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Video What's the Fastest Half-Ton You Can Buy? World's Toughest Truck Drag Race #1
15:41   |   today at 15:07


  • [Music]
  • you know neo my mom ramp at that light
  • and you wonder about the person next to
  • you whether or not you can take
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • ladies and gentlemen welcome to the
  • world's toughest truck drag race and
  • over the course of this video we're
  • gonna see which of these half-ton trucks
  • is a fastest truck in the land but
  • before we meet our drivers let's meet
  • our contestants so starting over here
  • I'm super excited to introduce the brand
  • new Ford 5 liter coyote that's right
  • we've never tested a coyote and here it
  • is but to make it more interesting we've
  • also brought this this is of course the
  • big boy Ford it's a 3.5 liter EcoBoost
  • come with me
  • it's right here we've got the brand new
  • Ram Pentastar with the e torque it's a
  • v6 so we've also brought its big brother
  • the Hemi also with a torque of course
  • this wouldn't be a drag race if we
  • didn't have the brand new well 2018
  • long-term Nissan Titan under the hood a
  • five point six liter v8 and finally
  • representing General Motors we have the
  • most powerful truck here it's the GMC
  • Sierra with a 6.2 liter so let's get our
  • drive with gentlemen welcome to the
  • world's toughest truck drag race
  • question yes why is it the world's
  • toughest truck drag race well because if
  • these trucks are fast at a mile above
  • sea level imagine how tough and fast
  • they'll be at sea level one more
  • question
  • yes where is it Toyota Tundra quarry
  • question Andre we asked Tara to bring on
  • the tundra but they said all their media
  • fleet trucks are at SEMA this week so
  • unfortunately it's not here
  • bummer all right ladies and Russians
  • let's pair our engines what a lady huh
  • gasps
  • [Music]
  • all right gentlemen how do we do this
  • race all at once we take all of them and
  • we just go yeah dude there's only three
  • of us and the track is super narrow yeah
  • we got to do bracket racing that's the
  • only way to do it all right let's do it
  • this way let's take the two Ford's and
  • race them first to see which represents
  • affords okay and then the two Rams right
  • and then the GMC takes on the Nissan and
  • then the winners of each you know race
  • together that sounds good
  • all right so who gets to drive what
  • truck EcoBoost all right EcoBoost versus
  • carne let's go boys coyotes gonna do
  • great
  • [Music]
  • so a couple quick housekeeping things
  • before we get this drag race started
  • we're here at IMI Motorsports comm and
  • if you want to come here and use this
  • track you can just use TfL to get a 10%
  • discount code now the only important
  • thing of course drag racing is based on
  • in trucks rear axle ratio that coyote
  • has the 315 3.5 EcoBoost has a 331 now
  • we can't control the axle ratios
  • whatever the manufacturer gives us is
  • what we have and these trucks - here is
  • part of our gold hitch Awards and we're
  • doing this drag race because well we can
  • so I think we're ready to race why is he
  • ready oh yeah this is the classic v8
  • versus turbo v6 battle but I feel pretty
  • good even though we're at the mile above
  • sea level I feel good because this is an
  • XLT it's a little bit lighter weight v8
  • is really strong 395 horsepower and 400
  • pound-feet of torque and this one has a
  • 10 speed automatic it's the first time
  • we're testing this combination at
  • altitude
  • 375 horsepower but more importantly 470
  • pound-feet of torque
  • so while 375 horsepower is awesome 470
  • pound-feet of torque is the maximum
  • torque out of all these trucks and this
  • thing has a lot of aluminum on it so
  • it's not that heavy I'm pretty happy
  • about that twin turbocharged v6 yeah
  • spin that darn ecoboost you know he
  • actually got a really good start
  • so obviously the EcoBoost has a lot more
  • power and has a pretty big advantage up
  • here at a mile above sea level because
  • it's forced induction not one but two
  • turbos but it doesn't help and you can't
  • put the power down Nathan just fund
  • those rear wheels but I think it looked
  • like at the end he's still caught Andre
  • you are faster than I thought
  • yeah the coyote flies but I couldn't
  • take the EcoBoost yeah you know I had it
  • in two-wheel if I had it on for auto I
  • think I would have been a little bit
  • quicker off the line cuz I lost some
  • traction I don't have for Otto this is
  • the two-wheel drive it's always a good
  • day when I want a drag race
  • [Music]
  • once again we've got different axle
  • ratios 3:55 for the penis' tire 392 for
  • the Hemi one of the rules about this
  • drag race is that all drag races are in
  • two-wheel drive so a lot of it really
  • has to do with the driver they have to
  • control the throttle especially on the
  • more powerful trucks and this time
  • looks like Andres got the bigger truck
  • so we shall see what happens
  • [Music]
  • hey guys we're running every truck and
  • two wheel drive rear wheel drive of
  • course and I'm in the Hemi with a torque
  • in a way that the e torque mouth hybrid
  • system works it helps you get off the
  • line so it's not gonna help me when the
  • engine the Hemi revs up into its power
  • band and this engine is rated at 395
  • horsepower and foreign ten pound feet of
