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  • hello vlog I am in Mykonos still only
  • for a few more hours I'm about to leave
  • but this entire trip has been meant for
  • me to relax vacation take cool photos
  • whatever the only goal I set for myself
  • on this entire trip was to film one
  • maybe two haul videos and especially
  • this Apple one and so I pack all my
  • stuff two suitcases worth ready for
  • mikonos oh my god I had like all my
  • little slutty bikinis and like little
  • dresses cuz I'm trying to be a girl on
  • this trip well maybe a cup like ninety
  • thousand things both of my suitcases are
  • overweight by far like that is how much
  • should I bring and I set aside all of my
  • Zappos stuff in a bag to do a haul while
  • I was in Mykonos and so I pack up all my
  • shit I fly from LAX to JFK and I land in
  • New York and the second I get off the
  • plane thought didn't strike my mind one
  • time like did not have this thought one
  • time like not on the way to LAX not
  • leaving my house not zipping my bags not
  • checking my bags I'm flying the plane oh
  • the second I walk off the plane at JFK
  • I'm like I forgot my saffle clothes I
  • instantly am so infuriated I called
  • Jordan he's like they care it out get
  • the clothes to you I don't know what to
  • tell you get the video done like I don't
  • fucking care tena like you late to
  • everything like you fuck everything up
  • so I've at the JFK Airport like leaving
  • for flight to Istanbul Turkey in like
  • six hours like there's no way I can go
  • back to LA Jordans blowing up on me I'm
  • like bawling my eyes out rocking back
  • and forth in this fucking you're like
  • I'm a failure I fuck everything up I'm
  • then on the phone with my assistant for
  • the next hour and a half trying to
  • figure out how to get these clothes
  • mailed to me and then I find out that
  • like Meili shits and Myka knows that
  • gets stuck in customs for like ten days
  • so I can't get it here Hunter is
  • literally on the phone with me like well
  • I wanted to go to Mykonos anyways look
  • I'll just bring the clothes I go hop on
  • a flight I'm like debating it like the
  • fact that I wanted to film this hauls so
  • badly on one of these clothes you're so
  • bad thing I was I can't go fly to
  • Mykonos meet me and Mykonos with my
  • clothes and then I realized all of that
  • was irrational and I wasn't gonna film
  • the video and I was gonna make Jordan
  • really mad or whatever and then I
  • remembered that even though I'm late to
  • everything including a trip to Mykonos
  • the only person who's gonna be a little
  • bit later than me on their flight to
  • Mykonos is Jay Alvarez and so he was
  • originally supposed to go at the same
  • time as me and then he ended up getting
  • caught up in was way later so I call him
  • it's like 8:00 in the morning and I'm
  • like listen I know this time
  • same became my assistant bring you a
  • bunch of clothing can you fly them to me
  • kiddo sand like I need them I need them
  • for a haul video I can you figure it out
  • and he's like well like I'm gonna be
  • going to mikonos and then like Russia
  • and then like maybe Bali and then like
  • back to Hawaii and then back to LA but
  • I'm also only taking a carry-on so as
  • long as they'll all sit at my carry-on
  • why not
  • that was my best jail frezzer present no
  • but uh first of all that's fucking
  • insane like I literally couldn't even go
  • from like LA to Arizona for like four
  • hours with the carry-on but alone across
  • the fucking world but somehow we made
  • all of the clothes fit in the carry-on
  • Jay showed up with my clothes it's like
  • four days later cuz I'm lazy as fuck and
  • I'm finally filming bizarre flaw so
  • thank you to my lovely assistant to
  • Ashley and TJ for making this video
  • possible without further ado today's
  • video is gonna be a South log as you
  • guys know since the dawn of time I've
  • been obsessed with zepho like literally
  • how balloon ride first hauls ever on
  • this channel was as alcohol and that's
  • point blank because their clothes are
  • cheap as fuck but they look like clothes
  • from everywhere else and I lose things I
  • break things I spill things I rip things
  • I gain weight I lose weight like I don't
  • want to spend a lot of money on little
  • bikinis that I'm just gonna ruin on a
  • trip with like period blood or by
  • ripping them or falling somewhere anyway
  • so I hit them up before my trip to
  • Mykonos it was like yo can you send me
  • some fire shit and that's exactly what
