Video Do All Teens Think the Same?

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Do All Teens Think the Same?
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  • sometimes I just want to sit and be a
  • team but I can't do that because I'm
  • constantly thinking about how my life is
  • going to look like at 25 and the
  • decisions that I make now I use social
  • media but I don't think I'm addicted I
  • could take it or leave it
  • I can put my phone down whenever I want
  • that's a good skill I cannot do that I'm
  • I want my phone all the time like all
  • the time like I need to check Instagram
  • I need to check who's texting I need to
  • see like what's happening it's hard it
  • distracts me a lot from school so I
  • personally I use social media for a
  • total of I think two weeks after like
  • severe disappointment and saying that
  • social media could bring out the worst
  • in people I decided that I'm not gonna
  • use social media if I really need to
  • speak to someone and I could just text
  • them or call them or talk in person
  • yeah I was only recently allowed to get
  • so quote three months ago when I turn 18
  • because I wasn't allowed to have it up
  • until then like I have to make up for
  • all the time that I miss and everything
  • that happened and all the parties that I
  • didn't go to because I didn't see the
  • Instagram I'm not like on it all the
  • time but I'm definitely on my phone way
  • too much I think my screen times like
  • six hours or something crazy I know I
  • know it's bad
  • I think there's always gonna be things
  • that like own it pick at but overall I'm
  • pretty happy with the way that I look
  • and I know that the things that I can
  • control I'll change them and the things
  • that I can't control it would be a shame
  • for me to spend my life not enjoying my
  • physical appearance I respect myself
  • definitely but I feel like I'll never be
  • enough I don't know if that's part of me
  • struggling with my mental health but I'm
  • just not happy with the way I look but
  • I'm so proud of Who I am
  • [Music]
  • there's no way that I should be this
  • stressed like I feel like there's so
  • much pressure put on teens of what is
  • the future that I'm constantly like
  • chastising myself for things that I did
  • in the past or over analyzing everything
  • that I'm gonna do in the future and I
  • don't I literally don't know how to live
  • and like the now sometimes I just want
  • to sit and be a team but I can't do that
  • because I'm constantly thinking about
  • how my life is gonna look like at 25 and
  • the decisions that I make now I
  • personally I like the stress I'm always
  • thinking about the future and what I
  • want to do so if I want to do those
  • things in the future I have to
  • accomplish it a lot here you know I kind
  • of wish I didn't have it because I want
  • to do fun things instead of work
  • constantly for me my stress has affected
  • my mental and physical health which at
  • 14 isn't something that should be
  • happening you know I shouldn't have
  • restless nights I shouldn't be drinking
  • coffee to stay awake
  • due to recent events it has crossed my
  • mind it is a reality for us as students
  • especially going to a public school but
  • I'm not gonna worry about it 24/7
  • because then I'm not living I'm not that
  • scared about because my school is really
  • small and I don't know the motivation
  • for someone to shoot up a school but if
  • you're really unhappy there you could
  • switch schools or just drop out I think
  • for us especially our school was like
  • pretty much on lockdown like all the
  • teachers are putting up like black paper
  • on their windows and that scared me more
  • than the natural threats just talk
  • doesn't really scare me but it's like if
  • the teachers start taking proactive
  • measures and at our school of them was
  • preparing for it and that's what freaks
  • me out I care about it because I think a
  • lot of things are happening are
  • irreversible but it is hard being in
  • school and being just a kid to make a
  • difference even the small things that we
  • think might not be affecting us are
  • eventually going to affect us if we do
  • nothing a lot of those times we live in
  • our own bubble especially because of our
  • phones and it's important to know what's
  • going around the world my family comes
  • from Nicaragua so that's why I learned
  • about it but I also learn about what's
  • happening in other countries because I
  • find it interesting and I would want
  • someone else to do the same for me as
  • well we might not know how or why but it
  • is going to affect us I disagree a
  • little bit with the whole in a bubble
  • because of our phones because I think
  • the internet and our phones in general
  • kind of are providing information and
  • sources to get to us faster than before
  • I agree with that I do but when I say
  • that we're living in a bubble how
  • many of us actually look up those
  • articles because most of us we just are
  • on Instagram what is happening anything
  • other than their dictator he took away
  • their health care and their social
  • security so they kind of revolted
  • against him and sometimes they just lock
  • you up or kill you there have been
  • almost 400 people dead and thousands
  • injured
  • that's horrible that should be a
  • headline like I usually just look at all
  • the headlines by I had no idea like I
  • I've literally never heard anyone talk
  • about that yeah we had a walkout a while
  • ago when all the shootings had happened
  • and one of the kids actually in the
  • grade below me organized that and
  • organized it through social media and
  • was like hey everyone we're gonna march
  • at City Hall like this is what we're
  • gonna do but I don't think that would
  • have been possible if it was all like
  • face-to-face contacts I think we're more
  • influential than we think because it's
  • all about our mindset and what we think
  • about our power that we have just in our
  • phones we can get millions of people a
  • message out to them that with all this
  • technology we definitely have more of a
  • voice than previous teenager generations
  • [Music]
  • it was a good name hey guys I'm Michael
  • and I'm Kendra thank you so much for
  • watching this episode of spectrum if you
  • liked it make sure to like the video
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  • comment below and we'll see you next
  • time
  • [Music]

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