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Video 10 MAGIC events in SOCCER
10:12   |   02/23/2019 at 17:15


  • hi there today we will talk about
  • magical magicians in the most popular
  • sport on the planet football magic or
  • coincidence this will be very
  • interesting even for those who can't
  • tolerate this sport or whose common
  • sense does not accept miracles Africa is
  • the undisputed leader of football
  • magicians where the athletes themselves
  • have a good mastery of magic techniques
  • one of these interesting cases occurred
  • in 2016 at the Rwanda football
  • championship at the end of the first
  • half rayon sports was losing to its
  • opponent makiura sports by a score of 1
  • to nothing at the last minute the
  • striker of the losing side Musa Kamara
  • decided to help his team by resorting to
  • magic he ran to the goal of the opposing
  • team and acted as if he stuck something
  • in the ground at the left post then
  • quickly ran away the opponents were
  • outraged and even chased after him
  • trying to kick him but he got away from
  • everyone but what was surprising was at
  • the very beginning of the second half
  • the same player Musa Kamara scored a
  • goal and tied up the match courageous
  • moves
  • let's click like for this guy
  • in recent years strange things have
  • happened to Cristiano Ronaldo
  • all the problems of the Real Madrid Ford
  • are due to the fact that he is cursed
  • this version was expressed by the
  • Portuguese sorcerer
  • here are some proofs European
  • Championship in 2016 match France vs.
  • Portugal suddenly the stadium was
  • attacked by moths they flew into the
  • faces of people filled the stadium and
  • settled on the lawn nevertheless the
  • match began on time everyone was waiting
  • for an incredible triumph for Cristiano
  • but already at 10 minutes Ronaldo was
  • injured on the screen showed a crying
  • football player and at that moment a
  • moth was sitting on his face how
  • symbolic these frames are still used for
  • memes Portugal still became the champion
  • but Cristiano watched the victory on the
  • bench on another occasion Portugal lost
  • by score of 3 to 0 because the match was
  • interrupted do the fans of Ronaldo
  • several guys broke onto the field and
  • for what reason to kiss their Idol how
  • cute but it seems this gesture
  • discourage Ronaldo and his team and they
  • lost well at least it was just a
  • friendly match but it does seem that the
  • theory of Ronaldo being cursed is not
  • unfounded what do you guys think the
  • final of the Champions League this year
  • was not without a strange incident
  • passion for the match of Real Madrid and
  • Liverpool was enormous Mohamed Salah who
  • plays for Liverpool was the best scorer
  • of the season and all had high hopes for
  • him the Egyptians family said that they
  • had sacrificed three calves to bless
  • Muhammad to win the final this statement
  • was adopted ambiguously because such
  • cruelty is not welcome at the 31 minute
  • of the match Salah was injured and could
  • not continue the game as a result
  • Liverpool lost to Real Madrid by a score
  • of three to one was this a punishment
  • for the shed blood of innocent animals
  • who knows
  • in 2016 the popularity for the icelandic
  • team grew quickly it is rumoured that
  • there could not have been any magic
  • either in Euro 2016 the team of Iceland
  • surprised everyone after each game
  • players and fans together performed an
  • unusual ritual applause for the
  • drumbeats with a growing roar and a
  • growing rhythm this spectacular
  • spectacle gives you goosebumps and makes
  • the hair stand up on your arms it has
  • gained great popularity on social media
  • where it is already called the battle
  • cry of the Icelandic Vikings was this a
  • magical ritual what do you think be that
  • as it may they still managed to bypass
  • Portugal sensationally knock out England
  • and reach the quarterfinals in 2017 a
  • strange case occurred at the African Cup
  • of Nations the striker of Ghana in West
  • Ham Andre IU was filmed during a strange
  • ritual bowing his head in prayer Andre
  • knelt down then rose to his feet and
  • raced his hands to the sky and after
  • crossing the field along the centerline
  • he scattered some white powder many
  • attribute this act to the African ritual
  • for drawing trouble on the enemy it is
  • said that the substance that how you
  • used was a juju powder used in black
  • magic others argue that Andre spilt
  • ordinary salt it is believed the salt
  • destroys all the spells of the enemy
  • well we can argue endlessly but the fact
  • is it didn't work because the team of
  • Ghana lost to the Egyptian national team
  • by a score of 1 to
  • this incident occurred in the finals of
  • the youth African Cup of Nations 2017 in
  • Zambia where the home team played a team