  • they did and they literally responded by
  • saying yo it's Apple's fourth
  • anniversary June 18th we were waiting
  • for you and I was like oh shit then I'll
  • get a haul up before then cuz they are
  • my homies and they're awesome thank you
  • fo for sending me products in this video
  • so yeah thank you to you guys for 24/7
  • requesting hauls so I have an excuse to
  • film hauls all the time because I like
  • filming them I think I'm just gonna hop
  • right in I might make this video a
  • little bit of a look book or a try on
  • haul because that means more views
  • because I'm taking my clothes off let's
  • get into it I'm gonna shut the fuck up
  • now how much longer am I gonna sound
  • like a beauty guru for it before you
  • click off this video I guess I'll hop
  • into bikinis first just cuz like I said
  • like that's what people care about or
  • maybe just old men who want to jerk off
  • to this video I'm not sure if I've worn
  • some of these I haven't worn some of
  • these I don't know I think I'm gonna
  • start off with my favorite one I
  • literally chose this because I feel like
  • it's something Kylie Jenner would wear I
  • know that sounds insane it's like this
  • black little strappy top bikini with
  • matching black song bottoms but I really
  • like the top because it has like firm
  • underwire so that means like your boobs
  • are gonna look good and it's also like
  • very scoopy and like totally asking for
  • a nip slip if I have like one drink but
  • I wore yesterday I really like
  • I'm obsessed so obsessed that I also got
  • it in blue I love blue I don't know if
  • it's like the light eyes or the blonde
  • hair or like when I have a tan but
  • there's just something about blue that I
  • feel like makes me like one percent more
  • fuckable so a blue like look at that
  • little shape I'm like with a blonde hair
  • like I always talk to Bella who have
  • voice I was just sending her voice memos
  • and now I can't stop talking in that
  • voice okay but the next bikini Real Talk
  • I'm so obsessed with I think I'm gonna
  • shoot in it today to be honest with you
  • like I just look at it and get like
  • happy it's so trendy it's so cute like I
  • die it's this little pink and like
  • turquoise snakeskin triangle bikini with
  • matching part I'm so cute as dots and
  • they're super cheeky which I'm obsessed
  • with as you guys know because cheeky
  • bikini bottom say more likes on
  • Instagram no she's kidding and I also
  • think blue and pink are colors that I
  • like on me she said in the least
  • narcissistic way possible so yeah I'm
  • super excited about this bikini I'm
  • obsessed with it you guys already know
  • that I'm effervescent lean going through
  • a yellow phase but this one is like
  • girly and like I was gonna say innocent
  • but it's also like tiny so probably not
  • it's like this little yellow ruffled
  • scrunchie bikini totally can wear this
  • top as a crop top or like to a music
  • festival because I'm basic with matching
  • cheeky bottoms the bottoms are also
  • super rough fully and cute which I'm
  • obsessed with I can't lie the next
  • bikini is a little big on me and buy a
  • little big I mean like I'm swimming in
  • it but I still wanted to show it cuz I
  • think it's really cool six months ago I
  • wanted to become you like this so bad
  • and I looked everywhere for one and
  • could not find it and now of course
  • Apple has it cuz they're trendy
  • motherfuckers it's just this white
  • marble bikini super high-waisted super
  • cheeky with a matching padded bandeau
  • top I'm gonna like here like look at
  • that
  • me when I'm too poor to have a house
  • with marble this nice so I just put it
  • on my tits another favorite color
  • bikini of mine to wear is red I just
  • feel like it catches the eye so I got
  • this super basic pair of red bottoms
  • Hsieh red bottom bitch Versace shoes at
  • Birkin bag Jesus cheapest fun these is
  • Apple these is red but I make myself
  • cringe so that you don't have to do it
  • for me and then the top just wraps
  • around and ties in the front from one
  • trying to look like Kylie Jenner bitch
  • to another tops that tie in the front or
  • clasp in the front always make your
  • boobs look really good so I went for
  • that kind of top with these bottoms with
  • these red bottoms with these bloody
  • shoes then I just got a plain turquoise
  • triangle bikini just because I don't
  • really have any bikinis in this
  • turquoise color this one also might be a
  • little bit big on me but I loves Apple
