makeup yeah yeah the family collection
  • nathan has it on lipstick really on sale
  • yeah well anybody that thinks that this
  • is fake like is wrong cuz you guys have
  • always been fuckin all day around it
  • it's like wow that's cute
  • so like ya know it's real right over
  • these clothes no oh no well this is so
  • sweet
  • um let's get out of here before I ruin
  • seven million dollars worth of things
  • okay great
  • so like I'm asking more as an inspired
  • person yeah are we talking like yes
  • [Music]
  • that's crazy yeah so it's like oh my god
  • [Music]
  • they might be illegal but you know
  • that's what fucking a police officers
  • dicks for I guess I can't be beautiful

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