  • torque
  • it's an 8-speed automatic and I've got a
  • 392 rear-end
  • this is a lighter truck as the lighter
  • duty 8-speed automatic this vehicle puts
  • out 305 horsepower that's not bad for a
  • v6 that's more than most v8 from 20
  • years ago and 269 pound-feet of torque
  • that's not great not enough for
  • something like this
  • Hemme takes out well the v6 also has a
  • torque yeah I didn't keep up with them
  • at all
  • oh my goodness
  • [Applause]
  • and folks that's what two seconds 0-60
  • advantage looks like capital H capital e
  • capital m capital I that's right it's
  • Hemi easily taking this race ie torque
  • wasn't working right that was the
  • problem my torque was torquing that no
  • excuse no dude it was pretty obvious we
  • just wanted to show what the difference
  • is
  • [Music]
  • thank them in the first race you at the
  • Marshall truck and on during the second
  • race you had the more powerful truck so
  • Andre heads or tails tails that would be
  • heads so Nathan you pick your truck let
  • me sum okay Andre you're in the GMC
  • let's do it boys why'd you pick the
  • Nissan it's faster than you guys think
  • and it has constantly proven itself to
  • be quicker than a lot of the trucks we
  • have all right
  • five six versus six - okay
  • [Music]
  • - 9 3 3 42 X ratio that one is set up
  • for towing now that we're here in the
  • third racket let's see which of these
  • two gets to buy
  • 390 horsepower 394 pound-feet of torque
  • and that's going through a 7-speed
  • automatic transmission 5.6 leader
  • endurance v8 so the Jim sees here is a
  • little tricky to launch but I have the
  • most horsepower here out of all these
  • six trucks 420 horsepower and almost the
  • most torque 460 it's a 10 speed
  • automatic 342 rear-end and it's a
  • full-on race oh good launch
  • I wasn't brake torquing it
  • [Music]
  • oh he's just pulling ahead
  • I was driving the closest race so far it
  • was and it was really good yeah you just
  • pull started pulling ahead of me the
  • thing is is that and the reason I chose
  • this is because it lets you rev like
  • crazy so it was going way up really
  • close to redline and this is that you
  • have to finesse this truck a little bit
  • more
  • [Music]
  • we're getting close to figuring out what
  • is the fastest truck in the land so
  • we've got Hemi v8 versus twin-turbo Ford
  • EcoBoost so it's 3.5 liters versus good
  • old American 5.7 liter eat torque turbos
  • on a mild low C level my money would be
  • on this truck but it really depends on
  • the driver because that truck like
  • suspend its wheels all right boys
  • [Music]
  • so the winner of these two takes on the
  • GMC for all the marbles so let's do this
  • race yeah he's gonna me but I've got
  • aluminum a twin turbocharged v6 and the
  • right attitude I have an advantage on
  • the rear axle I have a 392 in this truck
  • he's got a 331 a measly good start oh no
  • that was a really good start
  • Oh
  • how's the Cheshire control that time it
  • was great start for me that was your
  • best start yes let's look at your bed
  • [Music]
  • this is for all the marbles
  • it's GMC or GM versus Ford now course
  • the GMC is representing GM at this race
  • the Silverado and the Sierra are cousins
  • hopefully not kissing but they're very
  • similar they both have the same engine
  • under the hood so here we go
  • for all the marbles v8 versus 3.5 liter
  • twin turbo and we shall see
  • this will be a more challenging race I
  • feel pretty good I know he's got twin
  • turbos I know this is a mile above sea
  • level and we have 17% less air density I
  • know all those things but they have
  • faith in this truck and it's got a 342
  • rear and he's got a 331 so this is a mex
  • towing package truck should be good for
  • acceleration
  • okay spoil his tires
  • come on come on mate
  • yes off the line that's all I needed
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • don't get me any BS about traction
  • control
  • wait you folded your mirrors they follow
  • that by themselves but so foul no here's
  • hold it in as I was driving that Mister
  • it just happened I can't help it that
  • Ford has a malfunction it's just a
  • malfunction I feel good he spun his
  • tires on the take-off which didn't help
  • him I had a fairly good start and the
  • twin turbos kicked in at the mile above
  • sea level for him
  • well there you have it boys the world's
  • toughest truck drag race produced the
  • world's toughest truck drag race winner
  • it's the Ford f-150 with 3.5 liter
  • EcoBoost but that's not all is it Nathan
  • no not here's the thing you can actually
  • go behind the scenes and watch the Hemi
  • versus the coyote go to TfL now
  • subscribe and it's coming real soon I'll
  • be posting that video next week and
  • Andrew what else are we doing over here
  • on TfL truck with these trucks well this
  • is not just about drag racing right
  • because we're doing the I got that
  • world's toughest towing test where we
  • see how they tow up the mountain and
  • down the mountain that's coming up -
  • careful truck very soon well guys thanks
  • for watching out t FL truck calm for
  • more news views and of course world's no
  • hungry No world's toughest truck drag
  • race reviews right right right it's okay
  • it's okay we'll get to your towing soon
  • we'll be there soon
  • you

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