  • for basic bikinis like this because
  • you can walk in Topshop and try to get a
  • basic bikini like this and it's gonna be
  • like $80 whereas this entire bikini was
  • probably under $10 so if anything
  • happens to it I don't feel bad which I
  • love then just in case I'm having a
  • little bay watch moment I have this this
  • red and whites little more modest kinda
  • bikini I love this I see bikinis like
  • this on Instagram literally every single
  • day so I mean I didn't have a red white
  • one like this so I got one and then the
  • last week gave me that I can find I feel
  • like I got more but I'm being lazy it's
  • just this little tiny black caught any
  • looking one with a matching bando top
  • honestly I'm always losing clean black
  • like cotton me normal bikinis so of
  • course I grabbed another one so that I
  • can wear at one time and lose it I
  • literally have a bikini just like this
  • absolutely identical to this in my style
  • it's got for me and it was literally
  • like a hundred and fifty dollars like
  • this looks exactly the same I don't get
  • it so frugal bitch in me lives breathes
  • and dies for example it's all someone
  • think is like I definitely buy and like
  • expensive things and I'm not negating
  • that with this video but I'm saying I
  • know I have so many young followers and
  • being able to say like you know I
  • actually really like this stuff I used
  • to buy it with my own money all the time
  • and you can actually afford it without
  • breaking the bank makes me feel good I
  • don't I don't know I'll shut up now I'm
  • gonna move into some of my favorite
  • clothing pieces that they sent me for
  • this trip some of them I mourn I'm sorry
  • the first thing I haven't worn yet but
  • I'm so obsessed with it's just this
  • little red bodycon dress but it has the
  • little like boob come indents which I
  • think make your boobs look so good I
  • think this is gonna be so flattering on
  • I love tight red dresses so much I feel
  • like if you need to last-minute like sex
  • it up like you need to go finesse
  • someone like you need to show up looking
  • good like a red dress is always the way
  • to go and I also feel like red is one of
  • those colors that is still so equally
  • eye-catching on like a brunette on a
  • blonde a brunette and I'm blonde with an
  • inseparable one on a redhead on someone
  • with black hair on dark complexions I'm
  • like come on just like ice like every
  • bitch looks bad in red like it's just
  • it's my go-to my wife also wears red
  • 24/7 so maybe I am biased but too
  • excited about this one like I'm going to
  • the airport today and I want to wear
  • this very poor just so I can like stand
  • in the first-class line even though
  • they're I'm a fucking economy has bitch
  • you know the next dress I'm equally
  • obsessed with for multiple reasons me
  • buttoning it so it looks presentable
  • even though I'm not a beauty guru at all
  • and it literally doesn't fucking matter
  • in the slightest
  • so it's this black bodycon dress
  • but it snaps all the way down then I
  • think this is so cute you already know
  • me you know my favorite color to wear at
  • all times is black you know I can never
  • have enough black dresses also like
  • theoretically if you're wearing this and
  • you were gonna get funked you could
  • literally have it on and be like daddy
  • but I also have a virgin and a nun and
  • bio virgin and I mean like I just don't
  • get laid so I say that so it sounds
  • better I just like sobbing it like no
  • one fucks me but if I'm ever in the
  • opportunity to be a freaky low bitch in
  • this I totally will like I think this is
  • such a dope dress and like it could be
  • cute in so many settings like you could
  • totally wear this with heels to a club
  • and get away with it or like a denim
  • jacket and sneakers to like a lunch and
  • it'd be cute because it's like cottony I
  • don't know I love things that like have
  • multi uses then I just got this little
  • black tube top with white ribbing down
  • the sides just because I'm super into
  • sporty stuff right now as you guys
  • already know because that's all I talk
  • about in every hall ever but like throw
  • a strapless bombshell underneath this
  • thing and some cargo pants I might call
  • it a day like super easy and this was
  • also probably literally like five
  • dollars Urban Outfitters could never
  • speaking of not being able to live up to
  • Urban Outfitters look at this top I
  • literally have a top just like this from
  • urban that was like 25 dollars and this
