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Video AMAZING All You Can Eat BRUNCH BUFFET in Jakarta Indonesia
15:46   |   views   |   08/26/2018


  • hey guys my last day here in Jakarta and
  • as you know because of my love affair
  • with buffets everywhere I go I do my
  • best to research and find a noteworthy
  • buffets that I can feature and I think I
  • found one right here and I'm here at the
  • Pullman hotel for their Sunday brunch
  • which I hear is supposed to be pretty
  • spectacular now I'm starving so let's go
  • for fame you're gonna show me around
  • this base see this is the special from
  • our branch this is the fresh seafood
  • area we import the oyster from Lompoc
  • they have a very good quality of oyster
  • and also this cross the clamp and this
  • is grill area where where you can have
  • your own on the oxy booth and ask them
  • to fill it for you have four dedicated
  • stations we are started with Western and
  • this is Chinese this is Japanese this is
  • La Mian bargain you know I mean right
  • who should be yes to the bar yeah yes
  • and this is all Chinese
  • and is a simple fun and this is the
  • station that I didn't mention yet on the
  • nation
  • this is grill area but with Indonesian
  • spices and also this is this side
  • station till other stations is a one of
  • the most wanted station in this area
  • because we've made our own gelato here
  • yes
  • this is Japanese station not only the
  • salmon sashimi who have octopus who have
  • crab and also sushi of trouble your
  • shabu shabu yes last but not least we
  • have this one you think you your own
  • ingredients and we put the icing on top
  • of it and also making them you have your
  • own mixtape my kingdom
  • yes I'm a little ducks love the option
  • here my previous favorite favorite
  • birthday I might have been the most
  • mouth-watering for a preview I've ever
  • got in my life this this buffet only
  • goes from 12 to 3 so I have a 2 hours
  • left I gotta get eating
  • I don't think I got a big enough plate
  • yeah yeah yeah yeah I'll take I'll take
  • it all
  • awesome thank you so much round one like
  • I said I got I gotta get my eating on I
  • only got about an hour and a half at
  • this restaurant I'll let you know if
  • something really stands out ma'am put
  • this in a sandwich for me please
  • the plans are really sweet my shape we
  • got to get some sauce for it but that's
  • real quick cuz I'll just chase it with a
  • piece of paper oh this is amazing oh my
  • god Hales I guess I had to get another
  • one right away
  • this is moister warning in some kind of
  • cheese sauce Wow fresh moisture super
  • cheesy sauce this is beyond beyond tasty
  • there's a little steam tag of fish and
  • mussels and tomato suspicion has a
  • beautiful citrusy flavor
  • everything is just exceptionally
  • flavored salmon with some corn
  • [Music]
  • seriously every single bite is like I
  • watered it from a fine-dining restaurant
  • I think this is a fried calamari a
  • little bit of rosemary and male mussels
  • such a simple elegant refined flavor to
  • these mussels it's a little sweet from
  • the corn in the tomatoes and also the
  • corn provides a nice crispy texture that
  • is low lamb burger I'm not really sure
  • what's on the outside it kind of just
  • looks like bits of fat the patties I
  • figured in the funds
  • Tata Marcopolo it doesn't have any of
  • the funkiness of glam this is really
  • speaking to me right now
  • so why was like talking about the other
  • foods they brought over the lobster and
  • you can order this lobster they stir
  • fried the lobster for you then pepper
  • sauce looks like little bits of wonton
  • strips I came and believe all this 33
  • bucks oh just look at that this dish
  • will be fifty dollars in most New York
  • restaurants I'm gonna rub the lobster
  • and make sure every single inch of it
  • touches that beautiful sauce I cannot
  • believe this is my microphone is so good
  • I want to cry nice sauce I still pepper
  • in sweet and it really compliments to
  • sucking a lobster meat this will
  • actually be really good with rice as
  • well because the sauce is that good this
  • is one of the best dining experiences
  • I've ever had in my life everything I
  • have had so far they're so delicious it
  • gave me this little drink to kind of
  • cleanse my palate Oh lemon grass juice a
  • little mint and before we go around to
  • they brought over some shabu okay I
  • think this is sukiyaki
  • this broth is insane media show ginger
  • and BP could use some hot oil but not
  • gonna complain can't slow down so much
  • more to eat round two
  • [Music]
  • so you can have your lobster whatever
  • you want anyway with any of those sauces
  • [Music]
  • around 3:00 we have a mix at a so I got
  • some chicken beef and lamb whatever I
  • found that I just threw on the grill at
  • the Mongolian seafood grill section
  • Peking duck bacon over my oysters some
  • lamb scallops and this is really really
  • beautiful star Dean's grilled with
  • pineapple it's so happy right now
  • start with the oyster it's got all that
  • bacon sweet voice termi combined with a
  • smoky bacon that's the experience
  • let's dunk it's actually pretty darn
  • good my skin is crispy as light it's
  • melting wrap this in a roll with some
  • poisonous sauce that's going to be
  • really good been dying to try these
  • scallops
  • that's sweet on sweet three scallops
  • Street pineapple
  • [Music]
  • gosh get some saute this this chicken
  • [Music]
  • peanut Ian's not overly sweet I think
  • this is the lamb
  • that's my favorite just like where you
  • get on the street we take a bite you get
  • a nice whip smoke I'm really really
  • excited about this no macro fish with
  • pineapples
  • that's all price they've put a bunch of
  • chilies on this to a little sweet little
  • spice a little citrusy ash lovely just
  • take a look at the monster I created
  • Singapore spicy chili I was a great
  • recommendation this is actually really
  • spicy because I added chilies in here on