  • from Senegal the guests lost the match
  • by a score of 2 to 0 a 17-year old named
  • Ibrahim ax and ie of Senegal made an
  • attempt to send black magic to the
  • opponent
  • he took a dead bat out of his socks and
  • threw it towards the opponent the
  • venture failed the Zambian national
  • team's goalkeeper noticed the dead bat a
  • fight began between the players and the
  • dead animal was kicked off the field
  • but if you just think about this for a
  • moment the break between the halves was
  • 13 minutes and all this time this guy
  • was carrying around the corpse of a dead
  • bat in his socks he was with him when he
  • went on a tack he returned with him on
  • defense and the winged bat was just
  • chilling on his leg all in an order to
  • at the most crucial moment throw it onto
  • the opponent's goal each coach has his
  • own way of constructing the perfect team
  • some will pay big money for the best
  • players some will bet on the young
  • talent and then we have the coach of
  • Athletico Madrid Diego Pablo senior
  • named when determining how to comprise
  • his roster he consults with the stars
  • but not with the star players on his
  • team but with the actual stars in the
  • sky yes I check the horoscopes of
  • newbies he says because the personality
  • and characteristics are so similar so
  • what are you what is your zodiac sign he
  • asks the main quality that I look for in
  • the players is courage Diego himself is
  • aggressive Atletico Madrid is a real
  • phenomenon the team in fact only had two
  • or three really good players that played
  • a leading role to win the championship
  • all while competing in a league filled
  • with a lot of stars
  • as Letty go Madrid is one of the most
  • successful and popular Spanish clubs is
  • this coach not a wizard
  • do you remember the goalkeeper of the
  • Hungarian national team gone board cut I
  • in Euro 2016 the one that came out on
  • the field and grey pants with saggy
  • knees no he didn't steal him from his
  • grandfather's wardrobe a long time ago
  • in his first club holla - de Boer was
  • issued two pair of pants the black pair
  • he decided to train him in the gray pair
  • he warded the games and in his first
  • match it worked the pants of course
  • changed over the years but the colour
  • and the player have remained for decades
  • and have not disappointed so for many
  • years that I has been the main star of
  • the team in his pants are now legendary
  • around football but in 2005 the
  • Hungarian ditched the lucky gray pants
  • and boy did he pay the price he missed
  • four balls here are those magical pants
  • [Music]
  • magic does not always work case in point
  • with famous football player Leonel Messi
  • before June America's Cup Peruvian
  • shamans held a special ritual of
  • purification for him they predicted not
  • only the victory of the national team of
  • Argentina but also that Leo would become
  • the best player of the tournament
  • however Messi became an antihero
  • in the final his team lost to Chile in
  • himself did not score on a decisive
  • penalty Leonel said that he will no
  • longer play for the national team after
  • the second consecutive defeat from the
  • Chilean's and the finals of the
  • America's Cup he kept his word for seven
  • weeks and after which he returned safely
  • to the national team on the American
  • continent they prefer a different kind
  • of magic voodoo football players of the
  • national team of Mexico for a long time
  • could not beat the US team just before
  • the next match in the shops of Mexico
  • City there were voodoo dolls in the
  • forms of the American team the kit
  • included special pins and instructions
  • on how to spoil the opponent and the
  • magic worked since then the Mexicans
  • have not lost to the Americans
  • interestingly voodoo dolls have become
  • very popular and thanks to the internet
  • they can be bought by anyone and here is
  • one figure for about 15 dollars so what
  • is a little bit of money for the victory
  • of your favorite team well believe in
  • magic or not the choice is yours and for
  • today that's all
  • press the like button if you love
  • football thanks for watching subscribe
  • for more

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Football or soccer, without exaggeration, is the most popular sport in the world. Every four years, the World Cup is seen by millions of people at home, and even the smallest clubs have fans and admirers. And you probably think that football is a very serious sport. But you know what? It’s not always like that! Sometimes nature, spectators, players or an occasional series of circumstances create unexpected surprises, which are remembered for a long time. So, in today's video, we are gonna show you 10 MAGIC events in FOOTBALL. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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