  • is exactly the same it's just this
  • little glittery top low-key Ashley has
  • this too so we twin in this in my last
  • fashion pics video I literally told you
  • guys how Ashley and I both bought the
  • same backpack and we didn't even know
  • about it literally the exact same thing
  • happened with this top we both picked it
  • out they both showed up and we both were
  • like oh shit I'm super happy to have a
  • best friend that like likes twinning and
  • doesn't get mad about that kind of shit
  • I honestly just like this top because it
  • makes any outfit a little more fun I
  • feel like it adds another element
  • because it's like textured and cute love
  • that love her also good with a bombshell
  • look at me like preparing the clothes
  • like I'm a fucking beauty guru like
  • laurdiy move over actually laurdiy is
  • doing just fine if not ten times better
  • than me then I have this little plaid a
  • zip-up skirt this is so cute on and I'm
  • so excited to over wear this also side
  • note it completely unzips so like again
  • if you were having sex like Hello but
  • I'm not so I am literally that person
  • they're like if I'm not having sex like
  • I use every excuse to talk about it
  • because I'm just so bitter at all times
  • so you got both of these items are so
  • trendy I feel like plaid and little one
  • shoulder tops are so recently trendy and
  • like that's literally why I am so
  • obsessed with saffle like I feel like
  • they get on the trend soaked with it and
  • they make them very cheap these next
  • pieces I got because they low-key
  • reminded me of Gucci a little bit
  • especially
  • hah it's just this little white top with
  • this little red and black stripes around
  • it super cute with a tan with matching
  • little white shorts with the same red
  • stripes and little snaps down the side
  • also again fuck me like Wow's apples
  • just really out here trying to get
  • people eight no but I thought these were
  • super cute you guys already know that I
  • love I keep saying you guys already know
  • but like I really put everything out
  • there on the internet like I'm sure you
  • already know that and everything else
  • about me I'm sure you've seen my leagues
  • news you know that I love two-piece sets
  • though like I hate the work of putting
  • two pieces together because in reality I
  • still am like a 12 year old boy who like
  • has no idea what I'm doing I just like
  • pretend like I do I feel like I just
  • said this in my last video like 19 times
  • with two piece sets always take away the
  • work of like getting ready which I'm
  • obsessed with so then I have this little
  • white rib top which I did wearing
  • mikonos explaining why it has a self-tan
  • all over it but it's just a super
  • strappy white cotton rib top this looks
  • like everything in every store ever for
  • quadruple the price and I love it and
  • it's not see-through you can totally
  • wear it with no bra which i think is
  • sick because a lot of little tops like
  • this you can't it's also pretty thick I
  • feel like I think I could not rip this
  • if I tried imagine if it just ripped
  • I'm literally an idiot then the next top
  • I also got the same as Ashley but we
  • both are honestly just basic bitches
  • like you can take the bitch out of the
  • basic but you can't take the basic out
  • of the bitch you know this little pink
  • top with black strappy strap black
  • strappy straps and on the top it just
  • says it's your loss baby which I
  • actually find so ironic because I am the
  • most weak-minded feeble little bitch and
  • would like probably never say that to
  • anyone ever and like it's probably not
  • their loss like I'm a psychopath Tara
  • why don't you do all videos so many tops
  • just like this are on sale everywhere I
  • see them on Instagram everywhere for so
  • much money and I honestly wanted to get
  • this to show you guys like literally the
  • stuff that is the most trendy right now
  • is on Zappos for like nothing like this
  • was so cheap bonus points have I wear it
  • while crying over a boy and being a
  • little bitch and totally not standing
  • for what the shirt says but the next
  • thing you've literally seen me own a
  • million up at all times I just got this
  • for like the airport or to sleep in or
  • something I actually might wear it today
  • to the airport it's just this little
  • black cropped hoodie with checkered
  • sleeves I like these checkered sleeves
  • though because they're like hella
  • checkered they match my phone case