  • top of the Singapore chilies but guys
  • this is so amazing
  • this sauce
  • [Music]
  • I would eat anything with your sauce
  • doctor cut my little Chinese sausages
  • nice big prawn let's go about this
  • buffets there's different size of
  • ingredients all around the buffet
  • so besides what they offer right next to
  • the grill you could potentially go to
  • the fresh seafood section whatever other
  • section grab a bunch of ingredients and
  • they'll throw it together in a sauce for
  • you but I'm loving the sauce there's a
  • little numbing really spicy slightly for
  • this hand of sweetness to it
  • I wish I could bottle this and take a
  • whole memory
  • I feel really enjoy what I created girl
  • this might be a little sacrilegious but
  • I'm gonna take my shot a and dip it in
  • the sauce too
  • this is beyond amazing a little after
  • all
  • [Music]
  • okay round three it's been a few place
  • ghatak trader Lamia oh you make it fresh
  • for me really you pull it fresh for me
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • they're this my beef noodle soup freshly
  • made noodles
  • oh that's full prolly oh yeah use some
  • chilies use some you know when you can't
  • believe I'm having some like this inside
  • of a bag something that you will get out
  • of noodle restaurant all that she'll
  • he's biting me down and it's good this
  • is deeply as a Chinese word for you
  • deeply satisfying
  • [Music]
  • oh yeah go back some more let's go
  • [Music]
  • now I'm on to the dim sum and illusion
  • cuisine part of the buffet also I've got
  • a shabu this is more shabu tissue but I
  • think I will prefer the sukiyaki more go
  • good golf they're really pretty dim sum
  • and instead of the traditional dipping
  • sauces I got a bunch of sambal to try
  • [Music]
  • this is one of the spicier ones this is
  • Wow that's that's this pure heat right
  • there this pretty little thing
  • hello corn little peas it's a such a
  • region have like well if there's a
  • different sausage at your disposal each
  • with his own Kurt's rushed it at this
  • point I'm just gonna mix it all together
  • they all taste good they can get along
  • well and this is the duck bun instead of
  • a sweet pork bun the pork is replaced
  • with duck chef let's write to some more
  • blusher I just really got it's sweet the
  • meat is so tender
  • I think Doug is the perfect replacement
  • for pork because it's also a meat that's
  • very fatty and then you know music
  • resume this is an egg look at this it's
  • like a honey ink it's almost like sort
  • of like a scotch egg it's exactly what
  • the name says it is it's sweet a little
  • bit spicy and a nicely fried egg come on
  • I don't sugar
  • this is bomb slightly sweet from the
  • sweet soy sauce perfectly roasted I'll
  • be able to achieve but replace up
  • international cuisine and eat it all
  • together it's almost like you're eating
  • the UN a food you know I think we are
  • reaching that point dessert
  • [Music]
  • somebody the first time in buffering
  • history where I didn't have to switch to
  • my second stomach to get a dessert so
  • the same stomach it's kind of weird
  • gelato
  • I got rum raisin
  • let's gelato is so boy this creme brulee
  • I'm thinking is like some kind of undone
  • flavor maybe yup fun down flavor creme
  • brulee with some gelato it's like a
  • vanilla mousse Baker it's like a meteor
  • cloud
  • [Music]
  • I got this purely because it looks like
  • an alien egg and I'm always a sucker for
  • chocolate mousse but gelato it's good as
  • advertised
  • [Music]
  • I still deeply satisfying shaved ice
  • it's so pretty too a little red little
  • green little white ice cream headache
  • ask him he knows really refresher if I
  • moved here this is how are we spending
  • every single Sunday
  • alright well that was quite an
  • experience I've been to a lot of my face
  • in my life starting with a ghost and
  • finally out in Asia the buffets are
  • better and cheaper so far I think the
  • best buffet I've ever been to is the
  • buffet we filmed in Saigon in Vietnam a
  • fantastic place $50.00 tons of lobster
  • quality stop guys I have a new favorite
  • buffet now the selection is incredible I
  • almost got lost when you're around in
  • there so many freshly cooked through
  • items the chilli sauce and the use of
  • sauce is everything I could have hoped
  • of course being a big chili head I'm a
  • little biased at the sauces here are
  • mostly very spicy but it's just so good
  • I mean where can you go to get lobster
  • stir-fry Singapore chilli sauce it's
  • still tasty you could have dipped the
  • paper and there he still would have ate
  • it and finally what set this place apart
  • and pushing it all the way to the top of
  • my favorite buffet restaurant in the
  • world
  • I'll cost you less than $40 for this
  • experience no way you can find that
  • anywhere in the u.s. not even close so
  • if you are ever in Tunisia if you are in
  • Jakarta you will be doing yourself a
  • disservice if you didn't come here to
  • try this brunch it's elegant is
  • different as delicious as magnificent of
  • course the information for this place is
  • listed for you guys in my description
  • box below and if you love buffets as
  • much as I do
  • you gotta come try this place out again
  • I had a great time hopefully you enjoyed
  • this video as well thank you all so much
  • for watching until we get again

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I have always said, all you can eat buffets in Asia are far superior than my previous favorite buffet town of Las Vegas. As it stands my favorite all you can eat buffet was at the Hotel Nikko Saigon Seafood Buffet.

But in Jakarta at the Pullman hotel, there is a Sunday brunch buffet that is out of this world! With all you can eat seafood including LOBSTERS cooked the way you want and all this can be had for around $34 which makes this the most value driven brunch buffet I've ever been to.

Sana Sini Restaurant SUNDAY ONLY

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