  • shameless self promoting can buy oh and
  • I'm sure if you've seen me do any haul
  • ever from any store ever all I do is buy
  • shirts like this and I probably have
  • this shirt in a million different
  • formations so maybe something is in a
  • deformation this is
  • friends this sounds so basic I'm like
  • but I felt like I didn't I'm like a red
  • Russell you won you know
  • mmm like do you like get ahead but
  • really I felt like I didn't ever run
  • roughly one and I wanted one for mikonos
  • and then I didn't even wear any Mykonos
  • now the last clothing item isn't
  • something I would see myself wearing on
  • a day-to-day basis but I got it for this
  • vacation or any other tropical beach
  • vacations that I take it's just this
  • little white stitched like lace-up skirt
  • it's super tiny makes your butt look
  • good
  • makes your Chan look good as you guys
  • know I don't really like wearing white
  • just because like I am a spray tan and
  • Hot Cheetos like nasty ass dirty bitch
  • and like I'm just gonna ruin it but
  • obviously on vacation I feel like why
  • it's just such a good outfit color and
  • that's pretty much the only time I'm
  • ballsy enough to ry and I still ruin it
  • BTW vibes you know it's good but like
  • beachy another last thing I just think
  • is so funny and I have to put it in it's
  • actually so cute and I'm just gonna
  • sound like an asshole but like it's this
  • white bikini looks like this has a
  • little band super flattering bandeau top
  • but I don't really look at the photo
  • close enough cause I'm an 88 and like as
  • you guys can see it says like love all
  • over it like not even just like it says
  • like you know and I have no soul like
  • you know what I mean so I think wearing
  • this is very much
  • a contradiction within itself but it's
  • also really flattering so like maybe
  • I'll pretend to have a heart while I
  • wear it but also I feel like people
  • would see me wearing this and then be
  • like oh like she's sweet like she's
  • wearing something this is love like let
  • me approach her but like I'll fucking
  • kill you you know I mean so yeah this is
  • just a very funny thing to me I'll
  • probably so it I just like I had to
  • share I had to share alright vlog I just
  • want to let you know but I struggled so
  • fucking hard J struggled so fucking hard
  • Ashley struggled so fucking hard
  • my assistant struggled so fucking hard
  • Jordan struggled so fucking hard for you
  • to enjoy Vince that vlog I hope you like
  • some of the super dope and cheap pieces
  • as much as I do I sincerely hope that
  • any Tryon or lookbook portion didn't
  • make you cringe
  • too much yes I have seen all of the
  • compilations of me doing cringy try on
  • hauls and i 100% agree I deserve it I'm
  • not a beauty guru I make myself cringe
  • every second of every day like at least
  • you can click off this video like I just
  • walk around like living making myself
  • Krang do you know what I mean I live in
  • this body like I wake up in this shell
  • and I look in the rear
  • you know I also want to completes I know
  • cannot believe that for like two years
  • now I've been doing South halls on this
  • channel and I started off buying their
  • stuff and now I like get to work with
  • them and I think that's so cool and like
  • I'm just gonna suck my own dick about
  • that later I think I'm curating
  • definitely am
  • I'm literally such a lazy person that
  • I'm gonna finish this outro while like
  • bleeding just cuz like I don't want to
  • get up right now I love you guys so much
  • thank you so much for watching make sure
  • to subscribe click that little bell to
  • turn your notifications on grab my phone
  • case while it's out Tana converts
  • LinkedIn bio if you want it all my
  • social media to keep up with me when I'm
  • not struggling to get close to me can us
  • I'll talk to you guys in the next vlog
  • this feels really short it's literally
  • so weird to me uploading videos that
  • aren't like five hours long but I think
  • I'm gonna go is this normal this is what
  • normal youtubers do I'll talk to you
  • guys in the next video bye

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17 Lauv

I'm So Tired flac

Lauv. 2019. Writer: Lauv;Michael Pollack;Troye Sivan;Leland;OZGO.
18 Normani

Dancing With A Stranger flac

Normani. 2019. Writer: Mikkel S. Eriksen;Tor Hermansen;Jimmy Napes;Normani;Sam Smith.
19 Hozier

Dinner & Diatribes flac

Hozier. 2019. Writer: Hozier.
20 Afrojack

Ferrari flac

Afrojack. 2019.

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